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Sean Desrochers Teacher Mentor: School Administrator: University Consultant:

Catholic Central High School Shelley Kirkvold Carol Koran Cathy Campbell

August December 2012

Goal #1 I will foster and promote in my students, the skills and attitudes required, in order to demonstrate strong critical thinking abilities, particularly in writing.

Rationale: I believe that critical thinking skills are the single most important skillset, which students should derive from social studies. I also believe that in this age of information, ignorance is a choice, however this makes correctly informing oneself an immense responsibility. Therefore for my students to be successful in the future they must be able to look at the information presented to them from myriad sources with a critical and discerning eye.

Strategies: 1. Promoting Good Habits of Mind (open, fair, etc.) 2. Challenging students to think outside of their own perspective 3. Using debate frequently in my classroom, in order to create a structure within which, a level of comfort may be found to discuss complex and divided issues.


Goal #2: I will develop and maintain in my classroom, an inclusive and ecumenical spiritual environment, which recognizes the value of all faith traditions, and invites them to share in Catholic community and fellowship.

Rationale: Having been raised in the Catholic community, and through my active participation in many aspects of my faith community, I have developed a strong set of morals and character, which I attribute to guidance and fellowship that I received from a young age. I have also, through my university career, encountered, and found great value in the wisdom provided in other faith traditions, which has informed and added quality to my own spiritual path. Therefore providing a safe space for spiritual growth and conscious development is of utmost importance to me while teaching in a Catholic school.

Strategies: 1. Encouraging students to lead prayer at the beginning of class (regardless of faith tradition) 2. Being conscious of the impact of religious perspectives in current events. 3. Modelling expectations of behaviour by participating in fellowship with staff and students within this Catholic community. Summary:

Goal #3 I will strive to balance my professional obligations and expectations during my practicum, with my own mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Rationale: I recognize that the professional obligations and expectations of this practicum may at times be intensive and that to meet these obligations and expectations I must also attend to my own wellbeing.

Strategies: 1. Use my bicycle as my primary mode of transportation to and from school. 2. Attend to the information presented on the wellness wall in our staff lounge 3. Participate fully in the cross country running activities I am helping to coach.