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Electrical Safety Checklist

Date Assessment Completed

Item 1. Are all overhead power lines on the property clear of mobile machinery? See no-go zone information below Yes No Required Action Take measurements where necessary Ensure power lines are raised or put underground Power lines can sag in hot weather Consider RCD installation check with electrician and in the short term use portable RCDs in each circuit Take steps to have electrical leads and equipment tested and tagged or at least regularly checked Remove damaged or faulty leads and power tools from service Always use a registered electrician Regardless of what qualifications a worker holds, they must still be trained to use the equipment in that particular workplace Leads should be located above the workers where possible Check with authorities. Dial Before You Dig Phone 1100, Fax 1300 652 077 Person Responsible Completion Date

2. Are Residual Current Devices installed in the electrical power system? Check the switch board. An RCD is identified by a test button 3. Have electrical leads been tested and tagged according to recommended standards? Not a legal requirement on a horticulture property but a Standard that is recommended 4. Is your electrical system maintained by a registered electrician? 5. Have workers been trained to use electrical equipment safely? 6. Are electrical leads correctly routed and positioned when in use? 7. Are you aware of the location of any underground power cables?