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HH203 : Front Office Practice


interdepartmental communications in a hotel is very important to ensure guest stay is satisfactory or their visit is a pleasant one. Front office as the communication liaison in providing guest services and correlated with other departments. Front office staff will response to guests requests such as: information on location of hotel, special events in the community, public transportation and etc.
HH203 : Front Office Practice

Sales & Marketing

Food & Beverage


Housekeeping Security

Human Resources Management

HH203 : Front Office Practice

Describe the front office relationship with other departments within the hotel business. -Housekeeping department. a) Room Status -Food & Beverage Department. a) Restaurants b) Beverage Counter c) Room Services d) Banquet e) Kitchen - Account Department. a) Night Audit Report - Sales and Marketing Department - Security Departmet - Maintainance Departments a) Maintaining room and hotel building b) Guest Complaint - Sport and Recreation Centre - Customer Services Departments a) Concierge b) Bell Desk c) Valet
HH203 : Front Office Practice

Front Office: It is the most important department of the hotel. The main function of this department is to give warm welcome to the guest. It helps to create good image in front of the guest. This is the first department where guest comes in contact with. It generates the maximum revenue for the hotel as it sells room to the guests. This also includes sub departments like reservation, bell desk and information desk. It also provides some facilities like concierge service to the guest.

HH203 : Front Office Practice

HH203 : Front Office Practice

FO and HD make sure that information about the guestrooms is kept accurately up to date. HD considered the most important support department for the front office. A front desk staff cannot assign a guestroom untill the room has been cleaned, inspected and released by the housekeeping department. HD and FO must promptly inform each other of any charges in a rooms availability or status. In order to maximize room sales, a change in a rooms housekeeping status should be promptly communicated to the front desk.

HH203 : Front Office Practice

HD in charge of lost and found. Chambermaid will collect items found in guestrooms after guest check out and report to the supervisor or manager. HD cleaning the rooms, lobby, office, garden, corridor etc. Housekeeping personnel need to report to the front desk any unusual circumstances that may indicate a violation of security for the guests. The front desk staff will in turn relay the problem to the security or proper in-house authority. Overall, effective communication among housekeeping department and front office department contribute to guest satisfaction in the hotel.

HH203 : Front Office Practice


the housekeeping status information used by the HD differs from the room status information used by the FO to assign rooms, a room status discrepancy occurs. This discrepancy can tremendously affect hotels ability to satisfy guest needs and maximize rooms revenue. During high occupancy (sold out) periods, a prompt relay of housekeeping information to the front desk is needed. This will help the registration process to run smoothly when guests check in. Failing to do so might cause dissatisfaction among guests. In order to organize room cleaning schedules, the HD needs information on guest departure and stay over from FO department.
HH203 : Front Office Practice


- Provide information on availability of entry to a guest room.

- A board in a hotel, showing each room with its number and floor and indicating whether it is vacant or occupied or will be occupied or become vacant during the day. - During the guests stay, the housekeeping status of the guestroom changes several times. The various terms defined are typical of the room status terminology of the lodging industry. Not every room status will occur for each guestroom during every stay.

HH203 : Front Office Practice

Room Status Terminology

Occupied Complimentary Stay over On-change Do Not Disturb Sleep-out Skipper Sleeper Vacant and ready Out-of-order Double lock Lockout Did Not Check Out Due out Do not paid Check out Late Checkout
HH203 : Front Office Practice

Occupied : A guest is currently registered to the room. Complimentary : The room is occupied but the guest room is
assessed no charge for its use.

Stay Over : The guest is not expected to check out today and
will remain at least one more night.

On-Change : The guest has departed but the room has not yet
been cleaned and readied for re-sale.

Do Not Disturb : The guest has requested not to be disturbed. Sleep-out : A guest is registered to the room but the bed has
not been used.

Skipper : The guest has left the hotel without making any
arrangements to settle his or her account / payment.

Sleeper : The guest has settled his or her account and left the
hotel but the front office staff has failed to properly update the rooms status.
and is ready for an arriving guest.

Vacant and Ready : The room has been cleaned and inspected

HH203 : Front Office Practice

Out-of-order: The room cannot be assigned to a guest. A room Double Lock : The guest room door is locked from inside and
outside two times so that no one can enter.

may be out-of-order for a variety of reasons including the need for maintenance, refurbishing and extensive cleaning.

Lockout : The room has been locked so that the guest cannot
re-enter until a hotel official clears him or her.

DNCO ( Did Not Check Out ) : The guest made arrangements

to settle his or her account but has left without informing the front office. following days checkout time. today.

Due Out : The room is expected to become vacant after the

Do Not Paid : The guest is going to check out from the hotel

Check Out : The guest has setteled his or her account, returned
the room keys and left the hotel.

Late Check Out : The guest has requested and is being allowed
to check out later than the hotels standard check-out time.
HH203 : Front Office Practice


and Beverage

Need Front Office staff to provide information about operating hours, menu, location and when guests check-in. FO needs to give reports on guest methods of payment to F&B. FO must also work with F&B in terms of credit adjusment.



Restaurants Beverage Counter Room Services Banquet Kitchen

HH203 : Front Office Practice

A restaurant is a commercial establishment committed to the sale of F&O. A restaurant may be a licensed part of a hotel operation. Restaurant may also be independent business etities under individual ownership & management. A restaurant prepares & serves food, drink & dessert to customers in return for money. Restaurant very greatly in appearance & offerings, including a wide variety of the main chefs cuisines & service models.

HH203 : Front Office Practice

Coffee Shop/Coffee House

-food is pre-plate & the atmosphere informal.

Continental Restaurant -the atmosphere is more sophisticated & caters for people
who can est at leisure

Specialty Restaurant -the service is based more or less on the style of the country from which the particular cuisine originates.
HH203 : Front Office Practice

Bar or lounge Bar also called pub, tavern, beer garden or saloon that serves alcoholic drinks & nonalcoholic. Also contributes to the sale of food & beverage that can maximize hotel revenue with specific license.

HH203 : Front Office Practice

Room service workers at the hotel bring food & other items to hotel rooms, by request of the guest & usually for extra charge Room service differ based on their size of hotel, operating hours, number of employee & demand.

HH203 : Front Office Practice



All transactions involving cash, billing, purchasing and other numerical data processing and reporting are dne in this department. This department also assist with the preparation of the annual budgets and the profit and loss statements and other accounting reports.

HH203 : Front Office Practice


and Marketing Department

This department sells the hotel and all its services and brings in the guests. S&M have targets to meet and their goal is to keep the hotel busy all year. The Public Relations department ensures that the image of the hotel and the company in the local community is always maintained at the very highest level.

HH203 : Front Office Practice



SD ensures the safety and security of all guests, employees their property and the hotel building and the equipment contained within it.

HH203 : Front Office Practice



MD kept continuosly do an excellent state of maintenance and repair for the safety and comfort of our guests and employees. This department ensures that air conditioning, heating, ventilation, water supply, sewage, furniture, carpeting, painting etc are kept in good working condition at all times.

HH203 : Front Office Practice


And Recreation Center

Responsible for the sport, fitness and creation programs and facilities. Includes services and facilities to enhance the well-being & health of our guests by offering indoor & outdoor activities. FO and S&R also discuss on special request from guest and satisfy them.

HH203 : Front Office Practice


Service Department

Responsible for giving the best service to the guest, satisfaction, enjoyable and repeat client. Major service are:

Concierge Bell Desk Valet

HH203 : Front Office Practice


HH203 : Front Office Practice