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My Life is...

by chocomint Summary: Life is a lesson need to be learned Life is a journey need to traveled Life is a story need to be told Life is a challenge need to be faced

My life is complicated but beautiful...because I have you by my side Categories: Boys Over Flowers Characters: None Beta'd: No Genre: Drama Warnings: Alternate Universe Challenges: None Series: None Chapters: 15 Completed: Yes Word count: 44391 Read: 7262 Published: September 14, 2011 Updated: November 30, 2011 Story Notes: Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. 1. Gift by chocomint 2. Coward by chocomint 3. The Bright Side of Life by chocomint 4. The Missing Piece by chocomint 5. MIssion Impossible by chocomint 6. First Meeting by chocomint 7. Second Meeting by chocomint 8. A Date by chocomint 9. Unsealed by chocomint 10. The Dark Side of Life by chocomint

11. Comfort by chocomint 12. Facing the Reality by chocomint 13. Decision by chocomint 14. Settling Things by chocomint 15. Beautiful Life by chocomint Gift by chocomint Author's Notes: Hello LU... another AU from me. i think this story will be a little bit different from my other story. i try to improve my writing skill, hope this working..LOL oh, just want to let you know that the first 2 chap will be the background for this story. so if you can't find our fav couple character in it, don't be disappointed. OK.back to business...enjoy reading all =) Year 1983

The weather is still very cold. Although the snow didn't fall, but the chill can be felt to the bone every time the wind blows. Former snow from yesterday is still visible on the pavement. The only way to keep people comfortable and safe from the cold is stay at home and turned on the heating system. In this kind of weather, not many people are willing to go out and leave the pleasant heating at home. But for some people, like this young couple, think that leaving the pleasant heating is worth enough.

People can tell that both are in love. The beautiful young woman with adorable eyes stares lovingly to the handsome young man in front of her. Her sweet smile brings the warmth they need. The handsome young man looks at her shyly. He is fidgeting on his seat as if his courage is frozen due to the weather. For the caf's owner eyes or the waiter and waitress, he is looks like about to propose her. They have been the caf's regular customer in any time, any season. And they already witness how lovely this couple could be. So, yes...the people around them really hope that today is the day when the young man will propose her.

"I...I..." the man finally crack the silence between them "Yes?" the woman gives her support for him to continue his words

"I...have to tell you something" "Go on" she keeps try to encourage him "I'm sorry...I'm very sorry" he said to her in an almost inaudible sound "Sorry? For what?" it appears that his voice is still could be heard "We...we...Appa told me...that..." his courage is totally missing "What? It's alright. Tell me" she keeps supporting him to finish his sentence "Appa...arrange marriage for me"

Somehow, reality could say otherwise. An unbreakable silence creeps between them. Gone is the warming sweet smile from her beautiful face. Gone is the loving stare from her eyes. It's obvious that she tries to control her emotion. No one dare to say anything afraid that their surrounding will collapse. She clenched her hands on her lap as if she is holding all of her emotion in her hands. He knows that at the time he finish his words, the world is turn upside down. He can't see her straight to her eyes. He only stares the floor, waiting for any reaction from her.

"Say that again" she said to him once she can control herself It took some time for him to absorb her words. He almost can't believe that she want to hear about it again. But that firm stare from her convince him that she wants to hear about the news again so he takes a deep breath before say the news once again. "Appa arrange marriage for me" "What will you do about it?" she asks him with a very calm tone, which is a little bit scary at this point "I...can't refuse him" "Did he know about our relationship?" "Yes" "Is it because I'm not as rich as your family or because I only one of his employee?" "It's...not..." "Of course it is. I know your father. I worked for him for the past three years, and I know him very well. I know what he likes and dislikes. I know what he thinks about our relationship. Are you going to obey your father?" she cut his words

"I...have to" he answers her in a very small voice "You are a man. You have your own choice. You can have your own decision. I wonder if those words that you always said to me are real" "Those are real. When I said that I love you, I mean it. I never playing your feeling" "Then what is it now you call it? You just tell me that your father arranges marriage for you and you can't refuse him. Or should I say that you don't want to refuse him? What did you call it now? Do you still thinking that you're not playing with my feeling?" "Jagiya..." "Don't call me jagiya. You have no right to call me that" "Soo Ra, please...hear my explanation first" he said pleadingly "How will you explain this? I thought you willing to fight for our love. I thought our love is strong enough so nothing can separate us. What you want me to do?" evident of anger could be heard from her voice "My father has the power he needs to destroy both of us. I love you, and you know that. Our love is strong; nothing can separate us...but...I don't want to see you suffer because of my father" "If you mean it in your every word, there is no but'. When the word but' involve, I doubt that everything will be the same like before. You shouldn't worry about me suffering. You should've know that I will be strong enough to face every obstacles in my life as long as you with me" "Soo Ra...when I say about suffer, it means that I will be disown by my family. I'll left with nothing. I have to settle everything on my own before I can take you with me. What will your parents say about me? They want the best for their daughter, and at that point I can't prove to them that I'm the best person who deserves their daughter's love. I..." "That is not a good reason. There is no such thing. My parents are already aware about our social status. They are already aware that I'm having a risky relationship with you. And they are giving full support for us. So that is a lame excuse" "Soo Ra..." "What do you want me to do now? Wait for you meanwhile you keep marrying other woman or you want me to become the third person? An affair? I'm not that desperate and I'm not that low" "Soo Ra, please...I just need some more time. I promise I can fix this. Give me a year, at that time I'll divorce her" "What? And you'll let people judge me as the third person in your marriage. Your father disagrees with our relationship, how I can face him at that time. I prefer defend my love with

tears and pain rather than in that position. I am more than willing to prove to your parents that I'm deserved to be your wife. Besides, I don't have time for that long. I will not let my baby born without a father" "Baby? Our baby? Are you pregnant?" "Yes, I am pregnant with our baby" "But...but...I can't...we can't have the baby" "LEE DONG HWA. What do you mean by that? Are you suggesting me to do the abortion? How irresponsible you are. This child is innocent. This child is the result from the relationship of two people who love each other. At least at that time, we WERE love each other" "Soo Ra, I do love you. I love you from the beginning until today. But we can't have the child now. The situation is not allowing this happen" "You can't blame the situation when it comes not fit with our wishes. How can I believe you now? You said you love me but you said we can't have our baby. No, it's not we...but YOU can't have the baby. You DON'T WANT this baby. So, do you think that day, I give myself to you just because of lust? Do you think this baby is the result of our mistake? How could you say that? You are such a coward. You are afraid. Afraid of losing everything you have right now. Your position. Your wealth. The facilities that you have. Even you're afraid of public opinion. You know...I don't care about all of it now. I'll take full responsibility for MY baby. I'm not afraid of anything. I've lost you. But I'm not going to lose this child" anger already take all of her control as she stands up from her seat. "Soo Ra..." "There is nothing else need to be talk about. Let's end this conversation...and our relationship here. Thank you for everything. Don't ever think to look for us again. Good bye Lee Dong Hwa"

She walks out from the caf, leaving her love behind. The cold wind greets her as if knowing that her heart is now become cold. The warm of love that linger in her heart all this time has been replaced by the sadness, rejected, betrayed, weak, pain and so many emotions that she can't describe right now. The emotion is too heavy. She even can't let herself express her emotion. She is not crying. No tears coming from her eyes. Everything is so dark for her. The only thing she knows is she needs to find the light for her heart. She needs to find her strength again. Yes...she needs it to give her the power to raise her child. The one and only thing that makes her sanity intact...and alive. Her unborn baby.


Within a few months, the news about the marriage between her lover and the other woman is written in the newspaper or broadcast in radio and television.

This is the largest and the most magnificent wedding of the century; the wedding between Mr. Lee Dong Hwa from Lee Corp. and Ms. Kim Hyun Jin from Kim Engineering. This marriage has been linked with business expansion effort from both companies. The handsome Mr. Lee and the beautiful Ms. Kim is really a perfect couple. By the merger of both companies, can be ascertained that the Korean business empire controlled by the two companies. Friends and colleagues of both families are wishing the best for the marriage and of course the business ahead.

After a few months collecting her shattered heart piece by piece without a single tear, living her life like a robot, emotionless; but just looking at their wedding picture, to see his face again even only by a picture, are enough to make her heart broken once again. But this time, she can't hold her tears anymore. For the first time in a few months, she cries. For the first time, she let her emotion took control of her. "Just this once. Just this once, I'll mourn your leaving. After this, there will be no more tears of sadness for you. No more..." she whispers more to herself.


"Ma'am...I need you to relax. Breath slowly... just follows our instruction. Inhale...exhale...good. Now, I need you to push one more time" the nurse instructs her as she holds her hand. And with one last push, the room is filled with the voice of crying infant. The nurses and doctor smile widely as they heaved a relieve sigh. "Congratulation Ma'am...you have a very beautiful baby girl" a nurse say to her as she hand the baby to her mother who smile widely even she is very tired.

Han Soo Ra is looking at her baby lovingly. She kissed her forehead gently as she whisper to her small ear. "My baby...my lovely baby. You're the greatest gift I ever received. I promise you that I'll shower you with love. You'll be grown up as a girl who receives a lot of love from people around you. I promise to protect you with all my life" End Notes: i know nothing about giving birth procedure..so, please be patient with me..hehehe so, how was it? review will be great...^^

Back to index Coward by chocomint Author's Notes: 2nd chap is up. happy reading =) Lee Corporation is the biggest company in Korea with a large business in almost every field that can be named. The days when there are not many other companies that can be called as their potential competitor, Lee Corporation has dominated the various field of business in Korea. The founder of Lee Corporation, Mr. Lee Jung Suk, is a great businessman who respected by his friends, colleagues and all of his business acquaintance.

Lee Jung Suk was famous because he was a very eloquent when dealing with business. To reach the level he already achieved, there are sweat and hard work involved. He is the man who has a strong will and will not let anything blocked his way. He is the man that could do anything and will do anything to gain success which sometimes will make people around him should be very careful. No one wants to wake the sleeping tiger in him.

His success in the business world is also accompanied by his success in his personal life. He is a very lucky man who has a beautiful woman as his wife and a son who will inherit his business empire in the future. Lee Dong Hwa is the one and only heir of the Lee Corporation. He is as handsome as his father, but he has different personality from his father. He has a warm personality, kind-hearted but a little bit spoil because of all treatment he receives since he was born.

Being born in a very rich family makes him showered by everything he needs and everything he wants. His parents spoil him with anything he asked. Ever since he born, he has the best apparel collection which prepare by the famous designer. He owns the latest toys or even he can make sure the toy company will produce his personal toys. He even already has his own properties...yes, properties...in his very young age. That will include house or mansion to be exact and villas.

He receives the best education since kindergarten. He goes overseas to study in one of famous university. When he back for good, his father involved him in the business. His presence in the company surely attracts all employees' attention, especially the women employees. But, only one person who can makes his world stops spinning every time he looks into those beautiful big eyes. The eyes that can draw him into a new world and give him butterflies in his stomach every time his eyes catch hers.

By the time he saw her, he know that he fall in love with her. Being in the same building with her and interact with her every day, giving them the perfect opportunity to know each other. Day by day, their feeling goes deeper and deeper. He is very confident that she is the one and only for him. They have a same dream; to build a happy family. They are very confident that nothing can come between them and separate them for they are believe that their love is very strong and powerful. But sometimes reality is very cruel. "Appa...what do you mean by that?" Lee Dong Hwa asks in disbelieve to his father "I already choose a beautiful woman as your wife" Mr. Lee answers him in a very calm tone "No...no...you didn't mean that. Tell me you're joking" Dong Hwa tries to deny it "No. Did you ever see me joking about something like this?" "Appa, I already have a girlfriend. I love her very much" "Girlfriend? You mean Han Soo Ra?" "Yes" "Now you're the one who joking. She can't be your wife" "Why? She is a nice person. And I love her" "She is different from us. She is not a proper wife for you. And love is a rare thing happen in our world" "What? Appa, she is smart, nice, polite, beautiful...she is more than proper to be my wife. She is perfect" "She is coming from a different social status" "That is not important" "It is important for me. Dong Hwa, we have the biggest company with large business in Korea. Your marriage with the woman I choose for you will help us expand our business. So, I don't need a commoner daughter-in-law" "Appa..." "I already arrange your meeting with Ms. Kim Hyun Jin. She is my best friend's daughter. She is the heiress of Kim Engineering. She is beautiful, smart; capable in handling business...she is the perfect candidate to be your wife" "I refuse to marry her. I don't know her and I don't love her. My love only for Han Soo Ra. There is no way I will marry other woman" "Dong Hwa, should I remind you that I can disown you just because of your stubborn and stupid behavior?"

"Are you threatening me? I can live by my own. I can find another place to work. Don't underestimate me Appa" "Huh...funny. You have your degree because of me and now you said that you'll find another place to work? I told you this only once. You can't live by your own because I have all the power I need to make someone obey me and you...my son...also not immune. Think about it...if you as my son are not immune, can you imagine about your little Han Soo Ra? Do you think she can survive? I believe you're smart enough and will make the right decision about this matter. And I should remind you not to try messed up your marriage. You better decide faster because I'll not wait too long" Mr. Lee said to him in a cold-dangerous tone

Reality is surely cruel. Ambition sometimes destroys everything even the sweet thing that could happen in human heart called love. Lee Dong Hwa fully aware that his father's words are not empty words that won't be proven. He knows what his father capable of and he doesn't want to think of the consequences. The only thing in his mind right now is to protect the woman he loved. The hardest decision is has to be made and fast...or everything will be too late.

He clearly remembers her expression that day. He can still remember her loving stare and her sweet smile for him. There is an inner battle in his. Whether to tell her about his father's demand, or not. He knows that they can't get away from his father that easily and he also can't imagine how hard it could be to let her go. He is more than willing to fight for their love, but he can't let her suffering because of his father's ambition. He could do crazy thing right here, right now, but he also wants to prove himself that he is capable and deserve her love to her parents. He can't claim her as his when he has nothing.

He planned to obey his father first and save some money for both of them to survive and then divorce his wife. The only thing need to be concerned is, how he will tell her about this. He is obviously nervous. He doesn't know where to start. Every word is like racing in his mind. Then he forces himself to crack the silent between them.

"Appa...arrange marriage for me" Finally those words came out from his mouth. By the time he finishes his words, he knows that he lost her already. Those warm eyes who can draw him to a new world called love, now emotionless. The warm smile she always shows him, now gone. She says nothing. She does nothing. She even not cries. She just stares at him coldly. He actually expecting her to cry her heart out loud or throw him with words full of anger or even slap him. He has no idea why the first words she said actually ask him to repeat what he said as if it's not hurt enough. Heavily, he repeats it again.

After that, the conversation went as cold as the weather that day. He tries to explain to her that he also willing to fight for their love. He tries to explain his plan, but she refuse to involved in his game. He knows very well she is a special woman who wouldn't do such a thing. He knows that she is a woman who will fight for what she believe with tears and pain rather than any solution he can offer at that time. She is a fighter after all. But maybe...maybe she is right. He is a coward.

"...You are such a coward. You are afraid. Afraid of losing everything you have right now. Your position. Your wealth. The facilities that you have. Even you're afraid of public opinion...." He is a spoil coward who's not believe in himself that he is capable to make his own decision. He is a coward who afraid to face the world without the shadow of his father. He is a coward who can't...or even worse...doesn't want to fight for their love. He is a coward who even can't brave himself to fight for their unborn child. And now he totally lost her...and his unborn child with the only woman he loved. Regret is the only thing that left in his heart.

To see her walk out from the caf is equal to see her walk out from his life. He lost his love. The pain, the regret, the anger are double up in his heart. His father won...and he is a loser.


Han Soo Ra, I know I'm a coward for I can't fight for our love...for our child. I know I cause the pain in you. I'm sorry...I'm very sorry. At that time I can't offer you something better. But I do hope that you will find your happiness with someone who deserves your love. Someone who brave enough to fight for your love. Someone who can make you smile again. Someone who can warm your heart again. I hope you and our child will have a great future. I know you don't want to see me again in the future, but deep down in my heart I hope that we can meet again. At that time, I hope I can meet my child even only once. Thank you for loving me the best you can. Thank you for teaching me to love...but I'm not a good student since I failed in my very important test. But I do know that you're the only one I love. And since that day you walk away from my life, I know that I will never be the same person again. After this ceremony, I am not the same Lee Dong Hwa. The old Lee Dong Hwa is gone with you.

This is the day. His wedding day with the woman that he never loves. Lee Dong Hwa standing side by side with Kim Hyun Jin in front of the priest, their parents, the guests and the reporters. His bride is smiling shyly. Their parents smile happily. The guests wishing them the best. The reporters broadcast his ceremony. But he is the only one person in that place who not smiling or happy or even wishing the best for his own new family. He is the only person who standing in the middle of crowd that regrets this wedding is still happening.

End Notes: so...how was it? review will be highly appreciated.. hehehehe Back to index The Bright Side of Life by chocomint Author's Notes: hi...chap 3 is up. actually i'm not very sure about this chap, but i finish it anyway. so, hope you all enjoy reading... Han family owns a restaurant which is not very big but has a friendly atmosphere. It's enough to make their restaurant pretty famous even among the rich people. Han Soo Ra is their one and only daughter. Her parents always try to provide everything she needs. When it comes to education, they always enrolled her to the best school. She is a jovial, smart and independent girl. She grown up becomes a beautiful woman.

Actually her parents want her to take over their restaurant, but by the reason that she had not enough business experience, she's still not willing to take over the business. With her marketing educational background, she applies for a job in the biggest company in Korea, Lee Corporation. She is very proud of her job. She works very hard in order to gain the experience in marketing field. She works there for about two years when the first time she meet a person who captured her heart.

Even it's unbelievable, she fall in love with the heir of the Lee Corporation, Lee Dong Hwa. What makes it more unbelievable is her love is not one sided love. He also falls in love with her. Daily interaction within office hour makes them grew closer. However, she needs to work hard to teach him about the real love. Since he was born in the rich family, his knowledge about love is very limited. He never failed to shower her with present or even a rose on her working desk. His understanding regarding showing his love towards a woman is limited to that woman loves gifts. She determined to teach him how to love a woman properly even without a gift. Well, surely woman loves gift but she doesn't expect to received gift that LOT and that EXPENSIVE.

Raised in an average family, makes her appreciate the attention given towards her more than gifts. Day by day, she successfully teach him how to respecting woman and give them a genuine attention. Even it's not stopping him from giving gifts to her. Her parents surely aware of their daughter love life. They are aware that the social status between them could be a problem one day and make them prepare for the worst part in their love. And, the day has come.

In one cold day, they saw their daughter going home; walking expressionless like her mind is completely empty. "Soo Ra, what happen to you? Omo...your hands are very cold. Did you walk in this weather?" Mrs. Han asks her in concern. But nothing comes from her lips. Han Soo Ra is shutting down herself and locking herself in her room for days.

Worries about her daughter, Mrs. Han decided to get her answer no matter what. She's standing in front of her daughter's room; taking a deep breathes and knocks the door. She prays in her heart, hoping that today her daughter not lock the door as she rotate the door knob. Her prayer is answered as she takes a peek inside the room just to found her daughter standing in front of the window looking outside with this emotionless face.

"Soo Ra, can I come in?" she asks tentatively. Han Soo Ra heard her mother question and nod her head a little which become a great relieve to her mother. "My dear...what is going on? If you have a problem, please tell me. Eomma and Appa might be able to help you" she said to her softly "Eomma, I'm a fool" Soo Ra said weakly still looking outside "Fool? Why do you think so?" "I am such a fool...for loving a coward" "Coward? Who's coward? Did you mean...Lee Dong Hwa?" "Eomma, I've lost the battle. Our love is not strong enough" Soo Ra still speak weakly "My dear...please tell me from the beginning" her mother plead to her "We...no, it's me. I end our relationship" "Why?" her mother asks softly as she held Soo Ra's hand and motions her to sit on the bed next to her "His father...arranges marriage for him. And...he said that he can't refuse his father because he...can't see me suffering. I know what his father is capable of, and I'm more than willing to fight for our love as long as he with me. But he still with his decision to obey his father and marry the woman chosen by his father. Eomma...he suggest me to wait for him until he can divorce his wife. Am I stupid if I refuse it? I'm not afraid of suffering but I can't let his father misunderstand me as the third person in his marriage. I'm not that kind of woman. I can't let people think low at me. That day...I'm not crying...even until today I'm not crying. There is

no tears come out from me. The pain I feel is unspeakable. The wound is too deep till I can't express it again. I really want to die..." "No...if he doesn't want to refuse the marriage then he didn't deserve you. You can't waste your life for that kind of man" "Eomma...I'm not a good daughter. I really want to die...but I can't because I have to live...for...my unborn baby" she said to her mother in almost inaudible voice "Baby? Soo Ra..." "Yes, Eomma. I'm pregnant. I'm sorry...I'm not the daughter you can proud of" "No...Han Soo Ra...no matter what, you are still my daughter and I am proud of you. I'm proud of you because you have courage to refuse Dong Hwa's offer. I'm proud of you because you're thinking to keep your unborn child" "But this child will be fatherless. And Appa...I don't think Appa will forgive me" "No...look, Soo Ra. Don't worry about your father. I'll talk to him and we'll find a way about this situation. Now, you have to eat. I'll prepare some food" Mrs. Han said to her as she leaves her daughter's room to prepare some food.

After make sure Soo Ra eats her food, Mr. and Mrs. Han have a serious conversation regarding their beloved daughter matter. "I know this thing would happen in their relationship. But to think that Dong Hwa can't make his own decision is also make me very angry and disappointed. I can't believe that he isn't fight for her and their child" Mr. Han said to his wife "Then, what should we do?" Mrs. Han asks to Mr. Han "I don't know...we should protect Soo Ra and the baby. Their health is the most important thing. If Soo Ra already ends their relationship, then there is nothing we can do. I also don't want to see his face ever again. But I can't let the baby born without a father... what should we do?" "I'll responsible" suddenly someone speak to them which make both Mr. and Mrs. Han startled "Sang Woo?" Mr. and Mrs. Han said in unison

Chu Sang Woo is the Han family's neighbor. He and Soo Ra are practically grown up together. Actually Chu Sang Woo always had a little crush to Soo Ra when they were younger. When finally he realize that he fall in love to her and ready to confess his feeling

towards her, he is a little too late since Soo Ra already in relationship with Lee Dong Hwa. That is why he buries his feeling deep down in his heart and prays for their happiness.

As Soo Ra best friend, he surely knows when something is happen to her. He notices that she isn't leaving the house for several days. Today he decided to visit her, wondering if she is sick. He is about to greets her parents when he heard their conversation. He braves himself and offering himself to responsible. He knows that this is a serious decision, but to think that the woman he loved in pain and bear a huge responsibility alone make him willing to sacrifice anything for her.

"Sang Woo, this is something serious. Soo Ra..." Mr. Han said to him "I'm sorry if I overheard your conversation. But I want uncle and auntie to know that I always love Soo Ra, but I never get the chance to tell her. I know maybe she doesn't love me back, but...I just can't let her face this problem alone. The child is also need a father. The child knows nothing about life. I just want to show the bright side of life when the child is born. Uncle and auntie don't have to worry; my parents know my feeling to Soo Ra. They consider her as their own daughter and I'm sure they won't mind with my decision. They will understand" "But we're not talking about a year or two of commitment. As Soo Ra's parents we expect her to have a great life forever. What if the two of you..." Mr. Han's words trail off as he consider the right words "Uncle, I know that this is a lifetime commitment. I have no plan to divorce her. I'll prove to you and auntie that I genuinely love her. I'll prove her that I deserve her love. I'm willing to do that for Soo Ra. I really wish I told her about this feeling long time ago, but everything already happened and we can't change it. The only way is to live it. I'll talk to my parents and let you know about their decision. I'll take my leave" Sang Woo said to them as he bow and leave the Han's family house

Somehow Sang Woo able to convinced his parents to marry him with Soo Ra. Both families now busy with the wedding preparation. They agreed to hold a private wedding ceremony and not invited too many guests. After their wedding, Sang Woo tries his best to shows his love to Soo Ra. He takes care of her very well. He always takes her to the doctor and watched the food she consumed. He helped her to send her resignation letter to the company and clear things with the company. He always be there for her.

Sadly, Han Soo Ra is living her life like a robot. She lives her life emotionless. She doesn't accept his love in instant. It takes months for her to forget about the heartbreak. It takes months for her to heal the wound. It takes months for her to move on. It takes months for her to process everything happen in her life, until her labor day. That day was the turning point

for her. The pain she feels during the giving birth process was paid when she heard the baby cries. To hold and to see the baby brings her life back. That is the day when she can smile widely in front of her little angel. She decided to shower her little angel with love and protect her.

The proud expression shows by her parents, her in-laws and her husband. Yes...her husband. When she saw him hold her little angel with a huge smile plastered on his face, she realizes that he is the only one person who always stays beside her and he is the only one who she needs in her life. That day, she decided to give both of them a chance. She decided to move on, forgetting the past and create the future with her husband and daughter.

"Sang Woo-ah" she called him while he hold the baby in his arms "Hmm?" "Would you...like to give a name to our baby?" she asks him softly "Mwo?" he asks her almost can't believe his own hearing "Would you like to give a name to our baby" she says it once again "Name? Our...you said our baby?" "Yah...you heard me clearly. Should I repeat it once again?" "No...it's just...I didn't expect that..." his words trail off looking for the perfect words "That I will allow you to name her" she's finishing his sentence softly "I'm sorry Sang Woo. I'm sorry for ignoring you for the past few months. I'm sorry for being so selfish. I'm sorry for I can't reciprocate your feeling all this time. But I promise to myself that I have to move on. I have to forget my past and facing the future with you...and our daughter. I promise you that I'll respecting you from now on and I'll share my life with you. And I want she knows you as her father. So, as her father, you have the privilege to give her name" she said shyly "Thank you, Soo Ra" he answers her as he locks his gaze to her which makes her blush "What will you name her?" she asks him as she pays attention to the baby trying to avoid his eyes "Let see...hmmm...you know, I always love this season. So, let's name her Ga Eul. What do you think?" "Ga Eul means autumn. Season with beautiful colors you always said. I always remember that autumn always have interesting color thanks to you. I think it's a beautiful name"

"So...our daughter's name is Chu Ga Eul"


Day by day, Soo Ra starts to have a feeling towards Sang Woo. They both learn to love each other in a different way. They used to care and love to each other as best friend but now, they learn to love as a husband and wife. But with the presence of their daughter, it seems easy for both of them.

As promised, they shower their daughter with love and attention. But not only spoil her with love, they also teach her how to be an independent and tough girl. They register her to the best school and let her to learn everything she likes. She had grown up as a beautiful girl who inherits her mother's adorable eyes, kind-hearted and smart. She shares the same interest with her grandparents and willing to take over her grandparent's restaurant once she finishes her study.

The past has forgotten replace by the new sweet memories for Han Soo Ra, and now she can see the bright side of life once again. End Notes: so how was it?? pls tell me if this story start to make you boring..i can only promise you that i'll do my best to keep the story interesting, and will keep updating.. so review will be very help me to stay motivated...=) Back to index The Missing Piece by chocomint Author's Notes: haha...i never expect to update this soon...i think it's kind of short, but however, chap 4 is up. i specially would like to thank to all of you who spent your time to review. it surely help me to keep motivated. so...enjoy reading all...^^ Present time

Even though he is not young anymore, but the evidence of his gorgeous look can still be seen on his face. It's been over than 20 years he takes over the company from his father. Success by success are following him ever since. The company grown as expected and now recognized throughout Asia. Life seems so wonderful for him. He has everything. Family, wealth, power and anything that can be named are in his hand now.

Wearing a dark grey suit combined with a white shirt and a match colored tie, the 55 years old Lee Dong Hwa, sitting behind his huge teak working desk, reading the reports submitted by the managers. He's been reading and giving some notes on the reports for hours. He flipped the last report sheet and makes a note once again before he close the report file. He looks at his wrist watch and decided to take a short rest before his next meeting appointment.

He looks around his desk and his eyes landed on the picture of himself, his wife and their daughter. He sighs as he takes the picture and observed it closely. He clearly remembers the day when the picture was taken. The three of them specially went to a studio right after their daughter's graduation day from high school. He can see that her daughter, Lee Ha Ra, is smiling happily.

Lee Ha Ra is his one and only daughter. She resembles her mother very much. Her eyes, her nose, they are equally beautiful with the same smile if she wants to smile. He noticed that in the picture, Ha Ra smile widely. Something that she rarely does. Her personality is more to an introvert person. When she was younger, she is a very shy girl. When she grown up, she seems close down herself from the outside world. She is actually a smart girl but a little bit spoil since her mother and grandparents always give her whatever she wants no matter ridiculous her requests are. That also makes her a bit selfish, sometimes irresponsible and careless.

She has some best friends from high school, but seems the people she befriends with are people that change her more than her parents could think. Even she could come with idea to rebel towards her parents. He personally, got difficulties to understand her. In order to teach her how to be more responsible and independent, they send her to overseas to study. As the only heiress of her parents' huge company, she received a lot of expectation from her parents. Lee Dong Hwa personally hoping that she will taking over his role in the company. But seems his hope is far from the reality. Lee Ha Ra never shows her interest in business.

He tries almost every way to make her interested in the business start from introduce her to the business he handle or always asks her opinion regarding some issues happened in the company or set up an office room for her or accidently' assign a task for her. But the result is failed miserably since she just simply ignores it. Now he is run out of option to make her take over the company. Having fun and club are her interest. He surely need to find a way to make

her interesting to this business since he is not young anymore and the company need someone to run it not ruin it. Remembering the fact, he shakes his head slightly.

He now directs his gaze to the picture of his wife. Kim Hyun Jin is a beautiful woman and wonderful person. She is very patient towards him even he can admit that sometimes he treats her too cold. She has a nice personality, polite and well educated woman. She loved Ha Ra very much that makes her spoil her practically with everything. All of her attention is devoted to her. Lastly, he look at himself in the picture with the sad expression appear on his face. He is the only one who not wearing his best smile. He even barely recognizes himself in the picture. He is a different person now. Ever since he married to his wife, he becomes a different person. Gone is the happy and friendly Lee Dong Hwa. He remembers that on his wedding day, he is the only person who can't smile for his own so-called happiness. He closes down himself from other people for days. He treats his wife coldly. No matter hard she tries to make him smile, he is not budging. Sometimes he treats his wife pretty bad, but seems she don't mind because she is still there with him and never complain. It's not like he laid a hand on her, no...He is not that kind of person. He never physically abused her, but the cold treatment from him is bad enough for her. He knows that sometimes she will cry but knowing that fact still not make him care for her genuinely. In front of their parents, they play the role as a happy family. But in the reality, their marriage is as cold as the iceberg. He used to play his role as a good husband is just because a duty to do and not because he loves his wife. He never cares for his wife because of love. He raises his daughter also because his parents demand for grandchildren not because he is fond to her. If the public knows this fact, surely they will judge him as a person who can't be thankful for the perfect life he has. He admitted that he has a perfect life. He has a beautiful wife, a daughter and the largest company in Korea. The only one thing he doesn't have is a happy life. His happiness is gone along with the loss of his first love. His mind drift back to the only one person he loves, Han Soo Ra.

Soo Ra, where are you now? I've been looking for you all this time. Do you hate me that much? Did I hurt you that bad? I wonder if I can meet you again...and our child. Our child must've been grown up now. Is our child a daughter or a son? Is there any chance I will meet our child? Is it too much for me if I wish to meet you and our child even for once? Is this the price I should pay for being a coward?

A soft knock at his office door snap him back to reality. He looks at the door and sees his secretary at the doorstep informing him of his next meeting. He nods his head and makes his way to the meeting room.


"I'm sorry sir, we can't find them" a man in black suit report to Dong Hwa "Are you sure?" he asks him "I'm very sorry sir. We've tried everything, but seem that their presence been hid very well. We have no enough source or connection to investigate them. However, if you want us to try again, we'll do it" "It's enough for now. I'll contact you again if I need you to search for them again" "Yes, sir" "Here is the cheque. Thank you very much for your effort" he handed a cheque to the man "Thank you, sir" the man said as he bow to Dong Hwa and leave his office

As soon as the man disappears from his sight, he let a deep sigh escape from his lips. He's been looking for Han Soo Ra and her child. He tries to use some private investigator agency to look for her but no avail. He is a deep thought so make him didn't notice that his wife is standing in the middle of his office room. "What make you think so deep?" she asks him "Oh...how long have you standing there?" her voice snap him back to reality "Long enough" she answers him as she move closer to him "Do we have an appointment?" "I'm your wife. Do I really need an appointment to meet my own husband?" "It's not what I mean. I only hope I'm not forgetting anything since I'm pretty busy today" he tries to reason out with her "No, we have no appointment. I only drop by to invite you for dinner with me and Ha Ra" "Where?" "At the usual restaurant. I'm on my way pick her up" "Where is she now?" "At her friend house" "You spoil her too much. She choose to spend time with her friend rather than learning about business"

"Spoil her? I think it's better than not giving her enough attention" she replies him coldly "Alright...alright. There is no use for us to fight over it. I'll join you for dinner. I'll meet you two there. I need to clear some things first" he answers her tries to ease the tension between them. Seems his answers is satisfied her who give him soft nod and then she makes her way to the door but before she reach the door, she turn around and look him straight to his eyes "I think I know what you are thinking...even I hope that I'm wrong. Are you never getting over it? It's been more than 20 years and I still can't win your heart" "What..." he tries to speak but she cut his words "Don't answer that. I know your respond even before you say it. Well then...see you at dinner" with that she spun around and walk out from his office leaving him dumbfounded


He tries...yes he tries to forget Han Soo Ra, but he can't. He tries to ignore the fact that he lost her already years ago, he tries to ignore the temptation to turn Korea upside down just to look for her, he tries to ignore the fact that he has a child with her, he tries hard to care for his wife genuinely, he tries hard to love his own daughter but...he just can't. No matter how hard he tries, he always ends up failed. The more he tries to forget about them, the more he yearns for them.

He never knows the reason why his wife's words few days ago still linger in his head. He still remembers her sad expression when she said that. He never knows where the guilt comes from. But he just can't forget about his first love. Today, he already makes a decision. He will look for them one more time whatever the result is, he will accept it. He knows that if the result is not as he expected, the emptiness in his will remain forever. Like a puzzle, there is a missing piece in his heart. In order to find them, he needs to find someone who can help him. Someone he trusts. He picks up his phone and dials an extension number.

"Yoboseyo?" "Are you busy? Can you come to my office?" "No, sir. Sure, I'll be there in a minute" End Notes: ok...how was it? i'm addicted to read your review and it surely make my day, so please drop some love for me...=)

till next chap..^^ Back to index MIssion Impossible by chocomint Author's Notes: hi all... chap 5 is up...enjoy reading =) Is it the right decision? Looking for you once again and will accepting whatever the result is? Will you forgive me when we met? Did you meet another love beside me? Will you allow me to see my child? What if she doesn't want to meet me at all? What if she never forgives me? Will it be my turn to get hurt badly? Can I move on after I found the result? Is it the price I should pay for being a coward?

Lee Dong Hwa thinks about his decision to look for Han Soo Ra over and over again. He knows...somehow...that she is still alive. He knows that he needs any closure he can get whatever it is. He needs to know her whereabouts. He needs to see his child. Even only news about her will makes his heart at ease. But deep inside his heart, he is afraid of rejection. He is afraid that the result is not like his expectation. He is afraid that he already replaced by other man. He is afraid that she already moves on leaving him behind and buries the memories about them, replacing it with the new one with the man she loves.

Whatever it is, he still wants to get the closure about her. That's why he chooses him. The person who he trusted more than anyone else. Someone who will not judge him. He is in a very deep thought when he heard the soft knock at his office door.

"Come in" he said as he looks up to the door expecting the person he called earlier "Looking for me, Sir?" the person asks him "Ah, Yi Jeong-ah...Yes, please come in. Have a seat" he said as motion the person called Yi Jeong to sit on the sofa in the middle of his office "How can I help you?" Yi Jeong asks him once he settles himself on the sofa "I hope you're not busy when I called" "No, Sir. I just signing some papers" he said to assure him "Yi Jeong-ah, I...need your help"

The 29 years old So Yi Jeong is a very attractive man. He is the son of Lee Dong Hwa's best friend, So Hyun Sub who dies because of plane crash together with his wife during a business trip, leaving the 8 years old So Yi Jeong alone in the world as an orphan. Yi Jeong's father owns the biggest department store in Korea. With no one handle the business, their department store threatened to be fall to the ground. Lee Dong Hwa as Hyun Sub's best friend promised himself that he will not let that happen and take over the department store.

He hired a lawyer to take care and maintain all assets and properties own by the So family so when Yi Jeong is grown up and ready to take over the business back, everything will be ready and in a very good condition. Dong Hwa brought Yi Jeong to his house and treat him like his own son. He receives the same treatment like Ha Ra, but it not make him to become a spoil brat. So Yi Jeong is actually a jovial person when he was a kid, but the lost of his parents make him a little bit introverts. He always busies himself with study saying that he will reciprocate Dong Hwa's kindness to take care of him. Once he finish his college, he willing to try to live independently by leaving the Lee's mansion and stay at his parents mansion. These only make Dong Hwa so grateful and love him more.

He teaches Yi Jeong all he knows about business, but he doesn't need to do a lot of hard work since So Yi Jeong is a very capable young man. He is smart, professional and has a natural skill when it comes to business. Based on his skill, Lee Dong Hwa trusts him to be one of the managers in his office even he refuse at first but give in to Dong Hwa's offer at the end after a long and difficult bargain from both side. Both finally agree to treat each other professionally when it comes to work but aside from that their personal life is remain the same. He proved himself to Dong Hwa that he is capable by succeeded in handling a lot of new business project. His name is start to known in the business world. But, that's not only how he recognized by people.

Everyone on earth must know his name due to his physical appearance that very alluring. He is dangerously gorgeous with heart melting dimple smile that never failed to catch everyone attention wherever he go complete with perfect body which seems always screaming for the opposite gender's attention even he never tries to. His calm and polite demeanor is adding his value in everyone's eyes. No words can describe him more than perfect. And based on his personality, Lee Dong Hwa trusts him to be the only person who could help him dealing with this kind of personal matter.

"I'll be happy to help you, Sir" Yi Jeong reply to him "It's not related to work, so I think we can drop this professional terms" Dong Hwa said to him with smile plastered on his face "Oh...alright then. How can I help you, uncle?" Yi Jeong reply to him also with smile

"I need your help to...find someone for me. Here is the last picture I have" Dong Hwa said to Yi Jeong as he hand him a folder. Once he receive the folder, Dong Hwa starts his explanation "Her name is Han Soo Ra. She is someone I know over than 20 years ago" "20 years?" Yi Jeong asks him in confusion "Yes. The picture is taken when she is about 26 or 27 years old. So, she will be around my age now" "Hmm...she has very beautiful eyes" Yi Jeong compliment the person in the picture "You also notice that. Yes, she has beautiful eyes..." Dong Hwa answers him softly "Well, no one can miss that..." Yi Jeong said softly He flipped the pages in the folder as he read the information written on it. Once finish, he looks at Dong Hwa intently with a little hint of hesitation on his face. He shrugs it off and about to stand up from his seat to start searching for the woman in the picture when Dong Hwa stops him. "I believe...you have a lot of question running in your mind right now" Dong Hwa said to him with knowing look "I have her last address and some other information here. Is there any other information that not mention in the report here?" Yi Jeong finally asks him after reconsider his question "Yes. She has a child, a son or a daughter, I don't know for sure. The child will be around your age, maybe a year younger than you" "Alright. I'll try my best" "I'm sure you do. Yi Jeong-ah...I know that this is going to be difficult. Looking for someone from the past is never be easy" "Don't worry, uncle. I'll try my best" "No more question, Yi Jeong-ah?" Dong Hwa asks him one more time as if trying to test him "I believe that you have your own reason and I'm not in the position to question it. Yes, a lot of questions running in my mind right now. But maybe... in time I'll know the reason or the answer of my questions but until that time is come, I satisfied with this information" "That's why I trust you so much, Yi Jeong-ah. Thank you for your understanding. I really appreciate it. Maybe, in time I'll tell you the truth. One more thing, please keep this between us" "Sure...no problem uncle. I better getting started to do the searching" he said as he stand up from his seat, bowing to the man in front of him and out of his office

Yi Jeong is entering his office still holding the folder in his hand. Once he settles on his chair, he opens the folder and read the information once again. He lean his body to the back of his seat as he thinking the possible way to search this woman because seriously, looking for a person with last known address and the picture from over than 20 years ago is not an easy task. Don't forget to mention that the information he has right now is very limited. In short, he is facing a mission impossible.

"This is really confusing. Where should I start? Aish..." he curses as he scratches his head "I really need a worldwide connection to do this" he said with a smirked on his face as he takes his cell phone, search for some contact and set his phone for a conference call. After a moment he can hear one by one people he call answering him.

"Yo, Yi Jeong my bro...what's up?" a man greet him in English with very cheerful tone which make him smirk "Hey...Yi Jeong-ah. How are you?" a calm voice greet him after that "Yah...So Yi Jeong! Finally, the busiest man on earth is calling, you brat. What took you so long to call your friends?" a demanding tone from the third person could be heard from the other line which makes him smile widely and shakes his head slightly "Hey guys. I'm fine and judging from your voices, you guys seem fine also. Seems someone is got amnesia, as far I can remember we're just met last week. Aish... Guys, let's meet tonight for dinner, you guys pick the place, my treat. I need help from all of you" "I know a great place. You guys won't regret it" said the first person "Alright" Yi Jeong answers him followed by the other two "I'll text you all the address" said the first person again before they hung up

Smile creep on Yi Jeong's handsome face as he read the text that coming shortly after they hung up. "First step on mission impossible" he said more to himself. After that he focus his mind back to his unfinished papers need to be sign before he meet his friends. End Notes: ok..so how was it?? tell me what u think...

Back to index First Meeting by chocomint Author's Notes: hi...work is surely killing me...hufftt...=( but..but..but...i manage to finish chap 6. so here we go...hope u like it.. So Yi Jeong is busying himself with the pile of documents that screaming for his attention right in front of him. He check, give notes and sign the documents. He needs to finish the pile in a few hours because he will meet his friends. His concentration suddenly interrupted by his cell phone ring tone. He checks his cell phone and smile before answers the phone.

"Hi" "Oppa..." a cheerful voice could be heard on the other line "Yes?" "Are you free tonight?" "Actually I have an appointment already. Why?" "Ow...with who? Is it business related?" a slight disappoint tone could be heard from the caller "No. I'm going to meet with my friends" "Don't you think that you spend more of your time with your friends rather than with me?" "Did I sense a jealousy from you?" "Yah...don't tease me, Oppa. Besides, I'm not jealous. I'm stating the fact. Ever since you left to live independently, you barely visit us again or spend your time with us" the person on the other line said as making a suppression on live independently' words "Ah...is that true? I remember that last weekend I spend the whole day with uncle and auntie and few days ago I dropped by to have dinner there, but unfortunately, someone is missing. Now tell me, Ha Ra, who is the one that spend more time with friends?" "Aish...Oppa. Seriously. I'm not the one to be judge now" the caller who is none other than Lee Ha Ra whined to him "You're the one who started, Ha Ra" Yi Jeong said still in the teasing manner "Aish...Oppa" Ha Ra whined to him once again "Alright... alright...no more teasing" he said and he almost sure that he can see her smile now

"Oppa. Are you sure you can't cancel the meeting with your friends? I want to invite you to have dinner with us. We're going to have a family dinner at the usual restaurant" "I'm sorry Ha Ra. I can't. Maybe next time?" "You always say that. What is so important that makes you can't cancel it?" "It's very important and I can't tell. It's business between men. I promise you, I'll make some time for you, uncle and auntie this weekend. How about that? But you need to promise me that you'll not going to hang out with the friends of yours" "Deal. This weekend. Alright, see you, Oppa" her cheerful tone is back again and she hung up.

Yi Jeong put down his cell phone again still with a smile and he focus his mind again to the documents in front of him.


The Orchid Restaurant has a fairly large building and the attractive blend of modern and traditional design which is quiet prominent compared to the other building that surround it. Painted with light blue color on the outside wall is showing the gentle and peaceful impression. The not too large space in front of the building is arranged in such a way to be an attractive garden. The interior is also not less interesting. The inside wall is painted with lavender color that give warm impression and equipped with wooden furniture. Each table decorated with tablecloth, candle and orchid in the vase in order to adorn the interior.

So Yi Jeong stands in front of the Orchid Restaurant observe the restaurant as he lean his body casually on his new silver Porsche waiting for his friends' arrival. He is arrive a little early and decided to wait for his friends before entering the restaurant. He is distracted when he heard the sound of familiar cars. He turns his gaze to his left when he sees three sport cars approaching him in high speed. Soon enough the three cars pull over and park closely behind his car.

Yellow hair young man with a calm face is smiling at him as he gets out of his white Audi. He is approaching Yi Jeong and gives him a light tap on Yi Jeong's shoulder. "Hey, Ji Hooah" Yi Jeong greet one of his best friend, Yoon Ji Hoo, the former president grandson. He and his grandfather open a hospital and dedicated themselves there as a doctor.

Right behind him, red hair young men gets out from his yellow Lotus with happy face approaches Yi Jeong and gives him a high five. "Yo, my bro" he greets Yi Jeong with the same cheerful tone "Hey, Bin-ah" Yi Jeong greet his another best friend, Song Woo Bin a.k.a Prince Song, the heir of the biggest construction company and real estate developer in Korea but also known as Don Juan since he is famous among girls. The Song family also often associated with the biggest Mafia group in Korea.

"Yah...you're early" a tallest man among them with curly hair gets out from his red Ferrari with grumpy face which earn soft chuckle from the other three. "Yah, Jun Pyo, what's wrong with coming early?" Yi Jeong retort back to his last but not least best friend, Goo Jun Pyo, the sole heir of the multinational company in Korea which sometimes become the competitor of Lee Corp.

"Yah, Woo Bin...how come you know this place?" Jun Pyo ignoring Yi Jeong question and instead ask to Woo Bin "The owner is my junior in university. One day I decided to visit this place and become regular until today" Woo Bin proudly answers Jun Pyo's question "How come you never tell us about this place?" Ji Hoo is now asking him "Well, I'm about to but never get the chance since our mighty Jun Pyo always choose the place" he answers Ji Hoo's question as a matter of fact which earn death glare from Jun Pyo "Let's go. I'm hungry already" Woo Bin said as he clap his hand totally ignoring Jun Pyo and walk towards the restaurant which followed by the others.

A very polite waiter escorts them to the VVIP room and handed the menus to the four of them once they settle themselves on the chair around the table. Each of them order their meal and wait as they observe their surroundings. "This place is nice" Yi Jeong said to them "Of course this place is nice. The owner is my favorite junior at university" Woo Bin said to him "Favorite junior?" Ji Hoo question him "Yeah...you guys will meet her soon"

"Her? No wonder you always mention the owner is your favorite junior" Jun Pyo teases him which earn chuckle from the other

As in the queue, someone is knocking the room door and a girl with a sweet smile showed up at the door. "Annyeonghaseyo" she greets the four of them as she bow a little still with the sweet smile adorn her pretty face "Oh...Ga Eul-ah" Woo Bin approaches her as he give her a hug "Woo Bin sunbae. How are you?" "I'm great. As I promise, I come here together with my very best friends slash brothers" he said as he broke their hug "Guys, meet Chu Ga Eul. The owner of the Orchid Restaurant and my favorite junior" he introduce her to the other "Annyeonghaseyo, my name is Chu Ga Eul. Nice to meet you all" she politely introduce herself "Nice to meet you too, my name is Yoon Ji Hoo, this is Goo Jun Pyo and that...is So Yi Jeong" Ji Hoo initiate to introduce himself and then he point his finger to Jun Pyo and Yi Jeong as he introduce them to her

She nods her head a little every time Ji Hoo mention a name as a sign of her acknowledgment to the person but she has to force her concentration back when she sees Yi Jeong eyes for the first time. His piercing eyes that look at her intently seem take her breath away as she frozen on her spot not daring to move even an inch because she is afraid that she will fall to the ground if she move. Her heart beats faster and her knees turn to jelly. She blink her eyes several times before finally she successfully force herself to nod her head towards him as she tries very hard to hide her blushing cheek.

On the other hand, Yi Jeong also frozen on his spot since the very first time she's entering the room. Her petite figure, her dark long wavy hair, her porcelain skin, her cute chubby cheeks and her innocent doe eyes completely drew his attention. He looks at her intently and observes her every move. The way she smile...oh and her blushing cheeks are totally hard to resist. His heart beats faster as he keeps his eyes on her. He smiles a little knowing her reaction when their eyes meet for the first time. But the fun should be over because the waiter comes with their meal.

"Woo Bin sunbae, I'll leave you all for now. Enjoy your meal" she said as she bow again to them and left "Wah...beside the aroma of delicious food, I also smell the intoxicating love in the air" Woo Bin said out of the blue "Hmmm...I think that's what people call love at the first sight" Ji Hoo adds him "What?" Yi Jeong asks them "Yi Jeong, don't play dumb with us?" Woo Bin tease him "Jun Pyo, do you realize what happening just now?" Ji Hoo asks to Jun Pyo "Oh...is that between him and..." Jun Pyo's words trail off as a teasing smile form on his face "Ha...see? Yi Jeong, my bro...you can't trick us" Woo Bin said to Yi Jeong "She is pretty" Ji Hoo "What trick? I don't play dumb. Aish...just eat your meal" Yi Jeong tries to drop the topic but of course knowing his best friends, he will never hear the end of it "I can help you" Woo Bin said still in teasing manner "Song Woo Bin, seriously. We're here not to discuss about me. Now eat your meal because I have something important to say. And drop this topic right now before I throw something to your face" Yi Jeong threat him "Fine...we're stopping talk about you...for now" Woo Bin stated which earn chuckle from the other except Yi Jeong of course

The four of them eat with small chat between them and seem totally forgot about their earlier topic. This situation makes Yi Jeong at ease since he is a little bit nervous when it comes to woman. Even though a lot of women willing to throw themselves to him, but he is not interested to them. According to him the girls are too clingy and only like him because his look or the amount in his bank account. Usually he can maintain his cool expression, but somehow this certain girl can drew his attention without doing anything except politely greet them. And those doe eyes also don't help at all because since the first time he saw those eyes, his world seems stop spinning. He shakes his head a little to focus his mind back hoping his companion didn't notice that he is in a deep thought to a certain girl.

Once they finish eating, Yi Jeong opens the conversation about his mission impossible. "I will need all of your help. Uncle Lee ask for my help but it's kind of mission impossible" he starts

"Sounds interesting" Woo Bin retort to him "Challenging if I can say" Ji Hoo adds "Shoot" Jun Pyo said impatiently "Alright. He asked me to find someone. I have the picture of her when she is about 26 or 27 years old and Uncle Lee never met her again over than 20 years so she will be in her 50s now. I have her last address but that place already replaced with office building. The neighborhood itself is for the middle class society so it's more likely she and her family move the same environment or even for upper class society. According to Uncle Lee, she has a child but he's not sure the child is a son or a daughter. The child age should be around our age, maybe a year younger than us. Her picture and some other detail already emailed to all of you. That's all what I have" Yi Jeong ended his story "Wow bro, it's definitely mission impossible. Is Uncle Lee sure that she is still alive. I mean...you know. Nobody knows what happen to her for the past 20 years. She could be move out of town or even overseas or even death" Woo Bin comments about the detail "But this is surely challenging" Ji Hoo reply to them "That's why; I need a favor from all of you. Woo Bin; you have your worldwide connection. Ji Hoo here has governmental connection and Jun Pyo also has huge business connection. I have Uncle Lee, the most important closure about this woman even he still hide something. Every possibility could be cover from all side" Yi Jeong said to them "He is right. I can check her name using my business connection if they had or has an employee with the name...what is her name?" Jun Pyo asks to Yi Jeong "Han Soo Ra" "Yes, an employee name Han Soo Ra" "A residential environment specially the middle class one that replaced with office building will leave a lot of documentation. I can check from there" Woo Bin said "She has a child so I can check from medical record" Ji Hoo said "Great. Thank you very much guys. I'll try to dig some more information about her from Uncle Lee" Yi Jeong thanked them "She seems very important for Uncle Lee. Why?" Jun Pyo asks him "I don't know. He indeed want me do this secretly. I only told him that the information he provided is enough for me and I'm not in the position in questioning him. Maybe in the process he will share some information for us" "Alright. We'll meet again next week. Hope we can have something to add in the information" Ji Hoo suggest which earn nod from all

"Same time...same place" Woo Bin said with a big grin on his face and look straight to Yi Jeong who only stare him in unexplainable expression "Agree" Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo answers in unison with knowing smile

The four of them leave the VVIP room as Yi Jeong goes directly to the cashier to pay the bill. There, he sees her again checking the accounting book. He flashes his dimple smile to her when their eyes meet again. He cheered himself when he sees the hint of blush on her chubby cheeks. He nods his head a little to the cashier and her then left.

"Thanks once again for helping me" he said to his best friends once he outside "No problem. I'll take my leave now" Ji Hoo said as he waves casually to the rest and leave them "Yah...that's what friends are for" Jun Pyo said as he enters his car also speed off "Yi Jeong, you need to get out from your tiny box" Woo Bin said out of the blue when he left alone with Yi Jeong "What?" "Get out from you tiny box. You can't live without personal time of yourself. I understand that you owe your life to Uncle Lee. But you need your own time. No offend, but please...take a leave for few days and enjoy your life, man. We're best friends since I can remember, you used to be relax and happy person, but ever since Uncle Lee takes you, I barely see you having your own time. Work is your priority and sometimes it's not good for your health" "Thanks Bin-ah. I think you're right. I forgot when the last time I take my leave" Yi Jeong said as he chuckle a little "Of course I'm right. I'm your best friend after all" Woo Bin said as he taps Yi Jeong's shoulder "Yup. Alright, I'll see you next week then" Yi Jeong bid his farewell as he walks to his car but Woo Bin words make him stop "She is my favorite junior. Since I know you very well, I allow you to make your move but don't hurt her. Bye" Woo Bin said as he enters his car and speed off

On the other hand, Yi Jeong only can stare at Woo Bin's car that getting away from him not knowing how to react on his last statement. He is confused. He doesn't understand why Woo Bin has to say that statement. He can't believe that Woo Bin knows his heart better than

himself as the owner because right now, he doesn't know what happen to his heart. Yes his heart seems jumping happily in its rib cage every time he sees her. He does enjoy seeing her blush. He does attract to her but he still not sure if there will be another feeling involve in the future. Honestly, he never felt things like this before towards any girl so this is another puzzle for him to solve. Aish...this is more frustrating than Uncle Lee's problem. Damn you Woo Bin, now you successfully add my headache. He curses inwardly. He closes his eyes as he composes himself for a while before entering his car and then leaves the restaurant. End Notes: ok...time for you to comment, review...or anything..thank you...^^ Back to index Second Meeting by chocomint Author's Notes: hello again all... chap 7 is up. Gosh...my brain almost stop working..but i finish this chap. hope you all like it. She can't concentrate. Yes...no more concentration left in her mind right now. Well, who can blame her? Every one...no...every normal girl will definitely lose their concentration from everything they do if they see God's beautiful creature with perfectly build body who has piercing eyes that can drew you to a complete new world every time the owner look at you and that attractive dimple smile which can make you fly to the seventh heaven.

Ga Eul shakes her head a little and diverts her attention to the outside of the restaurant hoping that she can calm her heart beat a little and gather her focus back but the view outside of her restaurant is surely not help her at all. The person that takes her attention is standing there, having a chat with his best friends there. He is a very nice view actually, but just by looking at him is enough to make her heart beat increase once again. And the worst part is she can avoid his attraction. She can't divert her gaze to other thing. She shakes her head once again. "My dear...why are you shaking you head?" a familiar voice asks her gently "Eomma. You surprised me" she said shyly "What is it?" Mrs. Chu asks her in concern as she drift her eyes to scanned the room hoping to see the reason why her daughter in a deep thought and shaking her head and then her eyes catch a very interesting view "Ah...I think I know what distract you" she said in teasing tone "Eomma. What do you mean?" Ga Eul tries to hide her blushing cheeks "He is...gorgeous" "Eomma"

"Well that's true. So, do you like him? He is Woo Bin's friends right?" "Yes...oh I mean, yes he is Woo Bin's sunbae friend" she tries to clarify her answer "Hmm...I think I can talk to Woo Bin about his friend" "Eomma. Don't...ever...do...that" "Why? He is a potential son-in-law" Mrs. Chu still tease her "Eomma" Ga Eul whines to her mother which earn soft chuckle from her mother


A week passed very fast. Today the four of them will meet again at the same time and the same place to discuss about their finding. Today, Yi Jeong, once again find himself as the first one who arrive and standing in front of the restaurant waiting for his friends to come. Like a dejavu, he is distracted by the voice of the speeding cars towards him. He doesn't have to look at the source of the voice because he knows that his friends are coming. Once they parked their cars, the four of them entering the restaurant and escort to the VVIP room.

They settle themselves as the waiter taking their orders. They open their meeting with a small chat, trying to catching up to each other as they wait for their meal to serve. The delicious meals arrive in no time. They decided to discuss the main topic while they eat. "Uncle Lee is having a business trip for the whole week so I can't get any information from him" Yi Jeong opens the conversation with the regret tone in his voice "Same with me. None of my business partner ever had or has an employee name Han Soo Ra" Jun Pyo adds "I also got difficulties about the medical record. This is very strange actually" Ji Hoo also adds the information "You know, this is not only very strange but impossible. I can't get any information or paperwork related to this family whereabouts after the land acquisition. As if she and her whole family are disappear into thin air. This is frustrating" Woo Bin said in disbelieves "I can't believe that we can't get any useful information about this woman. Is she that great?" Ji Hoo voice his opinion "We never get any difficulties in getting information we need, so in this case there will be nothing that can hold us, right?" Jun Pyo said to them

"That's right. I think it's time for us to use our whole power and connection" Woo Bin said in excitement "I need to think another way to get information if I can't get it from Uncle Lee. I'll contact you all if I got something" Yi Jeong said as his mind wanders looking for a new idea "That's a good idea" Ji Hoo said his agreement which followed by the others "Alright then. I'll call you guys as soon as I found something" "Well, it's been decided then. I'll take my leave first. I need to be at the airport within an hour" Jun Pyo said as he stands up from his seat with apologetic face "Yeah, I also need to be in the hospital to have a meeting with my colleague" Ji Hoo also prepares himself to leave "Yo bro, I'm sorry I have to leave as well. There is some urgent issue with my colleague" Woo Bin also said apologetically as he emphasize the word colleague' which actually refer to his gang member "It's alright guys. Thank you very much for coming tonight" Yi Jeong said knowingly to them "Aren't you going to leave?" Ji Hoo asks him "I need to think about something first. It's alright, just leave the bill with me" "Are you sure?" Woo Bin asks him "I'm sure. Now go, you two. Don't acts like my girlfriend" he said to Ji Hoo and Woo Bin who could only stare to each other but then shrug it off. They bid their farewell and leave the room but before Woo Bin completely out of the room, he turns around and talks to Yi Jeong "Don't let this matter eats you. Oh...if you have the chance to meet Ga Eul, say my hello to her" he said from serious tone at first but then change to teasing tone for his last sentence which earn soft chuckle from Ji Hoo and death glare from Yi Jeong.

After both Ji Hoo and Woo Bin out of his sight, Yi Jeong focuses his mind back to his socalled mission impossible. He tries to think of another way to find more information even without his Uncle presence. Aish...this matter really gives me a headache. He thinks inwardly. He is in a deep thought when his attention distract by a melodic voice from a sweet creature that entering the room.

"Annyeonghaseyo" the sweet creature with the melodic voice greet him

"Oh...Ms. Chu. Annyeonghaseyo" he replies her with his charming smile plastered on his face "Oh...I'm sorry. I thought..." she tries to find the perfect words and hide her shock because she actually expecting to see Woo Bin AND his friends not only ONE of Woo Bin's friends especially the one and only So Yi Jeong. "Woo Bin left already. He mention about something urgent. Oh, he told me to convey his greeting for you" he calmly said to her as he takes his time to observing her which only make her blush "Oh...thanks. Hmmm...are the others left already?" she asks shyly "Unfortunately, yes" "Oh... I see. Well, I think I should take my leave now" she said almost too fast but before she leave she could hear his voice "What kind of dessert do you have?" "Dessert? Today, we have fruit salad" she answers him with smile "Fruit salad sounds interesting. I would like to have one please" "Sure" she said as she disappear from the room for awhile before she show up again "Dessert will coming in a few minutes" she inform him "Thank you. Do you mind to stay for awhile?" he asks her carefully when she is not answering, he speak to her again. "I have something bothering in my mind right now and I need someone to talk to me to distract me from thinking this matter. My friends are not an option since they left already. Go straight home will only make me think about this thing deeper than now... But...it's alright if you don't want to. I'm sorry for bothering you in the first place" he said sincerely "No...it's fine with me. I'd love to have a chat with you" she said to him as she make her way to the chair in front of him and settles herself "Thank you" Yi Jeong said to her softly "You're welcome sunbae" "Sunbae?" "Well, since Woo Bin sunbae is your friend and he is my senior, I opt to address you sunbae as well" "But I'm not your senior"

"Well...I don't know how to address you. Beside, you're the one who call me Ms. Chu earlier" she said as she pout cutely which earn that melting heart dimple smile from him "Alright, my fault. I'm sorry, Ga Eul-yang. Is that alright with you?"

She is surely surprise to hear him call her Ga Eul-yang which is very intimate for someone she just knows but however, she likes it...no...she LOVES it to be exact. So what makes her will disagree with that? Nothing. She blinks her eyes once...twice...before she nods her head shyly. She tries hard to hide her reddened cheek. Lucky for her, the waiter entering the room bring the dessert. Once served, Yi Jeong eyeing the fruit salad in front of him and take a spoon of it. He smiles as he chews it. "This is delicious" "Thank you. It's my mother special recipe" "Is every menu here comes from your mother special recipe?" "Yes" "I only try the two of them but they are delicious" "Thank you" "I was wondering, Woo Bin always mentions you when the first time we're here. How come you could be so close to him?" "He did?" she asks him with a soft chuckle and receives a nod as the answer "Maybe because I'm a little bit stubborn back then. I met him for the first time when I had this assignment from my professor. The topic at that time is to make a paper about a successful businessman. My classmates are coming from a high class social status that has a father or relative that could be call as successful businessman. It's an easy task for them and I can assure that they can get straight A if you read the title of their paper. I have a father and grandfather that open a restaurant but refuse to be the subject of my paper. I left with no other choice but to look for another option" "And Woo Bin is the option?" "Not at first. At that time, I decided to just looking for someone's profile and articles from newspaper, magazine, internet or any other media. I want to write about Goo Jun Pyo at first. But the professor told me that writing a paper by gathering the information only from other media is a lifeless paper. He wants me to make the paper of me more alive, with interview for example. So I brave myself come to his office trying to get some approval from him and maybe appointment of interview if I'm lucky. But, he is a very busy person. Can you imagine how come a person...a single person...could go to two different countries in a day?" her last question makes Yi Jeong laugh

"Sunbae, why are you laughing at me?" she asks him as she pout "I'm sorry. Jun Pyo is really a busy man. I heard that there is a day where Jun Pyo will have a meeting here in the morning and then he goes to Hong Kong to have another meeting and back again to Seoul for having dinner with us. So, yeah he is a busy man. When it comes to Jun Pyo, there is nothing impossible" "Funny you mention that. Woo Bin sunbae also always say that about him. Do you...have that kind of ability to do that as well?" she asks him curiously "Sort of. You'll know someday. Now continue your story" "Aish...you are as demanding as Woo Bin sunbae. I wonder if you guys have the same personality as well" "When it comes to demanding, Jun Pyo is the number one demanding person among us. Woo Bin is nothing compare to him. And I'm not demanding you, I ask you to continue your story" "Alright...Alright...I'm kind of desperate of waiting Jun Pyo sunbae with his busy schedule so I go to campus and stay at the library as long as I can remember. There, I meet Woo Bin sunbae. I do recognize him because he is very popular senior especially among girls and I read about him and his business almost everywhere and I decided to ask for his help" "Did he agree just like that? He never gives anything so easy" "Of course not. I really hope that as a senior he will happily help his junior but I have to work hard to be notice by him. That will include come to his office and wait for hours almost every day or even try to talk to him every time he visit the campus. Sometimes I felt like a stalker...and I have to restrain myself from hitting any girl who gives me deadly stare" "And you succeeded make him notice you" "Yes. He is actually a nice person" "Yes, he is. You make me curious, did you really want to hit those girls?" Yi Jeong asks her in awe "Sunbae...you make fun of me again. You know, maybe I will if I can't hold myself. I don't know what they think" "I'm not making fun of you, Ga Eul-yang. I only ask" he replies to her "Really? But it sounds like you make fun of me" she replies him with her cute pout "For real, I'm not made fun of you. You know, those girls envy you. Because as you said, Woo Bin is famous among girls and the girl who had a chance to talk to him, is you, not them. That's mean you are different from those girls because Woo Bin allow you to come close to him" he said to her sincerely which make her blush

"Well, it's getting late. I should be going now. It's nice to have a chat with you, Ga Eul-yang" Yi Jeong said as he stands up from his chair "It's nice to talk to you too, sunbae" Ga Eul said to him as she escort him out of the room

Once Yi Jeong settles the bill, he locks his gaze to Ga Eul who now standing behind the cashier desk checking the accounting book. "I'll see you next time, Ga Eul-yang" he said to her and left the restaurant with a smile adorn his handsome face

This is the first time for him to feel comfortable during the conversation with a woman who actually he barely knows. Her smile; her expressive eyes; her story; her choice of words; her innocent comment; her cute pout; are enough to make his cloudy mind become clear at once. He never feels this kind of feeling for a long time. Comfortable; secure; free are a rare feeling that he can feel for about 20 years. Yes, his comfortable, secure and freedom are hiding in the deepest place in his heart since his parents die. Even the Lee family is being very nice to him and try to give the same family warmth for him, somehow he still feel the loneliness inside him. Ga eul-yang, what did you do? Why are you affecting me so much? I definitely will see you again, Ga Eul-yang. He thinks inwardly as he drove his car.

Ever since that day, Yi Jeong frequently visits the restaurant either for lunch or dinner. And every time he visits the restaurant, Ga Eul will accompany him. Both will talk about random things. Both feel the same comfort feeling towards each other companion. From other person point of view, it's obvious that a deeper feeling grown freely in their heart. But none of them brave enough to declare their true feeling.


"Yoboseyo" "Jeong-ah. How are you?" "Oh, Uncle Lee. I'm fine. How about you, Uncle?" "Very busy but I'll be fine. Actually I'm calling about the favor I asked to you" "I'm very sorry Uncle Lee. I still dig more information with help from my friends. But we're facing a little problem because every record about her is classified. We'll need more time to get the access to the file"

"Classified? She really wishes to disappear from my life" Lee Dong Hwa said more to himself totally forgot that Yi Jeong is still on the other line "Pardon me?" Yi Jeong asks in confusion even actually he heard his uncle's every word clearly "Oh...nothing. It's alright Jeong-ah. Just take your time. Is everything alright in the office?" "Yes. Nothing outstanding, everything goes as smooth as usual" "Good. I'll be back this weekend" "Alright. I'll see you this weekend" Yi Jeong reply to him

Who is she for you, uncle? How important is she for you? Why you have to look for her after these years? Why do you think that this woman want to disappear from your life? What are you hiding, uncle? End Notes: ok...so how was it? pls spare my life..and give me some love... i really need it now.. i think i can see smoke right above my head..do you see that??? hehehehe.. Back to index A Date by chocomint Author's Notes: Hello all...I'm back again with chap 8. In this wonderful opportunity, I'd like to convey my gratitude to all of you my lovely reader (the silent reader and the reviewer). Thank you very much for supporting me all this time, but this story is only half way and I'll need more support from all of you. I had a good time writing this chap, so I hope you like it. ^^ "Mr. So, Mr. Song Woo Bin is coming to meet you" Yi Jeong secretary is announce Woo Bin's arrival in his office as she open the door wider for Woo Bin "Yo, Bro. Are you busy?" Woo Bin greets him with his usual cheerful tone "In a minute Bin-ah" Yi Jeong replies to him while he still staring at the report on his hand "Aish...you. Didn't I told you to get out of your box?" he asks him impatiently "Did you come here for lecturing me or having lunch with me? I didn't know if you still have a spare time to lecturing me about my life" Yi Jeong asks Woo Bin as he close the report

"Man...having a little fun is no harm. Do you still remember the fun' word? Is the word still in your dictionary? If it disappears already, let me write it down again for you" Woo Bin said as he emphasize the word fun' "Funny, Woo Bin. Very funny" "Oh...I think you not totally forgot about having fun. I heard someone is frequently visit the Orchid Restaurant lately" "If that someone you talking about is me, that's true. Do you have any objection about that?" "Wow...chill Bro. Relax, why are you so sensitive about this? I totally have no objection. I bless the two of you" "Bless? Woo Bin, it's not like we're dating" "That's the point Bro. Look, Jeong-ah, the two of you can't fool me. You can deny as long as you want, but you can't hide the truth from me. We've know each other since diapers. I can read you very well, and don't forget that I trained to read people. It's obvious that the two of you attract to each other since the day you met. It's a good thing that you visit her all this time. All you have to do now is to make your move" "Are you suggesting me to ask her for a date?" "Yeah, why not?" "Woo Bin, the thing is...I...I don't know. I'm not sure about my feeling towards her" Yi Jeong said softly to Woo Bin "Then ask her out for once, I can assure you that you'll know your true feeling towards her after that. I bet she won't reject you" "A Don Juan giving me advises about true feeling?" Yi Jeong teases him "Yah...don't think too low about me. It's just I'm not finding the right girl for me yet. Besides, why are you remain single when every girl will notice you even from few meters away" "Well, it's just I'm not finding the right girl for me yet" he answers Woo Bin in teasing manner "Yah...that's my words" Woo Bin exclaim which earn laughter from Yi Jeong "Yi Jeong Oppa" a sweet voice suddenly interrupts both Yi Jeong and Woo Bin "Oh...Ha Ra" Yi Jeong greet Lee Ha Ra with a smile on his face "Woo Bin Oppa, how are you?" "I'm fine, Ha Ra. How are you?" Woo Bin asks to her

"I'm fine. What's so funny that can make Yi Jeong Oppa laugh like that?" "Nothing, just having fun of teasing the great Song Woo Bin here" Yi Jeong explains to her "I know...I know...boys secret. Oppa, aren't you going to lunch? I specially visit you here to have lunch with you" "Woo Bin and I actually about to go for lunch. Then let's go, I bet you hungry already" Yi Jeong said as he make his way out of his office room with Woo Bin and Ha Ra


The sun shines brightly, the birds chirp happily, the cool breeze soothing the day. Everything is actually reflecting a bright-happy-good day for almost everybody, except one, So Yi Jeong. Today is the day when his parents got accident 21 years ago. As usual, he visits his parents' grave and goes to the church nearby where he can feel the peace. He settles himself on one of the wooden bench in the middle of the room as he enjoying the interior of the church.

Eomeoni, Abeoji...it's been 21 years the two of you left me all alone. I really miss the two of you. I miss the comfort Eomeoni gives to me. I miss the secure Abeoji gives to me. I really miss spending time with you. Eomeoni, Abeoji...did I really change? Woo Bin told me that I'm not the same person since Uncle Lee takes me in to his family. To think about it, I think I am really changed. Ever since the two of you passed away, I know I'm locking myself down. The security and my confidence seem running away from me. My comfort zone is hiding deep down in my heart. Honestly, I'm afraid...I'm afraid of losing something precious for me once again. I really try hard to move on...but it's hard for 8 years old boy. The pain of losing someone I love is too much not to mention I lose the two of you at the same time. Maybe that's why I'm afraid of losing her... the only girl who can give me the comfort that has been gone all this years. She is the only one who can affect me so much...too much if I can say. And that makes me afraid of losing her. Eomeoni, Abeoji...what should I do? This is embarrassing, I can handle business very well but I can't face a girl. Aish...

Yi Jeong is in a deep thought that makes him unaware that someone is approaching him. "Yi Jeong sunbae" the melodic voice snaps him back to the reality "Ga Eul-yang?" "Sunbae, are you alright?" she asks him full of concern "I'm fine. What are you doing here?" he asks her in surprise

"Oh, I'm helping my father to drop his donation for this church. I was about to leave when I saw you" "Hmm" Yi Jeong responds to her still in a deep thought "Sunbae, are you sure you're alright? You seem...troubled"

She eyeing him with full of concern and worried on her face which only make Yi Jeong's heart skip a beat. He thinks for awhile before finally he moves a little to give her space and tap the empty space next to him. Ga Eul settles herself on the bench next to her. Both sit in silence enjoying the peace that offered by that place. It's Ga Eul who braves herself to break the silence between them. "This is very comfortable. Do you frequently come here, sunbae?" "I come here every year" Yi Jeong speaks softly as he still look straight ahead "Every year?" "Yes. Exactly at 21 years ago, my parents died on a plane crash during a business trip. Since that day, every year I visit their graves. I found this place during my way back home from visiting my parents' graves. I decided to stop by and I found that this place can give me everything I need back then...until now. This place holds a peace, comfort and the strength I need to face the world, especially for 8 years old boy. That's why every year, I will spend some time here, to enjoy the peace and comfort it's offered. And to gather the strength I need" "I'm sorry sunbae" she responds to his explanation with almost inaudible voice "It's alright, Ga Eul-yang. I'm fine now. Even it's very hard in the beginning, but trough the years, I grow stronger. Even though I can't deny that sometimes I'll miss them very much and felt weak, but to think that I have to make them proud of me, I manage to hold on. Besides I have people around me that care for me" he finishes his story with smile plastered on his face as he looks at her "That's right. You have to be strong so they will proud of you. But I'm sure they are surely proud of you back then, now and forever" she said to him

To hear her words make him smile. Ga Eul-yang, what should I do to you? Will I regret it if I keep being a coward like this? Will you accepting me for who I am? He thinks inwardly as he locks his gaze to her which makes her blush because of his intense gaze. To hide her blushing cheeks, she lowered her head and playing with the edge of her blouse. "Ga Eul-yang" he calls her name which make her drift her gaze back to him "Are you free tomorrow?" He asks her who widened her eyes to hear his question

"Hmm...I'll be at the restaurant as usual" "Would you like to go out with me?" he finally asks the question as his heart beats rapidly "Go...out?" she asks tentatively "Yes, go out with me...as my date" he said to her still locking his gaze to her.

Truth to be told, he found that it's very interesting to see her expression during their conversation. He can see her blush, her eyes widened due to surprise and her uncertainty when he asked her as his date. He also can assure himself that he can hear her gasp to hear the word "date". "Ga Eul-yang, would you like to go out with me?" he asks he once again softly hoping she will not reject him or he will throw a punch to Woo Bin for saying that she will not reject him. After seems forever, he can see her slowly nod her head. "Is that a yes?" he asks her just to make sure "Yes, sunbae. I would like to go out with you" she answers him shyly "Great. I'll pick you at the restaurant tomorrow after lunch, is that alright with you?" "Yes"


Ga Eul can't believe herself. She felt like dreaming. She almost can't sleep for the whole night. She is grinning like a child who will go to the amusement park in the morning. But of course she is not a child; she is a girl who will have a date with So Yi Jeong. The gorgeous man with the killer smile. Well, who will be able to sleep if you know that you'll have a date with the man you like...no, like is not the right word for Ga Eul because she know too well that she is falling in love to So Yi Jeong since the first time they met. When they are getting closer, she can't help but to fall for him deeper than before.

She is very happy to know that he frequently visit her restaurant and the hope in her heart is starting it grow. But sometimes, she is afraid. She is afraid that he never feels the same feeling like her. So when the fear haunted her, she tries to bury her feeling towards him even she'll fail miserably. Now, knowing the fact that he asked her for a date, she is surely very happy as the hope in her heart growing once again. That's why she can't stop herself to think about her date all night long.

Even though she barely sleeps well the night before, she still manages to wake up with her usual fresh-beautiful face in the morning. She took a shower and now, she is standing in front of her wardrobe tries to find the perfect clothes for her date.

Aish...what should I wear? Yi Jeong sunbae doesn't give any clue at all. Will he like it if I use something casual? Oh...whatever, you can't look too eager to have a date with a man. That will only make them full of themselves. After thinks for awhile, Ga Eul decided to wear her favorite dark blue jeans, pink tank top, white cardigan and broken white flat shoes. She let her wavy hair fall freely and put a lip-gloss to complete her appearance. Satisfied with her looks, she grabs her purse and off to the restaurant.

The business at the restaurant is a little bit slow today. So she has plenty time to check everything in the restaurant. She changed the flower on every table and now she arranges a pile of various flowers in a vase. She is unaware that someone is watching her intently while she busies herself with the flowers. She smiles as she checks the flowers in front of her and giving some finishing touches to the flowers in the vase. "It's beautiful" a familiar voice surprises her "Yi Jeong sunbae, how long have you been here?" she asks the voice owner who gives his killer smile to her "Awhile" he said as he approach her

She watches him from head to toe as he getting closer to her. He still breathtaking as usual, but the difference is, he is wearing a casual clothes and not his business attire. Today he is wearing blue jeans, blue sky polo shirt and black jacket. To complete his appearance, he wears a comfortable canvas shoes. "Am I that handsome so you looking at me like that, Ga Eul-yang?" his voice snaps her back to reality "Don't too full of yourself sunbae. It's just because I never see you wearing something casual" she manages to reply him "Ouch...that hurt" he said as he put his hand on his chest pretend to got hurt by her words which earn soft chuckle from Ga Eul "Did you have your lunch, sunbae?" "Yes. I visit my uncle and have lunch there. You?"

"I already have mine" "Then, shall we?" "Let me take my purse" with that she disappear behind the cashier desk to takes her purse as she gives some instruction to her staffs and leave the restaurant with Yi Jeong.

As a gentleman he is, Yi Jeong opens the passenger door for her before he settles himself behind the wheel. "Where are we going, sunbae?" she asks him curiously once they settle in the car "There is something I want to do. It's been a long time since the last time I do that" "What is it?" "We'll be there in a few minutes"

And he is right, they arrives to their destination in short time. She is surprise to recognize that they are in front of the movie theater building. "Movie Theater?" she asks him in confusion "Yes. I barely remember when the last time I watch a movie...here" "You never watch a movie?" she asks him in disbelieve "Oh...I do watch movies with Woo Bin, Ji Hoo and Jun Pyo but we have our own private movie theater. What I mean is I never watch a movie in public movie theater for years" he explain to her calmly "Private movie theater..." she muttered in disbelieve most to herself "What kind of movie you want to watch?" he asks her "I don't know. What is your suggestion, sunbae?" "Let me see...I think a romantic movie is your style" "Are you sure you want to watch a romantic movie?" "I don't know because I never watch that kind of movie before. I'll never know if I can watch that kind of movie or not if I'm not trying. Let's go" he said to her as he grabs her hand and lead her to buy the ticket

They watch the romantic movie choose by Ga Eul but Yi Jeong knows in heart that he is not into that kind of movie genre. But with a sweet girl sitting next to him, he can bear the movie. Besides, the girl is more interesting to watch than the movie. Her angelic face will show a lot of expression and emotion during the movie and he enjoy every second of it. Once the movie end, they walk out from the theater but before they completely out of the building, Ga Eul stops her step which confused him. "What is it?" "So tell me. What do you think? Do you like it or not?" "Honestly, I can't watch that kind of movie genre for the second time if I'm alone. But if I watch it with you, that will be a different story" "What do you mean?" she asks him curiously "It's only for me to know, Ga Eul-yang" he answers her in teasing manner which earn her cute pout "Fine...keep it for yourselves. Now it's your turn. What do you want to watch?" "Me?" "Yes, you. You never watch a movie in public movie theater for years. You've tried to watch a romantic movie and honestly answer my question, so it's your turn now. You have to watch a movie you like" "Are you sure? I prefer action, horror or thriller" "I'm sure. Don't think that I can't watch that kind of movie" she said firmly as she led him to buy the ticket

That afternoon, they watch their second movie but now it's Yi Jeong turn to pick a movie and he choose action movie. Actually Ga Eul is not a person that will choose action movie to watch, but her heart stubbornly push her to sacrifice something for Yi Jeong plus knowing that Yi Jeong is being honest with her and holding himself from running from romantic movie she choose; are enough for her to do the same thing for him. So, now she braves herself to watch the movie while she is hoping inside her heart that there will be not much bloody scene in the movie. But, her hope is just an empty hope since the bloody scene seems the most interesting part in the movie. She has to shut her eyes tightly during the scene hoping the scene ended soon.

As she shut her eyes, she suddenly felt that a strong arm pull her and she landed on something strong as the warmth creep in her body. She takes a peak and found that she is landing on Yi Jeong chest as his strong arm circle on her shoulder provide the warmth of his embrace. She can felt that her cheeks hot and her heart jumping wildly.

"I'll tell you if the bloody scene is over" she can hear him whisper to her who can only nod her head

Minutes passed and once in a while she'll take a peak towards him and the movie. After some time, finally the bloody scene is over and the movie is about to end as well. "You can watch now" she can hear him whisper once again to her. She is about to move but his firm embrace not allowed her to move far so she only move her head so she can watch the last part of the movie.

"So, what do you think?" Yi Jeong asks her once the movie end and they both walk out of the theater "I definitely will not going to watch it ever again. It's a big NO. But... if I watch it with you, that will be a different story" she said to him who raise his eyebrow to hear her answer "It's only for me to know, Yi Jeong sunbae" she said copying his answer earlier "Fine...keep it for yourselves, Ga Eul-yang" he answers her also copying from her "I'm hungry. Let's have dinner. Is Japanese alright with you?" he asks her "Japanese is fine for me"

They both go to Yi Jeong's favorite Japanese restaurant not far from the movie theater. They both chat happily and sometimes teasing each other while they eat. Even none of them say it, but deep inside, they are ready to open their heart to each other. Both ready to give and receive the love they have in their heart. Words are not needed because their eyes speak the unspoken word.

Night is getting late and he drove her to her home and now they are standing right in front of her house. "Thank you Yi Jeong sunbae" she said to him "I should thank you. It's been awhile since I have a day to relax forgetting all about business and work. Thank you Ga Eul-yang" he said to her who smile sweetly "It's getting late. You should go in" he said to her again "Good night Yi Jeong sunbae"

"Good night Ga Eul-yang" he said as he lean closer to her and give her a soft peck on her cheek

Surprise with his gesture, she can only widened her eyes as her face turn red as tomato. After a few seconds, she nods her head as she turn around and entering her house still in disbelieve that she has been kissed. Omo...Yi Jeong sunbae kissed me. I believe I can't sleep again tonight. She thinks inwardly as she lean on the door for support. On the other hand, Yi Jeong also surprise of his own action. He really hopes that he is not overboard for a first date. He really has to call or text her in the morning just to make sure that he is not overboard. He smiles to himself and get in to his car and drove off.


It's a busy Monday for Yi Jeong. He has to attend a meeting in the morning, then lunch meeting with one of his client and then working on the presentation documents that has been abandon for the whole day, the worst part is the deadline is tonight so he needs to check the documents for tomorrow presentation and that force him to work overtime. He has tight schedule that make him have no time to contact Ga Eul. He sighs heavily as he takes a short break from the document. He grabs his cell phone and start to type on it. But suddenly a soft knock at his office door distract him from his activity.

"Come in" he said as he put down his cell phone again and left the message unsent "Jeong-ah, are you busy?" ask the visitor who appear is his uncle "Oh...Mr. Lee. I'm preparing the documents for tomorrow presentation" "Oh, come on Jeong-ah. Office hour is over. I hope I'm not disturbing you" he said as he settles himself on one of the sofa "No, Uncle Lee. Is there something important?" Yi Jeong asks him as he also settles himself in front of his uncle "I know you've been busy, but I just want to know about the progress of the favor...I asked you" "Oh, we're still working on it. I believe that my friends will be able to get the access to the document. I hope they will contact me within this week" "I understand. It's alright. I know it's hard and I know that you've done your best. Actually there is another thing I'd like to ask you"

"What is it, uncle?" "It's about Ha Ra" "Ha Ra?" he asks in confusion "Yes, I was thinking to arrange her marriage with you, Jeong-ah" Mr. Lee said to him who widened his eyes in surprise End Notes: >< I know...I know, the last part make all of you want to hunt me down but spare my life please cz I need to write the next chap...hehehehe. (it's time for me to dig a big hole and hide in it) Oh, btw do you guys on twitter? If yes, pls write your twitter when you review and I'll happily follow you guys or you can find me @chocomint0512. I'd like to connected with LU members. Thx... Ana Back to index Unsealed by chocomint Author's Notes: hello all...chap 9 is up..enjoy reading =) She is agitated for the whole day. She checks her cell phone over and over again for the whole day. She expecting someone special to call her or just send her a text after their first official date yesterday. But, none of it comes. No call, no text, nothing. Her cell phone keeps quiet. The fear haunted her once again.

Aish...Chu Ga Eul, why are you like this? What happen to you? He will not call you. He will not contact you, Ga Eul. How come you easily fall for that? How come you let your guard down only for a date? Maybe yesterday he just got bored so he asked you for a date. There is nothing special about it. But it was the sweetest date I ever experience....aish... did I put my hope too high? Am I wrong to think that you have the same feeling to me, sunbae? But his eyes...I can read his eyes and I know that we shared the same feeling. Aish...Ga Eul...he never said that he will call you or text you or contact you today so stop hoping that he will. Or maybe he is busy today. Right, he is just busy. Aish... I need to focus to work...focus...focus. Ga Eul...fighting!

She is in the middle of mind battle when her mother approaches her and taps her shoulder gently. "Eomma, you surprised me" "What are you thinking?" "Nothing"

"Don't lie to me. I know you think about something. Is it about...So Yi Jeong?" "Eomma, how come you get that conclusion?" she still tries to hide the truth "I know that you seeing him or should I say dating him. He's not contacting you yet?" "Eomma..." she plead to her "Why don't you contact him? Invite him to have dinner here...or..." "NO, I'm not going to do that" she said as she pout to her mother "See? You're thinking about him but you're too stubborn to admit it to your mother" "Aish...Eomma. Stop it" "A mother knows when her daughter is falling in love, and I know that my daughter is falling in love" "Eomma, please... can we not talking about this now?" "Alright... my advice, be patient to him. He might not tell you about his feeling but he'll show you" Mrs. Chu said as she leaves Ga Eul alone with her own thought


"Pardon me?" Yi Jeong asks Mr.Lee in disbelieve "I'm thinking to arrange marriage between you and Ha Ra" "But...why?" "Yi Jeong-ah, you're a good man. I know you very well and I know that you're the best person to be my son in law" "Uncle Lee, please tell me you're joking" "Joking? Yi Jeong-ah, I'm not joking around with this kind of topic. I am seriously asking you to marry my daughter"

Silent fulfill the room as Yi Jeong in a very deep thought. Mr. Lee silently waits for Yi Jeong to absorb his words. He can see that Yi Jeong is very surprise to hear this news.

"Do you need some time to think about this? I know I'm surprising you about this but if you need your time, I can..." "No, Uncle Lee" Yi Jeong cut his words and takes a deep breath before he continues "I can't marry Ha Ra" he said as he locks his gaze to Mr. Lee "What? Why? Don't you think that she is a good girl? Don't you think that she is beautiful?" "Uncle Lee, I can assure you that Ha Ra is a good girl and she is indeed beautiful. But we're like brother and sister. How come you can get the conclusion that this marriage will be working?" "I'm a father, Yi Jeong. I know when my daughter has a special feeling to someone. I know that she has a special feeling to you" "No, that can't be. I can't marry her. I'm sorry Uncle Lee" "Maybe you need your time Jeong-ah. It's alright" "Uncle Lee, I'm seeing someone"

Silent once again lingered in the room. Mr. Lee takes a deep breath as he absorbs the news. "So you are seeing someone. How long do you know her?" "Hasn't been too long" "Then you can't compare her to Ha Ra. You know Ha Ra for years. What can make you decided to choose her over Ha Ra?" "Uncle Lee...I'm not comparing both of them. Yes I know Ha Ra for years, and I do care for her but the feeling I have for her is between brother and sister. Nothing's more than that. But the feeling I have for this girl is different. This is the first time I feel this kind of felling. I felt secure and comfortable every time I see her. She is the first person that can affect me in such a way. I know that I'm being loved and giving love at the same time. It's a strange feeling actually. And I'm not sure about this feeling at the first time, but now I know for sure that I fall for her already. So, I can't marry Ha Ra. If you keep forcing this marriage, Ha Ra will suffer" "Suffer? You're not the kind of person that can hurt my daughter. I can't trust her happiness to someone I don't know. I know that you're the right person for her" "Uncle Lee...she will suffer because of me. I will be the one that responsible to her pain in the future because I'm not the person that loves her. I might be never hurt her physically but inside she will suffer because soon or later she'll know that I love someone else. And it will hurt her more because I can't love her and will not be able to give her the happiness she deserve. She is too precious to be hurt like that. Uncle Lee, she deserves to be happy and I

know that I can't give her that. I believe there is someone else that will love her wholeheartedly and will make her happy. So, please...don't do this"

Both sit there in silence, busy with their own thought. Yi Jeong surely hopes that his Uncle will understand about his feeling while preparing himself for another answer if his Uncle keeps forcing him to marry Ha Ra. On the other hand, Mr. Lee absorbs Yi Jeong's answer to him. And suddenly his mind drifts back to his own life. The realization hit him hard. He can see himself in the same position as Yi Jeong years ago but the difference is, Yi Jeong brave enough to voice his opinion and refuse the arrange marriage. Years ago he is the coward Lee Dong Hwa who can't fight for his own happiness and love... that's why he lost something precious to him and he regrets that. But today he is in his father position and almost repeating the painful history to the young man in front of him. The young man he trust and care like his own son. He shakes his head a little because his own thought. "I respect your decision. I understand. I'm sorry to bring this matter up in the first place" "Thank you Uncle. I'm sorry" "Don't be sorry Jeong-ah. You do the right thing. I'm going to meet Auntie and Ha Ra to have dinner, would you like to join us?" "No, thank you Uncle Lee, I need to finish the presentation document. Please convey my greeting to Auntie and Ha Ra" "Sure. And don't stay too long" "Yes, Uncle Lee. Thank you"

With that their conversation is over and Mr. Lee makes his way out of his office. Unknown to him, someone is hiding not far from Yi Jeong's office. The person slowly show up once Mr. Lee is out of sight. The person is none other than Lee Ha Ra. As Mr. Lee said, he has dinner appointment with Mrs. Lee and her. She decided to pick her father but when she arrives in his office; her father is nowhere to be found. She thought that maybe her father is in Yi Jeong's office and she goes there. When she arrived in front of Yi Jeong's office, she can hear her father and Yi Jeong conversation clearly through the slightly open door.

She can feel that her heart jump happily knowing that her father talking about her marriage with Yi Jeong. Because truth to be told she fall in love to him even she doesn't know since when or how. She just knows that the feeling is grown freely in her heart. But once she heard Yi Jeong's answer to her father, she felt suffocated and frozen on her spot. She was hoping she can run far away but she just stands there as she listen the whole conversation. She able to move once she heard that the conversation is about to over and manage to hide not far from there. Sadness could be seen on her beautiful face.

"So, you only see me as your sister. You never love me. Oppa, don't you know that I never see you as my brother again?" she murmured sadly to herself as she left the building

Meanwhile, Yi Jeong tries hard to get his focus back but seems the earlier conversation with his uncle snatch his concentration away. He shakes his head slowly and drifts his mind back to the presentation. After an hour or so finally he can finish his job. But his mind still can't be at ease. Today is a hard day for him. His busy schedule and his conversation with his uncle are only adding his headache. He sigh heavily as he grabs his cell phone and car key then make his way out of his office.

Time shows 8.30 pm and he park his car in front of the Orchid Restaurant as he watch the certain girl walking back and fro inside the restaurant preparing to close the restaurant. He sees her turning off the light. He gets out from his car and approaches her when he sees her locking the restaurant door. "Ga Eul-yang" he calls her softly once he close enough with her "Yi Jeong sunbae" she said in surprise tone and to add her surprise, Yi Jeong suddenly pulls her to his warm embrace which earn soft gasp from her "Sunbae, what..." she tries to ask him but he cut her words "Please, let's stay like this for awhile" he said pleadingly to her which make her stunned a little bit

Even she confused with his action, she let him hug her as she wrap her arms to his waist. No words spoken, both stay silent enjoying each other presence. He can't believe that he could be this bold. He just wants to talk to her at first, but seem too many things running inside his mind that make him can't find a word to say. The only thing that crosses his mind is to bring her to his embrace once again. So he did it and he found it's very comforting. He can smell her sweet vanilla scent while he hugs her. He can feel the warm of her body. He knows by heart this is the right thing to do, that she is the right woman for him and he will never ever let her go otherwise he will regret it for the rest of his life. His decision earlier was right.

For Ga Eul, to be in Yi Jeong warm embrace is like a dream comes true. The security he offers is something she missed very much today. Her doubt about his feeling is vanishing into the thin air just like that. Now she understands what her mother told her earlier. She knows that he is showing his feeling to her right now and she understand that words are not needed because sometimes action speaks louder than words. "Rough day?" she asks him softly as they stay in their position and she earn nod from him

"Care to share?" she asks him once again "It's just..." his words trail off as he consider his answer "It's just...I'm too busy today and that make me tired...very tired" he answer her after a few second "Are you coming here straight from your office?" she asks and receive another nod from him "Did you have your dinner?"She anticipating another nod from him but he doesn't move "Sunbae, did you have your dinner?" she asks him once again but still no answer from him "Sunbae" she calls him as she tries to free herself from him but he only loosen his embrace a little which only enough to give them a space so they can see to each other "No, I haven't had my dinner" he finally answers her knowing she is demanding answer from him "You should think about your health, sunbae. Let's get in, I'll cook you something" she said as she tries to free herself once again but he stops her "You don't have to. I'm not hungry" "But..." "I came here to see you. I don't need anything else. It's getting late, I'll drive you home" "You don't have to, sunbae. I park my car not far from here" "Then just leave your car here, I'll drive you home" "No, you have to go home. Look at you, you're tired. You need some rest" she said as she free herself and push him towards his car "Ga Eul-yang..." "No. Go home, now" she said firmly "I'll walk you to your car then" "No you..." "I walk you to your car or I drive you home, pick you up and drop you here again tomorrow morning" "Aish...fine. Walk me to my car" she said as she led their way to her car

Both walk hand in hand in silence. Ga Eul stops right in front of her car and look at him. "Sunbae, thank you for accompany me. Now go home, sunbae. Seriously" "Just send me a text if you've got home" "I will. Good night sunbae" "Good night Ga Eul-yang" and he lean closer to her and give her a soft peck on her cheek before she gets in to her car

He wave to her once she drove off her car and walk back to his car when he heard his cell phone ring. Yo Bro, lets meet tomorrow at lounge, 7 pm. We unsealed the documents is the message from Woo Bin. "Finally" he said to himself


Woo Bin, Ji Hoo and Jun Pyo are waiting for Yi Jeong at their private lounge. The three of them sit on the couch in silence. They are busy with their own thought. The three of them finally succeeded to reveal the true identity of Han Soo Ra, but now they facing the reality...the hard one. And they in the same confuse state on how to deal with this. Their thought was interrupted by Yi Jeong's arrival.

"Hey..." he greets all of them but no one answer which make him confuse "What happen?" he asks them as he settle himself on the couch "We...finally unsealed the documents of the person name Han Soo Ra thanks to Ji Hoo government connection" Woo Bin starts to explain to him "Isn't that good? So...who is this Han Soo Ra and where I can find her?" "Not so fast Yi Jeong, there is a serious problem" Ji Hoo said to him "What do you mean?" "You better read this first and you'll find out" Jun Pyo said as he handed him a folder which full with complete copy document of Han Soo Ra

Yi Jeong receive the folder from Jun Pyo and start to read the documents. Once in a while his eyes will widen with the fact stated on the papers. After a few minutes full of silence, he finishes reading the documents with a heavy sigh as he put the folder on the table. "So...these documents are valid?" he asks his friends who wait for his reaction "Yes" Ji Hoo answers him "Then...it's true that Han Soo Ra is Ga Eul's mother" "Yes" it's Woo Bin turn to answer him "The question is, what is her connection to your uncle" Jun Pyo said to him "That's what I need to found out. I had a bad feeling about this and I don't like it" Yi Jeong said to all of them "What are you going to do now?" Ji Hoo asks him "I think I should talk to Mrs. Chu in private" "Bro, you need to be careful with your every move because I don't want Ga Eul got hurt because of this matter" "You think I have any intention to hurt her?" "I'm just saying Bro. As much as I hate to say this, but she's like a sister to me so you better be careful" "Are you threatening me now?" "Relax you two. We don't know the result yet, so please be calm" Ji Hoo tries to calm the two of them "Look, I have no intention to hurt her. Starting from the beginning I don't know that the woman I look for is her mother. I have no idea that the result will be turn out like this. I don't know and I can't promise if this matter will not bring pain to her or her mother, but one thing I know and I can promise you that I will try with all my power to protect her. Even in the end she got hurt because of this, I'll try my best to ease her pain. I'll not running away from my responsibility" he said more to Woo Bin then he stands up from the couch "I'll leave now. Thank you guys" he said to all of them as he headed to the door and leave them End Notes: so how was it? tell me what you think...thank you...^^ Back to index The Dark Side of Life by chocomint Author's Notes:

OK...here we go..chap 10. once again i would like to thank all of you for keep supporting me and this story. i hope you enjoy read this chap eventhough it's a little bit sad... He is confused. The bad feeling he felt since few days ago after he met with his friends were still stay in his heart. He has no idea of why is his uncle look for a woman name Han Soo Ra and he seems really want to see her badly. What is his relationship with her? Why Yi Jeong has to keep it as a secret? Why Auntie can't know about this? What is the secret that his uncle keeps from him moreover to his own family? Will this matter implicate Ga Eul?

Those question playing in his mind over and over again. It's been few days but he still can't find the answer and confront his uncle at this point is not an option. He can't let his uncle knows that he already found Han Soo Ra because he is afraid that this matter will implicate Ga Eul. He has to protect Ga Eul. So he decided to talk to Ga Eul's mother in private. It's a beautiful and calm Saturday afternoon. Knowing that Ga Eul will be at the restaurant and will not be back very soon, he braves himself to visit Mrs. Chu at her house. He sits silently inside his car as he taps his finger on the steer wheel considering his decision once again. He really hopes that this is not a wrong decision. He takes a deep breath and step out of his car. Slowly he approaches the Chu family house and pushes the bell button. He waits in front of the gate as he can feel that his heart beats wildly.

Not for long, he greeted by a middle age woman who in her age, people still can see her beauty especially her eyes. Mentally he made a note that she must be Mrs. Chu, Ga Eul's mother since he can see that she just look alike Ga Eul. Now he understands where Ga Eul gets her beautiful eyes. He smiles his best smile to her who smiles back to him. Only seeing her smile, he can feel the warmth of a mother's love. Something he never felt again. He almost back down from his original purpose because of this, but as much as he hates it, he has to finish this. He takes another deep breath to ease his pounding heart before he speaks to the woman in front of him.

"Good afternoon, Mrs. Chu. My name is So Yi Jeong" he introduces himself to her "Omo...so this is So Yi Jeong? Ga Eul mentioned about you. But she's not home yet, she's at the restaurant at this hour" she said to him with the brightest smile he ever see "Yes, I'm aware of it Ma'am. But I'm here actually to talk to you Ma'am" "Oh, talk to me? Well, please come in" she invites him into her house although confusion is clearly could be seen on her face "Thank you Ma'am"

Mrs. Chu led the way to her living room and once inside they meet with Mr. Chu. Mrs. Chu introduces Yi Jeong to him and the three of them settle themselves on the sofa. "Oh...I'll bring you something to drink" Mrs. Chu said to him but before she can stands up from her seat, Yi Jeong stops her "Thank you Ma'am. I'm fine" "Is there something important, son?" Mr. Chu asks him since he can sense that the young man in front of him bring an important news "Yes, Sir. But honestly I don't know where to begin" he said to him hesitantly "It's alright, just tell us" Mr. Chu encourage him "Ma'am, do you by any chance know someone name Lee Dong Hwa?" Yi Jeong asks Mrs. Chu carefully

To hear the name of the person who hurt her so bad years ago, make her gasp as she reach Mr. Chu's hand for support. Both widen their eyes can't believe that they will heard about Lee Dong Hwa again after all this years. Mr. Chu drifts his gaze to Mrs. Chu who face turned pale. "Yobo, are you alright?" he asks her softly "How...how do you know about him?" she asks to Yi Jeong "He is my uncle. He is the one who asked me to look for you" Yi Jeong explain to them "Why? Why he looks for me?" "I also don't know the reason Ma'am. So it's true that you know him?" "I told him...I clearly told him for not look for us anymore. I told him don't ever think to look for us again" she said absentmindedly "Ma'am?" Yi Jeong call her in confusion "Yobo, I already end our relationship. I told him that day, I am the one that will take the responsibility to my baby, MY baby. I told him don't ever think to look for us again. This is not happening" she said to Mr. Chu as she shakes her head "Yobo, please calm yourselves" Mr. Chu said to her as he soothing her

Hearing the conversation between Mr. and Mrs. Chu, slowly Yi Jeong makes his own conclusion. He can't believe his ears. If years ago Mrs. Chu has a relationship with Uncle

Lee and remembering she mention about her baby, is she talking about Ga Eul? Is it means that Ga Eul is... no... no...no...this can't be. "Ma'am" he softly call her once he sees that she is calm enough "Yi Jeong-ssi, told him to stay away from me and my daughter. I warn him...not to come any closer to my daughter. Not only that, tell him to stay away from my family. Tell him to forget us" "Ma'am, you mean Ga Eul? I...I don't understand" "He has no right to touch my Ga Eul. Yobo, we have to protect Ga Eul from him. She shouldn't know if he is her real father. No...she shouldn't know about that" she said more to her husband

He is very shock to hear that his uncle is Ga Eul's biological father. Yi Jeong can see her pain. Her eyes tell everything. The pain and anger. Now he knows why his uncle asked him to keep this matter a secret. A painful thing happens in the past. As if the news not painful enough for the family, he suddenly hears that familiar voice. "Eomma, is that true?" Ga Eul suddenly show up at the door with unreadable expression all over her face

She doesn't know why, but since early this morning her heart can't be at ease. Her heart tells her that something big will happen. She is agitated during her time at the restaurant and she just want to go home. After she finishes all tasks she needs to do, Ga Eul decided to go home early. She is surprised to see Yi Jeong's car parked in front of her house. She walks in to her house with confusion and once she's about to entering her house, she heard the conversation between her parents and Yi Jeong. She heard everything; she tries to control her emotion but she can't hold herself any longer. She needs to know about someone so called her real father so she shows herself.

"Ga Eul, my dear..." her mother calls her name in shocked "Eomma, tell me... is that true?" "Ga Eul...please..." "TELL ME" "I'm sorry...I'm very sorry" Mrs. Chu said to Ga Eul weakly who shakes her head "No...no...no...so I'm not Appa's daughter?" she asks as a single tear escape from her eyes

"Ga Eul, Eomma can explain" "Is that true that I'm NOT Appa's daughter?" she now drifts her gaze to her father who only can look at her without able to say anything "Ga Eul-yang..." Yi Jeong calls her name softly as he approaches her "Don't come any closer" she coldly said to him as another tear roll on her cheek "Ga Eul-yang, I..." Yi Jeong tries to talk to her and take another step but Ga Eul stops him again "I said...don't come any closer. What is this sunbae? Why did you do this to me? Why...WHY?" "Ga Eul-yang, I can explain to you. Please..." "Who am I? Why my father I know for all my life is not my real father? Who is my real father? Where is he all this time? Why is he not with my mother all this time? Try to explain that. If you can't, then I don't need you explanation. I don't want to hear anything from you. I don't want to see you. Stay away from my family...stay away from me...stay away from my life" she said between her sob as she lose control of her emotion and then she left all of them to her room

Heavy silence fulfill the living room as Mr. Chu tries to soothing Mrs. Chu again while Yi Jeong sit back on the sofa absentmindedly as his mind full of questions and guilt. "Yi Jeong-ssi, can you tell to Mr. Lee what I told you earlier?" Mrs. Chu asks him once she calm "I'm very sorry Ma'am, Sir. I never meant this kind of situation happens. I understand that all of you will need some time to deal with this matter. Under this circumstance, I will not inform my uncle that I found you, so I will not convey your words to him at this moment. I will wait until all of you can make a decision without emotion involvement. And...I need my own time to settle this misunderstanding thing with Ga Eul, if you both allow me to" "Thank you very much for your understanding, Yi Jeong-ssi. I think it's a good idea if all of us take our time to calm ourselves. We will inform you once we make a decision about this matter. We also need to talk to Ga Eul before take the next step. We don't want you to blame yourselves because it's not your fault. It's the past that chasing us and you just happen to be in the middle of it. At this moment, Ga Eul is in a very emotional state and I think we need to give her some space she needed to calm herself first before you can talk to her again" Mr. Chu said to him in a gentle voice "Thank you Mr. Chu. Please contact me if you need anything" he said to Mr. Chu as he handed his business card "Will do"

"Then, I'll take my leave Ma'am, Sir. Once again, I'm very sorry" Yi Jeong said as he bow to the two of them and leave the house

Once he settles himself in his car, he closes his eyes to calm himself. The pains in their eyes, the anger in Ga Eul's eyes are enough for him to felt guilty. Who am I? Why my father I know for all my life is not my real father? Who is my real father? Where is he all this time? Why is he not with my mother all this time? Try to explain that. If you can't, then I don't need you explanation. I don't want to hear anything from you. I don't want to see you. Stay away from my family...stay away from me...stay away from my life. Her words echoed in his mind. And this only adds his frustration.

"I'm sorry Ga Eul-yang. I never meant to hurt you. Please forgive me. But I can't do that...I can't stay away from you. I can't let you go. I can't" he sadly whispers to himself. He takes another deep breath as he composes himself before he drove off.


"Ga Eul-ah, my dear...open the door please. You've been there for few days. You've avoiding us all this time" Mrs. Chu said pleadingly as she knocks on Ga Eul's bedroom door but no answer. She knocks the door once again...again...and again but still no answer from Ga Eul. "Ga Eul-ah, please...we can talk about it. I can explain everything... please..." she pleads again over the close door but still no answer from Ga Eul. Worried is all over her face as she looks for her husband. "Yobo...I'm worried about Ga Eul. I knock on her door but she's not answering" she said once she found her husband "Let me open the door with the spare keys" Mr. Chu said to Mrs. Chu as he grabs the spare keys

Both stand in front of Ga Eul's bedroom and open the door as they both widened their eyes due to the room is empty. Mrs. Chu enters the room and tries to look for her daughter in the bathroom but no avail while Mr. Chu scanned the room as his eyes landed on an envelope on Ga Eul's dressing table. He takes the envelope and opens it. "Yobo" he calls his wife as he pulls out the folded paper in it and read the message in it Eomma, Appa

I can't believe that this kind of thing could be happen in my life. I can't believe myself that I'm not Appa's daughter. I can't accept that someone else is my father. I'm sorry...I can't be here right now. I need some time to think this over. Ga Eul

Mrs. Chu's body is trembling as she sat down on the edge of the bed. Tears start to run on her cheeks. "What should we do now?... what should we do?" she asks Mr. Chu in panic "Calm down...I'll go call some of her friends first" Mr. Chu said to Mrs. Chu and goes out of the room

First, Mr. Chu tries to call Ga Eul's cell phone but when he found out that her cell phone has been turned off, he tries to call every Ga Eul's best friends but no one knows where she is. He flips through his phonebook pages trying to find other names of Ga Eul's friend. His eyes stop at the business card that slipped in the middle of the phonebook. A slight of hope can be seen in his eyes as he takes the business card and dial the phone number on it.

"Yoboseyo" "Yi Jeong-ssi...this is Ga Eul's father. Ga Eul is missing"


Yi Jeong parks his car right in front of Ga Eul's house and rush into the house to meet Mr. and Mrs. Chu. After receiving Mr. Chu's phone call, he goes directly to Ga Eul house. "Mr. Chu, what is exactly happen?" he asks to Mr. and Mrs. Chu once they settle themselves in the living room "For the past few days, Ga Eul never leaves her room when we're around. She seems avoiding us. Today, I want to talk to her...I knock her door over and over again but no answer from her. I'm worried and we decided to open her bedroom door using our spare keys but we can't find her anywhere" Mrs. Chu explain to Yi Jeong as she wipe the tears that flowing on her cheek "And she leave this letter" Mr. Chu said as he handed the letter to Yi Jeong who read it immediately

"We don't know where to look for" Mrs. Chu said "I tried to call some of her best friends but no one knows her whereabouts. Can you...can you help us?" Mr. Chu said to him "Please...please find her" Mrs. Chu pleads to him "Don't worry Ma'am, Sir, I'll find her" Yi Jeong assure the two of them as he bow to them and leave

He grabs his cell phone and tries to call Ga Eul's cell phone while he drove off from her house but of course he failed because her phone has been turned off. He thinks for a moment before he dials another number. "Yes?" "Woo Bin, where are you?" "Office, why?" "I'll be there in 15 minutes" Yi Jeong said to Woo Bin as he step his gas pedal deeper


"What bring you here, Yi Jeong?" Woo Bin asks his best friend who now sit in front of him "Where is Ga Eul?" "Ga Eul? Why do you look for her here?" Woo Bin asks him as he raise his eyebrow "Woo Bin, you must've know where she is" "Why would I?" "Woo Bin I have no time to play around. You're like a brother to her so you must've know where she is" "I, my friend, also have no time to play around. Don't you remember what I said to you? Be careful with your move, Bro" Woo Bin state coolly to him "As far as I can remember I also told you that I'll try my best to protect her" "And you failed" Woo Bin stated coldly to him

"Do you really think that I do that in purpose? I told you that I don't know that the result will be turn out like this. And I told you that I'll ease her pain when she got hurt because of it. I'm not back down or running away. That's why I'm here, asking you where she is" Yi Jeong said to Woo Bin as his voice raise a little bit "Even if I know where she is now, why would I tell you?" Woo Bin challenge him "She won't listen to me. She won't see me. She told me to stay away from her but I'm not going to do that. She misunderstands me and I have to fix this. I called her for the past few days but she turned off her cell phone. Now she is missing. I'll chase her wherever she goes because I love her"

Woo Bin stay silent once hears Yi Jeong words. Slowly smile creep on his handsome face as he stands up from his seat and grab a bunch of keys and give it to Yi Jeong. "I know you love her" Woo Bin said with a wide grin on his face "What?" Yi Jeong asks him in confusion because of his sudden change of expression "Do I have to smack you on the head so you'll realize that you love her? Aish...So Yi Jeong. I know you very well. I know from the beginning that you love her and I believe that you'll not hurt her. At least I know that you'll do anything for her. You just need a little encouragement so you can realize your true feeling. Right now, she's in one of my villa. This is the spare keys just in case you need it. I'll text you the address. Now, go get her, Bro" Woo Bin said as he give Yi Jeong a friendly tap "Yah...Song Woo Bin!" Yi Jeong exclaim to him as he stands up from his seat "Wow...chill bro. I just want to make sure that my little Ga Eul will be with the right person even he is my own best friend" he tries to calm Yi Jeong "Aish...I have no time for this. I'll deal with you later" Yi Jeong said as he leave Woo Bin who still grinning widely End Notes: alright...i think i'm not pretty good in writing a sad moment...what do you think? leaving a review won't hurt you...^^ (it's time for me to relax a little bit and think about the next chap...^^) Back to index Comfort by chocomint Author's Notes: chap 11 is up...i think this chap a little bit longer from the other chap. hehe well, hope u like it..enjoy reading all...

Her mind is completely blank. She doesn't know what to think. She doesn't know what to do. She doesn't know how to react. She doesn't know why this is happening in her life. She refuses to listen to her mother. She refuses to listen to her father who suddenly turns out to be not her real father. She refuses to meet her parents. She can't believe that this kind of thing could happen to her. She refuses to believe that this is happening. What has she done so she deserves to be in this situation? She is angry. Angry to the situation. Angry to her parents who keep a secret this big for all this time. Angry that her perfect life is not perfect anymore. She felt empty inside her heart, rejected and worthless.

But above all, she is confuse and afraid. She is afraid that she will lose all of the love she receives from her parents all this time because of this. Her confidence; her comfort; her secure felling seems disappear. She can't find those feeling in her own house. The house and her room seem suffocate her. She needs to find her comfort zone once again but at this point; she can't find it inside her own home. She can't be here because her mind and her heart tell her that she is not belongs to here.

She is exhausted with all her feeling and emotions. She needs to clear her mind. She needs to calm her heart. She needs to let all those feeling out of her mind. She needs someone to share this problem that slowly killing her inside. To be honest, So Yi Jeong is the first person she can remember both by heart and mind. But she can't bring herself to contact him remembering the tiny detail that he is the one who raise this matter. To protect her heart from double pain, she decided to contact Woo Bin and ask for his favor.

She asks Woo Bin's favor to lend her a place without giving him the real reason. After a few days playing hide and seek with her parents in their house, she left her house to one of Woo Bin's villa. She only left a short letter for her parents. She knows that they will be worried about her, but at this time, she want to be selfish. She needs her own time. The villa offers breathtaking views, the air is so fresh and the small garden is beautiful. Being lonely in the villa surely help her to calm. She is sitting on the swing; looking up to the sky admiring the beautiful stars that adorned the night sky.

"Ga Eul-yang..." Suddenly a familiar voice calls her name softly. She gasps due to recognition of the voice. She abruptly standing from the swing and turn her body around just to found that So Yi Jeong staring at her intently. "What are you doing here?" she asks him coldly "I was looking for you" he softly answers her "Why?"

"Your parents worried about you" "Don't act like you care for me" "I do care for you. We also need to talk" "There's nothing to talk about. There's nothing to worry about. You can see yourselves, I'm fine. Now, go home" "I can't do that. I promised your parents will take you home. And there is something we need to talk" "I don't want to go home with you. I'll go home whenever I want to. And I have nothing to say to you. Now leave me alone" she said and half running back to the villa leaving him behind.

He chases her once she running away from him. He grabs her wrist and that's enough for her to stop from running. Once she felt his firm grip on her wrist, she tries to free herself from him but no avail. "Let me go" "No. We have to talk" "There is nothing to talk about. Do you think I can easily accept that my father who I know for the whole of my life is not my own father? Do you think it's not hurt me enough so you want me to talk about it again? Do you think it's not hurt me to know that my parents hide this secret from me?" she shout at him as her control slip away and tears star to flow freely on her cheek "Ga Eul-yang..." "It's your fault. It's your fault. This secret has been buried for years. But you...you're the one who reveal the secret...the secret that has been buried and should remain buried. I will not feel this pain if you not open the secret. I'm done talking to you. Now let me go" she yells at him as she pushes him hard to free herself. Once she free, she run again into the villa and lock herself inside. She lean her back to the door and she cries her heart out as she slid herself on the floor.

On the other hand Yi Jeong frozen on his spot and can only sees her running to the villa. It's your fault. It's your fault. Her words echoed inside his head. He closes his eyes to compose himself. Slowly, he approaches the villa. He knocks on the door softly. "Ga Eul-yang, please open the door" he waits for a moment before he knocks the door once again

"Ga Eul-yang, please..." he can hear her crying inside. He has this urge to open the door using the spare keys and wipe her tears but he decided to give her some space. "Ga Eul-yang, I'm sorry...I'm very sorry. I never meant to hurt you. I never know that the situation will be turn out like this. I'm sorry if I make you cry. Please... forgive me" he said softly not expecting her to hear him but unknown to him, Ga Eul who sit right behind the door heard his every words.


Ga Eul stretches her arms as she open her eyes. She scans her surrounding and realizes that she is in Woo Bin's villa. She can see the sun light illuminates the room and she can feel the fresh air fulfill the room. She remembers that last night she had a little fight with Yi Jeong and end up crying on the floor. She remembers that after crying for some time, she moves to the couch and fell asleep due to exhausted. After last night, truth to be told she felt relieve because finally she can speak her mind out loud although there is something still bothered her.

Suddenly she remembers about Yi Jeong. She abruptly standing from the couch and goes to the front and take a peek through the window. She widened her eyes when she sees Yi Jeong's car still park at the front yard. She opens the front door and gasp when she sees him sitting on the chair. His eyes are close; he crosses his long leg and his hand supporting his head. His steady breath indicates that he is still sleeping. She takes her time to observing him. She can't understand why he's still here, sleeping outside the villa after her tantrum to him last night. Like it or not, he successfully touch her heart. Truth to be told she misses him very much. She misses his sweet gesture to her. She misses his warm embrace. Seeing him right now with her clearer mind and calmer heart, she just wants to be in his embrace to sense the security and comfort from him.

But then she sees a bunch of keys with WB' initial as the keychain laid on the table next to him. Is that the villa spare key? Oh...Yi Jeong sunbae, after all I said, you still so nice to me. She is in a deep thought when she sees him stir. She hold her breath as she frozen on her spot because suddenly he opens his eyes and stare at her complete with his dimple smile. "Good morning" he greets her still with his killer smile which makes her blush and her heart jolt in its rib cage. She needs to blink her eyes several times to gain her composure again. "Why are you still here?" she asks him as calm as she can "Didn't I told you last night that I'll take you home?" he calmly answer her

"Didn't I tell you last night that I don't want to go home with you and I'll go home whenever I want?" "Then, I'll stay" "What?" she asks in surprise "I'll stay until you want to go home...with me" "Stay? You can't stay here" now she is panic. She can't stay under the same roof with him because she is afraid that her self control will slip away. "Why? I slept here last night" "Yes, you slept...outside here. Are you planning to stay outside every day?" "If I have no other choice, that's the plan. Are you worried about me?" he teases her knowing that her mood is start back to normal "Me? I..." she is about to retort back to him but her words died down due to someone is calling him "Yoboseyo...Oh, Mrs. Chu" he said as he look at Ga Eul who widened her eyes "Yes, Ma'am. I found her" he said again still looking at Ga Eul who shakes her head to him "Oh, she can't speak to you right now. She is in the bathroom. I'll tell her that you call" he said to Mrs. Chu as he set his phone to speaker mode so both of them can hear Mrs. Chu "Oh...maybe she just doesn't want to talk to me yet. Yi Jeong-ssi, how is she?" both can hear Mrs. Chu asks to Yi Jeong "I'm sure that she just needs some more time, Ma'am. But I can assure you that she is alright" "Can you tell her...that we love her and hoping she would be home soon. I promise will tell her everything when she back home" "Sure, Ma'am. I'll tell her" "Thank you, Yi Jeong-ssi. We really appreciate it" "You're welcome, Ma'am" with that he hang up the phone and look straight to Ga Eul who now standing in a deep thought "Are you alright?" he asks her softly "Hmm? Oh...I'm fine. Let's go inside" she invites him as she led the way

Once they inside the villa, Yi Jeong settle himself on the couch while Ga Eul make coffee and toast bread for both of them. Once in a while, Ga Eul will steal a glance to Yi Jeong who lie down on the couch and massaging his forehead. Worried about him, she decided to approaches him. "Sunbae, are you alright?" she asks but no answer from him "Sunbae?" she calls him as she reach to his hand and she gasp because she can feel that his body temperature is rising "Sunbae...are you alright?" she asks him once again as she shake his body a little "Oh...Ga Eul-yang. I'm fine, it's just...I feel a little dizzy" he said weakly to her "You're burning. How come you said that you're alright? It must be because you slept outside last night" she said panicky "Come on, it's better for you to lie down in the bedroom" she said as she assists him to stand up and make their way to the bedroom

She help him to lie down on the bed and about to leave when Yi Jeong pulls her that make her fall to the bed as Yi Jeong brings her to his embrace. She is surprise and tries to free herself from him but he won't budge. "Sunbae..." she tries to protest to him "I miss you very much" he silences her with his confession which makes her heart jumping once again "Sunbae...can you let me go? I'm going to cook soup and bring medicine for you" she finally speaks after silent for a moment "I'm not going to let you go" "But you need to eat and drink medicine" she tries to reason out to him "I don't need it. What I need now is you. I'm not going to let you go even you told me to. You can yell at me or anything but I'm not let you go" he said to her "Sunbae...but still you have to eat something" she said to him who then shook his head "I'll be back with the soup and medicine..." she still tries to persuade him who still refuses her idea "I'm going to take a towel and some water to compress you" she tries to persuade him once again but Yi Jeong only shook his head

"Aish...sunbae...why are you so stubborn? You can't..." her words dead at their track because this time Yi Jeong gives her a soft peck on her lips to silences her which proven to be very effective.

She can only widen her eyes as her cheeks reddened. She can't utter a word. Her brain stops working. Her heart beats wildly. She tries to avoid his intense gaze by looking anywhere but him and found that the button on his shirt is more interesting than him. After few minutes pass, she braves herself to take a peek to him and found that Yi Jeong close his eyes. His soft and steady breath is the evidence that he fall asleep. She sighs inwardly as her mind replay the scene when he kisses her and it never fails to make her blush. Between her deep thought, she can hear him murmured in his sleep. "I'm sorry...I never meant to hurt you. I'm sorry" he murmured softly as he tightened his embrace. She checks his forehead and found that his temperature is still rising. She can see that he seems restless even in his sleep as she can hear him murmured once again. "Ssshh...it's alright sunbae...it's alright" she soothing him while she stroke his cheek to calm him which seems to be working. At least that's the only thing she can do because she can't free herself from his tight embrace.

She sighs inwardly while her minds roaming to her latest problem. She clearly remember that she blame him for everything happen and now she realize that she never hear any explanation from him...or she refuses to hear his or everybody explanation to be exact. She decided that she will try to hear their explanation. She realizes that she can't run away from the reality no matter how hard or frightening or painful it is. She has to face it.

She wonders where she gets the courage to face her problem. She look up to see the sleeping Yi Jeong and she question herself if his presence give a contribution to her courage. She wonders how a simple gesture from him can affect her so much. His simple words can change her mind easily. Then realization hit her. He is her comfort. He is her courage. He is her strength. His understanding, his willingness to sacrifice is enough to prove himself to her. He already wins her heart. She smiles with that thought as she snuggle closer to him and close her eyes.


She can feel that someone is stroking her hair. Slowly she opens her eyes and she sees Yi Jeong staring at her lovingly and a small smile playing on the edge of his lips. She realizes that they are still in their position earlier, cuddling to each other. She found it very comfortable. She really hopes that the day will not over yet and she can stay like this forever.

"Hi" he greets her as she reaches his forehead to check his temperature "The fever is gone" she said to him with a smile on her beautiful face "I told you, I only need you" he replies to her and this not failed to make her blush "What time is it?" she asks him try to distract herself from blushing "4 pm" "Omo...we slept that long?" she asks which earn nod as the answer "Hmm...sunbae, can I asked you something?" "Sure" "How is this happen? I...need to know. I want to know" she asks him softly "My uncle, Lee Dong Hwa asked for my help. He asked me to find him someone name Han Soo Ra. He only said that he knows her years ago. I never ask why or who she is for him because I respect his privacy and I think that I'll find out about it in time. But looking for someone who disappear over than 20 years is not an easy task because of the very limited information I have. Later on, we found out that every document related to her was sealed" he starts to explain to her "We?" "I asked Woo Bin, Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo to help me. And thanks to them, I found Han Soo Ra and at that time we know that she is your mother" "So they know about this..." she said quietly "Yes, but you don't have to worry. They'll keep it for themselves. I'm sorry Ga Eul-yang, I never meant to hurt you. I really don't have any idea that the situation will turns out like this" "It's alright sunbae. I shouldn't blame you" "Sunbae..." she said after a few moment of silence "Hmm?" "Let's go home" "Are you sure?" "I'm sure. Many people said that reality could be hard, frightening and even cruel but no one can run from it. I have no other choice but to face it. So, let's go home tomorrow" she answers him as she looks at him "Alright...we're going home tomorrow"

"Sunbae, can you promise me one thing?" "What is it?" "Stay beside me" End Notes: ok...so how was it?? you like it or not?? review will make my day...for real..^^ Back to index Facing the Reality by chocomint Author's Notes: Hellooo....LU finally i finish this chap...again thank you very much for all of the reader (reviewer and the silent one...^^). really appreciate your support for this story...=) well, just go straight to the chap below...happy reading all... To watch Ga Eul who sleeps peacefully is now become a new hobby for Yi Jeong. He sits on the bed right next to Ga Eul sleeping figure, observing her angelic face. His mind drifts back to their activities yesterday. He clearly remember the nice feeling when they cuddling each other yesterday afternoon. He remembers they spend their afternoon talking about random things. He remember that they prepare dinner together and having a really great dinner. He remembers they sit on the couch watching TV after dinner until she fell asleep on the couch and he has to carry her to her room. He remembers he kissed her forehead before left the room and goes to his room. They practically spend their day like a married couple. They feel comfortable to each other presence and they know by heart that they are in love to each other. They only simply choose to show their feeling rather than speak about it.

He sees her stir on her sleep as she opens her beautiful eyes. She blinks her eyes several times to adjust her vision. "Good morning" he greets her "Good morning, sunbae" she reply to him lazily "Have a good night sleep?" he asks her who nod her head "What time is it?" she asks as she wake up and change into sitting position still under the blanket "7.30am" "What time we're going to leave?" she asks again with a hint of hesitation in her voice while she straightening her hair

"Whenever you ready" "I'm not sure if I'll be ready for this" she said quietly "I think you ready when you decide to go home" he tries to convince her "You think so?" "I think so. Now, what would you like for breakfast? I'll cook" "You...cook?" she asks in disbelieve "Hey, don't underestimate me. I do cook sometimes. You can ask Woo Bin" "Hmm...Alright then...what is your expertise?" "Challenging me? How about pancake with melted butter on top of it and some fresh berries. I think I saw some in the fridge"

To hear that, Ga Eul licks her lips in anticipation and nods her head happily imagining the delicious pancake and Yi Jeong found her childish act is too cute to ignore. "Why are you so hard to resist?" he mumble more to himself "What?" Ga Eul asks him as she gives him questioning look "I said...why you are so hard to resist" Yi Jeong said softly as he leans closer to her He rests his hands to her waist as he captures her lips and kisses her gently. His heart beats wildly when he feels her hold on to him and responds to his kiss. The spark when his lips touch hers is different from yesterday. Her soft lips and her vanilla scent make him fly to the sky. It takes all of his self-control to break their kiss in order to prevent himself to do something too far. He lock his gaze to her but after some time she now look down to hide her reddened cheek and playing with the edge of her blanket which make Yi Jeong amazed how she can be so shy sometimes. Smile creeps on his face to think about it. "I'll prepare the breakfast" he said as he stands up and leave her with her thought

On the other hand, Ga Eul seems needs sometimes to understand of what just happen between them. Am I dreaming? Is it true that...he kissed me...he kissed me again. She thinks inwardly as a smile creep on her face which now turns to a wide grin like a child. She jump out of the bed happily and decided to take a shower before breakfast.


"Hmmm...smells good" she compensate Yi Jeong as she walks into the kitchen "Of course it is. Come on, have a seat. Breakfast will be serve in a minute" Yi Jeong serves the breakfast for both of them and settles himself in front of Ga Eul. "This is delicious. Where do you learn to cook?" she said while munching happily "From my uncle's chef" he answers her carefully "Oh...your uncle's chef" or should I said my real father's chef she adds the last comment inwardly but she shrug it off because she doesn't want to ruin her beautiful morning. "Why do you learn to cook?" she tries to lighten her mood again "I always love pancake and the chef cook the best pancake, after my mother of course, so I ask him to teach me to make pancake and some other recipes. It's very useful after I move back to my parents' house. I used to work till late night and it's better to cook myself than waking up my chef" "Omo...sunbae, aren't you have to work?" she asks him remembering that he stays with her since the day before "I take a few days off" "Is it because of me? You shouldn't do that" she said softly "Will you feel better if I said it's not because of you?" he asks her who can only stare at him "It is a lie if I said it's not because of you. But I'm willing to do that and you...are not a burden for me. Remember that. Besides, I rarely take my leave and I think this is the perfect time to take some day off" he continues when she's not answering "Thank you, sunbae" "You're welcome, Ga Eul-yang" "I'll wash the dish, and then we can leave" she said to him once they finish their breakfast "Alright"


The way back home mostly fulfill with silence. Both busy with their own thought. While Yi Jeong concentrate to the road, Ga Eul busies herself by looking outside the window on her side and this is not goes unnoticed by Yi Jeong. "Everything is going to be alright" he said to her who only nod her head absentmindedly

After two hours trip, they finally arrived at Ga Eul house. Yi Jeong turns off his car engine and step out of the car. He then opens the passenger door for Ga Eul as he held out his hand to her. "Ready?" Ga Eul takes a deep breath before she nods and reaches his hand. They walk into the house hand in hand.

"Ga Eul" Mrs. Chu said as she half running towards Ga Eul followed by Mr. Chu "Eomma, I'm sorry" Ga Eul said to her mother who hugs her tightly "No...don't be sorry. I'm so glad you're home" "Ga Eul, my dear" Mr. Chu greets her as he also hug her "Thank you, Yi Jeong-ssi. Thank you for bringing Ga Eul back home" Mrs. Chu said gratefully to Yi Jeong "You're welcome, Ma'am" "Let's go inside" Mr. Chu said to all of them

Mr. Chu led their way to the living room as he takes a sit next to Mrs. Chu while Ga Eul sit closely next to Yi Jeong and hold his hand tightly which not goes unnoticed by her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Chu share knowing look to each other secretly.

Ga Eul takes a deep breath before starting the conversation. "Eomma, Appa, I'm sorry if I make you two worried about me. I was not ready at that time...but now, I'm ready. I'm ready to hear the truth" "What you heard was right...Appa is not your real father. Your real father is Lee Dong Hwa" Mrs. Chu starts as she takes a deep breath before continue

"I was worked for Lee Corp., the company owned by Lee Dong Hwa's parents. That is the place where we met. We worked closely until both of us realize that we fall in love to each other. Everything is goes smooth and beautiful. Until that fateful day...the day he told me that his father arrange marriage for him. His father never approves our relationship because of our social status. He is a man who can and will do anything for something he wants. I think that what make Lee Dong Hwa can't refuse his father's order. I don't know what his father said to him. He indeed said that he is afraid that I'll suffer because of his father. He expects me to wait for him...but I refuse...because I have you in my womb. I can't wait too long. I decided to end our relationship and take full responsibility of you" "Didn't he know that you're pregnant?" Ga Eul questions her "He knows...but he still can't change his decision" Mrs. Chu said softly "So he never wants me..." she said in pain "Ga Eul...maybe..." Mrs. Chu tries to calm her but Ga Eul cut her words "It's obvious that he doesn't want me. He is afraid to take responsibilities" Ga Eul said and then she takes another deep breath to calm herself before continue "Then how Appa and Eomma married?" "I always love your mother" it's Mr. Chu turns to explain as he stare to Mrs. Chu lovingly "We're grown up together and one day I realize that I love her...but I was too late because she fall in love with someone else and I really hope that she'll be happy with the man she love. But one day, I heard of what happen to her and decide to marry her. I can't let her dealing with her problem all alone. I can't let the baby born without a father" Mr. Chu ends his story "After you were born, I finally can open my heart. All the pain is gone once I heard you cry. I can open my heart for your father and I want to bury my past and open the new page of my life as a family with your father and you" Mrs. Chu said to her "My parents have a high level governmental connection that helps us to put all of our paperwork in classified file. Maybe that's why Lee Dong Hwa can't find us until now. I was wondering, how come you can get information about us, Yi Jeong-ssi" Mr. Chu said to Yi Jeong "A friend of mine is the grandson of the former president" Yi Jeong replies to him "Ah...make sense" "Why...after all of these years...Lee Dong Hwa decided to look for me? Is it anything to do with Ga Eul?" Mrs. Chu asks Yi Jeong in worries "I also have no idea because I haven't talk to him since we met" "Seems the past will never leave me alone. Maybe this matter actually not finishes yet. Yi Jeong-ssi, can you find out what is exactly he wants?"

"I can talk to him, Ma'am" "Eomma, you still want to meet him after all he done?" Ga Eul asks her in disbelieve "My dear, I don't think that I have another choice. He is Yi Jeong's uncle; remembering this situation I don't think I can run away from this fact. And maybe it's time for you to know your real father" Mrs. Chu tries to explain to her "I don't want to. He leaves you. He leaves us. He never wants me back then. Why should I know him?" "Ga Eul, I think..." Mr. Chu tries to talk to her but she cut his words "Appa, I don't want to meet him or know him" Ga Eul said in a firm tone


"Is that true? Yi Jeong, is that true? You found her?" Mr. Lee excitedly asks Yi Jeong once he heard that Yi Jeong already found Han Soo Ra "Yes, Uncle Lee. I found her" "Where is she now? How is she? The child...son or daughter?" "She is in Seoul and she is fine. She has a daughter" "I...need to meet them. Can you take me to them?" Mr. Lee asks Yi Jeong almost pleadingly "I can arrange your meeting with them...as long as they agree to meet you. I believe they wish to know the purpose of this meeting" Yi Jeong calmly state to him "The purpose?" "Yes, she personally said to me that she will reconsider to meet you if she knows the purpose of the meeting"

To hear Yi Jeong statement, Mr. Lee silently thinks about the purpose of the meeting. "Jeong-ah, I was a coward back then I just need the closure. I just need to know that she is alright all this time... I don't know if she will forgive me or not. I don't know if she still wants to see me. But please tell her...tell her that I wish to be able personally apologize to her. Tell her that...I wish to see my daughter even only once" he said sadly to Yi Jeong

"I'll convey that to her and will back to you with the result. I'll take my leave, Uncle Lee" Yi Jeong said as he rise up from his seat and bow to the man in front of him before left


It's beautiful afternoon where everyone is relaxing while enjoying their coffee in this cozy caf while they have light chat with their spouse or friends. But it's not a relax afternoon for Mr. Lee. He is fidgeting on his seat in the secluded area of the caf. He can't believe that Han Soo Ra has been found. He can't believe that the closure he wishes to have all these years will be fulfilled. Moreover, he can't believe that she agreed to meet him. He can't believe that his dream will be come true. The dream to see his child...his daughter with the woman he loves. But the fear haunted him again. Fear of rejection from his own daughter. What if his daughter refuses to see him or worst...she doesn't want to admit him as her father. And the biggest fear also haunted him...what if Han Soo Ra already move on and forget about their memories. What if he already replaced with someone else in her heart? One question leads to another question that makes him getting nervous.

The voice of the opened door is distracting his thought. It's the sign that he will meet his one and only love, Han Soo Ra. He stands up from his seat waiting for his guest. He can see Yi Jeong enters the private room and step aside as he open the door wider for a middle age woman who Mr. Lee still can recognize after long time not seeing her. He smiles to see the woman who captured his heart long time ago. The woman who still has that beautiful eyes that attract him in the first place. She is still as beautiful as before. But his smile vanishes once he sees a man following closely behind her. Just by seeing the man behind her, he knows that he already replaced. He manages to keep his best smile even his heart broken into pieces.

"Uncle Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Chu are here for you" Yi Jeong said Mr. Lee feels a sudden pang in his heart to hear how Yi Jeong addresses his guests but he manages to stay calm. "Uncle Lee, I'll take my leave" he then said to Mr. Lee but before he can leave the room, Mr. Lee stops him "You can stay, Yi Jeong" Mr. Lee said to him "I think it's better for me to leave, Uncle" Yi Jeong tries to refuse his offer "I want you to stay" Mr. Lee said to him who can only nod his head and settle himself next to his uncle knowing that his uncle maybe will need him

"It's been a long time..." Mr. Lee opens the conversation after some times of silence "Yes, it is" Mrs. Chu answers him "I believe we haven't met before. My name is Lee Dong Hwa" Mr. Lee initiate to introduce himself to Mr. Chu as he stands up and offer him a hand shake "Yes, we haven't met before, Mr. Lee. My name is Chu Sang Woo" Mr. Chu introduced himself as both of them shake hand

"I think I should address you with Mrs. Chu now" Mr. Lee said to Mrs. Chu as he tries to control his voice "I think that will be better, Mr. Lee" Mrs. Chu stated calmly Truth to be told, she is nervous right now. She doesn't know if she will be able to face her past. She is not sure if she is ready to meet someone who is very precious to her but also the same person who hurt her the most. But she also can't run away from the reality. She already hides from it for 28 years but the past still chasing her. She wants to finish it now for good. It's her turn to face it. That's why she asks Mr. Chu to accompany her. She holds Mr. Chu's hand tightly under the table which appears able to calm her nerves.

"Would you like to order something?" Mr. Lee asks to his guests "We prefer tea" Mrs. Chu said to him They order their drink and wait it serves in silence. All of them busy with their own thought. "I believe Yi Jeong already told you why I invite you to meet me here" Mr. Lee said more to Mrs. Chu after their order served "Yes" "I was a coward back then. I admitted that. I know because of me...you got hurt. You got hurt because of my parents' ego...and my stupidity. I know I can't take back everything I've done. But I learn, in a hard way, how it feels to regret something. For all these years...I regret everything. I regret to hurt you. I regret that I'm not thinking about you. I regret that I'm not brave enough to hold you. I know I failed to prove myself to you and your parents. I regret every decision I made since that day. And it's killing me day by day. That's why I decided to look for you and today I invite you here to personally apologize to you. I'm sorry for all the pain I cause. I'm really sorry" Mr. Lee said to Mrs. Chu who can hear the sincerity in his voice "I...never expected that this day would come. I never expected to see you again. I never expected that the past I've been buried will dig its own grave and chasing me. I never think that I'll be able to face my past and to meet you once again because it surely brings back the

memory which I hope I would never remember it again. When I know that you look for me, the pain is back. And it's getting hard to resist. But I think I don't want to run away again. What I've done all these years is only avoid it, buried it and tries to forget but never try to get over it. All I can say is...what has done never can be taken back again. So...let's end it here. I accept your apology" she said as she tighten her hold to Mr. Chu hands "Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. My heart is at ease now. This is actually what I need all these years" Mr. Lee said to her gratefully "Then...my...child..." Mr. Lee words die down as he tries to find the right word "A daughter. My husband names her Ga Eul...Chu Ga Eul" Mrs. Chu said calmly "Ga Eul...means autumn. It's a beautiful name...Do you think...I'll have a chance to...meet her? Is she knows...about this?" he hesitantly asks her "Yes, she knows. But, I don't think she wants to meet you" Mrs. Chu answers him "Really?" he asks almost inaudible "Mr. Lee, reality hit her very hard. She can't accept this kind of...situation easily" it's Mr. Chu turn to speak "I'm not...her real father. But I raise her, I see her grown up so I know how it feels to be a father. We both agree...for not stand in your way as her real father if you want to meet her. But as I said, she still not accepting this situation easily" "I see...damage has been done. I think this is the price I should pay. But I really hope...if I can meet her even once" Mr. Lee said sadly "We can't promise you anything. It's all up to her now" Mr. Chu said to him

The rest afternoon was spent by small chat between the four of them. Somehow, their heart relieve now. Mr. Lee finally gets the closure he needs. Mrs. Chu finally doesn't have to run again from the past. Time goes fast as now it's time for them to end their meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Chu make their way to the door as Yi Jeong opens the door for them. But before they out of the room, Mrs. Chu spun around and face Mr. Lee once again. "Lee Dong Hwa, don't live in your past. Forget the past...let it go and move on. All we have now is the future. I already found my future long time ago...it's your turn now" she said sincerely and then out of the room with Mr. Chu and Yi Jeong who escort them out of the building, leaving Mr. Lee with his own thought.


"That's how the meeting goes" Yi Jeong end his story while Ga Eul listening to him carefully Few days after her parents' meeting with Mr. Lee, Yi Jeong drops by to her house. They have some light conversation when Ga Eul, suddenly asking about the meeting so he tells her everything. "I can't believe Eomma will easily forgive him" "Ga Eul-yang..." "No, sunbae...you don't understand. Can you imagine how I feel? In one night I found out that Appa is not my real father and my real father rejecting me even before I'm born, leaving my mother behind. Then out of the blue, he came to our life and what...try to claim what his? That's ridiculous" she stated angrily "Ga Eul-yang, I know you're angry and even more than angry. But maybe you should give him a chance" Yi Jeong said softly to her "I'm angry and rejected sunbae. Chance? You expect me to give him a chance? Tell me sunbae, if you're in my position. What will you do?" she challenge him "Me? I'll confront him...I'll tell him what's in my mind...I'll tell him what's in my heart" he replies to her which make her think about his answer After think for awhile, she's looking straight to Yi Jeong's eyes and asks him "Sunbae, if you in...in his positions...with arrange marriage in front of you, what you will do?"

He smiles to hear her question. Fortunately, he's been there...and he already answers that question before. So, definitely he knows the answer. Instead of answering her question, he stands up from his seat and approaches her who eyeing him curiously "In your opinion...what would I do?" he asks her with his killer smile adorn his face that never failed to make her heart jumping wildly "How...how should I know? I'm the one who asking you, sunbae" she retort to him trying to hide her blushing cheek and calm her pounding heart "Then...this should answer your question" he said to her in a low tone as he lift up her chin while bent down his body to capture her soft lips End Notes: Ok...how was it??? sorry if you find some error in it or something off...bear with me please..=p comment, review or even only smile will make my day... Back to index

Decision by chocomint Author's Notes: update...^^ i think this chap is a little bit longer than the others...but hope you like it. happy reading all "Lee Dong Hwa, what have you done?" Mrs. Lee suddenly burst in to Mr. Lee's personal library which also functions as his little office at home "Hyun Jin-ah, what are you talking about? And why do you barge into my office like that?" Mr. Lee asks Mrs. Lee in confusion and surprised "You...what have you done? Do you think I know nothing about what you are doing behind my back?" Mrs. Lee asks him as her voice is rising "What did I do behind your back? And don't use that tone on me" "Han Soo Ra...your first love and Chu Ga Eul...your daughter" Mrs. Lee said while she tries very hard to control her every emotion that rush in her

Mr. Lee widened his eyes when he heard their name. He frozen on his chair, his mind clouded. He never expects that his wife will know about this matter. Slowly he drifts his gaze to his wife and there he sees...for the first time in his life...the first time in their marriage life...he sees the pain on her face. He can see that she is struggling between her anger, her pain, and all other emotion that might be she feels right now. He can see that she is clenching her hand while her body trembling as she tries very hard to control her emotion. "How...how do you..." Mr. Lee tries to asks her but she cut his words before he finish "How do I know about that? You can't hide anything from me. I have my own source. I know that she already married to Chu Sang Woo and Chu Ga Eul is actually your daughter. She already moves on and replaces you with someone else. Don't you think it's time for you to let her go?" she said coldly to him "Hyun Jin-ah...I..." "28 years" she cut his words again. She takes a deep breath to calm her nerves before continue to speak again. "We've been married for 28 years. And it's not enough to keep you from her. It's not enough to win your heart" she stated in a deep sad tone "Let's not talk about this anymore" Mr. Lee said to her tries to end the conversation between them

"Don't tell what I should or shouldn't do. I've done it for the past 28 years. Today, I won't hold back anymore. For 28 years, I've been faithful to you. Never once, I cheat on you. Never once, I turn to another man. I never expect something too high in our marriage. I only hope that for once...only for once you treat me fairly" she stop for a moment while try to hold back her tears that threatening to fall on her face

"I thought...I thought if I stay beside you, you'll see me as a woman that worth for love. More than once I hope that you'll tell me your burden. Share your sadness, share your happiness, tell me when you succeed, and tell me when you failed...I really wish you just talk to me. Don't you know that your cold treatment towards me is enough to kill me day by day? Did you know how I wish that our act as a happy couple were real? For 28 years I always hope that one day...one day you'll able to open your heart for me. For 28 years I patiently wait for you" at this time she can't stop the tears to fall, the pain is too much to bear. So she let the tears flow freely on her face.

"I thought...you'll change when Ha Ra born. I do really hope you'll change...towards me and Ha Ra but nothing happen. It looks like that I raise Ha Ra all alone. I try to give her enough love...love of a mother...and love of a father that never you give. And now this...I thought you already give up on her. I'm surprised that you'll ask Yi Jeong to look for her. You never give me a chance to show you that I'm a good wife...you never give me a chance to show you that I'm worthy enough for you love. You never give us a chance. Only a chance...is it too much to ask?" she finish her speech as now she is sitting on the chair in front of Mr. Lee's working desk, crying her heart out

Both of them busy with their own thought while the only voice that could be heard in the room is Mrs. Lee's soft sob. Both exhausted with all emotion that consumed them. Mr. Lee can't utter a word after listening Mrs. Lee confession. His minds flying to their marriage and he found that she is right. Everything she said...no matter how painful it is...are the facts that happen in their family. In the end, Lee Dong Hwa, is the person who hurt so many people around him. People who not deserve to be treated like that.

He observes his wife who still tries to control her emotion and tears. He remembers that she is the one who always relent between them. He remembers that there are days when she will wait for him to come home but he just ignores her coldly. He remembers that there are days that she will cook his favorite food...she always remember small things about him...what he likes or dislikes...his favorite color, clothes...All her effort to be nice to him...but he just as cold as ice. He never sees it...because he is blinded by his past. Maybe she is right...It's time for him to move on. Suddenly Mrs. Lee stands up from her seat as she wipes her tears away which distract Mr. Lee's deep thought. "I've been stay beside you for 28 years. I have no any plan to change that. I'm not let you go to another woman. I don't know if I'm too stubborn or stupid or even crazy. I'll prove you that

I'm better than her and I'm the one who deserve your love...I'll prove it until I have nothing to prove anymore...even it'll takes a lifetime. As crazy as it sound, but I still have this tiny hope in my heart. Tiny hope that hard to kill...the tiny hope that stay in my heart for the past 28 years and here I am put my happiness in stake. Either I'll win your heart or get hurt once again" she said in a firm tone but sadness still can be heard from her voice as she start to make her way to the door.

She opens the door and she gasp in surprised to see her daughter, Lee Ha Ra, standing in front of the door with tears flow on her pretty face and anger can be seen in her eyes. "Ha Ra..." Mrs. Lee call her name softly but enough for Mr. Lee to hear "Han Soo Ra...Chu Ga Eul..." Ha Ra said almost inaudible "Ha Ra, my dear..." Mrs. Lee calls her name as she tries to reach for Ha Ra's hand but she take a step backward avoiding her mother "Han Soo Ra...Chu Ga Eul...so that's why Appa never care for me. That's why Appa never care for Eomma" she said full of anger in her voice as she stare to her mother then to her father who now standing in front of her with worries on his face "Ha Ra...listens to Appa..." Mr. Lee tries to speak to her but she just ignores him and run away from them "Ha Ra...Ha Ra" Mr. Lee tries to chase her but she is faster than him. He can only look at her when she already inside her car and speed off. Worries that she will get in some trouble or do something stupid, he asks his assistant to follow her and report to him while he gets in the house to see his wife.

He found her still standing in front of his library room, staring to nothing in particular. She wraps her arms to her body, as tears start to flow again on her cheek. Slowly Mr. Lee approaches her and reaches for her shoulder which catch her attention since she drift her eyes to him. "She'll be alright. I already tell Mr. Choi to follow her. Let's go" Mr. Lee said softly to her as he led her to their room. He helps her to lay-down on the bed and cover her with a blanket as he sits next to her. "I should've kept my mouth shut...I should've never confronted you about this" Mrs. Lee mumbles sadly "It's not your fault. Don't blame yourselves" Mr. Lee said to her "I should've just keep it for myself...I should've say nothing"

"Ssshhh...it's alright. It's not your fault. Now...try to get some sleep. You need to rest" Mr. Lee comforts her as he hold her hand which seem working since Mrs. Lee starts to calm. After few minutes passed, he can see that Mrs. Lee already close her eyes and her steady breath is the sign that she fell asleep. He sighs inwardly as he decided to stay there, still holding her hand while he thinks about everything happen.


"Can I talk to Han Soo Ra?" Ha Ra asked coldly to one of the waiter who looking at her in confusion

Ha Ra has been wander around Seoul for the past few hours. She needs to clear her mind. She needs to ease the pain in her heart. Now she knows the reason behind his father cold treatment towards her and her mother. She knows that there is something strange with her parents' relationship since she was younger but she can't point a finger on it. Since she knows the reason now, she needs to figure out what she should do next. She clearly heard that her mother will never let her father go and she just want her mother to be happy. After she calm herself, she decided to call one of her mother's trusted man and asked him if he knows anything about Han Soo Ra and Chu Ga Eul. And she gets information about the restaurant and here she is, looking for the woman who steals her father's attention from his own family.

"Han Soo Ra?" the waiter asked her "You heard me clearly. Just tell her that I'm looking for her" "But, miss..." "What?" she impatiently ask him who now seems frightened but lucky him, Ga Eul come right in time to save him from Ha Ra's tantrum "It's alright, I'll take it from here" Ga Eul said to the waiter and then she drift her attention to the guest in front of her as she smile to Ha Ra "Good afternoon, how can I help you, Miss?" Ga Eul politely greet her "Who are you?" "My name is Chu Ga Eul, I'm the owner of the Orchid Restaurant" "Great. We need to talk...about Han Soo Ra...your mother" Ha Ra stated coldly "My mother?"

"Yes. I want her to stay away from my father" "Your father?" "Lee Dong Hwa"

Ga Eul stare her in disbelieve. She can't believe that she is now face to face with Lee Dong Hwa's daughter which is means her sister. She takes a deep breath to compose herself before she speaks to her. "Please follow me" she said as she led Ha Ra to one of the private room "Please, have a seat" she said to Ha Ra once they inside the room as she takes a seat across her "I haven't get your name" she said to Ha Ra "Ha Ra...Lee Ha Ra" "Ha Ra-ssi, why on earth you think that my mother has anything to do with your father?" Ga Eul asks her as she observes the girl in front of her "Because your mother makes my mother live in hell for 28 years" Ha Ra stated coldly to Ga Eul "What? My mother will never do that" Ga Eul stated in the same cold tone "My mother never receives the treatment she should receive as a wife. She always tries to be a good wife for my father. She dedicates her life for my father. She takes care of him. She fulfills everything he needs. But...not once my father treat her the same" Ha Ra said to Ga Eul as she tries to calm herself "He never cares for her. He treats her coldly. I saw my mother cry silently countless time. She always told me that she is alright every time I asked. She always shows that she is happy but I know she's lying because I always see the pain in her eyes. She did everything she can to win my father's heart but day by day I only witness her failure" she takes a moment for awhile as she hold back her tears that threatening to fall "Appa never care for me. He never hugs me when I cry. He never laughs with me every time I try to joke with him. He never plays with me when I was younger. He never there for me at my most vulnerable time. You know...we even barely take a picture as a family. It's pathetic to know that our best picture as a family is at my graduation day. I always thought that he hates me because I'm a girl. I thought he wants a son and hates my mother because of it. I try hard to get his attention. I try everything. Rebellion is one of so many ways I've tried even I don't want to. I just want him to look at me, talk to me, care for me and care for my mother" she takes a deep breath to compose herself while Ga Eul listening carefully as she imagine herself in Ha Ra position. Ga Eul can clearly see the pain in her and somehow, she can fell her pain.

"I bet he doesn't know my favorite color, my favorite food, or even my mother's favorite flower. Funny thing is...people always see my family as a very happy family. But they only see us from the outer side and not see us from the inner side. If they can see it...they'll know that I have the biggest fake-happy family" Ha Ra continues to speak her heart out, but she can't control her emotion anymore because now the tears are flowing freely on her cheek. To see that, Ga Eul hand her a tissue which gratefully received by Ha Ra.

"I don't know the relationship between your mother and my father. I don't think I want to know. But I know that you also my father's daughter. I don't know whether you know anything about this or not. I don't know about your feeling regarding to this matter. I only know that I'm here to fight for my mother happiness. I fight for the wholeness of my family. I fight for my happiness. I know I'm selfish but for this one time, I want to be selfish. I just want my mother to be happy. She already decided that she will never let him go but I know the price is too high. She can get hurt more than she already feels...I can't see her suffering anymore" she said pleadingly to Ga Eul between her sob

Suddenly the door swung open and reveals Yi Jeong with worries expression staring at them. Ha Ra who see Yi Jeong at the door, stands up from her seat and run towards him. "Oppa" she said as she hug him tightly and cry her heart out, releasing all her pain On the other hand, Ga Eul eyeing them intently when Yi Jeong tries to comfort Ha Ra by soothing her back as he give a questioning look to Ga Eul. "Go" she mouthing to Yi Jeong. When he is not moving, she mouthing the word one more time with assuring look. Yi Jeong nods his head and lead Ha Ra out of the restaurant.

Once they out of her sight, Ga Eul sigh heavily. Her mind is roaming to Ha Ra confession. Just by hearing Ha Ra story, she can only imagine how painful it is to live without love from a father. She doesn't know how Ha Ra's mother can live like that...she doesn't know how Ha Ra can live like that. Compare to her life, she is luckier than Ha Ra. Ga Eul has mother who love her very much...and a father who care for her and give her love even he is not her real father. Ga Eul feels pity on her. Thinking that Ha Ra already has a hard life plus now she knows about complicated reality about his father...Ga Eul can understand if at this moment Ha Ra is in her most vulnerable state because she has been there before. And to think that she is now with Yi Jeong, Ga Eul can feel a little bit at ease...at least someone is with her and will take care of her.

Wait...Ha Ra just called Yi Jeong sunbae as Oppa. Aish...Chu Ga Eul...you just send the person you love to comfort another woman who seems willingly to fly to his arm. Aish...no...no...Yi Jeong sunbae will not do anything stupid. He loves you even he never tells.

He is just comforting Ha Ra. Just comforting...nothing more. Lee Dong Hwa is his uncle and Yi Jeong sunbae stay in their house since his parents died...so Ha Ra could be like a sister to him. Calm down Ga Eul...calm down... She thinks inwardly as she calm herself from something called jealousy'. She shakes her head to rid the negative thought.

"Ga Eul-yang, are you alright?" "Sunbae...I thought...you left already" Ga Eul said in surprise to see Yi Jeong suddenly standing in front of her "I'm about to. I just want to tell you that I'll call you later" he said to her which makes her smile "Alright" she said to him who only nod his head and to her surprise, he bent down a little and kisses her forehead before leaving her who now blushing and smile widely


"Why are you here?" Ha Ra asks to Yi Jeong while they are leaving the restaurant in Yi Jeong's car "Uncle called and tell me that you leave house in a rush" Yi Jeong calmly explain to her "You must know the reason I leave home then" "Yes, I know" "Somehow my life is getting complicated. And now you find me, what will you do?" "I'll take you home and we can talk about it. I'm sure we can solve this matter" "I don't want to go home, Oppa" "Where are you going? Uncle and Auntie will be worried" "Anywhere but home. I don't want to talk about it...at least for now; I don't want to talk about it. If you don't want to bring me somewhere else, you can pull over here and I'll go by myself" "Alright...alright. Fine...I'll bring you to my house. How about that?" "Whatever, Oppa"

Yi Jeong sighs inwardly wondering why Ha Ra could be so stubborn sometimes. Anyway, he is the one who convince her not to drive in her emotional state like now so he has no other choice but to grant her wishes. It's better than let her drive which could be led her into danger or leaving her all alone on the street. They are arriving at the So mansion in short time. Yi Jeong led her to one of the guest room. "It's late already, try to get some sleep. I'll inform Uncle and Auntie that you're here" Yi Jeong said to Ha Ra who sits on the edge of the bed silently "Is that her?" she asks him out of the blue "Who?" Yi Jeong asks in confusion "Chu Ga Eul...is she the one?" "What do you mean?" "I heard when Appa asked you to marry me...and I heard when you said that you seeing someone. Is that her?" she asks him with a sad tone as she lock her gaze to Yi Jeong "Yes, she is" he answers her softly "You know...at that day I'm so sad. I was thinking who the girl that can capture your heart. What is she has that I don't. I hate to know that someone else is succeeded to steal your heart, but me...who live with you for few years can't win your heart. I don't think I'll have another opportunity to tell you this...I do love you but not as a brother anymore" she said to Yi Jeong "Ha Ra..." "Funny thing is...I can't hate her. I can't hate her for stealing your heart. I don't know why...I felt this strange comfortable feeling when I see her...maybe because she is my sister after all" she said with a smile but she can't hold back a single tear that stubbornly running on her cheek and she wipes it immediately before Yi Jeong can react "I'm sorry Ha Ra. I hope you understand" "I understand Oppa. I heard your reason when you decline the marriage and it's enough for me. Thank you" she said to him knowingly and she takes a deep breath before stands up and looks at Yi Jeong with her sweetest smile "I better go to sleep now. Thank you very much Oppa. By the way, where my car will be sent? I'll need it tomorrow" "I can ask the driver to bring it here. Where are you going to?" "Home" she said in a firm tone


Later that night, after Yi Jeong gives some instruction to the maid and the driver, he goes to his room and fish out his cell phone. He has a promise to fulfill. He search for a certain number in his contact and push the green button to call it. "Yoboseyo" a sweet melodic voice could be heard from the other line "Ga Eul-yang" "Oh...sunbae. Are you home already? How is Ha Ra?" "Yes, I'm home already. Oh, she is asleep now" "Sleep?" confusion can be heard from her voice "Yes, she doesn't want to go home so I bring her to my house" he said to her but Ga Eul remain silent "Ga Eul-yang...you still there?" Yi Jeong asks her "Yes" "Did I sense jealousy from you?" Yi Jeong teases her and almost sure that she is blushing right now "No, I'm not" she answers him a little too fast "Hmmm...alright if you won't admit it" "You're too full of yourself, sunbae" she said to him and pause for a moment before continue "Sunbae...can you help me?" she asks to him "Sure. How can I help you?" "Can you arrange a meeting between me and...my...Mr. Lee?" "You want to meet him?" "Yes...I think it's time for me to meet him and I'm sure I have a lot of things that need to be told to him" "I can do that. I'll inform you the time and place" "In one condition" "What is it?" "Stay beside me"

End Notes: Ok....so how was it??? like it or dislike it?? tell me what's in your mind...=) Back to index Settling Things by chocomint Author's Notes: hello LU...i'm back with chap 14... enjoy reading all.... "Yo bro...where have you been?" Woo Bin greets Yi Jeong who entering their private lounge "You've been busy lately?" Ji Hoo calmly asks him "Yah...why you never contact us again?" Jun Pyo asks him with his usual demanding tone "I've been busy...yes. I'm a little bit occupied with a thing or two" Yi Jeong answers them as he takes a seat next to Woo Bin "So...how's everything?" Ji Hoo asks him "Everything is..." Yi Jeong words trail off as he looks for the right word to describe the situation "Complicated at first and I admitted a lot of emotions are involve in it...but as time goes by...everything is...almost fine now. Almost..." Yi Jeong explain to his friends "Almost? Tell us from the beginning" Woo Bin said to him intrigued to find out what happen "It turns out that Mrs. Chu and Uncle Lee had relationship years ago but Uncle Lee's father disapproves their relationship and decided to arrange marriage for Uncle Lee. And for some reason...Uncle Lee can't do anything about it and the result is...their relationship was end and he married to Auntie until today, leaving Mrs. Chu and the child in her womb. Mr. Chu is Mrs. Chu best friend who also love her. He knows about her problem and decided to marry her. It appears that he has governmental connection that helps him regarding the documentation in order to hide Mrs. Chu from Uncle Lee. Mrs. Chu together with Mr. Chu already met with Uncle Lee and already settling things between them" "How about Ga Eul?" Woo Bin asks him again "Of course...she can't accept this that easily. She takes her time to calm herself and after she calms enough, she willing to go home. After received Mrs. and Mr. Chu explanation about this...thing, Ga Eul...is refusing to meet Uncle Lee at first, but few days ago she said she wants to meet him. I'm about to arrange their meeting" "Then...how about Auntie and Ha Ra?" Ji Hoo asks him "Right. Did they know about this?" Jun Pyo also asks him

"At the end they know about this. I don't know what happen between Uncle Lee, Auntie and Ha Ra. But somehow Ha Ra manages to talks to Ga Eul. But I also don't know what they are talking about. Ha Ra won't tell me and I also haven't get any chance to talk to Ga Eul" "So...what are you going to do now?" Woo Bin asks his best friend "I'll visit Ga Eul tonight and arrange her meeting with Uncle Lee" "Aaahhh...love is in the air" Woo Bin said in teasing manner followed by laughter from Ji Hoo and Jun Pyo which earn death glare from Yi Jeong


"Sunbae, thank you for picking me up and the dinner" Ga Eul said to Yi Jeong with her sweet smile As said before, Yi Jeong goes to visit Ga Eul at her restaurant and ask her to have dinner at one of Yi Jeong's favorite restaurant. After dinner Yi Jeong drop Ga Eul home and now they are standing in front of Ga Eul's house. "You're welcome. Ga Eul-yang...can I ask you something?" "Of course" "Why do you want to meet Uncle Lee? What change your mind?"

To hear his question, she smile towards him as she recall the reason behind it "Ha Ra. Ha Ra change my mind. I can see...no, I can feel her pain when she talks to me that day, to be exact. There is...this strange feeling inside my heart that tells me to do something for her. I can't do much though. The only thing I can do is talk to Uncle Lee. And I think I need to give him a piece of my mind, like you said" "You sure about this?" "I'm sure. Don't worry, I'll be fine" she assuring him "Alright...are you free this Saturday? I planned to arrange the meeting on that day. Dinner...maybe?" "I prefer to meet him in the afternoon. Is that possible?" "Sure"

"Thank you sunbae" she said as she takes a step closer to him and sneaks her arms to his waist, resting her head on his chest, closing her eyes, looking for the warmth of his body.

Her action is surprising him a little because being bold is not her type. He wraps his strong arms to her petite body which giving her courage and comfort. Truth to be told, she is afraid to meet her real father. She still has this mix emotion in her heart. But remembering Ha Ra's words to her, remembering the painful expression on her face, are enough to change her mind. She also has no heart to let Ha Ra and her mother suffer especially it's because of this thing called past'. So she decided to do something about it. "As long as you stay beside me... I'll be fine" she whisper to him "I'll stay beside you...promise" he whisper to her and kiss her forehead


It's like a dejavu. It's another beautiful afternoon...it's another good day for people to relax and enjoy their life. But for Mr. Lee today is another day when he is fidgeting on his seat at the same caf when he met with Mrs. Chu and Mr. Chu because of nervous. He never feels this extreme nervous in his life. When he received a phone call from Yi Jeong informing him that his daughter...yes, his daughter would like to meet him, he is exciting...maybe too exciting for people in his age. The news makes his heart jolt in happiness because truth to be told, the atmosphere in his house is colder than before. Mrs. Lee still tries to calm down her heart, while Ha Ra tries to cheer her mother by taking her on a holiday trip for few days. So, he is a little bit feel lonely...

The consequences for being selfish for years, he always thought to himself. It's a good thing that Mrs. Lee and Ha Ra go for holiday, at least Mr. Lee have his time to think about his whole life. Once again the voice of the opened door is distracting his thought. Last time, it's the sign that he will meet his one and only woman he love, but this time, it's the sign that he will meet his daughter from the woman he love. He stands up from his seat as he sees Yi Jeong entering the room hand in hand with a beautiful girl who shyly walking beside him. "Uncle Lee, please meet Chu Ga Eul" Yi Jeong introduce Ga Eul to Mr. Lee "Annyeonghaseyo" Ga Eul greets Mr. Lee as she release her grip to Yi Jeong and bow to Mr. Lee who smile warmly to her "Annyeong. Please have a seat"

"Would you like to order something?" Mr. Lee asks her once the three of them settle themselves comfortably on their seat "Hot lemon tea for me, please" Ga Eul answers him "Great choice" Mr. Lee said and calls the waiter to order

Silent then take over the room as if there is nobody there. Everybody is busy with their own thought. Mr. Lee is taking this opportunity to observe her. He notices that Ga Eul inherits her mother's eyes. Those beautiful and innocent eyes that can affect him so much. Ga Eul silently waiting someone to break the silence between them as she once in a while stole a glace to Mr. Lee and she can see that he is still handsome at his age. While Yi Jeong who knows the hesitation and the awkwardness between them silently reach her hand that rest on her lap and sneak his left hand between hers to support her which gratefully accepted by Ga Eul. "You just look like your mother" Mr. Lee finally the one who break the silence "Thank you, Sir" Ga Eul softly said to him "Sir?" Mr. Lee asks her in surprise while he tries to steady his voice and hide the sudden pain inside his heart "Yes...Sir. Please forgive me...but I hope you're not expecting me to address you as Appa or Abeoji...right?" Ga Eul speaks to him as she tighten her hold to Yi Jeong's hand which somehow successfully makes her smoothen her tone towards the man in front of her "Uh...well...to think about it...I actually expecting that" Mr. Lee said weakly to her "Well...then I'm very sorry I can't fulfill your expectation" "I know. I shouldn't expect too much after all what I've done. I'm very grateful to know that you willing to meet me...it is a very huge opportunity and I really appreciating it. And in this opportunity, I would like to apologize to you. I'm sorry for leaving your mother and you behind because of my stupidity"

Ga Eul can recognize the sincerity in his words. Finally she knows why her mother forgives him, but she has her own agenda when she arranges this meeting, therefore she needs to complete it. She takes a deep breath before starts to speak and she can feel Yi Jeong squeeze her hand to support her. "Mr. Lee, I already heard the story about you and my mother. And I don't think that I want to hear the story again. Heard about it for the first time is enough to bring the pain in my heart. Knowing that the man that I called Appa since I can remember suddenly turns out not my real father and learning that my real father left my mother for the reason that I don't understand are...things that can't be accepted easily" Ga Eul said to him in incredible calm tone

"The pain is not stop right there...I also had this feeling...neglected and rejected feeling. That is the only thing that popped up in my mind when I know that you know that my mother have me in her womb...but still can't stop you to marrying another woman. It hurts to know that you still with your own decision without thinking about my mother. Even though you have your own reason and no matters how make sense it is...I don't understand your decision. Until now...I still don't understand. Maybe I'll never can understand that...or maybe I only need some time to understand that" she paused a moment to observe Mr. Lee who listening her intently and nod his head once in awhile as a sign that he fully understand her

"I understand from my parents...that you want to meet me. Now I'm here...may I know why you want to meet me?" "I know I made a bad decision...I'm not brave enough. I think this is guilt that talking inside my heart. For years, I always think about your mother and our child. For years, I yearn to see her and our child. But I think your mother hide too well so I always failed to find both of you. For the past few years, guilt consumed me even more and I determined myself to look for both of you once again and...Yi Jeong here; help me to find both of you. As you know, I met with your mother and...father. We already settling things between us, but I only have one last wish. To do my part as a father for you. I've been...neglecting you, if you want to use that word, so I think it's time for me to do the right thing for you"

Ga Eul absorbs his every word and nods her head before she speaks. "There are these mix emotions that playing in my heart, so I decided to ignore your presence in my life. I try to just forget the reality that I'm someone else daughter. I try hard to deny everything. I decided not to meet you or even admit you as my father...hoping that my perfect life will be back but then the complication not stop yet. Mr. Lee, can I ask you something?" "Sure..." "Do you by any chance know what...Lee Ha Ra favorite color is? Or her favorite food?" she challenge him as the heavy silence once again dominate the room and when he's not answering, she continues "No? Mr. Lee...Lee Ha Ra is the one who can change my mind. I ask Yi Jeong-sunbae to arrange this meeting is because of her. She came to my restaurant and tells everything that buried inside her heart all this years. Something that she kept for herself. I saw the pain and somehow I can feel her pain. As per my understanding...my parents already give permission to you to...fulfill your duty as my father. I fully understand that...but I can't promise you anything. I hope you understand that at this moment, I can't accepting you as my father and then allow you to interfere with my life instantly" she takes a moment to compose herself before continue "My mother already happy with my father. My mother already has her own family and I will not let anybody ruin her happiness ever again...and that will include you, Mr. Lee. As much as I want the happiness in my family...I hope you can consider about your own. I'm not

letting anyone to ruin my family and I don't want my mother and my presence ruins the happiness in your family. I believe Mrs. Lee and Ha Ra will need your attention at this moment more than us. I believe you actually already receive a lot of love from both of them without you realize...maybe, it's time for you to return their love" "Ga Eul...you resemble your mother very much. Not only physically but also personally. I believe your mother will have the same opinion like you. I understand your position and I respecting your decision. I know that I can't interfere your life just like that...point taken. To meet you personally is a great blessing for me. You openly tell me how your feeling is also a huge thing that I never expect before. I am aware that I made a lot of mistake towards my own family. I believe it's time for me to fix that. But can I ask you one thing?" "Hmmm...alright" "Can we...communicate? I mean...can we keep in touch. So I'll know that you and your mother are doing fine" he said to her "Well...as long as you promise to take good care of Mrs. Lee and Ha Ra..." "I promise" "Good. Then we have a deal" Ga Eul said to him with a smile adorn her face "It's a deal then. Thank you Ga Eul" Mr. Lee gratefully said to Ga Eul

After their conversation end, they can feel the lighten atmosphere surround them. Both Ga Eul and Mr. Lee are satisfied with their conversation result. Ga Eul is sipping her tea when she heard Mr. Lee asks Yi Jeong the question that makes her blush furiously. "Jeong-ah...when you said that you seeing someone...do you mean it is Ga Eul?" Mr. Lee asks Yi Jeong as he looking at Yi Jeong and Ga Eul "Yes, Uncle Lee" Yi Jeong answers him without hesitation "Oh...that's great then. I believe you will take a good care of her" "I will Uncle Lee" Yi Jeong said as he takes a glance to Ga Eul who tries to hide her blushing cheek by sipping her tea and avoiding their eyes


Aish...that was so embarrassing...why they had to talking about me as if I'm not there. Ga Eul thinks inwardly as she recalls the last part of their meeting. She stole a glance towards Yi Jeong who walks beside her. She then drifts her eyes to their intertwined hand as they

walking at the park nearby the caf. Sunbae...who am I for you? Will you ever tell me your true feeling? Even action speaks louder than words...I wish I can hear you tell me who am I for you.

She is in a very deep thought when she can feel a soft tug on her hand. Surprise, she drifts her gaze to Yi Jeong who appears that standing a step behind her still holding her hand and looking at her intently. She gives him a questioning look as she turns her body around and stands right in front of him. "You're not paying attention to what I said, Ga Eul-yang" he said softly to her with a hurt expression on his handsome face "Oh...sunbae...I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...really" she said guiltily to him "What's in your mind that makes you ignoring my presence?" he asks her still with the same hurt expression "No...sunbae...I was just...thinking a thing or two...I didn't mean to ignore you. I'm sorry. Please don't be mad" she said with a slight panic in her voice Aish...great Ga Eul...now you make him mad...he could be saying something important and you end up not listening him...great...just great Ga Eul think inwardly

"I am mad..." he said in a serious tone which make Ga Eul feel guilty even more "Sunbae...I'm sorry...please..." she said almost pleading to him "I am mad if...I'm not the one who occupy your mind" he said in a serious tone at first but then change into a playful tone followed with the huge grin on his face "Sunbae...you trick me" she said as she hit his arm playfully with her free hand when she realize that he's teasing her "Ouch...that hurt. You surely can hit" he said to her "That for plays a trick on me" she said as she hit his arm again...again...and again "Alright...alright...I'm sorry" he said while laughing as he catches her hand and hold firmly on his "Now...tell me what's in your mind?" he said softly to her after his laughter died down "Nothing" "Aww...my sweet Ga Eul-yang mad because I tease her...alright, that's fine if you don't want to tell me. I know what you are thinking anyway"

"You...know? Are you reading mind now? Fine...if you know what I am thinking about...tell me what it is" "I want a reward if I'm right" "What? Reward? You're not a kid anymore, sunbae" "I still want my reward" he said stubbornly "Then keep it for yourself...you don't have to tell me and I don't want to know how you can read my mind" "Are you...afraid?" he challenges her and it works "I'm not afraid" "I only ask for a reward if I can guess what's in your mind correctly. There is nothing wrong with that" "Fine...what do you want for the reward?" "I only have one thing in my mind right now but I'll tell you later" "Aish...Alright. Whatever you say sunbae...now tell me. Give me your best shot" "Alright...you must be thinking of...me" he said confidently which make Ga Eul stare him with widened eyes "Wha...why you...you are so full of yourself sunbae. I'm not thinking of you" Ga Eul said as she tries to hide the truth from him "Then why are you blushing, Ga Eul-yang?" "I'm not" she tries to deny but it's failed because she is blushing and he is right...she is thinking of him "You can't lie to me. I know I'm right. So...as a winner, I want my reward" "Who said you're a winner?" Ga Eul still tries to deny but she can't because once she asked him that, Yi Jeong face is only an inch away from her which makes her heart pounding wildly and blushing even more if it's possible, knowing that they are in a compromising position and they are at the park for goodness sake. "I want my reward, Ga Eul-yang" he said softly to her "What...what do you want...for a reward?" she said almost whispering to him "A date. Tomorrow. I'll pick you at 7pm" he said to her and gives her a soft peck on her lips before he pull himself away from her

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Ga Eul decided to go home early from the restaurant remembering that Yi Jeong asked her for a date yesterday. Before she left the restaurant, she makes sure that her employee will be able to handle some task in her absent. Ga Eul walks back to her office when she heard someone calling her in a very cheerful tone. "Ga Eul unnie" "Oh...Ha Ra" she said in surprise to see Ha Ra half running towards her and unexpectedly, Ha Ra hugs her tightly "Ha Ra...what is going on?" she asks in surprise "Thank you...thank you very much" Ha Ra said to her without breaking their hug "Thank you?"Ga Eul asks her in confusion "Appa told me that he talked to you yesterday" Ha Ra said to her after broke their hug "Oh...that. Let's talk in my office" Ga Eul said to Ha Ra as she led her to her office

"Unnie, Appa told me everything. He promised me that he will try his best to make my mother happy. He will try his best to fix our relationship as a family. This is the best thing happen in my life" Ha Ra said to Ga Eul once they settle comfortably inside Ga Eul's office "That's good. I'm happy for you" "I also told him that I will try to help him to handle the business" "Oh...that's good. I'm sure he's happy to hear that" "Yes, we can work together" "We?" Ga Eul asks in confusion "Yes, you and me. I know that Appa will prepare a position for you in the company" "No...I..." Ga Eul hesitantly said to her "You don't want to?" Ha Ra asks her knowing her hesitation "Ha Ra...to see you happy is enough for me. To know that your father will try to return all of your mother's love is enough for me. To know that he will fix the relationship in your family is enough for me. I have no intention to work in the company. This restaurant...I love this restaurant very much. And there is no way I will leave it for any reason. It's the very kind of him, but I can't accept his offer. You are the one who deserve to be there. I'll talk to him about that"

"Hmmm...I understand. I think you really need to talk to him personally about that. Well...I came here just to thank you unnie. We only met once and you've made this beautiful changes in my family...I'm so happy to have you as a sister" Ha Ra said with a genuine smile "To be honest, I think it's wonderful to have a sister like you" "Me too. Oh...Unnie, I can't stay too long. Appa plan something for me and Eomma tonight. I'll come over some other time" "Sure, come over with them or even with your friends" "Will do"

Ga Eul grabs her purse before both of them emerge from Ga Eul's office and walk out of the restaurant. Ga Eul accompanies Ha Ra to her car. Once Ha Ra settles herself inside her car, she opens the side window as she looks at Ga Eul in a very serious expression. "Unnie, I know you and Yi Jeong Oppa are very close. Promise me one thing. Take care of him and don't break his heart. Otherwise...I'll take him from you" Ha Ra said in a serious tone but then she smile sweetly and wave to Ga Eul and speed off, leaving the dumbfounded Ga Eul "Don't break his heart...take him from...me? What was that? Does she...does she just...threatening me? Aish" Ga Eul muttered before finally she walks to her own car still thinking about what Ha Ra said to her Is Ha Ra has a special feeling to Yi Jeong-sunbae? Aish...Ga Eul...focus. You still need to drive. You need to get to your house safe and sound. You have a date to think of so stop being...being...jealous?...no...overreacting?... Aish...whatever. Just stop it already she think inwardly as she shakes her head to get rid of that thought and focus back to the road.


Ga Eul looking at her wardrobe and scanning for a dress for her date. She is nervous for her second date. Yes...she and Yi Jeong are close and she can sense that they are more than friends. He has done many things for her and proves himself to her. But they only had one date for all this time. Somehow, she sense there is something different from the upcoming date. Something special. She just received a text from him saying be beautiful. After full of consideration and lots of hope that she is not overdress, she choose to wear black tulle over satin strapless dress with ruching-shapes all over it and a sash at the side waist that make the dress looks modern and chic. A pair of black stiletto completes her appearance for that night.

"Ga Eul-ah...Yi Jeong is here" her mother said from behind her bedroom door "Oh, yes Eomma" with that she grab her purse and coat before walks out from her bedroom

She walks slowly as she observes him who seems having a good time talking to her father at their living room. Wearing black shirt with grey suit on top of it, he looks as stunning as usual. She slightly blushes when he flashes his dimple smile at her as the sign that he is aware of her presence. He is standing up from his seat and locks his gaze to her that makes her cheeks reddened even more, if it possible. "Well...have fun you two" Mr. Chu said to the both of them as he leaves them "You're beautiful" Yi Jeong said softly to her once they are alone "Thank you, sunbae" she replies him shyly "Shall we?" he asks her as he held out his hand for her who nod her head and reach for his hand

As usual, the comfortable silent fulfill every space in Yi Jeong's car while he focuses his eyes on the road and Ga Eul looks outside through the side window. They reach their destination in about thirty minutes. Their destination is one of the most luxury restaurants in Seoul. Yi Jeong opens the passenger door for Ga Eul and hand in hand both led by a waitress to one of the private room in the restaurant.

They order their meals and having a light conversation while they wait for their order to be served. "Ha Ra came to my restaurant this afternoon" Ga Eul inform Yi Jeong about her encounter with Ha Ra this afternoon "Really? What is she doing?" "She said that Mr. Lee promised to makes Mrs. Lee happy. Ha Ra is very happy" "That's good. Finally Auntie and Ha Ra will be happy" "Yes...that's the most important thing. Ha Ra also inform me that she will start to learn handle the business" "That's great. Finally Uncle Lee doesn't need to worry about his successor" "Ha Ra...told me that Mr. Lee will prepare a position for me in the company"

"And what do you think about that?" "I don't want it. I love my restaurant. I will not leave it. Besides, Ha Ra is the one who deserve the position in the company. I'll talk to Mr. Lee about this" she explain to him who listen to her carefully "Sunbae, you lived with them for few years. Do you know anything about their condition? I mean...do you aware of their family problem?" Ga Eul curiously asks him after few seconds of silent

Before Yi Jeong can answer her question, a waiter enters the room with their orders. Once the waiter out of their sight; Yi Jeong motions Ga Eul to eat her meal while he answers her question. "I was too young to understand...about family problem. Especially I just lost my parents, so I don't have another space in my mind to think about my surrounding. But day by day I can sense this strange atmosphere in the house, but I shrug it off and focus myself in study. At that time, I only think about go back to my parents house" he explain to her

For a moment both eat in silence. Yi Jeong then continues to speak. "I don't think I'll be able to see the problem in their family even though I wasn't too occupied with study. They play the happy-family role too well. Maybe...Ha Ra is the only person who can see the reality" "It must be very hard for her. But to see her smile today, I know she will be happy" Ga Eul said to Yi Jeong who smile to hear that

They talk about many random things while they eat. They share some jokes and teasing to each other which sometimes makes Ga Eul blush. They enjoy the dessert when Yi Jeong suddenly becomes so quiet with a hint of sadness and troubled on his face. "Sunbae, what's wrong? Are you alright?" Ga Eul asks him in worries Yi Jeong takes a deep breath before speaks, looking straight to Ga Eul's beautiful eyes. "Uncle Lee...he invited me to his office few days ago. He said he will hand over my father's business back to me" he paused to see her reaction and waiting for her opinion "Isn't that good?" she carefully asks him "On one side it's good. But on the other side...it's different. It is huge responsibility...more than I have now. There are so many loyal employees working for my father. Even when he already passed away for more than 20 years, they still work there. I believe they have huge

expectation on me...as the only one successor for the business" he paused again as he held out his both hand and show his palms to Ga Eul "I have hundreds...or even thousands life depends on me. Their life is on my hand. At this point...I felt a sudden weakness. Suddenly I doubt myself. I'm afraid...I'll disappoint them..." "No..." Ga Eul cut his words then she stands up from her chair and approaches him She takes his hands and holds them tightly with hers "Sunbae...don't doubt yourself. I believe in my heart...you'll never disappoint them. The huge responsibility like this indeed frightening, but it means that you are capable to handle it. Don't ever doubt yourself again. I believe you can handle it" Ga Eul said softly to him "Ga Eul-yang...when I'm in doubt...when I feel weak...when I'm afraid..." Yi Jeong paused a moment as he stands up from his chair without breaking their eye contact or release her hands "Will you standing beside me...holding my hands...giving me the courage..." he continues as he kneels in front of her who watches him intently with widened eyes He free one of his hands, reaching into his pocket suit, pulls out a blue velvet box and opens it to reveal a beautiful white gold ring with medium size oval diamond and small size diamonds surround it. He smiles at her before continues "And the strength I need, not only for a short period...but for a life time. Ga Eul-yang, will you stay beside me forever?" he ends his speech as he looking at her lovingly who can't utter a word and only give him a nod and a soft peck on his lips as her answer


Since that night, both of them busy with their wedding preparation. Since Yi Jeong's parents passed away, Mr. Lee is the closest relatives to Yi Jeong. So, Mr. and Mrs. Lee will represent Yi Jeong's parents on their wedding day. This condition brings its own happiness to Mr. Lee. One preparation to another preparation makes him and Ga Eul getting closer to each other.

Ga Eul even finally agrees to let him help her with her wedding dress; after a long discussion and persuasion from Mr. Lee, and also because Ga Eul refuse to take the position he prepare for her. Help here means Mr. Lee will pay the whole costs she will expense for her wedding dress, from head to toe. Determined to give the best for his daughter, Mr. Lee choose the best and the most expensive bridal in Seoul. He personally asked the owner, to design Ga Eul's wedding dress. He also prepares a special gift for Ga Eul, a pair of diamond earring to be use on her wedding day.

On the other hand, Ga Eul feel touched with Mr. Lee's huge effort for her wedding. Slowly, she can open her heart for him. Slowly, she can accept him as her father. Somehow, she felt a huge relief and her heart start to feel at peace. The entire burdens that become a lump in her heart are now lifted. She also spare some of her time with Ha Ra and Mrs. Lee. Ha Ra and Mrs. Lee also help her with her wedding preparation. Both family works together to prepare Ga Eul and Yi Jeong's wedding.

While the other is busy with other stuffs, Yi Jeong busies with the wedding ring. He orders their wedding ring with a unique design. He orders a white gold band with curve shape in the middle of the ring that will form into a heart shape when both ring put together with a diamond on every ring. The special thing about the ring is on the inner side of the ring. As you always stay beside me all this time, I will stay beside you forever is what engraved inside the ring. The words of their promise to each other.


"Sunbae, don't you think this ballroom is too big?" Ga Eul asks Yi Jeong as her eyes roam to the big room where the reception will be held "I don't think so" "Sunbae...seriously. This room is way too big. How many people do you invite?" "Me? Not much. I only invite Woo Bin, Ji Hoo and Jun Pyo...oh, and some of my business colleagues" "Then we won't need a ballroom with this size" "But you forgot...Uncle Lee invite all of Lee Corp. head office employees plus my father's head office employees plus his business colleagues from all over the world" "All over the world? Did he really have to invite them?" she exclaim in surprise "Well maybe not all over the world" "Sunbae...still there are too many people. I'm not used to be in the middle of a lot of people" Ga Eul said to him almost plead to him "Ga Eul-yang..." "Talk to him. Tell him not to invite too many people" she cut his words "Ga Eul-yang...he's just too exciting with our wedding" he softly said to her as he sneak his arms to her waist and pull her closer to him

"But..." she tries to protest but her words die down because he landed a soft kiss on her lips "Bear with him. I promise you that everything is going to be alright. He just a very happy father that happily help us to prepare our special day. Besides, we still have the private ceremony as you wish" he softly explain to her "Alright" she half heartedly agree to him


After six months of busy and tiring preparation, finally the long-awaited day by Yi Jeong and Ga Eul comes. The day when they will become one. The day when they will exchange their vow to tie their love forever.

The wedding ceremony takes place at the church where Yi Jeong always comes after he visited his parents' grave every year. It's the same church where he asked Ga Eul to date him for the first time. He found his strength there since his parents' death and the courage to make his first move towards the girl who occupied his mind. He hopes the place will give him the same strength for him to undergo his future with the girl he loved. Yi Jeong is waiting the ceremony to begin in one of the room that prepare for the groom. Wearing a white shirt combine with a grey necktie, grey vest and black suit on top of it; a beautiful purple orchid embedded in his suit pocket to complete his appearances, he looks stunning for his big day. He's looking outside the window, observing the small garden that could be seen through the window.

"Are you nervous?" Woo Bin asks him as he stand beside Yi Jeong "Honestly...no" he answers Woo Bin question after silent for a few seconds to think "Well...who would've thought that you are the first to be married" Ji Hoo said also standing beside Yi Jeong who only smile to hear Ji Hoo's comment "I'm happy for you Jeong-ah" Jun Pyo said as he stands beside Ji Hoo "Thank you guys" Yi Jeong said to all of them sincerely

Truth to be told, Woo Bin, Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo always keep an eye for Yi Jeong and make sure that he will live his life properly especially after his parents' death. They practically become his guardian angel. They are aware that he had difficulties in accepting his parents' death especially as eight years old boy. They witnessed how Yi Jeong becomes a complete

different person since that fateful day. So when they found out that Yi Jeong will be married, they felt relieve knowing that their best friend already found his happiness. "Jeong-ah...be happy. You deserve it...and...don't ever make her cry or I'll hunt you down by myself" Woo Bin said as he taps Yi Jeong shoulder "You guys don't have to worry about me again. I won't disappoint you guys" Yi Jeong respond to him

Their conversation has to end because someone knocks the door as the sign that the ceremony will be start. The four of them walk out from the room and stand-by at the entrance of the church. From his spot he can see the humble church has been decorated with translucent white fabric on every wooden bench and purple orchid similar as he wears in his suit pocket which successfully makes the room inside the church looks beautiful even in a simple ways. Various types and colors of orchid also decorated the church both outside and inside. He remembers orchid is Ga Eul favorite flower. She said orchid is the symbol of love, luxury and beauty.

He can see Mr. and Mrs. Chu sit at the front left side, while Mr. Lee and Mrs. Lee sit at the opposite side. Mr. Chu and Mr. Lee have this bright smile and proud expression on their face while Mrs. Chu and Mrs. Lee are a little bit tearful but still manage to have a smile on their face. As Ga Eul requested, the ceremony should be held in private means that the invitation also limited to their close friends and relatives, so roughly there are only thirty people in that room who also have smile plastered on their face.

His best men Woo Bin, Ji Hoo and Jun Pyo walk towards the altar become the sign that the ceremony is begin. Once they reach the altar, the three of them turn their body to face Yi Jeong, who still waiting for his turns to walk in, and give him their best smile. Yi Jeong takes a deep breath before he takes his first step and walk confidently towards the altar. Once he reaches the altar, he patiently waits his bride to come. First, Lee Ha Ra as the bridesmaid who looks gorgeous wearing soft purple satin strapless dress with ruching detail at waist and peplum ruffle detail that adds eye-catching appeal, walking from the entrance with a bouquet of pink rose in her hand. Yi Jeong smiles to her.

Yi Jeong then drifts his gaze to the entrance expecting his bride to show herself. He doesn't know where it comes, but suddenly he feels butterflies in his stomach as his heart beat rising. Then he sees her for the first time that day. It was the first time he forgot how to breath just to see her standing at the entrance. It was the first time he sees her in her wedding dress. Even from behind the transparent veil, Yi Jeong can see Ga Eul smile brightly to him. Ga Eul locks her eyes to his as she walking towards him. The A-line white silk chiffon gown design with sweetheart neckline and beads on the bodice and the waistline that gives great curves in the right places, make her looks gorgeous without being too much fuss. She wears a pair of

diamond earring from Mr. Lee and the engagement ring to complete her appearance. She has white roses and purple orchid in her hand as the symbol of the purity of their love.

He held out his hand when she is close enough to him and both now facing the priest that will lead the ceremony. The ceremony runs smooth and solemnly. Now it's time for both of them to say their vows. Ga Eul is the first to say the vow. She gives flower to Ha Ra and then she holds his hands in hers. "I used to have a perfect life, but a certain situation makes my life totally different. Situation that I never imagined before. And I admitted that I couldn't handle the situation very well. There were times when I lost my comfort, courage and strength" she paused for a moment as she holds back the tears that threatening to fall "But I'm glad that you were there to give me the new comfort, new courage and new strength for me. I'm glad that you hold my hand all the time. As you always stay beside me all this time, I will stay beside you forever" she paused again as she smiles to him

"I, Chu Ga Eul, choose you, So Yi Jeong, to be my husband. I will trust you and respect you, laugh with you and cry with you, loving you through good times and bad" she then takes the ring. "With this ring, I give you my hand, my heart, my love and my promise to you" she said then she slid the ring to his finger and smile once done

Yi Jeong returns her smile before his turn to say his vow. "Losing of people who I loved when I was a boy, surely hard and difficult for me to handle. Since that fateful day, I lost everything that I have. Gone is my security, my confidence and my comfort so I lock down myself. I am afraid of losing something precious for me once again. There are time when I don't sufficiently believe myself" he paused to takes a deep breath before continue "But just by seeing you, I know that you have everything I need. The security, the confidence and the comfort that have been missing from me all this time, I found in you. You're the one that I look for and I feel complete again just by your presence. As you always stay beside me all this time, I will stay beside you forever" he paused to compose himself

"I, So Yi Jeong, choose you, Chu Ga Eul, to be my wife. I will trust you and respect you, laugh with you and cry with you, loving you through good times and bad" he then takes the ring and smile to her. "With this ring, I give you my hand, my heart, my love and my promise to you" he said then she slid the ring to her finger

The room filled with a very comfortable silent as everyone in the room somehow affected by the couple's words. The priest is the one who broke the silent in the room. "I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride"

Yi Jeong then slowly opens her veil; he rests his left arm to her waist as he pulls her closer to him. He then kisses her gently with the sound of the guests' applause as the background.


After the ceremony, the newlywed couple along with the entire family and guests who attended the wedding ceremony goes straight to the ballroom where the wedding reception will be held. Upon their arrival, the couple and their parents enter the ballroom. The decoration is similar with the decoration used in the church but of course the decoration in the ballroom is more luxury and glamour. Once entering the ballroom, the newlywed couple settle themselves at the table that provided for them, while their parents also settle themselves at the separate table not far from the couple. The atmosphere is comfortable as everyone in the room is enjoying the dinner and the beautiful sight of the perfect couple who looks very happy.

"Are you alright? You look pale" Yi Jeong whisper to his wife worriedly "I'm...a little bit nervous" Ga Eul softly to him "Why? Because of the guests? Uncle Lee reduced the number of invited guests" "Well...it's still too much...for me" she answers him weakly

Before Yi Jeong can replies to her, the master of ceremony announce that the couple will perform their first dance. To hear that, Yi Jeong stands up from his seat as he held out his hand for her who then reach his hand. Both walk to the center of the room. Yi Jeong rests his left hand at her back while his right hand holding her left hand as Ga Eul rests her free hand on his shoulder. Knowing the nervous expression on her face, Yi Jeong pulls her closer to him as he fixed his gaze to her. "It's alright. Just look at me and ignore them" he whispers to her who tries to focus her mind to following his suggestion as they sway to the music "Is it better?" Yi Jeong asks her again after some time "Definitely" Ga Eul replies to him with her smile adorn her pretty face

"Now I understand why everyone didn't allow me to see the wedding dress" "Oh...they are very strict about that one. So...what do you think?" "You take my breath away" Yi Jeong softly said to her who blushing to hear his compliment "Thank you" she manage to replies him shyly "Ga Eul-yang..." "Hmm?" "I love you" there he said those three words to Ga Eul who widened her eyes to hear his confession "I know this is the first time I said those words to you. I know I never openly tell you about my feeling towards you. Sometimes I have these difficulties to express my felling with words...I only can show you how I feel towards you while hoping that you will understand. I just want you to know that even though I never say those words, I do love you" he explain to her "Sometimes actions speak louder than words. Even once in a while I just wish you can tell me how you feel towards me, but you prove yourselves enough. I experience a hard time in life, but you make me experience the beauty in it. I might not hear those words from you all this time, but I can feel it from your action. But today I'm so happy to hear it from you. I love you too" she replies to him with teary eyes "You're the most beautiful thing happen in my life" Yi Jeong said to her as he lean to her and capture her lips

Starting today, both ready to face their future together, hand in hand walk through the bitter and sweetness of life with their promise as the strong base. No one say that life will be easy. Life is a lesson need to be learned. No one say that life will always be smooth. Life is a journey need to be traveled. Life is a story where there are a lot of emotion and feeling involved in it. Life is a challenge need to be faced. Life could be hard and have many obstacles, but as long as we remain positive, we can see the beauty in it.

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