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CAMBRIDGE Intermediate Student's Book Chris Redston & Gillie Cunningham BD tow ao : 1A Be happyl Pa CLIT went aes CEIID wesin ors COMIEETD esr win ou Love it or hate it pe CEE es ai diss (CEI poste ant neat er os, woes and pases sentence ste) 4C The best medicine pe CEEEETD secede fees: apetons wih adecties (ETI sii ow we ol rae: a? let toast serlec sess @) 4D Ata barbecue p10 CELED casings 4A Riders p28 CLEP ruse cotrcatons (CEI Pst pe Past Conta 48 Adventurers p30 CEETTD cacte aectves (GEIB Pet Peet Past Pec Pas Soe 4C_ Natural medicines p32 CLEIETD essing meaning fo crt ETINB Fea: tro ve apes: Lseing Une une king i, nde Sours AD It’s just a gomet pas safle apna mig geeaieaors aces deseibe behave 2A Slow down! pre LEED work catacatons: (GLETIND motel verbs (1); be abl, be alowed a, be suposed to 28 Ready, steady, eat pia he hen (ETI Present contnuus and Present Sple 2 W's a nightmare pie Sep; an toga ae GEETIN stn A sey cit ett cane CLETETD weak tos 2D What's the matter? pie (CTI showing concer, giving and responding to acvioe CETTE intonation 1): showing concern 3A_Your holiday, my job ‘phrasal verbs (1): travel GENUTIIID Present Pertect Simple: experience, unfinished past and recent events (COROMEEETD Poe pata Sen cat Simp 3B Lonely Planet p22 (CET phrases with travel, get and go on (GTI Present Perec ontimuaus and Present Peet Simple 3C Call that a holiday? p24 wort formation () subs or agcves and nouns ETI storing: cat mat a novcay?: Reading: Hoiay reviews, (CTT ting: ooeonant- rome ks 3D _A trip to India p26 (CLT asker or an making recommendtons SA Moving house ames CEmD mangoes 5B_A load of old junk pss shrasa vs (LENE te tte: wit, be going in Present Continuous COMMIT te tae 5C Flatpack world pao vat patos (i) (SELIM eoding:6tunitue empire: Listering Shopng et MEA COLT Miers and tatse starts 5D _Is this what you mean? paz matrls expiring what ou need '5 Review and Progress Portfolio Seeaeesne Vareg Eacte 6A_Make up your mind paa make co {CEIID tet consiona ad tuto be clases 6B Protective parents pas CEEEED ‘ese ronans (ET 210 contna conatonls wth mperatves and med! vers; incase (COMIETED moor at coon! 6C Touch wood pas synonms (GEER istering: the history of superstitions; Reading: Leam to be lucky stress 6D What's your opinion? ps0 cs nse Review and Progress Porfoso ‘Reading and Writing Portfolio 6 Technology 7A Save, copy, delete CEE competes ‘ETI ably: be able to, manage, have mo kde how, be good at, etc. 78 Want it, need it! psa (CZZE crc eaupment LENIN second conditional (CORETEEEDD tc scons onion 7C_Virus alert! pse (CEE ue of artis: te, nari stoning: Computer vinses; Reading: Ws writers (CONTE weak forms) 7D What's the password? pss (CEEED rarer ae aoc quastons (COLNE tnatin (2: eng pate 7 Reviow and Progress Porto ps0 Reading and witing Pertolo7 == Workbook B76 BD oe worta 8A _Changing weather p6o CD web (CTE epee 8B Recycle your rubbish pez CID omates SED cnr: a Ot of to muctinany, a) ong lant of ee. CRT venir 8C_Dangers at sea psa (CZEIETD vot formato x pretes nt opposes, ter ree and sues Listening: Shark attack; Reading: Saving Jesse's arm CTLLED inking even 8D Be carefull pes (CEA warring a advice 8 Review and Progress Portfolio. pe7 Reading and Writing Portfolio & Workbook p78. ‘9A Get healthy! oo CD pes CET haan CTI reat clases wit who, at, wich, whose, where ard wan 9B Good news, bad news p70 (EEE ews cteatons ‘qETEEIETID Present Perfect Simple active and passive for recent events (CTTEIIED Pn Peet Sil ate or ase 9¢ Faking It p72 {CEZEDD comeing wer attoog sen gh cesta of Power Liga How spt ar Rec: Cah Me ou Can (CULTS bets and American accents 90 At the doctor's pra CLELEED atte doctors {CEZETD bth potas, symptoms a eatent ‘9 Review and Progress Portfolio p75, ‘Reading and Writing Porttolo 8 ‘Workbook p80 Songs pi00 Pair and Group Work p12 Language Summaries pita Answer Key piat contacting poste (EE ewer going, wasivere supposed to 108 Who's that? p78 deszting pole (TEND wl verbs (2 mein detuctons 400 The party's over peo CIID vasa verns 3) SESE cing For tet fr worse Listering erupt preements CTT van a ate no ers 10D Do you mind? ps2 (ELIT 22kng ogg and reusing permission (CEEEIEEITD onan ating fr pemissin 10 Review and Progress Portfolio. pea Reading and Writing Portfolio 10 Workbook paz 1A _Any messages? ped things pecie d at work ITED eve peer senterces CTT in he. ian her 418 How did it go? pes axles to sete ots (EI repre spern questions, requests and imperatives 410 Undercover vet atoms: patina verbs SEND ead Undercover success Utening Esse Sof Undercover (CET ising words 11D tts my first day p90 LAL creck ination COTIETITD entasve sess pes ‘11 Review ana Progress Portfolio per ‘Reading and Writing Portfolio tt Workbook psa 128 Iwish! pez Informa words and phrases EEE wes 12B Important moments (LENE rases win get EID thd contol COROT te constonat 42C Superheroes pss word frmaton(): word fais GESTMD storing Te ie of Stan Lo; Rea: The rel Sido Man (CONTIN seterce sess and weak forms: review 12 Review and Progress Portfolio. poe End of Course Reviow poo Reading and Writing Portfolio 12 Workbook pas pea Recording Scripts piaz Phonemic Symbols p159 Wrregular Verb List p59 €D-ROM/Audio CD Instructions p160