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59 English Grammar For All Levels


Murad Sawalmeh

Use of Prepositions

in March / in October / in 1982 / in winter / in summer
in the 19th century / in the twentieth century / in the evening(s)
in the 1990s / in the morning(s) / in the middle ages
in the afternoon(s) / in the past / in (the) future / in time.

1- In Jordan most people dont work on Fridays

2- The sun rises in the morning.
3- My father was born in 1977.

: .2
in America

in Jordan

in Iraq

in Damascus

in Amman

1- I have lived in Syria for three years. .

2- We watched several beautiful buildings when we were in London.
3- There are more than fifteen universities in Jordan.

( ) .3
1- My brother will be here in a year.
2- I will be ready in two hours.
3-They will get married in seven months. .

60 English Grammar For All Levels

Murad Sawalmeh

.1 :

1- Adnan gets up at 7:00 oclock.

2- I have my breakfast at eight o'clock. .
3- We arrived home at 6:30.

.2 :
at dusk

at night


at noon

at dawn

1- We visit each other at night.

2- Cocks crow at down.
3- The sun is very hot at noon.

.1 :
1- I will be at home on Friday.
2- The first man walked on the moon on 21 July 1969
3- We have been invited to a party on 16 January
4- My birthday is on the tenth of October.

.2 ) ( :

1- Put the flowers on the table.

2- We sat on the floor.
3- There is a mark on your shirt.

61 English Grammar For All Levels

Murad Sawalmeh

(In front of)

: ( ) 1- Dont sit in front of the television.
2- The book was open in front of him.
3- Park your car in front of the house.


(Next to)
: ( ) 1- Sami always sits next to me.
2- Next to English I think my favorite subject is history

: ( ) -1
1- The football match was watched by thousands of people.
2- The new hospital was opened by my father.

3- All the body functions are controlled by the mind. .

: ( ) -2
1- Come and sit by me.
2- They stood by the table
3- The bell is by the door.


: ( ) -3
1- By October we shall have finished painting the house.
2- He will have been in Amman by the beginning of next summer.

Murad Sawalmeh

62 English Grammar For All Levels

.1 :
1- I opened the door with the key.
2- Please write with pen.
3- These photographs were taken with a good camera.

.2 ) ( :
1- I will go with you.
2- We left the keys with the neighbors.
3- I live with my parents.


.3 ) ( :

1- I saw a girl with black hair.

2- The child with blue eyes is my brother.
3- He has a house with a garden

) ( : 1- He studies from six till eight oclock. .
?2- Where did he come from

3- I traveled from London to New York

.1 ) ( :

1- My father goes to work by bus

2- I gave the book to Ahmed.

.2 :
1- I traveled from Amman to Syria.

2- Samia usually works from 7 oclock to 10 oclock

Murad Sawalmeh

63 English Grammar For All Levels

.3 ) ( :
1- It is ten to four.
2- It's fifteen to ten.


.4 ) ( :
1- He went to Amman to meet his friend.
2- I want some money to buy this book.. .

.1 ) ( :
1- There is a letter for you.
?2- Is that flat for sale

.2 ) ( :
1- I have lived in Amman for three years. .
2- I havent seen him for three months.

.3 ) ( :

1- I bought this car for 3000 JD.

.1 ) ( :
1- Ayman runs about the garden every day. .

.2 ) ( :

1- They are talking about you.

.3 ) ( :

1- I saw Khalid about two hours ago.

.1 :

1- The results of the exam were good.

2- The roof of the cave had collapsed.

64 English Grammar For All Levels

Murad Sawalmeh

: ( ) .2
1- She is dressing a coat of many colors.
2- This table is made of wood

: .3
1- Half of the cake was eaten before lunch. .
2- Three of the houses were stolen last night.

: 1- Ahmed sat between Ali and Sameer.

2- The office is located between the school and the mosque.

: 1- I saw Mohammed sitting among the crowd.
2- He divided his money among his children.

: ( )
1- Mona likes to sit beside her father. .
2- He used to keep his bag beside him.

: ( ) 1- Dont write below this line.

2- Children below ten years old.
3- For further explanation of this point, please see below.

65 English Grammar For All Levels

Murad Sawalmeh

: ( )
1- There is a small garden behind the house. .
2- Look behind you, Ahmed.

: ( ) 1- The cat is asleep under the table.
2- Children under sixteen years of age.

: ( ) 1- The weather gets cold during winter.

2- We go swimming during the summer holidays.
3- I visit my friends during my holiday.
4- This man suffered from loneliness during his childhood.

: ( ) 1- Dont write above the line.
2- The students name is mentioned above..

: ( ) 1- Our team has qualified to play against the winning team.
2- The man swam against the current.

Murad Sawalmeh

66 English Grammar For All Levels

) ( :1- I walked along the road.

2- The ship was sailing along the beach..

) ( : 1- After doing my work, I went home..
2- I will phone you after 6 oclock..
3- The cat is running after the mouse.

) ( :1- You can call me any time before 10 oclock.
2- Ahmed came before Ali.
3- The accused stood before the judge.

) ( :
1- Ali was in the room then he went into the living room.

2- My mother went into the kitchen..
3- The boy is running into the tree.

) ( : 1- The man parked his car near the house..
2- I dont like to sit near the window.

67 English Grammar For All Levels

Murad Sawalmeh

: ( )1- The manager will come within 10 minutes
2- Live within your income.
3- The men are within the house.

4- The anger was still there deep within her. .

: ( ) 1- My mother drinks his coffee without milk .
2- He left without saying goodbye.
3- Man cant live without water.

: ( ) 1- The monkey climbed up the tree.

2- Our friend was waiting up the hill.

: ( ) 1- He went down the hill
2- Go down this road..

: ( ) 1- The cat climbed over the wall.
2- There is a label over the bottle.
3- I lived in England for over ten years. . 10
4- This is suitable for children aged 10 and over.

68 English Grammar For All Levels

Murad Sawalmeh

) ( :
1- He has been abroad since January. .
2- They have lived in London since 1992.


: ( ) 1- We drove through the center of London.

2- You can look through this telescope. .
3- He got the money through the bank ..

(Until/ till)
: ( ) 1- My friend waited for me until/till I finished..
2- We wont leave home until/till he comes.
3- The bank is open until/till 3 oclock.
. /
Position of Prepositions

: -1
1- You have to stay at home.

2- This library is rich in books.
3- Ali will leave for Paris next week..
4- I am ashamed of myself.
5- You can go with me.
6- My father is proud of my success.

: -2
1- My brother is looking for a flat these days...
2- Our trip will set off at 4 o'clock this morning. .
3- Look at the plane, Ahmed.

4- I deal with people honestly.

69 English Grammar For All Levels

Murad Sawalmeh

: -3
1- With whom did you go yesterday?
2- In which country was he born?
3- From whom did you borrow the book?
4- From where did you come?
5- To whom did she give the letter?
6- With what did your mother cut meat?
7- In which drawer do you put the pens?

1- Where did you come from?
2- Whom did you give the letter to?
3- What did your mother cut it with?
4- Which drawer do you put the pens in?

(whom, which, where, ) -4

1- This is the university from which I graduated.
2- Jordan is the country from where I come every day.
3- This is the person with whom I came.
4- Did you see the purse in which I put the money?.

1- This is the university which I graduated from.
2- Jordan is the country where I come every day from.
3- This is the person whom I came with.
4- Did you see the purse which I put the money in?.

1- This teacher is relied on.
2- This is an important question that must be focused on..

70 English Grammar For All Levels

Murad Sawalmeh

Verbs, adjectives and idioms with prepositions

.(with) -1
collide with
polite with
familiar with
begin with
interfere with
mix with
provide with
agree with
angry with (sb)
satisfied with

shake with
tremble with
ill with
write with ( )
acquaint with
with the knife
with cold
argue with
cooperate with
consult with
correspond with
deal with
delighted with
disagree with
supply with

live with
come with
fight with
pleased with
friendly with
furnish with
charged with
loaded with

with confidence
with pleasure
with the help of
travel with
endowed with
covered with
with black hair
with the pen
with care
busy with
compare with
compete with
content with
cover with
crowded with
cut with
fill with
talk with

71 English Grammar For All Levels

Murad Sawalmeh

:(at) -2
amazed at
fire at
at night
at noon
at dawn
at midday
at sunset
at sunrise
at the age of
at (the) university
at (the) school
at home
at work
at college
at midnight
at Charismas
at supper
at breakfast
at lunch
at Ramadan
at the office
at the airport
at the hotel
at sea
at a speed
at a temperature of at the station
at Al-Razi street at the cinema
at 15
at reception
at a football match at the theatre
at a glance.
at Ali's house
at peace.
at ease.
at a profit.
at fault.
at random.
at a loss.
at any rate.
at liberty.
at a guess.
at length.
at the hair salon
at large.

at the bookstore .
at the toy store
at the conference
skilful at
at the fair

aim at
joke at
point at
expert at
at once
at present
at leisure
at the beginning
angry at
at the end of
at least
at most
at a high price

at a low price
at first sight
at a high speed
at a low speed
at weekend
at war
at the same time
at the bottom
at the back of
at the invitation of
at the party
at the meeting

72 English Grammar For All Levels

laugh at
look at
smile at
throw at
good at
pleased at (sth)
arrive at ( )
bad at
buy at ( )
cruel at
shout at
at best.
at all costs.
at the crossroad
at all .
at the bus station
at an auction
at the page of.
by taxi
by bus

Murad Sawalmeh

surprised at
astonished at
bark at
sad at
slow at
stare at
at lunchtime
at al-Adha Eid
at this moment
at the bus stop
at the door
at the top of
at the church
at the shop
at the restaurant
at the front of
at 2 o'clock

at the village
by mistake
by accident

: (by) -3
by sea
by plane
by helicopter
by car
by air
by ship
by train
by boat
by bicycle
by rail
by cheque
by October
by 10 per cent
by birth.
by luck.
by marriage.

by hand
by telephone
by electricity
by the meter
by the day
by the month
by the year
by the way
by Ahmed
by the manager
by the dozen
by far
by order .
by force.
by mail
by and large.

73 English Grammar For All Levels

by means of.
by 10 oclock
tired by ( )
catch by ( )
step by step
side by side
by chance
by all means
by nightfall
by heart
one by one

Murad Sawalmeh

by and by .
by me
by the sea
by the table
by all accounts.
by appointment.
by auction.
by invitation.
by law.
by land
by road

:(in) -4
believe in
come in
get in
interested in
involved in
in general
in fact
in time
in order to
in order that
in my opinion
in words
in figures
in block letters
in the sun
in the rain
in the mountains
in the room
in the box
in the sea
in the garden
in August
in the army
in collage
in return.

in the morning
in the evening
in the afternoon
in charge of
in front of
in the back of
in honor of
in memory of
in need of
in search of
in the direction of
in the middle of
in prison
in hospital
in bed
in Germany
in the shade
in the dark
in confidence .
in a circle
in Italian
in painting
in school
keep in touch.
in uniform.

74 English Grammar For All Levels

in a row.
in ruins.
in safety.
in season. /
in short.
in the suburbs.
in good/ bad taste.
in the news..
in a good/ bad mood
in moderation.
in luxury.
in the long run.
in favor of .
in fashion.
in existence.
in exchange for.
in cash
take part in
in good/ bad condition
. /
in comparison with
in common..
succeed in
employ in
fail in
help in
in the picture
in the mirror
in the world
in the street
in the sky
in the river
in his pocket
arrive in( )
in person.
in your face.
in place of. /
in politics.
in theory.
in practice.

Murad Sawalmeh

in use.
in vain.
in view of
in a loud/ low voice
. /
in the park.
in pairs.
in pain .
in other words.
in order of/ to.
in the open air .
in oils.
in a nutshell .
in and out
in doubt.
in detail.
in demand
in aid of
in danger.
in the center.
in extremis
in your face
in that
rich in
trust in
write in( )
share in
participate in
weak in
in love with
in the newspaper
in the photograph
in your mouth
in Africa
in hand.
in fun.
in focus.
in the flesh.
in flames.
in control of .
in with

75 English Grammar For All Levels

in principle.
in progress.
in a queue.
in reality.
in length/ width
. /
in ink/ pencil/ pen
. /

Murad Sawalmeh

in a hurry.
in the hope of
in honor of ( )
in good/ bad health

:(on) -5
go on
on time
on a horseback
on foot
on charismas day
on a bicycle
on the right
on the left
on a vacation
on a picnic
. /
on the whole .
on my way to
on the occasion of
on and on
on the television
on the phone
on the table
on the ground
on a island
on Sunday
on the farm
on the motorcycle
on the river Thames
on the fourth of July
on condition that
on a tour.

on the door
on the wall
on the map
on the chair
on the horse
on the page
on the move
on Friday
on his nose
on the ceiling
on the floor
on the grass
on the beach
on the shirt
on the bottle
on business
on a trip
on the bus
on the train
on the plane /
on the ship
on the list
on the back of
on the front of
on the news.
on the outskirt
on page.

76 English Grammar For All Levels

on demand.
on a diet
on duty.. /
on earth.
on edge.
on an expedition.
on fire.
on the 4th floor.
on horseback.
on impulse.
on the increase.
on a journey.
on loan.
on the market.
on the road.
on and off .
on a cruise
insist on
revenge on
depend on
base on
keep on
spend on
on purpose
on the first floor
on Eid-Fitr Day
on the weekend
on account of
on the agenda
on one's birthday.
on the border.
on call
on the coast.
on no condition.
on the contrary

Murad Sawalmeh

on parade
on the pavement.
on a platform.
on principle.
on the radio.
on sale.
on schedule.
on sight.
on this street
on the screen.
on the sofa.
on good terms
on credit
on board
live on
concentrate on
comment on
keen on
oblige on
intent on
impress on
congratulate on
take pity on(sb)
dependent on
economize on
rely on
come on
waste on
on the whole
on (the) air.
on approval.
on arrival. /
on average.
on bail.
on balance.
on behalf of.

77 English Grammar For All Levels

Murad Sawalmeh

:(from) -6
obtain from
separate from
deviate from
tired from
deduce from
resulting from
finish from
hear from (sb)
different from
far from
escape from
profit from
prevent from
suffer from
borrow from
receive (sth) from

from work
from London
from the tenth floor
from 1990
from Ahmed
from my father
from the top of
from now on
from 2 o'clock
resign from
recover from
dismiss from
protect from
distinguish from
keep away from
rescue from

(of) -7
fear of
proud of
remind of
accused of
accuse of
afraid of
approve of
ashamed of
complain of
consist of
die of ( )
empty of
sure of
tired of
scared of
dispose of
frightened of
on behalf of

get out of
come out of
guilty of
make fun of
take care of
think of
dream of
fond of
full of
jealous of
glad of
get rid of
cure of
south of
north of
the city of Amman
of course
by means of

78 English Grammar For All Levels

in behalf of
aware of
boast of
kind of
despair of
warn of
confident of
repent of
rob of
by reason of

Murad Sawalmeh

of course not
an account of
certain of
compose of
composed of
made of
capable of
incapable of
ignorant of
hear of (sth)

:(for) -8
thankful for (sth)
leave for
easy for
enough for
feel pity for
fit for
apply for
get ready for
hope for
spend for
pay for
look for
sing for
read for
anxious for
For ages.
for breakfast/ lunch . /
for granted.
for hire.
for a walk.
responsible for
search for
sorry for
suitable for
blame for

prepare for
ready for
famous for
sell ... for
for sale
for ever
go for
for rent
for all
for ten miles

for two years
last for ever
inclined for
late for
for the sake of...
for short.
for love
for keeps
write to (sb)
apologize for
long for

ask for
remedy for
grateful for (sth)
a cheque for

79 English Grammar For All Levels

care for (sb)
wait for
fear for
for all/ for good
for the time being.

Murad Sawalmeh

for certain.
for fun.
for your birthday

for a while

.(out) -9
out of debt.
out of doors.
out of fashion.
out of focus.
out of hand.
out of luck.
out of order.
out of work.
out of tune.
out of breath.
out of character
out of condition.
out of control.

out of the ordinary.

out of place
out of practice
out of print.
out of the question
out of reach
out of season.
out of sight
out of danger.
out of date

out of step.
out of stock.
out of turn.
out of use

80 English Grammar For All Levels

Murad Sawalmeh

.(to) -10
introduce (sb) to (sb)
award to
attend to
attribute to
blind to
accustomed to
married to
be used to
faithful to
related to
superior to
equal to
grateful to (sb)
thankful to (sb)
lie to
exposed to
get to
eager to
prefer to
stop to
talk to
invitation to sth /sb
prefer... to
surrender to
turn to
useful to
reply to
respond to
submit to /
contrary to
kind to
lend to
engaged to

similar to
belong to
throw to
listen to
subscribe to
( )
look forward to
write to
instruct to
advise to
send to
pass to
give to
to me
in order to
to school
to bed
to work
to university
to prison
to hospital
invite to
in accordance to
with reference to
with regard to
close to
exposed to
to church
native to
obedient to
object to
occur to
oppose to

81 English Grammar For All Levels

Murad Sawalmeh

: -11
translate into
divide into
branch into
convert into
off the map.
off the peg.
under age.
under arrest.
under control.
under discussion.
off the wall
rebel against
fight against
struggle against
vote against
off the air.
off color.

worried about
uneasy about
doubtful about (sth)
right about
care about (sth)
off the record.
without delay
without fail
within minutes.
off the point
under pressure.
under repair.
under the weather.
against the law.
off limits
off duty.
into pieces.

-Choose the correct preposition from brackets.
1. Students dont go to school------ Friday. ( at, in, on, of )
2. I always go to school ----- foot.( by, with, for, on )
3. My mother cut meat ------- a knife. (in. with, by, at ).
4. He arrives home ------ 9 oclock. ( on, in, at, to )
5. The house is ------- fire. ( about, with, from, on )
6. Ali was born ------ 1988. ( of, by, in, for )
7. Sami is Jordanian. He comes ------ Jordan.( up, within, near, from )
8. Some people drink tea ------- sugar. ( without, about, of, in )
9. Children were playing ------ the trees. ( between, among, in, with )
10. I enjoy reading stories ------- night. ( in, at, of, on )
11. I stayed in London ------ a week. ( for, into, at, in )
12. He sent her a present ------ her birthday. ( with, on, in, by )
13. The customers came ------- the shop. ( into, against, with, from )
14. I sat ------- the window. (to, about, by, of )
15. He gives much money ------ the poor. ( to, over, through, of )

82 English Grammar For All Levels

Murad Sawalmeh

16. I went to America ------ holiday. ( in, on, at, with )

17. What is his feeling ------his mother ?( within, beside, towards, of)
18. He left home --------- telling me. ( up, in, with, without )
19. There are some trees ----------the hotel. ( in front of, to, from, of)
20. He began to feel ill ------- the exam. ( during, by, round, of )

- Fill in the blanks with the suitable preposition.

1. The prices will go up ------- April.
2. There is somebody --------- the door.
3. There is a beautiful film ---------- television.
4. I prefer to travel -------- ship.
5. Lets talk ---------- something else.
6. There is a small village ---------- the hills.
7. The boy was hiding --------- the tree.
8. Fishermen would like to live --------- the sea.
9. The thief was caught ------------ the police.
10. This is a letter ------------ my brother.
11. I bought this book --------- one dinar.
12. I went to school --------- my brother.
13. My parents will come ---------- 15 minutes.
14. He fall in love -------- a nice girl.
15. He sat ------- his father and mother.