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2008 Personal annual report for Adrien Joly

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Dax Kraków Poznan Warsaw Marseille Lyon Jyväskylä Aix-en-Provence

Aug 15 to Aug 18 Sep 05 to Sep 07 Sep 08 to Sep 10 September 11 Sep 12 to Sep 14 Sep 12 to Sep 17 Oct 13 to Oct 15 Dec 24 to Jan 01

You took 12 trips in 2008, which added In 2008, you spent

up to 12,241 km or 3% of the distance
to the moon.
328 38
In 2008, you mostly coincided with:
You have 3 travellers in your network. They travelled a
total of 1,997 km in 2008, and everyone on Dopplr
Tung travelled a total of 1331.4 million km or 8.9 AU in 2008:
the approximate distance to Saturn from the Earth as
in Aix-en-Provence
of January 2009.
In 2008, Dopplr alerted its users to more than a quarter
of a million coincidences. We couldn't find many Your personal velocity for 2008 was 1.40
coincidences for you in 2008. This might change in km/h, which is about the same as a giant You spent the longest in Aix-en-Provence. We couldn't calculate the carbon footprint of your
2009 if you share your travel plans with more people tortoise. travels for 2008 because at the moment, you're not
you trust. Did you know you can easily connect with using that feature. In 2008, the average carbon of
people you know on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and those who are tracking the impact of their travels on
Flickr (amongst others)? Dopplr was 6,413 kg CO2.
Go to http://dplr.it/invite to get started. Go to http://dplr.it/carbon to get started.

The furthest distance you travelled was to

Jyväskylä (2,086 km from Massy), which is the 361st
most popular city on Dopplr. The shortest distance you
travelled was to Toulon (60 km from Aix-en-Provence),
which is the 885th most popular city on Dopplr.

The city images above sourced from Flickr and are used under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence: Plaza Rynek, Cracovia by _ _ u m i è r e _, the wall by gregloby, Vieux port Marseille by epimetheus, oldtown by Herbaltablet and Europe March 2008_ 015 by