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NTDS to Ethernet and other NTDS products

GET Engineering MIL-STD-1397 NTDS to TCP/IP (Ethernet) Converters transform NTDS data to standard Ethernet protocol effectively turning you NTDS ports into a NIC Card that meet stringent NTDS latency specifications Any NTDS device can be accessed through a standard Gigabit Ethernet port GET Converters integrate legacy UYK tactical data processors and peripheral equipment into the new Net Centric "Open Architecture" standard Hardware configurations are offered in various Rugged Enclosures and Rack Mounted 4U Chassis Software conforms to the standard GET Engineering driver protocol The user configures the server software though the TCP/IP connection using the GET Common User Interface for ease in application development and porting Multi node connectivity is through the Ethernet interface.

GET Engineering is proud to announce its new MIL-STD-1397 NTDS to Fiber Optic Converters These converters provide a fully compliant MIL-STD-1397 interface from existing legacy military computing equipment to state-of-the-art fiber optics Interface protocols are handled in real time, providing authentic representation of all NTDS communications through the fiber optic interconnect All configuration parameters are accessible through simple DIP switch settings or can be programmed through the diagnostic interface located on the front panel These converters utilize GET Engineering's proprietary NTDS ASIC technology, ensuring the ultimate in signal quality and fidelity

Standard NTDS interface cards 100% MIL-STD-1397C Compliant NTDS Type both Parallel and Serial VME,cPCI,PMC,PCI,ISA and PC/104+ form factors Full-duplex 8, 16 or 32-bit transfers Reconfigurable to support specific applications 4Mb of dual-ported RAM 256KB EPROM NTDS transfers with little or no host intervention User-programmable 68K CPU Asynchronous commands do not disrupt data buffers Multiple configuration choices: Rear I/O, Front I/O, or Front and Rear I/O Software selectable Modes: Computer, Intercomputer, Peripheral, or Interperipheral Receive and transmit multiple forced external functions without loss Command and interword time-outs