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Guangzhou Teemyeah Food Machinery Co.

, Ltd
Add:Rm. 108, No.55, Beiyue, Mai-cun Xi-lang, Li-wan District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong, China Tel:(020)81417161、 81417187、 81417527、 81417125 Fax:(020)81417527 Website: http://www.tianyefm.com E-mail: teemyeahlily@163.com

Bulbous Vegetable Cutter TW- 812 Purpose : For all of the bulbous vegetable cutter, for example Potato,Yam,Melon, Bamboo,Onion,slice,strip,dice cutting.

Machine Size:600(L)×500(W)×900(H) (mm) Cutting Thickness(Slice):2-20mm Cutting Size (Strip):above of 3×3mm Cutting Size (Dice):6-20mm Machine Weight:70KG Production:200-1000KG/HR Power:220V 1 phase Motor:1HP Note: Slice knife; Strip knife; Dice knife attached.