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Tableau is a dramatic performance that is motionless. Actors begin their scene in motion but then freeze in position.

Actors usually will freeze for a specific time frame and then move into a new position and freeze again. Tableau Benefits Students learn how to express themselves with their body not their voice.

Students gain confidence as they present to the class. Quiet students may be more willing to participate because there is no talking. Students will gain a better understanding of characters in a story. Organization skills Presentation Skills

Tableau Lesson Plan 1 Students create a tableau on a specific story, event, or topic. Tableaus can be used in language arts or science, social studies, and history. Students are placed in groups of 4-6. Students will discuss the main ideas of the reading. Students must choose the main idea of the reading. Once the main ideas are decided upon, students will create their presentation. Students are allowed to move for 3 seconds to get into position, and then must freeze for 3 minutes. It is important for students to be dramatic in their body movement and have expressive faces. Students begin the presentation in a neutral position. Neutral position is in a straight line with students facing forward with no expression and hands to their side and feet shoulder width apart. There is no talking or props allowed during a tableau presentation. Tableau Lesson Plan 2 Students choose a main idea from their readings. Students practice the main idea with their movements for a minimum of 5 minutes before the presentation.

Once the groups are ready, the teacher will have students take their seats except for the presenting group. The presenting group will take the neutral position at the front of the class. Audience members will close their eyes when instructed by the teacher. It is best to have music as an indicator to when they are allowed to open their eyes. The music will calm the students and allow the presenting group a sound buffer as they get into position. Once the presenters are in position, the teacher will turn off the music to tell students to open their eyes and watch the tableau presentation. During the frozen scene, a student is allowed to touch one of the actors for them to talk in character specific to the scene. Sometimes a word or two will be enough for students to conclude what the scene is about. Key Points for a Tableau Students are able to take positions in a standing, kneeling or floor position. Students have a smooth transition between frozen pictures. Students should effortlessly go from one picture to the next. Expressive faces, as the face will depict if the character is sad, happy, depressed or any other emotion. Effective body language, students are able to say it with their bodies. Main focus for each frozen scene. Students must decide on the actors in a main role or supporting role for each frozen frame. There should be a center of attention in the performance. Successful Tableau Audience should be able to identify who the actors are, their location, and what they are doing in the freeze frame. It is important for the audience to be attentive during the presentation.