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November 15, 2012

Vernice Li

Lesson Plan
Topic: Science - Insects Grade: 1 & 2 Period Time: 10:45am 11:30am Big Ideas: Students make connections to how different insects are important to our earth and

Connection to IRP:
Gr. 1: Gr. 2: Classify objects, events, and organisms Describe the basic needs of local plants and animals Describe how basic needs of plants and animals are met in the environment

Infer the probable outcome of an event or behaviour based on observations Describe ways in which animals are important to other living things and the environment Describe changes that occur in daily and seasonal cycles and their effects on living things

Outcomes: Students will be able to see the connections between insects and nature and how certain
events may affect these connections.

Fruit Salad Energizer Web of Life activity

Materials/ Resources Needed:

Ball of yarn Scissors Insect and nature ID cards

Lesson Outline:
Time 10:45 Introduction Hand out ID cards and introduce the Fruit Salad Energizer Start the Energizer Debrief energizer and prompt questions to have students think about insects relationship to the ecosystem Talk about what an ecosystem is Body Have students make a circle with their ID cards still on them Ask the students to look around the circle and think of two people that they could possibly connect with in regards to an ecosystem Ask the group of students does anyone see a connection they could make with another student? Have them hold one end of the yarn and toss the ball to that other student, Repeat this step several times until a web forms Once the web has formed have the students pause and observe the web. Ask the students if their definition of an ecosystem has changed? Ask the students what would happen to our web if a disaster struck? Introduce the disaster (physically cut the string at each point that would be affected by the disaster) Conclusion As a final symbolic moment have students slowly gather their piece of the yarn and walk to the center of the circle. Have them gather the yarn into a ball and place it in the center. Leave with a comment how do you feel? Bring all the groups back for thoughts / comments /discussion Let students catch up on unfinished work related to insects




11:15 11:20

Criteria for Assessment/Evaluation:

Scanning and checking for student participation and engagement Class discussion Ability to follow instructions, make connections and orally describe their observations

Possible Modifications/ Extensions:

Younger grades more basic species and plants used Intermediate grades specific species and plants used Intermediate grades Social disasters can be introduced Intermediate grades can discuss reproduction as a part of the web in both initial connections as well as rebuilding. Adaptations to disasters Variations (watershed, specific to local area, culture, species at risk, natural forest systems)