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About Me Three things about me I like football I like texting I like hanging out with friends Three things

about my family There funny There cool They drive crazy

Michael Echegoyen Per.6 1/14/13 Goals for this semester Get better grades Not get detention Be early to class

About me
I like playing football because it distracts me from playing my video games. I play so that I can tackle other players. Another thing that I like is texting friends because I get to interact with them. I can also get my homework from them if I for get to do it myself. When I hang out with my friends its cool because we do stupid stuff. We also fool around and eat a lot. Three things about my family that I like is that their funny. On New Years we always make funny jokes. Their also cool because they let me do almost anything. When I want to go out with friends they say its all right. My mom and I go to the store and she doesnt even get check for traffic. When a car passes by she goes right I front of it and then the other guy gets pissed off. This semester I plan to get better grades than last semester. Last year I was getting fs and ds. Last semester I also got detention and now I want to get any Detention. I dont want to get detention because my parents get mad. I also dont want to be late to class because then Ill be a truant.