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AIW425 Lecturer: Ha Quang Minh


Contact Unit overview Objectives Schedule TextBook & Materials Assessment Plagiarism


Lecturer: Ha Quang Minh

Cellphone: 0904 479 222 Email: minhhq_fit@hanu.edu.vn Website: http://fit.hanu.edu.vn/minhhq/

Teaching Assisstant:
Nguyen Quang Linh linh4nq@gmail.com Tran Van Quan quantv02@gmail.com

Unit Overview

Advanced Internet and Web Services

Advanced Internet Web Services

5 credits Prerequisite:

Advanced Programming IT Fundamentals Special Subjects 1, 2

Deeper understand about HTTP Protocol, structure of WWW Advanced HTML and CSS techniques PHP & ASP.NET C# Web Services

15 weeks Week 2: Foundations

Web Server installation Homework 1

Week 3: HTML & CSS Week 4: HTML Form & XML

Assignment which costs 30% - 2 weeks deadline

Schedule (cont.)
Week 5: PHP Week 6: ASP.NET & C#

Final Project orientation

Week 7: Introduction to Internet and Web Services

Assignment 1 due date

Week 8: Internet and Web Services

Homework 2

Schedule (cont.)

Week 9: Client-Server Model

Homework 3

Week 10: Web Services Part I


Week 11: Web Services Part II

SOAP using PHP

Week 12: XSLT Week 13: WDDX & UDDI Week 14: Xpath, Xpointer, the future

TextBook & Materials

Web Technologies (HTML CSS)

Google W3Schools HTML CSS Tutorials Tizag

Web Services:
W3Schools PHP Tutorial W3Schools ASP.NET C# Tutorial Tizag Web Services Essentials by Ethan Cerami


Attendance: 10%
Homework also take into account Miss a homework = absent a tutorial a lecture

Assignment: 30% Final Project: 60%

Project group of TWO members Document submission Interview

Do not copy others work Remember to CITE what youve referenced Heavily punished score = 0 Retake the course

Next Week
No tutorial Try to:

Find out how to install web servers:

IIS for Windows ASP.NET Apache (XAMPP) for PHP Apache Tomcat for Java or GlassFish

Put a demo web page on each server

Just a Hello World Text