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eee ee MECHANISMS AND DYNAMICS OF MACHINERY FOURTH EDITION Hamilton H. Mabie Charles F. Reinholtz Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University ~ Joun WiLEY & SONS New York Chichener Brisbane Toroato Singapore DEDICATED to the late FRED W. OGVIRE About the Authors ‘whose contributions to the First and Second Editions motivated later editions, and to SALLIE MABIE and sent REINHOLTZ whose assistance and forbearance have made this edition possible. Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Visginia Poly- B.S. degree trom and his - | Haxauton H. Mab technic Institute end Staie University since 1964. ceceived his the University of Rochester. his 8S. degree from Comet! Univers Ph.D. degree from Pennsylvania State University ‘Froe 1941 to 1960, Dr. Mabie was-on the faculty of the Sibley Schoo! of i i i ‘All sights reserved, Published simultencously ka Cant { | Mechieteal Engineering at Cornell Univesity. From 1960 to 1964, he worked at 1 i | ‘Copyright @ 1957, 19,1975, 1967, by Jobe Wey Son. ne Sandia Laboratory in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he was enesged in esearch and development related to nuclear Weapons. In addition ta his work in kinematics, Ds. Mabie is engaged in resesrch on il bearings, environmental effects Reprovection or tnelation of any pact of ‘as work beyond chat prmiled by Sections ET and 108 of the 1996 United States Copysght ‘aetwitont the permision of the copie ‘wer is wold, Request fer penmision tr Faber information should be adesied 1 {he Permisions Department, Jahn Wey & Sons gears, torque characteristics of instrument bal umiaumn and fretting corrosion of rolling ele ment be: hored many technical papers in these fields. le is a igan Soviery of fnthe fatigue hile 0 He has authored and eoaut Teenged protersional engineer and a Life Fellow of The Ame Mechanical Engineers. aie est ction of Mechanisms and Dynamics of Machinery wa published vein 1957 ond the second in 1563, both sith the late FW “The third ecition was published in 1975 and an SI Version Charles F. Reinfoliz a5 coauthor Ltrory af Congres Catsloging Ia Pablicadon Dates Mabie, Hamilton H. (Hamiton Herb), 1914 by Joha Wiley & So Oceirk as coauthor. a Incl ades index in 1978. This fourth edition has freee Metin, ee | tne Tis M1316 eid meus 1 Cuances F. Reintoute is currently Assistant Professar of Mechanical Engi- Tan OTST | secring 2 Viginia Polytechnic Institute and State University te Blacksburg, Virgins,» postion he has held since 1983. He holds B.S., M.S. and PD. worked for Burroughs Cor Peinied in the United Sates of Amedca degrees from the University of Florida. He has sf ws Ss erie iv AMQUT TEE AUTHORS sdtion ata design engineer in the Peripheral Products Group. Professor Rela. arhas bee active ia the arca af kinematics and mechanism design since 1976. He is o member of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, The Amer. ican Society for Engineering Education, nnd Signs Xi. He as also a member of ‘Tau Beta Mand Pi Tow Sigma Honor Sucieties Preface “This textbook has beea completly revised and updated. Is contents have been ‘rongenize to better math the sequence of topes typically covered and to reflect {he many changes brought about bythe wse of computers inthe classroom, These ‘honget iclade the wae of erative methods for linkage position analysis and Stati methads fa force onalyeh. BASIC langwoge compte programs, devel Oped on 8 personal compoter, have been added throughout he text to demo Sate the simplicity and power of compater method. All BASIC programslisted ‘tite tem have sho been coded in FORTRAN 77 ond listed in Appendix Thee, “The tex cam now be used with cther U.S. writs, Sl units, or combination of both, Where the unis of am equation masi be specific, bath 3 U.S. and an Sl foumare given. Ain efforthias been made 10 mainte a balance between analytical and graphical methods, 2 "This edition es been cxpanded to incade # number of sew topics. In keeping wth the addconal emphasis on computer methods, kinematic and 8 ers analysis of inkages tas een demonstrated using the comeeilly a hte Totegeried Mechanisms Program (IMP). Analytical com eg tes ‘cen expanded to include equations for deteraiing the various isk cam cow tours Bosh the U.S. and meric systems of gearing ake covered, alo complete ‘problem set is given foreach ayatem of nts, A.new sectiow that covers now ‘Meadard apor gears cul with pinion cutter has been added 10 the chapter on onatandard geeang, TWO new topics nnve Deen inetuded inthe chapter on pear Ttaim, heemanie doves and power flow through planetary gear tains. ‘Complex number metheas ard loop-clostrerequations have becn wed more catensively in the velocity and scoeleration analysis of linkages. The chapter on force analy ha been thoroughly evieed In aition tothe supecpsiion meth v