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Theodor W.

Adorno was the brains behind the 'Beatles' as he held the rights to t he music and eventually his estate sold those rights to Michael Jackson. Ya gotta admit, it's highly suspect that The Beatles landed in America not short ly after the JFK assassination. Could they just have been some alright pub act conscripted into bringing a new c ulture to the masses? Beatles songs are in fact masterful adaptations and recombinations of classical music compositions and there is no way four guys who couldn't read a note of mus ic, let alone have any formal theory training,could have done any of it. Adorno held at a portion of rights to the Beatles catalog. The weird thing is that from something like 1965 onward the Beatles catalog was h eld as a publicly traded coorperation. the band having been a creation of the Tavistock Institute and their musical dir ection being led behind the scenes I'd read about this in John Coleman's book on THE COMMITTEE OF 300. First of all, without wanting to get to technical, Adorno's background was appar ently in 12 tone/atonal music. Secondly, there's the notion that the band were a Trojan horse for, The Aquarian Conspiracy: New words and new phrases, were introduced to America along with the Beatles.'Ro ck' was a word that was in common parlance in the black American community, slan g for a musical term and for sex ('rock n roll')...and 'cool' also as a terminol ogy was commonly used in the music/hipster community, especially in jazz circles . 'Rock' was a word that was in common parlance in the black American community, s lang for a musical term and for sex ('rock n roll')...and 'cool' also as a termi nology was commonly used in the music/hipster community, especially in jazz circ les. if you listen to the Beatles' music, suddenly with Sergeant Pepper there is this tremendous increase in quality. Like Lennon said in his 1975 interview, one minute we were playing whore houses and the next thing you know we were shaking hands with the Queen. documents written by Adorno to the executive director of EMI,which aside from se lling CDs and vinyl, is an important member of the British armament industry. [I n the letter] they were discussing this whole thing called the parental shift in society. When Tavistock brought the Beatles to the United States nobody could have imagin ed the cultural disaster that was to follow in their wake. it was a carefully crafted plot to introduce by a conspiratorial body which could n ot be identified, a highly destructive and divisive element into a large populat ion group targeted for change against its will. Ed Sullivan who had been coached by the conspirators as to the role he was to play. Nobody would have paid much attention to the motley crew from Liverpool and the 12-atonal system of "music" that was to follow had it not been for an overabundance of press exposure.This was part of the "fragmentation-maladaptation" process worked out by Willis Harmon and his team o f social scientists and genetic engineering tinkerers and put into action. The newly-created group and its "lifestyle" swept millions of young Americans in to the cult. But given how much animosity existed between McCartney and Lennon over credit fo r their music, it would seem likely that they were indeed the creative forces be hind it The drug agenda was pushed in the infamous interview Paul McCartney gave with th e BBC in 1966, when he 'admitted' to taking acid four times. The new "wonder drug" was promptly distributed in "sample" size packages, handed

out free of charge on college campuses across the United States and at "rock" concerts, which became the leading vehicle for proliferating the use of drugs. don't know if any of you have ever checked out Dave McGowan's "Center for an Inf ormed America" (yes, it's acronym is CIA which is either tongue in cheek or a hi nt) website but he has some articles on 60's music and how some of the coinciden ces are rather unusual. I have no doubt that much of recorded music, especially as the recording technol ogies developed, were done under heavy influence of propagandists. Sound is inde ed a weapon and hypnosis is an important component.