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(In Hindu Predictive Astrology)

TI,is book deals with the results of 155 CQnjunctions of two 10 seven
Planets with relCI'cnt propitiatiolls met/wds /orvarious Conjllnctions and
M.I .E.,M.A. (Ast rology)
Superintending Engineer.( ReId)
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NEW DELHf 110001
In the delineations of horoscope, one has to deal with many
problems which have already been detailed, the author's world famous
astrology, which book became a big volume, so the important aspects
of CONJUNCTIONS OF PLANETS could not be included in the
The authors's mind was in constant agitated form that withoullhis
important aspect, how the correct delination of horoscope can be
made. Finally, the author has the honour to present Ihis work 10 the
learned readers.
In this book, the effects of conjunction of Planets of two to seven
Planets in a house have been described in detail. Pilhuyasas, son of
Varahamihira has said that effects of conjunction is jusl the mixture of
honey and ghcc, if combined in equal quantities will turn out as poison.
Each conjunction has been detailed for its benefi c and malefic results.
In a conjunction when a planet is found ret rogradc or combust, it
becomes difficult to offer the correct predictions. In this book, all ef-
forts have been made to expound this point in detail.Care is to be taken
for the aspects and the posi tion of house and sign for the planct.
One important chapter 'AS PECTS AND TRANSIT OF
PLANETS' has now been added and other chapters have been revised.
Every human being desires 10 escape from the Evi ls and m a l e f i ~ ef-
fects of the planets and to mitigate, minimise and to ward off such ef-
fects, suitable, cheap and practical upayes have been suggested in a
very detailed way through the articles, relations and professions of
various planets and hou.ses,propi tations of planets have also been in-
cluded through Mantras, donations, Tantric Upayes, Gems, Colours
and Surya Namaskar (Prayer to Sun God).
A few practical examples have also been included for the practice
IIf readers.
The llUlhnr is thankfultoall readers in INDIA and ABROAD grant-
lItH mas.s.ive popul:uily 10 my work necessitating the SECOND Edition.
Also the author is thankful to the press who have published a good,
rightful and constructive reviews of author's works.
110, Pr.Jtap Chambers,
Gurd' 'lara Road, Karol Bagh,
New J>elhi-llOOO5

Dalt!d Jan. 1989
Definition, Combustion, Orb, Valuable instructions,
Retrogression, Effects, Retrograde planets, method of
Judgement, Retrogression and Transit. Effect of Each
planet for each Ascendant.
Their effects and remedial measures for evil effects of:
Two Planets
Three Planets
. Four Planets
Five Planets
Six Planets
Seven Planets
Conjunction of RAHU and KETU with other planets.
Aspects, Main Aspects defined, rules for aspects, check
list of aspects, Hindu Versus Westren Astrology and
Table of aspects.
tRANSIT of Planets in houses, and nakshatras, Transit
of Planets to Mid heaven and Ascendant. Summary of
Planets in transit.
Articles, relations and professions assigned to each
planet, Sun; Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus,
Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, Planets and Professions.
Arlidcs of conjuncted planets
1 to 27
28 to 82
83 to 92
93 to 124
125 to 149
Articles, relations and Professions assigned to all the
twelve houses.
Definiti on, method and peri ods of upayes and upayes for immediate
relief, Malefic Planets and upayes, Mantras and Donations, Tantric
Upayes, Mantra in Tantrieand useofGayatri Mantra, Gems, how they
affect your wave lengths, and traits of Gems, Colours and their crfects,
Vibratory Values of Colours, Colours for each Sign and Table of fast,
Prayer, Medit at ii on and.Surya Namaskar.
7.PRAcnCAL EXAMPLES 177 to 182
Combustion and Retrogration
There are 12 Zodiacal signs and 27 constellations divided into four
Quarters (Padas) each, seven planets and two shadowy planets so in all
tbere are nine planets.The SUD, Venus ane Mercu'ry roughly move in
each sign for 30 days, Mars moves in 40 days, Moon moves in 21/4 days,
Jupiter moves in 360 days, Rahu and Ketu in 540 days and Saturn in
900 days. The various divisions of the signs, the sources of strength
and weakness among the planets., the names and identifying marks of
constellations aU are not provided in tbis book and may be rdered in
book: SClENTlF1C ANALYSIS OF HOROSCOPE by your author.
For the correct delineations ortbe horoscope, one should first check
the planetary strength and position, then aspects, then the good and
evil resulls which accure to planets from ownership and then associa-
tion and conjunctions.
In a conjunction of planets, we observe that in addition to the abovbe
points, there are two more important factors namely CUMBUSTION
and RETROGRATION which needs to be chcked and analysed.
These two factors are detailed here-under for the guidance of re .. ders.
Combustion or in Hindi called Asta has a great singnilicance or im-
portance in tbe interpretation of horoscope. Planets become combust
when they are within certain limits oftbe Sun. According to Surya Sid-
hanta the foUowing limits of combu.>tion are indicated from the Sun
on either side in Hindu Astrology. Combustion is one of the modes
of conjunction. The limits are:-
Moon within 12 degrees of Sun.
Mars within 17 degrees of Sun.
Mercury within 14 degrees of Sun and 12 degrees when retrograde.
Jupiter within 11 degrees of Sun.
Venus within 10 degrees of Sun and 8 when retrograde.
Saturn within 15 degrees of Sun.
Rahu combusts Sun and Ketu eclipses the Moon.
Western Astrology allows an orb go.30' either side of the Sun for a
planet beoomingcombuSi. An inherent contradiction is evident in this
theory as, a uniform orb for aU celestial bodies of various sizes and dis-
tances, can not be conceived.
In Pbaldeepika Adhaya XX Solb. 30. it is laid down, 'The good in
nuence of a planet is at its maximum.. three quarter, a balf quarter or
nil as the planets are in the exaltation, Swaksbetra, fricnd1y sign, inim
ical sign or depression sign respectively. The proportions given above
are with respect to benefics or lords of the benefic houses. In the case
of malefics or lords of malefic houses. it will be reverse. When a planet
is in combustion its effects will be similar to that in depression" i.e.
debilitation or nil quantitatively.
Parasara says that planets are capable of optimum self expression
occupying the 7tb house from the Sun which however becomes nil when
conjuncting with the Sun.
Parasara has also said that when 9th lord is debilitated or combust
it makes the native resort to begging for alms. Should Saturn occupy
6th, 8th or 12th house, debilitation or combust troubles through poison,
weapon. change of place or job, cause (or great fear, death of parent,
ill bea1tb of wife and children, troubles through state. loss, confinement
etc. are denoted.
Varahamihira says the planets that are debilitiated, vanquished in
car, combust by the Sun, devoid of rasmis or dwarfed become like ser-
pents immunilized by mantra or spell.
In Sarvartha the author Prof. B. Suryanarain Rao has
said in stanza 152 while suggesting that the lord of any bhave is com-
bust with 'the Sun (or occupies 8tb etc.) without tbe association or
aspect of beneficia1 planets, the Bhave's results become defunct.
In our classical works it is said that during the dasa of a planet in
combustion, one will be drawn into unnecessary connicts and quarels,
wife and children are afflicted and one meets with the death of serious
So from the above discussion we find that a planet is said to lose its
power completely when it is within a certain distance from the Sun as
detailed abovbe. MERCURY BEING AN EXCEmON. This is
called Ravi-Budha-Y oga. In addition the planet is called combust
when posited in the same degrees and minutes of longitude as the one
occupied by the Sun then it is said to be in "RAPT CONJUNCfJON"
with the Sun and it is considered to be eclipsed and becomes utterly
It is also provided by our sagees that planets within a distance of 5
degrees from the Sun are in full combustion, if however they are 10
degrees apart from the Sun, the combustion is partial or ordinary.
When the planet is beyond 15 degrees. there is no combustion at a1l.
In other classical and various texts and also in Jatak Tatva it is stated
that the dasa of a planet that is eclipsed (combust) will cause troubles
and produce untoward results. In Jatak Parijat it is laid that the planet
may not prove auspicious when they are eclipsed by Sun;s rays also a
planet is a house cannot advance it if its lord is eclipsed.
Kalidasa in Uttrakalamrita bas stated that one's longevity is reduced
if a planet other than Venus or Saturn is combust.
Ptolemy has said planets when they arc rising or stationary produce
intensification in the events but when setting, and under the rays of
Sun (combust) or advancing at evening, they bring about an abatement.
Alfred 1. Pearce, William Lily, C.E.O. Cartor has also agreed on
combustion and say that planets under combustion become powerless.
Venus in the heart of Sun CAZIMI gives vast honours and dignities.
Sun with Dragons Head (Rahu) is good.
According to Hindu Astrology, Rahu combuts or eclipses Sun while
Ketu eclipses the Moon.
In the foregoing verses quoted from the old treatises we find that
combust planet becomes powerless but Venus, Mercury and Saturn
are exempted from combustion. The combust planet is deprived of its
natural characteristics. AU that it denotes or signifies as a Karka is
destroyed, wholly or partially depending on how close the planet is to
the Sun.
Each month Sun conjoins Moon and each year Sun conjoins the
other planets at sometime, at whicb time they cease to be seen in the
night sky.They will be seen on the Western horizon just after Sunset
and after some days or week's absence will reappear on the Eastern
horizon before Sunrise. The disappearance may be days before the
conjunction with the Sun and it may not reappear in the East before
Sunrise till many days after the conjunction with the Sun. The disap-
ppearance in Heliacal Setting and the reappearence the Heliacal
The close conjunction of Sun Venus gives a warm hearted, cheerful
and affectionate disposition, inclines one to art, but is sometimes bad
for marriage and makes the native resentful and combative. The Moon

does not become combust but when very near the Sun becomes" the
New Moon when he is said to waning and weak which is actually the
same as if the Moon in this position was described as comhust.
Mercury though liable to combustion astronomically seem to grow
in astrological strength when very close to Sun. tn (act a special yoga.
Budha Aditya Yoga or Ravi Budha Yoga is generated by Mercury's
proximity to tbeSuD. This Yoga is only formed when Mercury tbough
combust is in his own or Moohrikona house. The combustion of Mer
cury sharpens the intelligence.
The interpretation of conjunction much depend upon the sib"ll and
house wruch cancells the dosha caused due to combustion if the planet
is with a planet in his own or exaltation house or in the association with
Kendra (angular) <lnd trikona (trines) lords.
The general principle observd in the proper evaluations is to look
for the props for weakness and dents against strength in order to ar
rive at a blanced picture. A planet exalted in rasi for instance and
debilitated in Navamsa, it is cut to size. Thirdly when a natural or func
tionally benefic planet aspects an ill placed planet. the latter is absolved
of its weakness or a considerable part ofit. These are some well recog
nised principles.
Varahamihira says on Ayurdaya that in the matter of deduction of
longevity years due to combustion of Venus and Saturn are exempted
fr om half reduction. Also Mercury is exempted from such deductions
due to conlbinbatin
Sun Mercury conjunction is common in many horoscopes as Mer
cury remains near the Sun and as detailed above Ihis is exempted from
the combustion. Almost all astro\ogiacal works agree thaI Sun Mer
eury combination is auspicious. The following arc some of the results
ascribed by different writers:
Fluctuating wealth, polite speech famous, respected, liked by king,
a great man, wealthy and strong.
The person will have glaring beauty and strength but he will be fickle
The person will be famous, clever, intelligent and happy etc.
The abvove analysis does not impose any limitation as to tbe dis
tance between tbe planets conjoining though by implication, we bave
to assume that the extent and nalure oflhe results depends much upon
the distance between the combining bodies. There are as usual dif-
ferent shades of the combustion and combination being one of the
modes of conjunction, it cannot be always treated as harmful.
So we shaH now summarise the main findings of the foregoing dis-
1. Combustion of a planet in a horoscope is no doubt unfortunate
2. It is however nothing to be alarmed.
3. It is far less fearful that Saturn adversely placed or the lord of22nd
4. There are other factors like aspects. position of planets in sign and
house, lordship wte. which we must look for.
5. At its worst, its effects will be mixed.
6. Venus. Mercury and Saturn are comparatively less fearworthy
than other.
7. As all astrological afflictions., combinations, effects too is capable
of being over come by Gems, mantras,yantras and medicines etc.
such details are provided in Chapter II and IV for each combustion
or conjunction of planet.
In aspect and conjunction 'ORB' has great importance. Technical-
ly, 'ORB' is the distance in longitude within which the influence of a
planet or aspect will operate.
In ancient times it was taught that each planet had an ~ O R B ~ or
'sphere' of influence which extended beyond its own body out into
space in all directions; in fact,it might be termed the 'aura' of the planet;
and that the influence or 'rays' of tbe planets were mingled as soon as
the peripheries of thses 'ORBS' came into contact or into aspecting
distance, as the case might be. The latest researches in scientificAstrol-
ogyseem to be approaching an actual physical explanation of this state-
ment, and there can be little doubt that it is the true basis of the ORBS"
employed by astrologers and thus will explain why 'orb' should differ
for each planet, as well as for every aspect. But we are here concerned
with the practical application of the term, which indicates how many
degreesof'approaeh' and 'departure' maybe allowed before and after
any aspect becomes technically complete. The following must be ac-
cepted and not taken as hard and fast rules.
For conj unction or oposition allow 12 degrees when SUD aspects
Moon, about 10 degree either luminary aspects a planet, and about 8
degrees for planets aspecting each other.
For Saquare and Trine about 8 degree all round may be allowed For
Sextile .." for Semisquare and Sesiquiquadrate 4
For semisextile and
Ouincunx '!l For the parallel of decli nation one degree.
Theses arc the outside limits. In all cases the closer an aspect is, the
stronger it is, and vice versa. An aspect that is only just within orbs is
very weak. In some cases two planets that 3rc widely apart by aspect
may be brought closer together by a third planet.
But by way of guide and in order to assist the mind, the approximate
interval, during which any conjunction or opposition between any of
the planets Saturn. Jupiter and Mars remains within 8 degrees orb
which has been given as outside limit. may be stated as follow; Saturn
and Jupiter, one year, Saturn and Mars, very variable according to the
position of earth at the time, but say one month, these periods are ap-
proximate. For other conjunctions, the Ephemeris for the year of birth
will of course. show exactly how long they remain in force
Before elucidating conjunctions of the various planets, it is quite
necessary to study the rules of the astrology of aspects and conjunc-
tion of the planets. The readers should memorise them for correct
predictions. These instructions arc very important and cannot be ig-
nored in the delineations.
1. Kendras, Trikonas, Panaparas, and planetary combinations are
generalyto be taken from the Lagna (Ascendant) unless from the con-
text you are otherwise advised.
2. The ownership of the planets is a constant fact ors. It does nO(
3. Aspects are nearly as powerful as the planetary conjunctions.
4. Planets in conjuncti on or Parallel with Saturn is considered good.
s. It there are two or three debilitiated planets in the horoscope,
the person will have many misfortunes.
6. Good and Evil planets (by ownership) give their rcuslts mostly
in their periods and sub periods or Dasas and Bhuktis,
7. When lord of a Kendra and Kana or Trine combine in a house
or mutually aspect each other, both acquire great strengt h to do good.
8. Combinations from the Moon are as valuable as those from
Lagna and predictions may be safely ventured on such.
9. Conjunction of Evil planets, produce bad health, unless they are
aspccted by benefics.
10. By the association or aspect of benefic planet with natural, the
nelural planet gains strength to do good, while the benefic retains its
original power.
11. Lords of Kana (1st, 5th and 9th houses) give good, while lords
of 3rd 6th, and 11th houses produce evil results.
12. When benefics own kendras produce evil, but malefics own
kendras produce good. Good and Evil planets become morc and more
powerful as they are lords of kendras (1st. 4th 7th and 10th) houses;
5th and 9th houses or 3ed. 6th and 11th houses respectively.
In this connection we will clarify that SUD, Saturn, Mars. weak Moon
and badly associated Mercury termed as natural are malefic planets.
Jupiter, Venus, well associated Mercury and Full Moon are natural
good planet_so Lord of 1st is weaker than lord of 4th, lord of 4th is less
powerful than that of 7th house, and lord of 7th is weaker than lord of
10th house. The same gradation applies to trines (Ist. 5th and 9th)
and 3rd, 6th. and 11th houses also. In the case of evil planets, they
gradually go stronger by beingowoers of the later quadrants or kendras
and get the highest power when they become lord of 10th. The reverse ,
holds good with good planets. Benefics owing first house arc not so
bad as those owing 4th and those who own 7th are worse than those
who rule the 4th and those who own the 10th are worst of the whole
lot. Remember difference between ownership and occupancy of the
13. The lords of 2nd and 12th houses give good or bad results a-c-
cordingly as they are in conjunction with lords of the other houses and
the nature oflhe house they occupy. These lords are not powerful by
virtue of their own merits by owing certain houses bUI are considerab-
ly influenced to give good or evil results by the association or conjunc-
tion and position they occupy.
14. Lord of 8th house produces evil results for peace and bappiness
as it is 12th from 9th house, a house of fortune generally but not in all
Cases. For Aries, Libra and Scorpio lord of 8th is also lord of 1st. and
behaves good. In such cases we have to add that if a planet lord of 8th
house happens to be the lord of 1st or combines with a benefic, be-
comes good.
(i) Jupiter and Venus owning kendras become very inauspicious.
When they occupy the 2nd and 7lh houses wilh such ownership,
they become nowerful in inflicting death on the nalive
2nd and
7th afC the nJ'araka or death houses. The effects will be shown
during their periods anrt sub periods.
Oil Mercury is less malefic than Jupit er and Venus and MOON
evil e .. en when they own 8th house. The exception also has been
laid in favour of Mars and Venus when they nappeR to own first
or biTt1- sign as explained in rule 14 supra.
(iii) Mars does not become good when he owns only the 10th
bouse. He must own the 5th house also to become tboroughly
good, and can happen only for a man born in Cancer or LeoLagna.
15. Rahu and Ketu give the same results as those given by the houses
they occupy and the planets they are in conjuncti on with, when they
are powerful.
The above rule we clear from the example of Leo birth. Rahu ac-
cording to Parasara is exalted in Taurus and Kctu in Varischak or Scor-
pio. Now Rahu alone in 10th house aspectcd by Saturn and Ketu from
4th house and Rahu occupies Venus house. Therefore the results in-
dicated by Rahu are of Venus and Saturn. So we should carefully cal-
culate and balance the strength before making any predictions about
Rahu. Ketu is in the house of Mars with Saturn, so will give the results
of Mars and Saturn. But while calculating the results evil or benefic.
they must be powerful. In this case both arc in exalted signs and will
confer good results during their dasas and bhuktis or periods and sub
For more details on Rahu and Ketu refer author's worldwide famous
book "Saturn, a friend or foe 1" Chapter-9.
Rahu and Ketu occupying kendras or Trikonas and combining with
other planets produce yoga or success.
,." " ,>"5
C f l ~ R T
\IE IV u.s
16. If the lord of Kendras are in conjunction with the lords of Tikonas
(Trines) without being associated with the lords of other houses, they
become extre mely powerful in producing Rajayoga.
Bul Sun and Moon have lordship of only one house, while others
arc of two houses so we can say the planets in conjunction may either
own kcndras and Trikonas each in himself or may be lords of different
houses which form kendras and lrikonas.
17. If the powerful lords orlhe kcndras and trikonas are in conjunc-
tion. even when they ae otherNisc evil, they produce good results.
t 8. If lords of 9th and 10th houses exchange places viz. if the lord
of 9th occupies the 10th or the lord of 10 occupies the 9th house, they
produce good resull s.
19. If the powcrrullords of kendra joins with anyone of the lords
of trikona thcy produce Rajayoga.
But whcn lord of 9th and 10th houses are joined by the lords of 8th
and 11th houses, success in endangered. \,
So the simple combination of the lords of 9th and 10th without the
union of olhcr planets are best for Rajayoga. But when they are con-
joined wilh the lords of other kendras and trikona houses they also
produce good results.
20. PI;lncts dchilitatcd or evil cannot do anythi ng to the person un-
less thdr own periods operate. Thc planets may be exalted but what
could thcy give.?
21. When friendly and unfriendly planets combine together they
produce mixed and ordinary results. U the planets occupy quadrants,
trines or places of exaltatiollS in conjunlion with friendly planet. They
produe beller results.
22. A Datural malefic becomes benefic if he owns a Quadrant and
become very powerful benefic if be owns a trine house.
23. A planet owning benefic and malefic houses al tbe same time
becomes neutral.
24. Also a benefic by ownership if a planet occupies a malefic house
becomes a netural.
25. Planets owning a benefic house alongwith the ownership of 6th,
8th or 12th bouse becomes a nelucal. He will do considerable evils
during second half of their dasa and bhukti.
The student is now in full grip of the main rul es required for the
delineation of conjunction of the planets and are advised to apply them
calmly and with intel(jgence.
The next point is how to analyse the conjunction of planelli when
one or more planets are retrograde in tbe conjunction.
As the benefic influence of a retrograde planet is weakened. The
relrogration is contrary to the regular direction of the planet and is in
that respect EVIL. When malefic planets are relrocrade, lhe evil ef-
fects are increased.
We will now deal this point in detail. The further details than staled
below can be referred in author's famous book, "SAltJRN, A
FRIEND OR FOE?"Chapler 11.
Sun and Moon have always direct mol ion whereas Rahu and Kelu
have reverse motion. Other planels have direct and Retrograde mo-
Due to difference in the speeds of planets, there is a continuous
cbancge in tbe Zodic, one plane( overtaking and passing another, then
apparently stowing, stopping and begining 10 move backward. The ap-
parant stopping is a "Stationary position; the apparent backward move-
ment is termed "Retrogration ".
The different periods of planets in retrogration are given below for
the purpose of information and valuable use for finding out (he aclual
occurence of an incidence.
Planet Distance No. of days of Sfa No. of days' of
from Sun tionary before-after. RetrogratioD
Retrograde Direct
MARS 228 132 3 80
MERCURYl4T02O lITO 20 I 24
JUPITER 245 115 5 120
VENUS 29 29 2 42
SATURN 251 109 5 140
URANUS 257 103 6 155
NEPTUNE 259 111 6 157
PLUTO 260 100 7 160
The favourabl e innuence of a good aspect forwarded by a planet
during rctrogration is considerably debilitated and faUs short of its ef-
ficacy in the good results whi ch would otherwise be indicated.
But the general principles are that innuence of benefic planet is
weakened when they are Retrograde. The re!rogralion is contrary to
the regular direction of the planet and is in that respect evil. Wbeo
malefic planets are retrograde, the evil effects are increased. Aspect
whether radical or progressed thai are thrown to a ret rograde planet
reduces the efficiency of the planet, what it promises falling short in
;u;tual results. Should bolh the planets be retrograde, the things indi-
cated by the aspect would be deficient or disappointing. Hence
Relrogration is considered a DEBILITY.
So when a planet is retrograde, it is teated as a debilitated planet ir-
respective of its owvcrship, st rength, position etc. and indicates its
results being a retrograde planeL
So it is quite imperative to study the effects of retrograde planets.
More details are provided in author's famous book, A
1. Men:ury Retrograde. When in birth cbart Mercury is round
retrograde, the nati ve thinks in terms of symbols and insight, rather
than facts and figures. The mind works morc easily on the sub con-
cious level. hence their insight into motivations are of len uncanny and
revealing. Such people are amazingly profound, creative, discovering
possibilities which are more direct, obvious, practival mind overl ooks.
Such people talk to themselves and hum liltle tuncs.
As Mercury is connected with Educati on, literat ure, Intelli gence
and Astrology. So the person if a writer will prefer Siori es of atmos-
phere 10 act ion, Character 10 conflict. If astrologer, they are of len
more accurate in natal analysis than in predictive work. unless an event
or action is seen as an consequence of some inncr motivation, rather
than outward ci rcumstances. They do not always seem to hear other
people. They justify their acti ons with reasons they grasp after the mat-
ter is concluded.
It is always worthwile listening to people with Mercury ret rograde.
What they say may not apply to mailer at hand but is ultimatcly cor-
2. Venus Retrograde. People with retrograde Venus do not find
enjoyments in things liked by most people. Such individuals find it
hard to adj ust to outward social conditions. In conditions which re-
quire tad and charm they arc truthful and blunt. The idealisti c images
or love. S e ~ marriage, child birth arc quil e different for them. They
tend to be fastidious about things whi ch others do not consider impor-
tant. They have generall y reverse habits and thinki ng than the ot her
people. They are also inclined tounconvenlional love expressions, may
renounce< love ror reli gions; and become quite ceremoni ous.
3. Mars Retrograde. When Mars is retrograde in one's birth chart,
the physical energy and vitali ty never ri se to meet the chall enge. It im-
plies a st ubborn, unyielding physical force whi ch docs not move unt il
some mystical reasons is found for it s expression. It is ort en key to im-
portance and frigdity, in men and women whose physical rorces arc
not unl ocked until implementd bysome nonrelatcd idea or ideal.
such persons often stop in the midcll!-, of a project to recapit u-
late.They oft en make good scientists and doctors. They also succeed
in other occupat ions whi ch require handling of physical material in an
objective, non involved way. They are very good at planning and or-
ganising the physical labour of other thoughts or develop quite dif-
Also such people are law unto themselves. They normally do not
accept the traditional way but adopt unorthodex methods their ap-
proach to life is different than usual established social norms. Mars
retrograde when adversly configurat ed in Natal
Chart indicates persons must go under extensive and successive
Women with such retrograde Mars arc signs of marital troubles,
causes the women to become frigid or to go 10 the other ext remes and
no middle course. Such women detest any intimate rel ations with their
husbands bUI are easy with younger fell ows they contact, they usualy
get themselves into troubles.
Transitting Retrograde Mars follows the general principle thallhe
powers of a retrograde planet progressively increases as its speed slows
down reaching at peak during stationery period. So during its retroga-
ti on one should not buy arms or aut omobiles, buy new property or
move into new house, to undergo surgery, to start a law suit, to join a
new job, to have sex for the first time, to employ new servant or to
enter into part ner ship.
Such people frequentl y rebel against their own desircs, try 10 Slime
them preferring 10 act, when they have to, against tremendous odds.
subconciously seeking an excuse for the failure they anticipate.
4. Jupiter Retrograde. People with Jupiter retrograde often find
success in the failures of ot hers. They start at the point where others
become discouraged, and have unique ability to succeed in projects
which have been abandoned. They arc people who become surprised
when they find opportuniti es are worked out wi th ease. Such people
revive the failed company and uncover hidden assets etc. or in other
words theydo some remarkable jobs which cannot be done byothers.ln
order to achi eve their'materi al goal, they prefer to bargain, employ in-
direct subtle psychological warfare methods in achieving thcir goal.
Such people do not respond enthusiastically to obvious opportunities
for gain, but become immedi ately alert for profit s to be derived from
such unpromising situation.
Being of subjective foresight, they seem out of step with the time.
They predict disaster where others see success and vicervcrsa. They
are specially good in situation which involve an unknown clcment a
chance factor. The ne,abilitywhich is possible due to the unknown ele-
mcnt becomes key to success. '
5. Saturn Retrograde. With Saturn retrograde, there is need to be
on guard against a sobconcious defeatism which undermine thit most
noble ambitions. Because of this self Protective fear motivation they
tend to yield too easily to external influences. They either appear shy,
uneasy, introverted, lacking in self assertion or attempt at limes to
cover this insecurity with a pretext of arrogance.
They have strong sense that fate, some universal complclling force,
controls their destiny_ They feel alone, isolated, sepcrated from their
fellow men and seldom understood. They are secretivcs. They may
be an apparent super sophistication about them, an air of total
boredom, an impression that nothing could shock them, stemming
from the fact that they really worry about being a bore and wish to con-
ceal a fact that they are indeed, shockable.
Such people do not like to be known openly in public, for they sub-
conciously fear there is no face behind the mask. They find security in
intellectuals or spirituals.
6. Uranus Retrograde. People with Uranus retrograde are most
creative, imaginable. rebellious, work a1ways for self,individualistic. In
order to search identity and ego fulfilment, they orten reach the ,most
magnificient heights of humanitarian actions. In their worst expres-
sion they are self destructive, inclined to regard themselves as unap-
preciated, constantly in court, wishing to reform everyone but
themselves. Critics of others.
Uranus is a planet symbolising the Divine counter-part of the human
ego. Such natives are generally at odds with their generation. He is
the conscience of his fellows, which is why he so often seems to have
none of his own.' Such people should bear in mind that those who
would save their lives will lose them, and those who would lose their
lives, in some higher cause than ego, will surely find them.
7. Neptune Retrograde. Such people with Neptune retrograde
need to avoid parading their virtues before the world. There is a ten-
dency to remind everyone else of tlteir righteousness, arousing resent-
ment instead of admiration they seek. They should be selfish.
Spiritual inconsistancy is denoted in such people. Being psychic
themselves, they may decry the reality of extrasensory skeptical of their
own beliefs but suspect concealment of truth when others appear cyni-
cal. Pride is apparently missing. They will conceal their ideas to such
an extent that they will become so complicated that they do not under-
stand their meaning themselves. They seek seclusion, escape from
materia1 coils. They become very subtle. In their highest form of ex-
pression they are able to revitalise old beliefs, and launch counter
reformations of simplicity when religion becomes more ritualism or
8. Pluto Retrograde. Pluto retrograde is found in birth charts of
those,who subconsciously rebel against the force of group pressures
and becomes the cause of collapse of established social moves. They
becomes violently intolerant of intolerance. They form cliques to
eradicate cliques. Such people are extremely conscious of social caste.
The resistance to group pressures is their greatest single motivation.
Such people have the seeds of anarchy or sainthood with them. A spe-
cial trait for such people is the desire to the cbange of the course of
personal inevitability and create an entirely new order for self. Their
actions involving group excitement should be carefully and objective-
ly analysed.
Notr: If a Retrograde planet is aspeeted by Jupiter, the results are
amazingly good.
The best method to judge the influence of a retrograde planet is a
measure of time, "One day for one year of l i f e ~ .
When a planet apparently changes its motion from Retrograde to
direct or viceversa, by secondary progression, conversly direct allow-
ing an orb of influence of one year on either side or when a planet or
the lights crosses the equator or the ecliptic by the same method of
progression within the life time of a person or of an undertaking, some
particul ar phase of that person's lire, or that of the project under con-
sideration is affected. Research seems to indicate that these periods
usually coincide with the time of the termination of the issue or of the
life itself or with the conclusion of some condition appertaining to it
and thc begining of some other which alters its prevailing status.
It will be noted in applying this theory, that frequently, these indica-
tions appear in the ephemeri in one progressed year before or after
that of the actual occurance of the event, but this is no doubt due to
the factor of time which enters into the matter. Therefore, make an
allowance for this "orb of Influence." So summing up the whole discus-
sion we come to the conslusion that'-
"A retrograde planet allows time to view the circumstances imper-
sonally and to decide what to do about it unaffected by our emotions.
There are times to use cautions, m<\ke an important moves untill the
planet is in direct motion."
When it is in direct motion again, you can enjoy the fruits
Plan the things when a planet turns retrograde and generally the
plans will be completed when it turns direct and generally between
tbese dales,. it is a period of marking time.
Based on the abobvc rules and Astrological cannons we find that
when a natural benefic planet traRsists a favourable House
(,9,10), if retrograde will give more good results.
But when a benefic retrograde planet transits malefic house
(3,6.8.11,12), the evil results will be reduced to the minmum.
Also when a malefic retrograde planet transits a favourable house
will neutralise the good effects of (hal house.
But when it transits a mal efic house, of course a retrograde planet,
the malefic effect of that house will become morc evils.
On the other hand, whcn the planet is direct, he will then be able to
show his pressures to the people by speaking and agonising over them,
the individual with the retrograde birth planet often goes through the
~ a m e agonies without being able to communicate, in any sensible way,
what is happening to him.
A retrograde planet represent a psychic process turned in ward and
not manageable, except with enormous efforts by the conscious ego.
A direct planet represents a psychic process, or part or the personality
that is manageable by the ego consciousness.
So, rar making analysis of a conjunction of planets the most difficult
positions are COMBUSTION and RETROGRATION whcn these
are found in conjuncting planets. With the above guide lines reader
can now easily find the effects of such conditions which will help them
in the correct analysis.
In the foregoing MValuable Instruction" we have repeatedly men
tioned benefic or malefic planet. It may bame the readers, that which
planets are benefic or mal efic for particular ascendant? For the
guidance of readers the same are detailed below:
Likewise planets, there arc certain benefic and mal efic Houses viz.;
1,2,4,5,7,9,10 are the benefic and 3,6,8,11, and 12 are the malefic
houses. The Planet s Jupiter,. Venus, Mercury and Moon are benefic
Planets whereas Sun, Mars and Saturn are malefi c ones.
The effects of the planets can be divided broadly into Four parts:
1. The Planets whi ch always produce Good or benefic results.
2. The Planets which produce always malefi c results.
3. In this part,the planets always remain Neutral.
4. The Planets which give malefic and benefic results.
The above four pariS are detailed for the guidance of readers:
1. The most benefic houses are Trines or Trikona 1st, 5th and 9th
houses. The lords orlhese houses give always benefic results, irrespec-
tive of the fact the planets may be malefic even like Mars, Sat urn etc.
In additi on to the result conferred by them in the Hooscope as general,
they also behave like that in their Dasa and Antar Dasa (Major peri od
and sub period).
2. The malefic houses are 3rd, 6th, 8th 11th, Lords of these houscs
always dcnote malefic results whether they arc benefic or if they are
mal efic, the evil results predominate for the effects as signified by
house sign and planet. Such planet affects health and other matters
but not the income.
3. Kendra houses 1st 4,7. 10th fall in this part. If the lords of these
houses are benefic planets they dcnote malefic results and if are
Malefic,then they confer the results either benefic or malefic. In the
former case of benefi c planet, it is not obligatory that thcy always work
as malefic, they too ca n show benefIC results depending on Aspect, Ex-
ahation, own rasi or sign position etc.
4. The planets in the fourth part are those whi ch are lords of 2nd
and 12th houses. These planets are such which will give both malefic
and benefic results. The planet will give the results of these houses
where the other rasi or sign oftheir lord is posited. But Sl,l n and Moon,
when lords of 2nd or 12th houses will give the results where they are
In case of Dasa of 12th house, lord and bhukti of a Yog Karka will
give the effects of Raj Yoga.
Now in veiwofthe above rules, we analyse the position of all planets
for every Ascendant showing their benefic and malefi c nature is as per
lordship of various houses.
Lagna Planet Lord of Results
1. Aries Sun 5th
Moon 4th
Mars 1st &
6t h
Mercury 3rd, &
Jupiter 9th &
Venus 2nd, &
Saturn 10th, &
2. Taurus Sun 4th
Benefic when strong for all maUers for 5th
house vi z, boldness, success in exams.
Govt. gain, personal gain, respect, Good
children etc.
Ifstrong by posi ti on, Pakash bala, strength
and well aspcclcd, will give good results
for 4th house nnd for matters for which she
is Karka. If badly placed. evil result s.
First is morc strong than Sth house so
result s of the L1gan will predominate.
Vag Karka Planet, over all Mars in Ihis
case will be good and on the average.
Bad. The stronger planet the malefi c onc.
The weakest, more ill health, loss of con-
veyance and will reduce the numbers of
brothers but good for finances.
H strong will give Govt. favour, religious,
good thoughts, success ~ n d gain for 91h
house mallcrs. If weak, thcn results arc
If strong then will become malefic bcing
lord kendra. If it is well aspcctcd, will be-
come more cvil. If aspects arc evil , will
give good results.
It will act as malefi c. But if strong, evil will
be increased but gainful for wealth and
A malefic in Kendra is good, provided it is
aspcctcd by benefi c planets, and slrong,
will give good results for house propert y,
conveyance, If weak and malefic aspects
arc there on Sun, Evil results vi 7'; ill heal! h,
worried, enemies. loss of property, con-
veyance and from GoV(. and officer.
Moon 3rd It is malefic but if it is weak. has malefic
aspect, located in bad house then it will be
subjected to Vipree! Raj Yogaaod will be-
stow immense wealth but if strong then
average results.
Mars 7th & It will give the results or7th house. Being
12th a malefic but lord of kendra it will give
good results provided it has benefic
aspects. If aspects are malefic then will act
evil for 7th house matters i.e. wife, busi-
ness, Govt.
Mer- 20<1.& It will be too much benefic provided strong
cury 5th and well aspected H weak and badly
aspected then failure and break in educa-
tion, worried on account of children, un-
success Cui in prospects of 5th hOll se
matlers etc.
Jupiter &h,& Bad effects, but being lord of 11th if strong
11th it will give benefits. If weak will denote
evil results for l1th house matters, Joss of
income, loss toelder brother and children,
disease etc.
Venus lst.& It will be malefic. When mooltrikona rasi
6th of Venus is in 6th house, it becomes
malefic. But when Venus in 6th house is
weak it will give gain of money.
Saturn 9th, & Rajyogkarka (Lord of Trine and Kendra)
10th will give immense wealth. If weak, then
benefic results are small.
3. Gemini Sun 3rd. Sun is not much benefic here and will not
yield much good results.
Moon 2nd If strooggives much wealth, high and good
position but if weak then loss of wealth
and ill-health.
Mars 6th &
Mercury 1st, &
Jupiter 71h, &
Venus 51h &
Saturn &
9t h.
4. Cancer Sun 2nd
Moon 1st
Mars 51h, &
Both houses arc malefi c. But Mars as 11th
lord is good, so will give bot h bad and good
Being bencri c and lord of Kendra it should
be malefic but since is lagna adhi pat i, it
will give good and bad results if st rong. If
weak then evil results arc predicted.
It is benefic and kendra Lord, so malefic
and when weak and posit ed in 6th, 81h,
12th house will give maximum evi l, ill
health. If strong then Govt. favout is ex-
It will give effects of the 51h house, educ-
tion, food, children, good luck etc. if
strong. It will give evil results if posiled
Thc81h house is Malefic bU191h is Trikona
house. But Aquarius as 9th house LS
Moolt rikona rasi for Sat urn, it will give
good result in thc cnd of dasa, ot hcrwi se
it is bad. But if it is strong and beneficial
aspects are thcre the.rc it will be vcry
If Sun is strong thcn it gives hight rank in
Gov!. good eyesight and wc'lhh. If \\"l' ,lk,
Ihcn from wife, (If wealth,
di spleasure oC <10\1 . Eye-di st' ast' l'Il".
H not combt1s1 ;lnd Slrllng ;lIld well
aspcctcd it is highl y bcnclit' If \\Tak thcn
ill hcalth, chcsl pain, ddclli\"c hlt1t lJ . tl is-
rcpute ctc.
Kendra and Kana Lord, Ilighly bcnc(i(,:ial.
If Mars is in lagan it is nol debili tialcd be-
cause it is 4\h from 10Ih ove r rasi. If strong
will dcnote excell ent results olhcrwi sccvil.
Mercury Jlh, & Being lord of 12tb and 3Td will give results
12th of 3Td house but for Kafka purpose it is
Malefic. But if posited in Sih house con-
joined. aspectcd by malefic and under the
influence of some benefic planet then
gives a native Jakbs of rupees.
Jupiter 6t h, & Its mooltrikona rasi is Sagittarius 9th sign.
9th Jupiter here will give good results over all.
The morc strong it is., the more good
results of wealth, profession, religion will
be given. If weak, will give loss of wealth,
dispeasure from Govt. and officers. Non-
religious etc,.
Venus 4lh,& Venus being lord of Kendra does not act
11th as benefic and being Lord of 11th (a
malefic house) becomes malefic for mal-
ters pertaining to these houses, ill health
etc, but not of wealth (11th house). If
weak then loss of wealth also. In Saturn
mahadasa and Venus Anlardasa, Venus
gives monetary troubles, worries and ill
health etc.
Saturn 7th,& Being Malefic and Lord of kendra it is
8th good but being a lord of 8th it is malefic
so overall Malefic. U it is strong then in
its own dasa and bhukti it will bestow Loss
of wealth but if weak it gives gains of
wealth, but gives ill health to the native and
wife and affcets longevity.
5. Leo Sun 1st Being Lagncsh and Lord of trikona it is
highly benefic. If sttrong in nativity then
in its dasa and bhukti bestows immense
wealth, favour from Govt. good health
and respect. U weak, reverse results are
felt by the nat ive.
Moon 12th If Slrong in Pakasb bala and not combust,
well aspccted, it give wealth, respect, good
health etc. U week then eye troubSe,
poverty, disrepute ctc.
4th, & Raj Yog Kafka (lord of Kendra and
9th Trikpna). In own dasa and bhukti gives
immense wealth, respect, higb JX>sition,
comforts, all good things if strong. But if
weak then reverse arc the results.
Mer- 2nd, U strong good bealth, wealth etc. If weak,
cury &ll1h &oM of wealth, seperation from family.
broken education etc. loss to mot her's
elder sister etc.
Jupiter 5th, & The Mool Trikona rasi of Jupiter is Sagit-
8th (arius and 5th house is trikona, so it is
benefic in own dasa and bhukti. When
stroll g it gives children. victory over
enemies, wealt h and happiness. H weak,
then loss of children, unlucky, death or loss
of father elc ..
Venus 3rd, & Being Kendra and of 3ed house lord it is
10th malefic. So if Venus is conjoined with or
aspected by malefi cs and weak, bestows
good results. But when st rong it is
malefics ror wifc's health, rriends, youngcr
sister, Govt. service etc.
Saturn 6th. 7th A ma1efic lord ofkendra becomes benefic
but as lord of 6th it is malefic so it is
Malefic. In dasa and b h u k t ~ it gives loss
or wealth, ill health elc. etc.
6. Virgo Sun 12th Be ing 12th lord if it is st rong, we ll
aspecled, it bestows good rcsults like
wealth, Govt; favour health etc. but if weak
then in his dasa and bhukli, will give eye
troubles, loss in service and wealth etc.
Moon 11th If strong very good results. 111 health if
weak and evil.
3rd,& Malefic, if st rong will give long life but
8th weak Mars gives trouble and short lire ..
Mars in 10t h is nOI Slrong but if is in 3rd
bhave fr om own rasi Mesha which is
1st, &
4th, &
Venus 2nd, &
Saturn 5th &
7. Libra SUD 11th
Moon 10th
Mars 2nd, &
malefic and 8th from Varischank Tasi then
in end of dasa, shortens life span but not
bad for wealth provided it is not beneficial-
It is benefic planet but Lord of Kendras
not good but being Lagnesh and Lord of
trikona if strong in birth chart will gi ... e
good results at the end of dasa and bhuk-
ti, Being Lagncsh it is not affected by dasa
of being Kendra adhipali.
Malefic. If strong In Kendra it gives
wealth, high position, religious mind. But
if weak and posited in 2,6,8,12th house it
is malefic and gives very bad health, loss
in service and from Govt. etc.
Benefic. If strong gives wealth. Lucky,
Progress, Pleasure, Power, etc. but if
weak reverse results.
Fifth house is good but 6th is equally bad.
But 5th rasi Capricorn is his mooltrikona
rasi, so good and averege but over all it is
termed Malefic.
11th house Lord is Malefic. III health but
good wealth. If strong in dasa bhukti be-
stows wealth, income, respect etc.
It is malefic. Benefic planet Lord of
Kendra. If strong good results, oftherwise
Being lord of 2nd bouse is Malefic, lord of
Kendra is good. So when strong it gives
good results. Being lord of two Maraka
houses it becomes weak. if in 2,6,8. or 12th,
house gives ill health, in dasa bhukti but
onlywben other mahadasa lord and antar-
dasa lord also denote ill health.
Mercury 9th& Benefic. Ir st rong will give good luck,
12th weahh, Govt. favour, religious faith etc. l
weak reverse results.
Jupiter 3rd, & Malefic, since both houses are malefic.
Venus 1st, & Being Lagnesb it is benefic and also its
8th mooltrikon3 rasi is Libra. Benefic.
Saturn 4th, & Rajyog Karka. If it is weak in birth chart
5th tben eYen it gives somewhat good results.
It is .ery benefi cial.
8 Scorpio Sun 10th Benefic.being lord of Kcndar, strong,
when well aspected give immense wealth,
power. authority, rcsped, reputation etc.
But if weak reverse the results are indi-
MOOD 9th. Benefic. If it is a bit strong even then gives
good results, weak Moon shortens the life
as 9th is the badhaksthana for Scorpio as-
Man 1$1,& Maleficlord of Lagan and trikona lord will
6th give benefic at the end of dasa. It can be
said as neulral.
Jupiter 2nd, & Being lord of trikona highly benefic. If
5th strong good education and good 5th house
results, if weak adverse.
Mer- 8th, & Malefic regarding ill health. If strong
cury 11th gives good results.
Venus 7th, & Malefic. Both houses are of sex. So per-
12th son is sexy when good results are to be ex-
pected then it is obligatory that Venus be
ill aspected.
Saturn 3rd. & Kendra lord be nefic but 3rd house
4th malefic, so Malefi c. In dasa and bhukti it
gives evil resuhs. When it is weak and iU
aspcclcd then it gives good results.
9. Sagi Sun 9tb Malefic planet but trikona lord is good. If
larius strong will bless the native with Power,
Position, wealth, religious mind,
vegetarian, lucky, favour from Go'r't. etc.
If found weak, gives evil results.
MOOD 8tb As per standard dictum 8th Lord is always
malefic. But Sun and Moon are exception
to it. If Moon is strong. it will give good
results otherwise bad.
Mars 5th, & It is benefic if strong, otherwise loss
12tb through children etc.
7th, Benefic, but being a kendra lord is
cury 10th Malefic. If posited in 2nd and 6th, becomes
weak. If st rong confer favours from Go'o1.
Good and chaste wife, good family life,
position, wealth etc.
Jupiter 1st, & Benefic, being Lagnesh when strong gives
4tb authority, good health, comforts, wealth,
repute liked by all, conveyance, property
etc. If it is malefic, one gose abroad and
other results are malefic.
Venus 6th, & Both are malefic houses. So mal efic and
11th wi ll give disease, injury etc. If st rong gives
good results.
Saturn 2nd, & Being lord of 2nd gives good results but
3,d lord of 3rd malefi c, Saturn weak in this
case is very benefic and makes the person
10 Capri Sun 8tb Malcfic 8th lord and with exception of Sun
co," and Moon it is benefic. h wi ll always gives
good results. But if it is very weak then
only shortens life, gives loss of wealth etc.
Moon 7th Malefic if weak (hen gives good results.
Mars 4th, & Bei ng a Kendra lord. Mars is benefic but
11th lord of 111h house a malefic. So will give
mi xe d results. When malefic., gives ill
Mercury 6th, &
Jupiter 3rd, &
Venus 5th, &
Saturn 1st, &
Sun 7th
Moon 6th
Mars 3rd, &
Mercury 5th, &
Jupiter 2nd, &
health. In case it is strong, it gives increase
In mcome.
Virgo 9th rasi is its mooltrikona rasi, 9th
bouse is more benefic than 6th, so it will
give benefic results, if found weak, loss
through enemies, loss to father and other
evils \\;11 be felt.
Malefic. in 0'Nll dasa, bhukti will give loss
of wealth and other evil results of these
One house is trikona other is Kendra, so
it becomes Yog Karka, if if is even slight-
1y strong it gives good results towards
these houses, wealth, lucky, education,
power, position, favour from Govt. etc.
Being Lagnesh highly benefic for the
house he h'1s lordship. He will be benefi-
cial for all matters relating 10 1st and 2nd
houses i.e. health, ambitions, wealth etc.
HereSun is debilitated but being a Kendra
lord it is benefic. If well aspected will yi eld
good results . .
Malefic. Check strength of the Moon also.
Being Kendra lord it is benefic. As lord of
3rd house it becomes malefic and will give
good and bad results. If Mars is weak and
ill aspect ed, it gives good wealth.
8th house is more malefic than 5th house.
H will be malefic. But Prasher has
regarded it semi benefic being lord of
trikona. When it is weak, it is good for
wealth but gives a dreaded disease.
II is malefic for health but good for in-
come. If strong, will bless the native with
good wealth and where it will aspect it will
give benefic results.
Venus 4th, &
Saturn 1st, &
12. Pisces Sun 6th
Moon 2nd, &
Mer- 4th, &
cury 7th
Jupiter 1st. &
Venus 3rd, &
Bl h
Saturn J lth, &
It bas become Yog Karka and will give
conveyance, wealth, respect. education.
position, comforts etc. 1 it is too weak it
gives adverse results.
Benefic, mooltrikona rasi, Sat urn is
Aquarius, so it will give benefic results
with regards to Lagna and 12tb houses.
Being 6th lord it is malefic but in case of
wealth and income it is benefic unless it is
not weak and ill aspect cd.
Beingtrikona lord it will bestow the native
wealth, and religious mind, Govt . favour
elc. If weak then evil effects wi ll be
realised viz; loss thro ... gh Govt. unlucky
through family and loss of money through
Malefic, a benefic planet lord of Kendras.
II gives troubl es to the nalive for both
house results. 7th house is maraka house
so in 6th, 7th, 8th or 12th house it is malefic
for family and conveyance otherwise gives
good results.
Being a lagnesh, it is highly benefic. If
strong then confers repule, wealth, Power,
authority, health, comforts elc. U found
very weak then only gives evil results, like
displeasure of officers, loss from Govt.
and of health and wealth.
Malefic, when weak it gives good results
as wealth, but shortens the span or life, be
cause 3rd and 8th both are houses of Lon
Malefic. It is malefic for helth bUI not for
wealth. In own dasa and bhukti when
Saturn is strong gives good income and
Conjunctions of planets
Technically conjunction means when two or morc planets are
posited in the Same degree of longitude, the term is so defined in
Western astrology. Conjunction is not an aspect but is position.
According to Hindu Astrology. Conjunction occurs when two
planets are in the same sign. irrespective of the distance between the
two planets. The orb of aspects whether they are applying or seperat-
ing are alien to Hindu astrology. When onc planet is within its orb of
the body of another planet, or with the cusp of a house, it is said then
to be in conjunction with that planet or cusp, the orb in the case of con-
junction is 6 degrees. The erred of such position is good or bad ac-
cording to the nature of the planets.
According to Hindu Astrology, we apend below briefly the general
effects of each planet while conjuncting other planets in birth chart or
in transit. Care is to be taken of the Aspects of the Planets on the con-
junction of the house where the conjunction takes place. Also the sign
where conjunction is posited and planet's avasthas viz; own house,
debilitated, exaltation or Mootrikona etc. are also most important
points for delineation.
Sun bas good conjunction with Jupiter, adverse conjunction with
Mars, Saturn and Uranus. Conjunction with Neptune or Pluto is of
doubtful nature.
The exact conjunction of Sun and Moon is good except when sub-
jected to malefic aspect, it tends to weaken the heahh, especially in
female nativity.
Moon forms good conjunction with Mercury, Venus and Jupiter,
the adverse conjunction is with Mars. Saturn and Uranus and doubful
with Sun, Neptune or Pluto.
The conjunction of any planet with Mars is not considered good.
But conjunctions of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto is con-
sidered adverse.
The conjunction of Mercury with Venus, SUD and Jupiter is con-
sidered good, whereas with Mars, Saturn and Uranus it is adverse,
doubtful with Neptune and Pluto.
The conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune is considered good.
But conjunction of Saturn, Pluto and Uranus is adverse.
The conjunction o(Sun, Jupiter, Neptune with Venus is considered
good, but with Mars, Saturn and Uranus is adverse and with pluto as
The conjunction of any planet witlt Saturn is not considered gexxi
but thai of Uranus, Neptune and Piuto is considered adverse.
The conjunction of any planet with Uranus is not considered good.
But of Neptune and Pluto is adverse.
The conjunction of Neptune and Pluto with Venus, Jupiter and
Uranus is considered good. But it is considered adverse with Saturn
and Uranus. The doubtful conjunctions are with Moon, Mercury,
Venus, Sun,Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.
Rahu vat Sani, Kuj vat Ketu. Rahu gives the effects of Saturn and
Ketu that of Mars. So their conjunctions be considered like wise as
detailed above.
Prithryasas son of Varahamihira in Hora Sara has laid down that
conjunction of two or more Planets does harm to the Shave occupied.
It also produces the effect of the conjunction just as the mixture of
honey and ghee if combine in equal quatities, turn out as poison. So
they should be analysed intelligently.
The interpretations listed below are only intended 10 be general in-
dications., for much depends upon Ihe sign and house where the con
junction takes places as to its action upon the character or destiny_ In
the following, the meaning of the conjunction has not been given so
fully nor SO explicitly as one CQuid wish, but where so many have to be
dealt with it is obvious that great detail would be oul of place. and that
hints only have been given. .
In these details we hawe blended at places the results with ASTRO
PALMISTRY which is found rarely in other works. Such details have
been provided where found quite neccessary.
1. Sun MOOD. This is a pivotal conjunction. when happens ina horo-
scope. it should be analysed fully with care and detail as it is the key to
the reading ortbe whole horoscope. The conjunction or parrallcl with
Jupitcr is good, but with Mars, Herschal and Saturn is adverse and with
Neptune of Pluto is doubtful.
Very favourable position. Brings success, position clarity, attaint-
ment of desires and wishes is assused it also makes one si nce and af-
fectionate. It occours on Poomima's day.
SUN, MOON ASPECT: Brings obSlruct ions and delays
When Sun and Moon arc in conjunction, the individual and personal
sides oCthe native forms a harmonious blend and the result is decided-
ly good. 11 is also good ifboth are in signs guverned by the same planets,
or if the lord of the sign containing onc is exalted in thai containing
the other e.g. in Aries or in Cancer. The g:>;ncral strength of charac-
ter ls incrca.-.ed, there is some amount of self reliance personal inde-
pendence and stability. It promotes usefulness in the home and world,
increases the activity and thc will. It is good for all social, benevolent,
and utilitrarian movements, broadens the sympathies, gives
humanitarian impulses and conduces to popularity and general suc-
cess. There is liJcelihood of off spring and of good fortune through
them in respect ofhcalth, disposition and circumst ances. It is good for
parents and children and favour love, friendship and marriage. Gain
of money through variety of sources, through parents, chi ldren and
chieny through occupation denoted by t he ruler of the sign where con-
junction ls and hils will be very important and fortunate in the charac-
ter and fortunes, unless badly aspeclcd.
Such a conjunction denotes that one is fond of opposite sex, subor-
dination to woman, of rash temprament, unprincipled, hypocritical,
ri ch and gain from the business of stone or skilled work, successful in
hopes and schemses. Ooe is inclined towards yanuas and tantric vidya.
Renders tbe native very vital, but some what onc sided with tendency
to feel ill used. One will be skilled in machinery and stone-work.
The signs in which this conjunction takes places is very prominent
in tbe character and (0 the house in which this conjunction occurs,
every thing in life will depend upon the nalUre of that special house.
In 1st house, the native will think chiefly about personal success; if in
2nd house, capital and rank takes the first place in life, provided you
do Dot confront ladies, in 10th, his attention will be mainly on the
honour and respect to be gained in the world, in 71h house glory of
partner must illuminate the native's own personality, in IUti one will
have inOuential friends etc. If conjunction takes place in 9t h house the
person will be .... ealthy. if they occupy 12th house, he will become out
cast and blind In 3rd house, good luck but selfish for others, in 4th
bouse wealthy, religious and charit able. In 5th house, comfortable life
part icularly from the dat e of pregnancy of child. In 6t h house long life
if not afnicted. In 8th house, large famil y and good rank in life.
Whcn Sun Moon are well aspccted by Jupiter or a benefit planet,
the favourable resul ts of that house where posited a indicated below.
Wben Sun line touches Hcart line on the palm dcnotcs that such
conjunction will favour the nalive with comfortable old age, gain fr om
ancestral property, peaceful and good domestic life.
When Ihe conjunction is in lst house, the native wil1lcad kingly life.
In 2nd house, respect and gain from rul cr, officer and Govcrnment ,
provided you are not in contact with opposite sex, in that case one suf
fers defeat. In 3rd house, onc will be lucky for himself but selfish for
others., In 4th house it indicate that one "";11 be very ri eh, .comforts of
life and conveyance etc. Provided 10Ih house is vacant.
In 5th house, a comfortable life, the parents will become lucky afler
the conception of such a native. In 61h house the results will be good
provided there is no malefi c aspect. In case 2nd house is found vacant.
Ihe effect will be adverse for Ihe parents in such posi tion. Upayc of
Mars will be beneficial which "";11 mitigate the evil effects of Sun and
will then be ravourable and blees the native with long life. In 9th house,
comforts and gain from mother, pilgrimage and benefic.
In 10th house, danger from father and brother, in 12th house, the
position is good for wordly affairs but second house is posited with
enemies of Sun and Moon, there will be destruction alround, one's
property can be conrtscated and onc may be punished by the Govern
In other houses not mentioned, the results wilJbe orlbe house where
posited with due regards of aspects on it.
When a line from the mount of Sun travels to the mount of Moon
on the palm denoted ill effects of such conjunction. This indicates op-
position from opposite sex. In case 4th and 5th houses are posited with
Venus, Saturn and any malefic planet the results will be very un-
favourable. One will in this case lead a troubled lifc, many difficulties,
may onc be wealthy but due to turmoils, one will not have peace of
mind. Unexpected. unwanted expenditure and travels.
The conjunction in 1st house indicat es sudden death, in 2nd house
has gain from opposite sex. In 3rd house, Quarrels, defeat and dis-
respect. In 4th bouse, sudden death but wben Saturn is posited in 10th
house, sudden death will be in day time or in a canal. lake, pond or in
running water. In 6th house, wben 2nd bouse is posited with Rahu or
Ketu deootes average span of life. 10 the 11th house it indicates
troubled life, but in case, the native do not use meat as indicated by
Saturn, ooe will be blessed with a long life.
]0 other houses oot mentioned. the results will be of the houses
where conjunction is posited.
2. Sun-Mars:- One wiU be bold, of rash temprament, obstinate and
not of sweet speech. He will boss over others and self conceited. Less
progney, vice ads and habits. Quarrelsome, liar and cheat. But when
the conjunction is aspeded by Jupiter, the results will be opposite to
the above. With this conjunction, the will power and desire of the na-
tive are harmonious. The native will form an idea, strives towards it
and usually realises it. He has clear views of good opportunities and
knows how to make the utmost use of them in order 10 attain his goal.
Makes the native self reliant, active and strengthens the health in a
great measure. It will be well bear in mind that a sensible native does
not allow himself to be ruled, as little as one wishes to rule others,
evel)Where and always reasons should rule. For this conjuction Mrs.
Wachtmeister has said that in order to control the power of posses-
sion, one should nol try to destroy il but to lead it inlo another and lof-
tier direction. One will be inclined to do sinful decds.
If they are together anyone of 10th, 11th, 1st or 8th bouse the per-
son must be born in a very high and ri ch family and possess great
strength, in other houses the result .... ill be average.
The above effects afC when conjunction is well aspected.
SUR Mars Trine or sextile aspect:. A fevourablc aspect gives onc
good health, courage and vitality. This indicates strength to direct
energy in right direction. One will achieve many things and good posi-
ti on. this promises an active life.
Sun Mars conjunction, square or advense asptCi.
These 3fC not good aspects. Sun represents light, heat. energy ctc.
and Mars only heal and cnergy. Heatand energy becomes morc. Thus
this brings animal nature to the native, heat, energy, Passions, angers
etc. Onc becomes uncontrolable. More activity but of selfish nature.
Impulsive nature or excess of feelings and one is li able to stoop low in
mail ers connected wit h sex.
Opposition of Sun and Mars is bad for health.
When the conjunction is aWicted or unfavourabl e, one \.ViII have op-
position in his life, will be cheated and losses in profes sian. There will
be many deaths of t1;ears and dears. Eyesight can be afflicted. If
posi ted in lst or 2nd hOll se and Mars is malefi c onc will die in war fi eld
or in quarrel. In 9th or 10th house and Mars is malerie, disputes over
property and cash with ncar and dears. In other houses, the eITects
will be oflrails of house. May bring physical injury or ailment. A hard
working life.
Sun Mercury:- One will be intelligent, clever, famous and happy.
Endowed \.Vith weal th but less aecumumulation of money, fulfilment
of hopes, of good stout and fair body, will be blessed with good rank.
In 4th or 8th house from the Ascendant, the person will possess all
kingly qualiti es and wealt hy. In all other houses, the combination will
make the nati ve possessed of good qualities. This conjunction makes
one subservi ent to the wi shes of ladies. This is not a happy conjunc-
ti on as Mercury is a mental planet, the individuality and the intell ect,
rcasoning create conmcts and one is not able to usc, reasoning or in-
tcll cct even for benefit of self.
In 1st house, lucky, weal thy and good rank, fond of mathematics.
yogas etc. In 2nd house, a good and intelligent, in 3rd. good effects
but sexy, in 4th house. it is Rajyoga. in 5th long life, good longevity for
sons and elders, in 6th good stalus in life. in 7t h a good lucky and weal
thy wife. in 8th, long life but onc should put Gur in glass ware and bUry,
it in cemcntery. it will be beneficial and lucky. In 9th house, onc will
have good rank and wealth from 24th year. 10 10th onc will be weal-
thy, in 11th house, gain from property and wealth. If in the ancest ral
house and there are religious persons, onc will prosper in life; in 12th
house, one will prosper if onc wears gold always.
Sun Mer. Trine or Sextile:- It is a good aspect. becomes ext remely
powerful for favourable results if Jupiter is also having a trine aspccl.
One will have good eduction, cxpcssion and reasoning ability. h in-
dieatCft forceful whi ch will do a lot of good to others. One can be a
good leacher or Professor.
When conjunction is affiiclcd or unfavourable and posited in 1st
house there may be dispute with superi ors and al thaI time if Saturn
aspects conjunction in a progressed horo::;copc or Varshpal, one will
lose.!n 2nd house loss of money. In 3rd house if one is of lose charac-
ter. then. one will be ill reputed. selfish and suffers losses for 17 or 34
years continuously. In 5th house, sudden death, in 6t h ill repute and
losses. In 7t h house wife wi ll not be comfortable, inlaws sill suffer los-
ses and children's longevi ty will be afflicted, In 8th house when Mars
is malefi c, one will be of war like nat ure, adult erous and may die in
quarrels etc. In 9th house troubles between 17-27 years. male child
will not born before 34th years age in case of male and nnd year in
case of females. In 10th house losses ill reput ed. in lllh house bad
luck and in 12th house, unwanted expendi tures, diseased health,
apoplexy and intestine disorder.
4. Sun Jupiter ;- Such person will be cruel but interested in hel p.
ing others. In a Lagna, 9th, 10th or 11th house, one will command a
good sect ion of people, may in the army, famous and live in a well for-
tified building.. difficult to be approached. Rel igious, good rank in life,
famous, intelligent and wealthy. In 2nd house brave,crucl, good house
and wealthy, in3rd house, one will be wealthy but nol greedy, 4t h house,
it indicated gain from articl es of Saturn, wealthy and comfort able life;
in 5th house one will be wealthy specially from the day ofbirlh of SOn,
victory over enemies, comforts of life. b l c s . ~ d wilh good conveyance;
in 6th and 71h old age will be comforable; in 8t h house, good luck and
Providential help from accidents and even death; in 12t h house, in-
creasc in family, all round progress, wealthy and comforts.
When this conjunction becomes malefic if father and son both live
togclher evils will be warded oIT, 10 accept donation or bribe will be
malefic, in case father and son can nOI live together duc to some
reasons then beddi ng or cot of the father if used by son will be auspi-
cious. To keep articles of Jupiter, SafTron or Gold in the house will be
SUD Jupiter conj/opp(l'rine or Sextile aspects:- Very lucky in any
house. It gives more light and interest 10 do more Doble actions.
Prominent position is assured. Onc will ini tiate a number ofVenlUrcs
in life whi ch will be prosperous. It denotes a religious mind and keen
desire 10 do good to others. One has a strong individual ity whi ch in-
dicates that native has lot of experience of the past lives and has been
cndowned with an enlightened soul. These aspects give good vi talit y,
health, generosi ty. Kindness and sympathetic disposition.
S.SUR Venus:- One will nol have comforts Crom wife and limited
family,i nt ell igcnt,rond of fine arts,relations with women,free from dis-
eases of belly.One will be like a king, famous and powerful if posited
in 5th,8th,or 10th house.ln ot her houses the effects will be medium.
One gets moncy by association with women.
Whcn conj unction is unfavourabole or arnicted death of father in
early age of the native. Birth of male child ei ther in 36-39 years or 47
years age. Afflicted health of wife. She can be patient of T. B.
Troubled domesti c life. If one is of rash temprament, loose morals
will lead to ruin and T.B. disease. If one is married in 22Dd or 25th
years of age one will have disfavour of superior, domestic troubl es and
diseases. The upaye in such case will be that the wife of native should
wear gold bangle on her arm for the birth of child. In case of her af-
flicted health, she would donate wheat or JwaT in a temple equal to
her weight . Either of the couple should avoid use of GUT from the date
of betrot hal OT marriage for good married life.
In 1st house conjunction indicates brain diseases, disfavour of su-
perious, if one has illicit relations with other women may not cause him
imprisonment and ruin. In 7th house quarrels with wife, arflicted
health of wife 2. ;!d may affect her longevity. In 9th house, poverty, in
10th house, unsuccesdul in Government and disravour of superiors.
To feed snake with milk will be favourablc. Loose moral will result in
diseases, impurity of blood, troubled old age. In such case upaye of
cow will enhance t! Ie birth of male child.
6. Sun-Saturn;- The person will be clever, well versed in worldly
affairs, intelligent, rel igious, good businessman, good friends, one will
spend on a n unwanted vcntures, but deprived from comforts of
children. Not avarious, strained relations with wife to the tune ofbick-
cring. Combmation involving or aspect to 10th house makes one
politician with heavy sufferings. struggles and onc never enjoys the
fruits oflhe same. One will be deveid of conjugaJ happiness. It brings
material success self made man.
In 2nd, 6th or 9th house, onc will be widely famed and happy. In
other houses, the effects will be moderate. In 12th comforts from wife
during its period.
Use of Gold ~ S H R I YANTRA" in ring will ward ofT the evil effects.
This is a pivota1 position, worrying and barreling the astrologers for
predictions. So we provide a few lines for the guidance of readers spe-
ciaJly when the conjunction is malefic for the native in some specinc
houses. It causes seclusion. a wordly attitude. irresponsible behaviour
and egocentric attitude. There may be a conflict of duties result in a
good deal of mental worry. Early life will be hard. Success after strug-
In lst or Ascendant, Rahu and Ketu both will be malefics, children
will waste the money of father, worri es and troubles due to opposite
sex, gain from Sun's articles but 1055 from Saturn's articles and not
favourable for ladies of the family. If Saturn is malefic and transits in
5th boUse, then 9 years period will be malefi c denoting fear and loss
from the date of transit through 5th house. In 6th house Saturn will
indicate poverty. Food to black dog will be beneficial. If a boy loses
the eye sight or has atnicted health, one will gain money after 18 years
of age of such boy. In such case best upaye will be to bury in a lonely
cross path articles of Mercury such as nower or blue coloured pearls
of glass. In 7th house indicates imprisonment. In 8th, 9th 11th houses
denot es losses; in 10th house one will have blemishes. sudden death or
Sun Saturn ConJ or 0PP or square Aspect:- It is the most unfor-
tuate, unfavourable aspect that can happen in a nativity. This will give
good position but only to bring about fall. This brings a conni et in
ooe's ambitious life which results in much sorraw in life
Sush aspects have tendency to resign from service. Improper cir-
culation of blood is indicated and prone one to heart attacks. These
unfavourable aspects give selfIShness, jealously. enmity and a tenden-
cy to adopt difficult path.
Sun Saturn Trine or Senile Aspect!- These are most favourable
they give Strength to take good decisions one makes the best
of the time available to an individual. Officers or persons in high posi-
lion as well as those subordinate prove very helpful.
1. Sua-Kahu:- Generally this is not a good position for smooth life
period. When Rahu's transit is malefic, but when Rahu is favourable,
one will become lucky. 10 5th house the conjunction indicate a good
rank. In case the conjunction is mal efic., and posited in 9tb or 12Lb
house indicates malefic period. Such conjunction tends to make one
impulsive, erratic, rash, quick and perspective with an urge (or change.
It tends to upset the health. and inclines one to accidents through con-
veyances, explosions etc. If posited in 10th house indicated dis appoint-
ments and frustration.
Upaye: (i) In such case onc should place the barley under weight in
a dark place.
(ii) If one suffers from fever, donation of barley or Gur will be
(iii) For favouable results from Sun, donations of articles of Venus
or Mercury be made.
(iv) When Sun eclipse has taken place, such persons throw
Rahu's articles in running water.
(v) When Rahu and Sun both are malefic, one should throw in run
ning water a copper coin which has already been put atleast for 12
bours in fire. But it should particluarly be noted that while taking
such coin to water Done of the oVon child should come across your
way, otherwise. the mal efic effects will be indicated for the child.
8. SUD Ketu: This is not a happy 4X>njundion in any house. The
Sun will ad as a malefic planet and indicates loss in journey. Loss due
to the consultations with others. Loss or down fall due to one's own
mistakes. The wife or son of the native will no doubt be healthy but
will be of harsh temperament, the son will waste his fathers money and
may be the cause of his downfall.
In case dog weeps by facing the sky, will be an indication of bad luck
for the native. No comforts from children. There will be no grand sons,
the native will have a long life.
Upaye:- In such case, one should throw in running water the articles
of Ketu and that of the planets which are enemy of Sun. This upaye
will yield favourable results and mit igate evil effeds.
9. MooD Mars :- Such nalive will be di sobedient to his mother, liar
and of wicked deeds. Fond of music, brave, victory over enemies, gain
through business. One will be dealer in hammers, plough and other
rough instrument s, women, spurious drinks and earlbcnjars.
In Lagna. 5th, 9th or tUh house, onc will be wealthy like a king. In
3rd house, one will be intelligent, respected will be blessed with wealth,
rank and all comforts of life. In 4th house, wealt h, provided Sal urn is
not posited in 4th or 10th hose. In 7th bouse, wealthy and large fami-
ly. In 9th house one will be cruel but children will be lucky and weal-
thy. 10 10th house, one will be wealthy provided Saturn is beneficial.
In 12th house, one will have a peace of mind and comforts of lifc. In
other houses, the results will be medium and according of the sign oc-
cupi ed.
When the conjunction is amiclcd or unfavourable and posited in
7th house, onc will be greedy, the death will be due to some shock or
accident, NO financial gain from elders. In 9th house death due to
shock. In 11th house one will be greedy and of whimsical nature. If
Mars is malefi<;,one will be unsuccessful in romances. In other houses,
the results will be as per (rails of each house.
10. MOOD Mert'ury. One will speak sweetly and modestly, clever,
good luck, fame and liked by ladies. If posited in 3rd, 6th, 81h or 12th
house, the native will be fond of poetry and arts, also wealthy. In other
houses, one will be free from fear and will become indigent. In Lagna,
2nd house, 4th house onc will be blessed with wealth, ancestral money
will be al his disposal. In 10th house, this conjunction indicates gain
from journeys, gai n through war, arms or busi ness. Blessed with
house, the plot will be wide in the fr ont. In 11th house the native will
gain after the marriage of hi s daughter. In other houses the results
will be according to the nature of the house.
When conjunction is afnicted or unfavourabl e and in 3rd house, one
will face diffi culties, losses and disagcement with relati ons Jn 4th
bouse, one will experience losses, one will ruin due to self entangle-
ment in other's affair, sui cidal tendency due to poverty or constant
travelling or sex. In 6th house, one will be murderer, being a wealthy,
there will be troubles and turmoils. In 7th house, troubles even weal-
thy, mother may die early or if ahve may become blind, brain disease
or loss of profession. In 8th bouse, as per in 4th house supra. In 10th
house, unfavourable for ladies and children of the family, 8th house is
malefic then there is a danger of tragic death and a miserable life. In
12th house troubles, losses_ctc.
It. Moon-Jupiter: One will be chief of the family and wealthy, will
over power his enemies, fickle minded, posses wife. children and will
be well behaved. Some good effects will be rcaJised in all houses ex-
cept 3rd, 6tb .tnd depression house of either of them.
One will be religious, helpful to olhers, devoted wife, good rank in
life, hut, secretive. Relations with good natured brother will be cor
dial. One will be blessed with long life. The eye sight will become af-
nieted but as old age advances, the native will have pc!ace of mind and
all comforts. Providential help. Gain from inlaws and good education
upto 24th years age. Pilgrimage in 4OI.h years.
In 8th house, long life, relations will expect moncy from the nalive.
The native will be wealthy. In 12th house, the good luck will struck the
native after the bi rth of son, the native will have wealth but renunciat e
the !>amc. In such case, one should bury under the house an empty
utcn!>i l of silver.
When this conjunction is unfavourable, one will face troubles,
Poverty and disputes. In such cases one should avoid to purchase ar-
ticles of music which will result in death of parents. In such case upaye
ofKetu will be beneficial, one should bury Ketu':; articles in the ground,
or put in his neck. Particularly when posited in 9tb house, one should
not use the money earned by his daughler, should nOI accepl dona-
tions,this will act as poison and poverty from the dale of [his marriage
and birth of daughter. Upaye of Ketu will be beneficial.
12. Moon. Venus. Well versed in business, respected and good ad-
visor, good health, dress and fond of amusements. Less comforts from
children when posited in 10th house, c1cver in business. good dress,
wealthy and comforts of life, and if in 12th house, one will get wealth
from foreign countries. In 2nd house, one may not be a doctor yet he
will cure others. Well versed in \')ve affairs particularly in old age.
When a native digs a well he will be troubled also if onc remarries. In
41n h O l l ~ one will be like a sanyasi and away from sex. good and
rel igious parents. In 7th one will be religious, good nalurc, he will have
wealth but if U5CS the same for nefar ious aclS he wilJ be ruined. In 81h
hOLl se, he will have good hC<1 1[h. Service 10 old women and cow or
donation will be fruifu1. In other bouse results will be according to the
traits of each house.
In such case native is advised to keep his charactor above the board
and lead a pious life.
10 10th bouse, ODe will be clever in selling & buying of things. Wear
good clothes to enjoy life and very wealthly.
When tbe conjunction is afflicted or unfavourables ODe will be
troubled from the date of marriage. Mother will die early if alive, may
become blind. dispute between native's wife and mOl her, one may
remain in own house. When posited in lst house, health of wife will
be afflicted. She may be lunatic or of weak memoryelc. In 2nd bouse.
ruin due to being adwterous.Jn 4th house one will be addicted to
drinks and all JX>SSible vices, which be tbe cause of his rwn. In 7th
house, loss or afflicted eye sight of mother, loss of finances from date
of marriage. In 8th house, coward. impotent, loss and disturbed mar-
ried life due to native's misdeeds. In other houses results will be as per
trait of each house.
13. Moon Saturn. Good natured and lakes interest in public wel -
fare. Wastes his money in luxurious life and with opposite sex, has lovc
affairs with an elder woman or man blessed with conveyance, bold and
healthy. But will be rash and indifferent in tcmprament . One will gain
in partnership with persons of old age_ The position if occupied in
Upachaya houses viz lrd, 6th.. 10th or lUh onc will be benefitted if one
keep black horse and d i ~ a well for general public. In 4th bouse one
will be protected from all troubles. In 12th house. one will be selfless
worker and have no ambitions for money.
When the conjunction is amicted, in debilitialcd house and un-
favourable, one will be ruined if he is sexy and have liaison with op-
posite sex except his wife. Others will be benefitted from his wealth,
wife and lnlaws.
U p a ~ In such case of affliction UPA YE of Saturn will be most
favourable. One should blacken the forhead of two coloured animals;
should Dot drink pure water but one should take for 43 days water
mixed with sugar, milk, ternon etc. Use of narcotis and alcohal will be
favourable. To feed snake with milk will st rengthen good effects of
Moon. At the time of Moon Eclipse one should throw Saturn articles
coconul etc. in running waler, Upaye of Sun will be favourable. To
have favourable resu1ts, onc should fill water in silver di&h and keep in
iron safe when the conjunction is not in 5th house. If in 5th house ar-
ticles of Mars Saturn be kept in the iron safe.
t.. MOOD Rahu. This is very precarious position. In ract un-
favourable innueoces wiU be felt for the traits of the bouse where con-
junction takes place. Irtbey arc posited in 1st. to 6th houses, ODC will
suffer death due to accident or bullet wound al the age indicated by .
Moon. His mothers health willlllso be afflicted: In 7tb to 12th house,
mother's bealtb will not be afflicted. i.f affiieted. both mother and na-
tive will suffer UplD the Moon's age of 24days, months or years. In 9th
house it is favourable. In 11th house. one should extinguisb the red
bot gold in water which should be taken after mixing the water in milk
for child birth if one does have the child.
15. Moon Ketu. The results will be as above. Unfavourable results
will predominate. In case of birth of child of native, the mother of na-
tive should nOI see her grand child for 4{) to 43 days, Dither they should
remain together at a place, lest anyone di es. The native sbolud nOl
drink milk during night. Upaye. One should use red coloured articles.
Donation of articles of Mercury will be very favourable. For affliction
against eduction, one should donate 3 bananas (Ketu article) daily at
a religious place for 48 days continously.
16. Mars Mercury. When the conjunction takes place in a.house,
denotes the person born will be fickly-minded. He will be husband of
a bad women. will be easily satisfied. unclean and of eating in
other's houses. If the said combination be in kendra, the person con-
cerned will earn money and be happy. One will be skilled in boxing.
dealer and interest in herbs, plants, oil and drugs. Less comforts from
wife, one will be cheat, Fond of providing comforts to children and
family. One will be associated with and not much hap-
piness from own wife.
When the conjundion is favourable, sons will become lucky at the
age of 24 years. Wife will be virtuous, her words will become as a line
on the stone as she will be having some spiritual power. Blessed with
children. When posited in 1st bouse one will have strong constitution,
helpful to relations of wife, when placed in 2nd bouse, ooe will be weal-
thy, gain through wealth and inlaws provided 8th bouse is vacant. In
3rd house, one will gain provided elder brother helps him, comforts
from parents and Providential help. 10 4th house,ooe will lead a com-
fortable life.1n 6th house, ooe will be ludcy and in 8th house ODe will
gain and lucky. In other houses results will be according to trails of
l ite house.
When the conjunction is unfavourable, one will suITer loss through
flTc, a fake respect, diseases. ill repute, worries and troubles. Uncor-
dial relations with parents. When in l Si house, it will be unfavourable
for brothers who will suITer shorlage of progney and miseries of life.
In such case upaye will be to bury in a lonely place a pot of honey mixed
with Mars articles like sugar or honey etc, for morc favourable results,
put Dbak leaves around the pot:, In 3rd housem (hert of wealth. wick-
ed deeds and loss of wealth, In 4th house, onc will no doubt have ill
will for others but will be unfavourable for other people. In 7th house,
affiicted health, poisonous cases, quarrels and strained relations in the
family. (n 8th house maternal uncle will face troubles and worries. In
11th house, defect in eye if one uses alcohal, house building and keep-
ing gold in tbe hoose will caose troubles, the upaye will be to drink
Ganges Water in the morning or upaye of Moon or Jupiter or keep-
ing their articles in house will be more beneficial.
In other houses in paras supa not mentioned, the effects will be of
the traits of the house concerned.
17. Mars Jupiter. one will be long lived, well behaved and blessed
with sons. When lbecombinalion is in 6th, 81h or 12th houses, one will
have vicious habits, troubled by diseases and will not have much wealth.
One will be leader of city or a king or a wealthy man. Learned, good
rank in life, helpful to others and to relations also. Proficient in Tantra
Science, i n t e l l i ~ e n t and blessed with respect and high eduction. One
will have Providential help in case of difficulty. He will be blessed with
a child within every 8th year. Victorious over enemies.
In 1st house, on will be wealthy, in 2nd house all relations., wife and
people wi1Ilove him and loyal to him, earn much through his owo in-
telligence. In 3rd house, ancestral wealth 'Hill be safeguarded but he
may not be able to add his wealth into it, the native will be very spiritual
and worship his deity a 10(. In 4th house there will be many male mem-
bers in the family but the wealth for their livelihood is doubtful. In 5th
hoose, one will gain wealth arter birth of child upto 28th years age, to
donate will increase the wealth. In 9th hoose, will be favourable for
domestic environments, wealth and members of the family. In 10th
house, one will gain as per planets in4th and 6th houses, if they are
vacant one will be ruined, onc will gain through nefarious means. In
I lIh house, father and son botb will lead a luxurious tife and will be
wealthy. For morc favourable results upaye of Jupiter and Mars be
performed. In 12th house expansion of family. good sleep, lucky and
one will be benefitted through his blessings.
When the conjunction is afflicted or unfavourable then Mars if
malefic will indicate diseases for relations UplO 31st years age of the
native and losses UplO 5th years age. Opposition of men, death of rela
tions will be seen by the nalive. In 2nd house unfavourable, losses and
worries. In 51h house if the native accepts donations onc will be ruined.
In 6th house art icles professions and relations o( Mercury and Ketu
have adverse effect on the children. In 7th house, onc will remain under
deb!. inspile of the (act onc may earn well. In 8th house, the malefic
effects will be experienced by thc members of his own dynesry. In 11th
house articles and relations of Jupiter and Mars indluding their profes-
sions will be unfavourable.
IS. Mars Vrnus. The native will be rash, sexy, under influence of
opposite sex, will do vicious acts attached to other's wife or husband.
A good mathematician, worried, liar, obstinate, victory over enmies,
illicit relations with opposite sex and passionate. One will be wrestlor,
skiful or a gambler. If the conjunction be in 1st, 4th or 10th house, onc
will be chief of his family or head of town ctc. BleiSed with wealth and
When favourable and in 2nd house, onc will gai n through inlaws.,
and blessed with children. In3rd house, helpful 10 brothers and sisters.
In 7th house, a big expanding (amily, blessed with grand children, weal-
thy and comfortable life. In 8th house prosperous and victorious over
opponents. In 10th house, the relations will be wealthy. If his wife is
ix?autiful, one will be like a king. In other houses the effects will be of
traits of the houses.
When conjunction is unfavourable, .one will s uffer m i s e r ~
troubles, turmoils and seperation from loved ones. Deaths through
water etc. Relations with opposi te sex will be main cau!;e of ruin. In
such case the upaye of Mars will be favourable.
Wbcn posited in 3rd bouse, the native wiU be sexy and aduherous.
In 4th bouse, ralations of motller will be in troubles and cause ruin of
the native, their deaths will be in the water. In 8th house, onc will. be
back biter, of base mantality and very unfortunate for others. In 9th
boust. healtb of wife will be afflicted for which beJpofher elder brother
will be favourable. Ifber brother gives ber the medicines, diet etc, she
will be cured early. In 10th bo\ase. quarrelsome, poor, temprament of
his wife will be that of SalUrn. One win make mountain over a mol e
in quarrels and will DOt hesitate to commit murder of brothers for his
wife. In other houses. effects will be of traits of the houses.
19. Man s.tul'lL A man r:l strong determination. once be selects
his path. he has to advance belteruelter. No deviation from the view
point, targets. principles of objects. There can be no
Makes the native Army or Police officer without any scrupples. Suf
fers financial loss at the hands of brothers. WeU versed in metalogy
and religious teachings.conquered of enemies which will be found in
abundance argumentative. without any peace of mind, Thievish and
warlike nature. Avarice to interest of people. One will be troubled
through windy or bilious complaints. If conjunction happens in 3rd.
6th or 10th house, the person concerned will be equal to a king. loved
by aU and famous, accident prone horoscope.
When favourable and in 1st house, one will gain througb inlaws, long
life, gain from journeys. in 2nd bouse wealth after marriage, gain
through inIaws, and blessed with children. In 4th house one will gain
wealth but in Sth house wea1th will come after the birth of a son. In
7th bouse, gain through opposite sex, wealthy, comforts from wife and
children, helpful to his family and relations. In 9th house gain of money
when the native wil.I perform religious ceremony of his elders. power,
wealth and comforts. la 12th bouse too the results will be favourable.
In case conjunctioa is unfavourable. then over all result will indicate
loss of wealth. deaths in family, diseases, but age of the native will be
SNJ years, inspite of diseases. Loss of wealth through dacoits. In such
cases upayes will be favourable. One should always lend money after
a written agreement. Upayes of Mars and Saturn will ward off evils of
diseases. The safeguard 'against dacoity and frauds one should keep
the of a mar; in a glassware after the birth of her child, the milk
be kept should be the flfSt milk not taken even by her child. this will
also favour with wealth.
In 1st house, 10MeS, diseases will be indicated. Relations ""';th op-
posite sex will be a source of ruin. A lady of black eyes. or small eyes
will ruin hi.<; wealth. A lady of yellow coloued eyes will be helpful.
Upaye will be to consult and act as per advice of people and specially
his mother. In 2nd bouse. One""';U meet with an accident or los.s if
one gose to a religious place for 40- 43 days continosly with mother or
fatherinlaw during (he night, the accident, or loss will be avoided. Ia
3rd bouse, opposition from brothers and relations, may be a case of
poison, troubled family life. loss or extinction of weah.h, UDde or
younger brother will be worried and troubled, one may not be blesssc:d
with children .. In 4th bouse; it is a very bad position for fInanoc.s and
troubled life. In 6th house, selfish, beDy disease and one sbould donate
sweet eatables at a religious place. In 7th bouse, amicted eyesight in
old age. In 8tb bouse, troubled and worried life but to keep a water
from a well situated in a cemetry will be favourable. In 9th and 11th,
one will lead a troubled life, under debt and worried, death due to frre
arms., explO5i.ve, murder etc.
20. Man Rahu. The results depend on the position of Rahu. In
case Rahu is exalted in own bouse or well placed, one will be like a
When Rahu is oot well placed, will be a cause of troubles,losses to
the native.In case the native should dine his meals where they are
prepared. evil effects will be minimised.
21. Man Kl:tu This condition also will act as per position ofKetu.
In 2nd house, one will bold a good rank, welathy and comforts of life.
In 9th house, very favourable results after 28th year age. One should
keep honey or rain water in a silver ware and burry the same in the
foundation of anc:estral house.
22. MKU..,.Jupltcr. Fond of dance., music and scents. comfortable
life, learned, of sweet temprament, intelligent and one caD be ador or
a good dancer. The conjunction in 6tb., 8th or 12th house wiU indicate
amiable, famous and of virtuous deeds. Actually such pef$Ons will be
very intelligent but they will be wealthy at a time and poor at another
In lst to 4th house, native will be wealthy. learned. preceptor and
brave. In 5th house., lucky and wealthy provided son is hom on
Thursday. In 7th house a religious man and in 10th a lucky native. In
lIth house. one will gain and lucky during 11th, 23rd and 36th years
age, wea1thy, learned, good famed and comfortable domestic life. In
12th house, an average business man, but of long life, lucky and com-
fortable life.
When unfavourable and in 1st and 3rd house, one will be poor, in
4th bouse, coward, sinful acts may lead to suicide. In 6th bouse, one
will be of vice deeds. 10 7th poor, troubled, may adopt a child, chan-
geable lucky, In 8th house, diseases and troubles during 16th to 19th
or llod years age, one should bury a pot of sugar u n ~ e r tbe ground.
In 9t h house, longevity may be affected, troubles through children and
23. Mercury-Venus:- Well respected, famous and native of power
and authority. Intelligent,learned, wealth and comforts of life. Help-
ful to others and rel ations. One will be eloquent, possesses land and
will become bead of an assembly. But he will have mean wife aDd a
few children. If the conjunclioD occurs in 1st, 5th or 9th bouse, tbe
person will get an important title and command immense wealth. In
2nd house, gain in profession and busincs provided onc's charcter in
virtuous. In 3rd and 4th, good luck. gain from business. In 6th bouse
lucky for self, help from opposite sex, comfortable domestic life, if the
native is not bclssed with son but with daughters. they too will prove
lucky, when Sun in 2nd house, gain through printing and publishing
also gain through writers and authors and if Saturn is in 2nd h.ouse one
sbould be an bonest which will resuh in doublefold ofincom'e. In 7t h
house a good and happy domestic life, wealthy, gain through business.
In 10th house a good health, intelligent and blessed with wealth. In
12th bouse, a loog life and good health.
When conjunction is unfavouable and posited in 1st house native
will have Alap Ayu means short life, in 2nd over sexed, in 3rd house,
loss through step mother if Moon is afflicted, loss through women, if
one is married during SIn 17,24thor 61n 121n or 25th years of age,
aU will be ruined and in case of second marriage will be mal efic for
parents and inlaws. in case of 3rd marriage the health or both partners
will be afflicted so marriage in these years be avoided. In 4th bouse,
loss through relations of mot her and sister of mother, doubtful charac<-
ter, agricu1ture and business of music instruments will. yield loss, t he
upaye of Moon will be favourable. In 5th house, loss, the upaye of
Moon will be favourable. In 5th house, loss through opposite sexJn
6th bOlLo;/!, opposition through women, and loss through them and
children. In 7th house, loss in business, and loss through marriage and
children; use of Copper Water will be beneficial. In 8th house, uo-
mat ched couple, disagreement, delayed children, troubled life. In 9th
house if Mercury is malefi c or afflicted then at 17th years of age or at
the lime ofbirtb of first daughter all will be destroyed and malefic ef-
fects of Mars will predominate. 10th losses in tllh house, seperation
from loved ones and superiors, the articl es of Mercury and Venus will
be favourable. When SUD and Jupiter are in 10th house ODe will be
troubled but in such case one should keep a bead of ruclraksb or beads
of gold which be washed in milk or river water. This will mitigate
results of malefic Jupiter. In 12th bouse, afflicted healt h, losses from
tbe date ofbirlb of daughter.
24. Mtrtury Saturn:- One will be clever in cheating others, and ad-
dicted to licentious pleasures. Jr the conjunlion in 1st. 9th or 10th
house, the person born will possess wealth, wife, sons and friends. Such
persons who born with this conjuncti on will enjoy comforts, clever,
under debt and liar. Lucky for children, birth of son in 24th year age,
eacape from opponents upto 42nd years age, gain from long lived
parent s, lucky and helpful to others. In 2nd helpful to others. In 2nd
and 12t h houses one will gain immense wealth through busines.sof steel
and stone. Good health and kind heart ed, good parents and gain from
them. In 4th and 7th comforts and' wealt hy. In 11th house, comforts,
gain of wealth at 45th years age. In other houses results of the house
will be experienced as per traits of the house.
When unfavourable then in 2nd and 12th houses. death of fat her
through machine, accident, poison or alcohal and business of these ar-
ticle.<; may cause loss and death or father. In 4th house one will be mur-
derer. In 7th bouse, one will be drunkard, ungrateful. In 11th house,
one will be blessed will property if 3rd house is vacant.
15. Men:ury Rahu. The conj uncti on in 2nd. 3rd 5tb or 6th house
will indicate good luck, helpful and lucky for others who will come into
contact. In 7th, 10th or 11th house, it is also lucky and helpful. In lst,
4th, 8th, or 9th house one will be unlucky, in 12th house, losses and
diseases, and unlucky native .
Wben unfavourable and posited in 1st house there will be troubles
with children, in 3rd house one will face trouble till 34th years age, his
sister no doubt if wealthy but indications will be of a widowhood. In
1st, 8th, 9th and 12th all positions are unlucky, losses. troubles etc. In
lIth house his sisler will become widow or receive seperatioo or
divorce within 7days, months or years after marriage or there will be
bickerings with her husband. In such case best upaye will be to shift
the hearth, kitchen or fireplace from the Eastern or Western side of
the ancestral or own house to any place before marriage. In 12th
bouse, the nat ive and family of inlaws will be ruined, DO child, a
troubled and worried life. In such case upaye will be to put onc ball
ofkacha earth at a religi ous place continuously for 100 days, the place
can ~ changed but there should not be any break.
26. MercuryKelu. On the whole this is an unfavourable position.
Upaye of Mars will be beneficial.
27Jupiter.Venus. Such native will be intelligent, famous, careful
for respect, comforts from children, wealthy, learned, social, happy and
will lead a comfortable and respect ed life. Good wife and many good
qualities. In 1st, 5th, 8th, or 9th, house, this conjunction wiU bless the
native with wealth, wife and childrrn. In 2nd house gain through work
or business of earth. In 3rd house lucky. In 4th house lucky provided
avoid innuence of opposite sex, in 5th gain through intelligence, educ-
tion and children. In 6th housea happy man, one should always keep
a gold on head of his wife which will be lucky for children. In 7th house
one will gain through dealing in the articles of Mercury, say there be
ups and down but lucley in the long run. In 10Ih bouse, self earned
wealth, ancestral wealth will be wastcd particularly when one is anti-
religious, in this case one win feel changeful, ups and down in the life.
In 11th house, lucky but avoid sex perversions. In 12th house one will
lead a comfortable life.
When conjunction is unfavourable, any habit or over sex with the
opposite sex will ruin the native bodily, there can be child lessness or
troubles at the time of birth of a child, so this should be strictly avoided.
In 2nd house, shortage of male child and loss of wealth. In 3rd house,
fall in position due to opposition and nauery. In 4th house, death of
wives after child birth. In 5th house loss and theft of money due to il-
licit connections with unmarried girl or lady. In 6th house, male child
either will not born or die and if alive will remain unlucky particular-
ly when native will hate or quarrel with his wife. In 7th house, native
will be troubled and worried whereas family members will be comfort-
able. shortage of mal e child. losses of weallh, the main cause of all
miseries will be sex relations with opposite scx which be avoided. In
9th bouse loss through opposite sex. In 10th house. onc will be ruined
at the age of 13th to 15th years age due to an ugly woman. Loss through
other woman due to avaricious character. Troubles through parents
and children. disputes with brothers. In 11th house, loss of wca1th, if
3rd house is vacant then vice habits like musturabati on, night discharge
etc. can attack the native, in such case it is not obligatory that one will
have connection with opposite sex but due to airy castles about women
will make him lmpotent. In such cases one will be benefitted thrOUgh.
medicines of Saturn (Fish o i ~ Iron or Kushtce Folad) or of the Moon
(Silver Kusbla or Milk etc.) which should be used with medi cine ac-
cording to doctor's advice for 40 to 43 days. Mixture of those in gold
medicines can be useful. When Ketu is nOl malefic, medicine of Saturn
and Moon will be \&Serul. In 12th house, loss through stock exchange
or gambling.
28. Jupltt:r-Salurn. II is said by the sagcs that this conjunction in
any of 1,2,4.5,7,9 and 12 house (Anupachaya houses) will denote that
such person will be devoid of wealth and have no self respect. If these
planets form conjunction in any oneof3,6,l0 and 11th huse (Upachaya
bj)SCS) such person will be very Camous and honoured by the king. Such
natives are domineering. brilliant, calm death, great luck, learned, oC
good fame inventive and enjoys distinct ion.
When the position is unfavourable and the native drinks alcohale or
acceptS donations or Cree giCts one will have troubled old age, diseases.
general body weakness and vice habits. When this conjunction is being
aspected by Ketu., the children oCthe native will be troubled particular
Iy through ghosts. souls etc; particularly when one;s house is situated
on the cross roods and direct air Crom cross roads hits the house. When
posited in 1st house, one will be unlucky. In 2nd house, diseases. and
when during transit as per annual horoscope again comcs to 2nd house,
such year are 9, 21,33,45,65,74,96,104 and 117 years during which one
will suffer ill health and loss through Satum;s articles also upto the
age of mother. Upaye ofSatulD will be beneflCial. In 3rd house rela
lions with Cather during 9,18 or 36th year age will become strained. In
6th house less comforts from wife. In 7th house, loss oC wealth from
birth of daughter. A troubled childhood. In this case when Mars is
maJeficor debilitated then one will be ruined after the death oC mother,
wife, elder brother, elder brother of Cather or mother. Such a native
can be adulterous, which will be cause oC death of mother and father
who may die at 34 years age. In 10th boose., it is troublesome. In luh
house when Mercury i5 malefic, all will be ruined but if Mercury is
strong, one will lead a comfortable life.
29. Jupiter-Rahu. One will h a y ~ money without any hard work, but
if has to do work hard Ihen even he will C:Ifn much wilhout any much
hard work. In l si house, one wil l be ch;.ritahle and generous, good in-
come through the government. 2nd house, helpful to poor, good deeds
;tnd wealthy. In 3rd house, brave and wealthy. In 4th hOllse good and
Ju ckywifc. In 5th house, blessed with power and authority. In 7(h house
one will have comfort s in youl h, either father or fa ther in law will sur-
vive. They will be surffcring from consumpt ion. In 121h house a good
life provided onc leads a pious life. In other houses result s of trait s of
a hOllse will be realised.
When unfavourable, onc will lead a mi serable life except when
posited in 2nd or 12lh house. Dc,l\h of falher bet ween 16th to 21st
years is indicated or paralysis will attack him. In 42nd years age theft
willl,lke place or loss of gold is jndie'll ed. In such case upaye of Ketu
will be beneficial. To wear gold will be hcJpful.lf Ketu is malefic Ihen
upaye of Moon or prayer to Moon through mot her will be beneficial.
The nali ve should donate ,lrl iclcsof Mars. Aftc r washing a ring con-
taining two black and whi le gcms in the Will er left after drinking by
cow. ()r one should throw for 43 days conlinuoslywheal or barley after
washing in milk in the running wat er.
30. Jupilel'"-Kdu. In such casc Ketu will bc benefi cial. In l si house,
one will lead iI comfort able life, like a king, whereever such native goes
there will be all comfort s. In 2nd house, onc will have power ant.!
.wlhorily, comfortable, weahhy and of b.JOd old age provit.! ed 8t h house
is vacant. In 4th hOWie, good children, wealthy, provided 81h house is
vacant. In 4th house,good children, wealthy, provided onn .. ill bcquile
religious, good educa:i on and comfort s. In 61h house, good natured,
comfortable one wi ll be able to know about his deat h before hand
provided 2nd house is vaca nt. In 7th or 8th house, religious but poor,
will shirk to work. In 12t h house wealthy and blessed with all com-
fort s. In ot her houSes, the result of house will be experienced as per
traits of the house.
A .... ' LlCfED
When conjuncti on is unfavourabl e ,troubl es through oppncnts and
enemies upt o 40th years of age. I n such case donation of ycll ow lemon
in a templ e will be benefi cial. In the 41h house, short age of male child.
In 6th worries through children, In 7th religious but poor. In 8th
house, one will lead a troubled life.
31. Venus-Satum. This is very important conjunction. It denotes
sacrificial career in taking the hard road, chilling sense of lonliness
which develops the form ofbappiness, seems like an unreliable dreams.
To accept his responsibility and carries on to his duties are morc im-
portant than his self comforts or advantages. Faithful, blessed with
fme arts. Lead comfortable life Jocky, remain in travelling, blessed
with conveyanCe but of quarrelsome nature. Such persons are short
sighted. will get wealth augmented through a young woman, He will
be skilled in writing and painting. When the conjunction is in 1st, 5th
9th,4th or 10th house, onc will be under the influence of his wife, a
minister or memeber in Government setvice and will be rich. This
conjunction makes one prosper, through a lady or profession
patronised by ladies. Wealth increases under the patronage of.women.
In :lrd house, couple will be fond of comforts and will get through
opposite sex. In 4th house a good lire as stated above In 12th house,
one will have large family, professions and articles for Venus will be
very beneficial and profitable. When Mercury is in 6th house onc will
be fond of opposite sex but respected and comfortable and successful
domestic life. Jupiter in 5th, 6th or 10th indicates plenty of property,
wealth and comforts from wife, gain through usurping others; proper-
ty and wealth.Such ladies will have frigidity in sex.Men may lack in sex
When unfavouable and in 1st house one will be adulterous. In 3rd
house, others will be benefitted through his wealth and property, his
uncle will be adulterous or his wife, will be of bad character. In 4th
house, his uncle's death will be very trouble some and adulterous. In
7th house loss of wealth through nearest relations.
32. Venus-Kahu. Generally this is not a happy position in any house
except Uth house, which indicates a lucky and wealthy wife.Such per-
sons are sexy and fond of opposite sex.Many iDicit relations.
When this conjunction is unfavourable, the health of wife will be im-
paired and the longeoity of her will be affected. Loss of money is also
indicated. When such native keeps a long nail and polishes them or
use bright black Surma in the eyes and .talk witb the eyes this will in-
dicate bad results of such conjunction and will indicate that one will
suffer upto 43rd years of age and one may nOl have even comfortable
sleep. In such case upay will be to donate milk and bulter or coconut,
lady should wear a silver ring on her right side of the body.
In 1st house one's health will be afflicted and also some brain dis-
ease to his life is indicated. In 3Td bouse, one will lead a troubled life
upta 34th years age. In 7th bouse onc will be selfiSh and adulterous
and if MOOD Ketu are malefic., the longevity of wife will be afflicted
and upto 24th age one will face many difficulties and experience, death
of mother or in the family of molher viz. her brother elc. In 12th
house, health of wife and weallh will suffer. In such cases one will be
benefitted if a blue nower is hurried in the evening by the native or his
wife. In other houses, the results will be of the traits of house iltself.
33. Venus-Ketu. In such case this conjunction will protect the na-
live. a good respected and comfortable domestic life. Comforts from
children and wife. When any malefic planet is posited in the 2nd house
wife will be diseased, children will be troubl ed. Up to 40th year age
there will be abundance of enemies and opponents. Jupiter's upaye
will be beneficial.
In other houses it will indicate the results of each house cxcept when
conjunction is in 9th house,where it will yield very beneficial results.
Venus aJone in 9th house is no doubt a mal efic. In 12th house, wife
will be very brave, all children will be mal e and 12 in numbers who will
also be brave, of good health and lead a comfortable life.
When unfavourable and posited in 1st house, shortage of progney,
possibility of childessness, when Mars is in 4th house, one will l?e
troubled due to death of cbildren and other friends and relatives. In
6th house, tbe malefic effects are that wife will be barren, troubled life,
poor and worried.
In other houses the result will be of the trails of the house concerned.
34. Saturn-Rahu. This conjunction indicates wealth, one will be
helpful to others., onewill not have any troubles due to others.
In such case when a native has a black spot on his body which can
be covered with thumb is called PADAM and the spot which is biggar
than thumb is called LASAN bas a special significance for this con
When a Padam is found on right side of body and remains covered
will give beneficial results also when conjunction is unaspected.
When the conjunction is in 1st 10 4th houses and the nalivebas a
padam, one will be like King. When posited in 5ht to 8th house very
wealthy and like a maharaja. In 9th to 12th houses, the native wiu be
like a yogi.
When the conjunction is in 7th to 12th houses and the nalive has a
padam on left side of the body. If will not be so beneficial.
In 2nd bouse, when a nati ve has serpan! sign on left band one will
be wealthy. helpful to ol hers and victorious. Inlaws. will also lead com-
fortable life. The conjunction when posited in 3rd house and Moon in
the 11th house, the mot her of the native will enjoy good health. For
peace of mind nalive should throw ri ce in the river. In 9th house. big
family, weail hy, good and comfortable life. In 12th house, serprent
sign on right hand will be lucky. Otherwise one will be clever, secre-
live and active.
In ot her houses, the results will be as per trails of the house.
When Ihe conjuncti on is unfavourable, one will be unlucky uplO 39th
years age if one has a Lasan on his body. If this sign is between naval
and head, death of male member is indi cate and if downward from
nava1 to feet , loss ofweaJth is indicated. In both cases one will be poor
and lead a troubl ed life. In such case upaye of malefic Rahu and
malefic Saturn will be beneficial which are detailed below:-
1. Upaye for Malefi c Rahu.. When one faces troubles, ups and downs,
opposition, fever, and losses etc; one should propitiate Rahu as
(a) To maintain peace of mind upaye and use of silver is
(b) Red mascor dal be donated to sweeper in the morning or
donation generally be given in cash to sweeper.
(c) In case of diseases, barley equal to weight of pat ient be
tbrown in the running water.
(d) Barley be kept near head during nighl and be distributed to
animals, birds or poor people.
(e) In case onc is involved in cases, disputes with G0\1. or of-
ficers and faces losses elc. One should throw Kacha coal in rUR-
ning water of river equivalent 10 the weight of nalive.
(I) Donation of mooli is also recommended.
2. Upaye for Malefic Saturn:
(a) Donation of Sarson oil be made on Saturday.
(b) Part of your food be given to crows/black dog.
(e) Donatioo of Saturn articles like almond, Steel articles, Sleet
heart h, forks, black mash dal, musk. black cow or buffalo. black
cloth, black nower and balck horse 10 poor and sadus,
But be careful thalia burn and to fry almond or coconut in the eve-
ning or night of Saturday and on Saturday or evening of Thursday will
be most malefic part iclularly in a pan, wi ll be more malefic, so one
shoul d avoid.
In 7th house, ruin of domestic life. but if Venus is in 4th, 8th or 9t h
bouse then onc will have troubled married life and shortage of male
issue from the dat e of marriage or from 27th years age.
In 9t h house one shoul d avoid drinks and li asion with opposite sex.
otherwise one will have losses of money, father and his health and will
be attacked by asthama.
In other houses, the result will be of the trails of each house.
3S.satumKetu. The nat ive in such case will be blessed with more
male issues. This conjunction is quit e favourable after lapse of half
length of life, but as and when a third planct conjoins the conjuncti on,
the result of all the three will be mal efic.
In such case one will be of strong dctermination, and the proof of
ils will be that one will keep an ani mal whose forhead will be white or
has a white spot and of anot her colour on the body. Actually in such
case one should keep an animal of onc colour,otherwisc quarrels are
indicated. Horse is exempte from this condit ion.
When posited in 6th house, one will enjoy 70 years as life span. In
8th house protection from death accidents etc. In 9th house, a big fami -
ly, wealthy, comfort s, pomps and show, good long lire and dynesty.
In ot her houses results of traits of the house will be thc (raits of the
Whcn three planets which are bencric occupy a single house the
good effects produced by the yoga will be par cxcellancc. lfthe plancts
forming the yoga be all malefic, it will be quite the reverse, if it be
mixed, the effects will be mixed.
When Ascendant, 9th or 10th house is occupied by three planets the
person born will be busy with many good qualities, will be very intel-
ligent and enjoy like a king.
36. Sun Moon Mars:- In Hora Sara it is laid that if these three
planets are together, the person born will be most sinful and will have
a miserable cxistancc. He will have no relations, no wife and no
children. He will have a deficient limb. He will be despised by all and
will be a miser.
BUllhe author disagrees with the above rcading. The author's can-
did views arc that:-
I[the three planets arc benefic and posited in Ascendant, the native
will be like a king, have all comforts of life, honour, fame, wealth, con-
veyance, good wife and children. If these are malefic, reverse results
and if mixed the effects will be mixed. But if these are in any
other house, one is well versed in hand work, inclined to vice deeds.
sturdy body, careful for his respect, fond of occult sciences, stone
hearted but cruel and of fIXed views.
37. Sun-Moon Mercury:- Intelligent, a native of power and
authority and of commanding figure. One will be able to surmount
difficult tasks. Fond of conveyance and will be blessed with that. Such
natives are bold and clever. People will obey him. Respect with the
Govt; respectful to Sadhus and Sanyasis. Learned of religious books.
One can handle successfully two works at a lime and will be bold and
competent to counteract any mischief and attack on him. In 17th or
34th years age the nalive and his falh(!r will suffer loss of finance and
relations denoted by Moon, may die by snake bite particularly when
Jupiter, Rahu Saturn or any of them is in 3rd house. The conjunction
when positcd in 1st. 2nd or 7th houses, Sun, will be benefic.
38. Sun-Moon-Jupiter.- Such a native will be learned, intelligent,
lucky, helpful to others, a man of power and authority or a good
businessman. The native will have a lot of travelling, social, one may
be a bit proud, gain through professison and wealthy.
39. Sun-Moon-Venus:-One will be learned, noble and good na-
tured man. Changeable luck, som.clime he will have a wealth and
sometime he will face financial crisis, particularty when planets arc in
9th house. Dependent on others. Changeable prefcssions. Inclination
towards vice deeds. May snatch property and finance of others and a
40. Sua-Mooo-Satum:- Seperated from family, poverty stricken,
not SO intcllignt, quarrelsome. b1essed with Metalogy and remain under
debt. No sincere friends, troubled and diseased, unhappy. He will
earn by serving others by teaching. dancing ctc. Proficiens i.a sexual
41. SUD MOOD Rabu:- Troubles and worries. changeable rmances,
grief and troubles due to mother. Long life can not be vouchsafed.
But it does not mean that onc will have a short life. When planets are
in 5th house Sun will be benefic but articles of MOOD will gjve loss, and
loss of childrco. The upayes of Mercury will be belpful.
G. SUD Mooa Ketu:- One will be wea1thy but troubled and without
peace DC mind. Medium span d life. When conjunction is posited in
5th house,1oss of children. Upaye of Mercury will be beneficial.
C. SUD Mercury Jupltn:- One will be intelligent, favourite of kings
and superiours. At the last stage of his life, he will be deVoid of all
money and will be fed at other'scost, and causing great pain to others.
Learned, kind hearted and helpfu1 tb Olhers. Eyesight may remain af-
flicted, careful for self rcsped, Wealtby, well respeded and famous.
Qne will be attached to his wife.
When the conjunction is posited in 5th bouse, indicates Raj Yoga
on tbe whole but in this particular house native and his fat ber will suf-
fer but religious. His bouse plot will be broade at the back and short
in the front where bis children will prosper, may he will not have
enough fmance.
When all planets are in 8th bouse and Saturn in 2nd house the na-
tive will have sound health and not attracted to temples. Intelligent,
lucley, comfortable life, gain through ancestral property. Independent.
good and lucky position, wea1thy an1 of good status till old age.
44. SUD-Mercury Venus:- One Will be of licentious habits,. loss of
domestic comforts,. relations with other women, many journeys, clever,
sweet speech, over sexed, one will talk against sadhus, spirit ual places
and beads. Lean body. One will not be blessed with male child ear-
lier than 40th years age. One will pine for love due to not having or
seperation from wife or beloved.
One wiD enjoy life endowed with all objects of life and riches,. live
with his parents and relations, comfortable life. He will shine with
honour and bravery.
In female horoscope this conjunction indicates that at the time of
birth of child she will face miseries and troubles. She may elope, leave
the house and face troubles due to her rash temperament, vice deeds,
and illicit relations with other. Her brother or nearest relation will be
the cause of this episode.
If posited in 81h house then at the time of marriage at 17th or 34th
year if celebrated, his wife will die at day time afternoon, in market
due to some accident within three years of such marriage.
In 10th house, one should not contract marriage of his sister inlaw
in his own family which will be the cause of ruin.
In this conjunction use of silver ring will be favourable.
When posited in 3rd bouse and Saturn is in 12th house,and to
mitigate evil results, onc should bury almonds in the dark room of his
house which should be situated in the rear. This will help in the birth
of children.
When posited in 9th house then from the date of marriage, the rela-
tions of Moon (Mother and Cather-i.n-Iaw) will face troubles and there
will be ruin.
Upaye :- In case of such conjunction, the propitiation be performed
for favourable results. At the time of marriage of such native, or after
the marriage ccrcmenies have been performed,one should donate a
cupper sci of big si7.-C filled with Moong Dat alongwith Copper lid and
I hc same be thrown into a river or Canal in day time.
Such upaye is strongly recommended, may the conjunction be in any
This upaye may be performed during life at any time if one has not
done at the time of marriage.
45. SUD Mercury Saturn:- On will have much travelling troubles
through relations, quarrelsone nature. Feminine face and figure. May
have difference and feel seperation from relations. Coward and less
respected. One will behave like eunuch.
But when posited in 2,5,9 or 12th house, Jupiter will act in a malefic
way, whereas other planets will indicate the resuks of their posi-
tioos.When Sun is in favourable house, one will gain through articles
of Mercury in business or through one's intelligence. When Saturn is
posited in the benficial house, one will gain property. One will be mar-
ried after 34th years age. If one is married early or in very young age
then for childem it will be malefic and children will be born very late
or unlucky. Moon and Mars both will be malefic. Agricultural land
will not yield good results. Mother either will give troubles or herself
be troubled. Such females upta 34th years age and males upta 48th
year age will suITer on account of children and domestic life. Loss
Ihcough business and Govt. service.
Upaye. For Moon. onc shouJd pray to his God. for Mars, Japa of
Gayalri manter and for Rahu donation of daughter in marriage. For
Ketu donation of Kapila Cow or CowwilJ be benefficial OR when the
native marries his daughter or propotiates Godess Durga for his busi-
ness and will gain and be benefitted one will be benefitted also if onc
do service to a parrot, or if one spares part of his food for black
coloured fish and serve them during night of Friday and Saturday for
40 weeks contiouosly but once a week and not daily.
Also tbe person wiD have red billi ous body. will hale his relations.
destitute, he will live in foreign land. His body will be full of veins and
46. Sun-Mars,Mercury. Bold and famous wrestler, stubborn, of
harsh tcmpramcnt, comforts from wire and children, interested in oc-
cult sciences, foreign travels, like to live in a secluded place. Can do
two jobs well at a time. Capable of giving a forceful reply to opponents
and careful to his respect. Opposed to righteous acts. miser, have no
mercy, the weaJtb earned by him will be destroyed, and he will be men-
taJly affected thereby and devoid of happiness. Hc will be intcnt in
living in foreign places. He will be rooming about.
41. Suo, Mars. Jupiter_ One will enjoy kingly status, ri ch, learned
and honoured by aiL May have .a rank in military intcllignct, Lrave,
comforts from conveyance, t r u t h u ~ but harsh in speech. The people
will be benefitted through him. Lucky and wealthy. His relations like
grand falher, elder brother, father or cider brother of his father or
maternal uncle or native himself will hold power and authority or will
bejudge ctc. One will have no enemies and no disease. Free from fear
and endowed with all kinds of happiness.
48. SUD, Mars, Venus. Wealthy and charitable, helprul and kind to
otbers, will enjoy a good status aDd position in lire, diseases of eyes.
intelligent, food or performing religous riles, will speak less, think and
act more. Good luck.
49. Sun, Man, Saturn, Wealthy, separated from relation, lover or
solitude, quarrelsome nature, argumentalice, diseased may lead his life
in odd circumstances. U conjundion is posited in 8th bouse one will
fall seriously, ill seriously ror one year When in 11th bouse, one will be
unlucky, st ubborn, liar and of dogmatic views. Such persons will do
sinful deeds, be will dupe other's wives. He will die in a foreign country
(hrougb poision. fltc, weapon, bealing or imprisonment.
SO. SUD, Mercury, Rahu. More than onc marriage, one will be lucky
with Govt. and superiors (benefic Sun) and Irouble through children.
Articles. relations and profession related 10 Mercury will indicate
ma1efic results. for which upayc of Moon will be
51. SUD, Mercury, Ketu. Articles, and rcl arions as indicated by
ketu will be unfavourable. Children of brother and sisters will waste
his wealth. One will nol have any credit for doing good or otbers but
his any slight mistake or otherwise will become headache for him.
52. Sun, Jupiter, Venus. One will be liebral in gifts, a renowned
like a king. losses through gambling and women. Tormented by his
enemies and very much troubled by misery. Bold. clever, ofliccntions
habits and may be ill reputed. Good luck after marriage, articles, rela-
tions and profession of Venus will favourable. A good wife.
53. Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Weallhy, good fame, favoured by Govt;
happy family and good children, good deeds, comforts from relations,
kind hearted and charitable. Benefitted and gain from business. When
all the planets are in 6t h house one will be malcfic.
54. Sun, Jupittr Kahu. A ruined life, outwardly one will be poor,
All planets will be malefic. But when posited in 5th house, will not be
55. Sun, Jupiter, Ketu, Sun will act as a malefic planet except when
posited in 5th house where by they will act as a benefic and will yield
favourable results.
56. SUb, Venus, Satum. Poor, more expenditure than income, pas-
sionate, ill famed, not of good moral character. troubles through
enemies, influence of opposite sex. There will be misunderstanding
between couple. In Ihis case best upaye will be 10 bury pieces of red
stone in earthen pot in a jungle or lonely place, thi s will indicate
favourable results. Such person will give up his religious observance.
Crafty and diseased. tn old age one will have some money at his dis-
57. Sun, Venus, Kabu. Articles, professions and relations of Venus
and wife all will indicate miserable results, one will be troubled, dis-
eased particularly when posited in tbe Ascendant. olhe'wise general
effects will be as above.
S8. Sun, Venus, Ketu. Venus and Ketu both will be malefic par-
ticularlywhen posited in the Ascendant. Such a native will remain wor-
ned. troubled, diseased and in nDancial troubles till his wife resides in
an ancestrarl house.
59. MOOD, Mars, MereuI'}". The persona will become famous,loved
by aD and learned, he will be eloquent and merciful, will become poor
in middle life. Sometimes will be ill famed and disrespected. In As
cendant, 4th and 5th bouse, this conjunction denotes good health and
wealth. If posited in 10th or 11th house both health and finances will
suffer. In such case onc should use skin of deer for sitting and prayer
etc. which will be very helpful.
60. Moon, Mars, Jupiter. This conjunction posited in any house
other than their depression howes or the 6th, 7th and 8th house the
person born will be possed of strength and wealth. One will be adul -
terous and of bad habits. Influence and relations with opposite sex.
Of rash temperament and ill famed Liked by ladies generally, falling
in for pretty Caces.
61. Moon, Mars, Satuna. Such persons are of rash temperament,
will gain through G o ~ ; or superi ors, beneficial to brothers, in early
age will lose his mother, quareLsome and dangerous nat ive, ill famed
and not respected by others. One will suffer from eyesight in old age.
Associated with an elder women. One will suffer from leprosy (white
and bald: spots) Except in 11th house where it will be benefic and in
aU other houses particlarly in Jrd, 4th and 8th will indicate loss of
wealth, troubles and tunnoils, ones wealth if one has, will be used by
his maternal uncle and brothers. Watch the interest of his brothers,
mother short lived, quarrelsome and dangerous in dealing, ill famed
and licentious. When posited in 9th ,10th or Ascendant, the person
will dwelt in a foreign place and live happily without the worries of his
family and relation.
62. Moon. Mars, Venus. Of rash and iIItempcrament, many travels
and journeys. the wife ar such natiye will be of quarrelsome and rash
temper. Children will be a source of troubles. Self conceited and not
so wealt hy. Wife of native will be ill tempered
63. Moon.Mucury, Juplttr. Wea1thy and respected, wiUbe blessed
with power and authority, learned and intelligent. Card ial and happy
relations with friends etc. One will gain through business of brokerage.
Beneficial in aU bouses except 2nd, 3td and 4th where it will indicate
~ poverty and troubles etc. In 2nd house,one will gain wealth but malefic
for other5. Ia 3rd and 4th bouses, all planets will be malefic, particular
Iy for parents but one will gain finances,
64. MOOD, MereuI)', Venus. Industrious.. wealthy, ODC will be
engaged in eami.ng money and self comforts. learned, the aative will
he greedy and will not be well-wisbers of others. Age will be maximum
as 85 years.
When posited in 4th house onc will be blessed with long Ufe. in Stb
house onc will have disease in 2nd year age, if survived will bave long
life. In 7th house, disturbances in marriage and married life, also
troubles through children. In other houses, the results will be as per
trails of each house.
65. MOOD, Men:ury, Saturn. Weahhy, will hold a good position,
intelligent, little comforts from children. well versed with property,
respected by all and favoured by the GOYt; and renowned. Bold.
When posited in houses other than 4th. above resuls can be
pronounced. But when posited in 4th bouse, will ad as malefic and
will ruin the maternal uncle, he will not die as poor man. The upaye
will be to serve milk to mango tree when onc has heart d.iseases and
fainting fits etc.
66 MOOD, Juplkr. Venus. One without any doubt will be like aking.
blessed with property, conveyance, followers, treasure etc. Learned,
intelligent. will do good deeds, wealthy, comfortable life, well respected
and wealthy. His mother will be from a good family and of good
temperament. One will suffer loss after the day of marriage.
When posited in 7th bouse, one will be ruined due to influence of
the opposite sex. in such case if Sun is malefic one will be unsuccess
fullover who will be in famed and will suITer losses. When posited in
2nd house and Mars is malefic, one will be denied from children.
67. Mooa,Jupiter, S.(um,Good heallh, wellfavouredbytheGovt;
low rewarding, wealthy, respected, constructive arguments., religiow.,
happy, inteUigent, contacts with wealtf).y and learned people. Of true
promise, interested in occults sciences and fond oC opposite sex and
remain under their control. Endowed with children and happiness.
Respectfu] to mother, father, elders and God.
This conjunction indicates also that J upitcr and Saturn will be very
henefic, helpful to others who will be benefitted tbrough him. A true
and sincere frieod, comforts and gain from parents (or long except
when posited in 2.9, and 11 houses.
In 2nd house., one will face troubles,. in 9th house changeable and
troubled life. In 8th house, mother, grand mother elder and YOUDgCf
sisters of mother or wife of uncle will either commit suicide or may be
68. MooD, Ytnus Saturn. Religious, favoured by learned people,
company of opposite sex. good mathematician and weU versed in
Astrology and Astronomy. Good eduction, learned man and a good
lecturer in religious maUers. Wealthy and generally dies in foreign
land. May bring ill fame to inlaws. Proud and merciful, be will enjoy.
,life, neither very high nor low in life, blessed with sons & cows.
Respected by rel ations.
69. Moon Saturn Rahu. Such nat ive will be licenti ous under the
influence of opposite sex, will have low wives, onc wi ll be beautiful and
other ugly. Seperat cd from relations and kindercd. From 33rd to 36th
or in 39th years agc, the nalive will suffer due (0 Saturn for which upaye
of Saturn will be beneficial. at rash temperament, less comforts in
domestic life, from wives and mother partieulary when conj unction
posited in 12th house when Moon will be malefic. Trouble through
quarrelsome nature. One may be devoid of progney olherwise
troubl es through children.
70. Moon, Mars. Rahu. When child born through womb by taking
his feet out instead of head, then such a native will be malefic for his
father or will born after the death of hi s father. In such case upaye will
be that nat ive should prepare and take halwa by using milk instead of
water and distribute among others. This will be very beneficial.
71. Moon Man Kelu. In such case Mars and Jupiter both will be
malefic. One will be devoid of progney upto 48t h years of age, par-
ticularl y when the conjuncti on is in 7th house or Venus is malefic.
72. Moon. Mercury Rahu Father may die due to drowning. Moon
will DOl be malefic.
73. ,Mars Mercury Jupiter. Fond of dance. music and poetry. Ser-
vice to others will be his principia, hclpfullO relat ions, head of family
and in dynesty, Gain through finances of others. Blessed with proper-
ty and charit able. Husband of good wife.
When the conjunction is posited in 81h house and Rahu in 11th
bouse, three sons of native will sufrer from ast ha ma, in such case use
of gold on body of native will be bcficial.
As a general the results of this conjunction is not good for the ar-
ticles, relations and professions of all the three planets, particularly
when aspeeted by Rahu directl y.
Upa)'!:. One should propitiate Mercury through
Saturn which will be favourable. In such case goats be served with
grams during day time OR one shouJd distribute almonds to girls who
have not reached to the age of puberty and take their blessings, this
will be very beneficial.
74. Mars, Mercury Venus. Intelligent, learned, strong determina-
tion., obstinate, comforts from wife and children. Wealthy, will do each
work methodically. Renowned in the world. When posited in 3rd
house, it will be malefic for children and
self longevity
75. Mars, Men::ury Saturn. Troubles through eye diseaser., poor,
lean body, seek help from others, prefer to live 31lone1y and secluded
places., Dot much respected, mean actions, cheat, may work in P & T
Department in low capacity.
In such case Saturn will be malefic, when posited in 6th house one
should donate milk or articles of Iupiter in a temple. in 12th or 2nd
house, donation of patashas made of Sugar be donated in temple.
Maternal Uncles will be troubled and the one alive can only live ifbe
comes Sadhu. Upaye of skin of deer will be favourable.
76 Mars Jupiter Venus. One will be blessed with vehicles and com-
forts. He will be widely famed, immensely rich and will possess sons
and lands and will ba a voluptuary. Blessed with good rank, power and
authority. Comforts from wife and children. Respected, blessed with
property, finances and man of determination. Gets much benefit rrom
fashionable ladies.
One should avoid influuence .of opposite sex, otherwise Venus will
be very malefic and one may be devoid of progney.
77. Mars, Jupiter Saturn. Cruel hearted. hononrable but jealous,
enmity with people., licentious.
A man of no words and not a good friend. But one will be rich.
Jupiter in this case wil1 be malefic except when poisted in 2nd house.
Loss through articles, profession and relations of Jupiter. Due to
malefic nature of Jupiter, one will dispose of ancestral property and
will not prosper unless one makes the same by earning himself. His
ancestral property will be destroyed before him when he will become
helpless. In 2nd house one will be blessed with wealth.
78 Mars Venus Saturn. The native will be disliked by the mother,
will go to foreign places, will be addicted to other women, he will be-
have barely, and will suffer humiliation from the G o ~ . Superions and
royal family. Much travclJing, wife will be from low family and of quar-
relsome nature. Comforts from others, domestic bliss and comforts
fr om children. One will have low family and of quarrelsome na-
ture.Comforts from long life and normally will be protected from
troubles etc. wife will be of wanton character.
79 Mars Sturn Rahu. One will carn through many ways, he will
spend whatever he carns. One will be swindler, cheat, vi ce acts but
vi ctory over enemies.
80. Mars Saturn Kttu, Mars will be malefi c. The house of such a
native will be kacha and pacea where Nec m tTCC and a dog will always
be there.
81. Mars Saturn & Any Other Planet. Generally all the three
planets will be malefi c and indicate adverse results.
82. Mercury Jupiter Venus. One will be rul er, endowed wi th plen-
ty of wealth, wide fame, court eous, and comfortable li fe like a king.
Much respected, victory ovcr enemies. In case it is posit ed in 7th
house, one may not have enough wealth, will suffer from gastri c
troubles. Jupiter will be helpful and benefi c. In such case Venus will
be malefic and onc will have troubled domestic life.
83. [I,'lercury J u p i t ~ r Saturn. Wealthy, blessed with prapties, lead
a comfortable and good life, conveyance, comforts of world ele. In
12th house Ihis combination will be very benelic for one's propert y and
finances etc. Which will be well protected.
In case Mercury is malelic, onc will be troubl ed and suffers losses,
particularly when one is fond of eating and posited in 7th house. But
if Mercury is benefic, above good results will be realised by the native.
84. Mercury Venus Saturn. Of harsh temperament and bad
ch:lracter, cheat, liar, ill famed and relati ons with other women.
Insrite of above, one will be blessed with fami ly, children and long
Up:lyes lOne should throw part of his food to cow ,crow and dog.
2. Any sky light in the house will be the cause of ruin and theft of
3. To feed black cow and balck dog with food (Chappatics) will be
4. If one has black cow and black dog as pet in his own house these
should at all not be fed by and body outside thc house which olher wise
wi!! be a source of loss.
85. Jupiter Venus Saturn. One will become chief of his race if onc
may born in poor family. He will be bappy with his wife and children.
His gains will be steady and his enjoyment will also be medium. He
will attain fame and will be loyed by the people
When the conjunction is posited in9th house, it will specialJyhe very
beDerK:. In other house it will also be favourable. In case of this con-
junction, the wife, of the native will pose as meak but due to her naughty
and sarcastic smile will create many quarrels, beating and fights ctc.
86. Jupiter Saturn Rahu. Brave, well versed wi th mil itary tact ics,
wealthy, benefit from agricul ature.
When posited in 12th house, Jupiter will act as poisonuous snake
and will creal troubles.
When posited in 2nd house, then rel ations of these planets, VI Z;
father. grand father (Jupiter), inl av.'S (Rahu), Uncle (Saturn), may
commit suicide part iculary when there is a cemetry or grave or jungle
adjoining to the ancestraJ house in South di rection.
As general, the conjunct ion in any ot her house denotes that
articles, relati ons or professions of that house will be ruined.
To avoid this one should live within his whole dynesty. Uthe native
lives seperalcly, be wi ll be ruined.
87. Jupitc:r Moon, Rahu. On the whole this conjunction indicates
average results, and average comforts fr om males and femal es of the
family. If posited in 12th house, the reuslts will be malefi c.
88. Jupile:r, Moon Ketu The result s of all the three planets will be
malefic and wiU cause worri es, troubles, losses etc.
89. Jupiter, Mars, Ketu. One will lead a miserable life upt o 45th
years age. If a brot her is lame then he will be helpful uplO 45th years
age but after that he will not be helpful.
To ward off this evil, one should put scent on a stone (of Saturn)
with yellow coloured fl owers.
90. Jupitc:r, Mercury, Rahu. One wi ll be wiser, may be a weal thy,
particul arly when posi ted in 12th house, but the native will then even
be wealthy.
91 . Jupiter, Mercury, Ket n, Lucky and favaurable cond itions. par -
ticularlywhen posited in 2nd house. Comforts from family and wealt h.
91. Jupiter, Saturn, Ketu. There will be deaths in the family.
Malefic results from the articles, professions and relati ons of Ketu.
93. V ~ D U S . Mercury, Rahu. One will be married more than once,
bUI even then one will suffer and have troubles through children and
in domestic life, particularly when conjunction is positioned in 7th
94. Venus, Mercury, Ketu. The results of alI planets will be malefic.
particularly when posited in 7th bouse,one will suffer from marriage
and children.
95. Venus. Saturn. Ketu. Such native will be of licentious and of
wicked deeds, this action will be cause of his ruin otherwise average
96. Mercury, Saturn, Rahu. The result of each planet seperately be
analysed as per bouse and sign where posited. children and in domes-
tic life, particularly when conjunction positioned in 7th house
97. Venus, Mercury, Ketu. The results of all planets will be malefic.
particularly when posited in 7th house, onc will suffer from marriage
and children.
98. Venus, Saturn, Ketu. Such native will be of licentius and of
wicked deeds, this action will be cause of his ruin, otherwise average
99 Mercury. Saturn, Rabu. The result of each planet seperetely be
analysed as per bouse and sign where posited.
In anaJysing tbe conunction of three planets, the following principles
be kept in view.
t. When opposite to conjunction there is one enemy. planet. tben
the stregtb of sucb planet may it be benefic will be spoiled.
2. Wben opposit to a conjunction. there are two or three enemy
planets. then the effects of malefic planets will be increased.
3. When in a conjunction there is a enemy of a maleflC planee posited
in the opposite house witb friend of malefic planet, then in such con-
dition the strength of malefic planet will become two fold, tbey will
ruin tbe native and indicate malefic results.
4. In a conjunction if Jupiter Moon or Mercury is conjoined with
two otber malefic planets, the results of all the three planets will be
5. If two m.ale6c planets are posited in a bouse, then others will sui-
rCT from the articles, professions and relations of each planet but the
native will experieDce benefic effects of both ma1efic planets.
6. When effects of malefic planets are malefic then Jupiter will a1so
act as malefic planet.
100. Sua. MOOD, Man, Men:ury. Such native will be wealthy,
blessed with power and authority, comforts from wife aDd children. or
charitable nature. Helpful 10 people i.e noble causes, beautiful. stout
body. Brave, bold and weD respected.
101. SUD, Moon, Mars, Venus. Clever, intelligent and wealthy but
be will be a native of wicked deeds. Learned, happy from his wife and
children.. Relations with plhcr women, Two marriages. One may be
punisbed by the ruler, superiors or Government.
102. SUD, MooD,Mars, Saturn. Not much wealthy, leads a life with
help of others, defective eyesight, gain from people, eams money
through nefarious means. Respected and not much religious and DOl
of good morals.
103. SUD. Moon, Men:ury, Jupiter. The eyes oflhe native will be
big. lucky, learned, intellignet, master of hard work, respected and
comfortable in life. One will be quile wealthy, happy and accumula-
tion of wealth.
104. Sun, MOOD, Mercury, Venus. Very fortunate, learned, intel-
ligent, one will bold power and authority like a king. Advisor to people.
Respected, good fame and pillar of the Govt; Parents will also hold a
good position in life. The native will be good and do good deeds.
105_ Sun, MOOD, Mercury, Saturn, Active, clever, Dot much profited
from parents., secretive, can be cheat, liar etc. Will work for welfare
of country even through newly devised unlawful means. No permanent
residence, bold, good command over others. Seeking help fr om others.
106. Sun, Moon. Jupiter Venus. Of sweet and s ~ n g u i n e tempoerlil-
ment, respected by the people ,will be blessed with good power and
rank, wealthy, trustworthy. He will be able to repose his confidence on
107. Sun, Moon, Venus, Saturn. Short life,very wealthy and
respected. Intelligent, happy natured, relations with women. Sweet
tongued and kind hearted, witty; not favourable for brothers and
parents. One will behave like a woman.
108. Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn. The native will be blessed with
money and property. Will earn wealth by dint of his own efforts and
planning. A native of strong determination. Successful in his wishes
and hopes. His wife will be good.
109. SUD, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter. Self conceited and of rash
temperament. Such native will be intelligent, wealthy, good advisor
and planner. Relations with learned people but not much conjugal
, 110. Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus. Inclined to do. vice deeds, rela-
tions with other women, ancestral property will be destroyed through
him. Quarrelsome, bold, cheat and liar. Relation with thieves and
scoundral people.
111. SUD, Mars, Mercury, Saturn. One will be very clever, low
morals. quarrelsome and a liar. A cheal, bold. and of thievish nature.
Normally tbe traits of the houses where these are posited will be
destroyed. In case the planets are malefic in a house, one will have
victory over enemies. If these are benefic, one will gain wealth.
112. SUD, Mars, Jupiter, Venus. The native will be estate owner.
and rich. Blessed with power, authority and rank. Fond of dance and
music, comforts from the opposite sex. Such person will be learned,
intelligent and the native will belong 10 a respected family.
113. SUD, Mars, Venus, Saturn. Wealthy and respected. Intelligent,
kind hearted, good and happy nature, sweet speech and will have rela
tion with opposite sex. But the native will not be beneficial for parents
and brothers.
114. Suo, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn. Gain through journeys, well
respected, talkative, self praised, fIXed views and separated from loved
liS. Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn. Fond of opposil sex, secret al
liances, more expenditure and argumentative. When posited in 4th
house other people will enjoy from wealth. Devoid of progney even
there will be two wives or husbands, of bad character. Old age of na
tive will be very troublesome.
116.5uo Jupiter Venus Saturn Well respected, Creater of proper
ty, gain from land and wealthy.
117. Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury. A good and comfortable life.
Wealthy, learned and well respected. Gain through business and op
positie sex, When the conjunction is posited in 3rd house and 11th
house is vacant, onc should perform Surya Namaskar (Sun Namaskar)
for power, respect and wealth, For details ofSurya Namaskar indicat-
ing methods, mantras; etc. Readers should refer author;s famous
book, 'COMPLETE ASTRO PALMISTRY" Pages 413-414
t18. SUD, Jupiter, Moon, Mars. Well respected, wealthy and ana
tive of power and authority.
t 19. Moon, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Intelligent, bold, wealthy, kind,
relations with people, self opined, spendthrift. When conjunction is at
inimical place, the native will be leader or decoit and man of nefarious
and bad deeds.
120. Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter. The native will be a good ad-
visor, less practical but more theoralical. One will not have much love
for the world. Not so lucky, wealth will not be attained according to
one's wishes. One will keep concubins, will have love affairs with other
people's wives.
121. Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus. One will be fond of tantaric,
Astrology and other allied sciences. Will talk less, less comforts from
children. one will be skilled in many arts. Will have good wives.
Ill. Moon, Mars, Mercury, Saturn. Clever and intelligent, ill
famed, one will be able to convince the people, Happy and kind na-
123. Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Bold, may be hard of hearing,
proud, determined, happy relations with brothers, active nefarious ac-
tions and troublesome for the people.
124. Moon, Mars, Jupiter. Venus. The native will be of licentious
character, relations with the opposite sex but not liked by ladies, but
good wife and loss of money through them. May be victim of venereal
diseases, under debt and ill famed. One will not be able to differen-
tiate between good and bad.
125. Moon, Mars, Venus, Saturn. Wealthy and comfortable in
early age, second and last part of life will be troublesome. Straind rela-
tions with wife. Generally a troubled life. When posited in 2nd hOllse
onc will hold a good position and lead a comfortable life. Husband of
a wanton woman.
126 Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn. When the conjunction is
posited in 2nd house, one will have vice company and will do bad deeds.
But when posited in 6th hOllse the native will be famous, wealthy and
will have good company. Well versed in art. Intelligent, incentive, well
reputed, respected by rulers, happy relations with all.
127. Moon, Men:ury, Jupiter, Rahu: The native will suffer tiJI42nd
years age. The traits oflhe house where they arc posit ed will be spoiled
but at lat ter stage the over all effects will be good.
128 Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus. One will have two mothers
or will be a SOD connected with two persons. Learned, wealthy, blessed
with children, kind, respectful and will be able to lake people into con-
fidence immediately.
129. Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury. Theconjunction wiUbe malefic
in all tbe houses but will be beneficial after the date of marriage of his
130. Moon, Mercury. Venus, Saturn. Kind hearted, good natured,
happy go lucky, good deeds, happy from wife and progney. Comforts
fr om servants, victory over enemies, wife will be of good temperament,.
wealthy and gain from rel ations and friends.
131 . Jupiter, Mercury Saturn, Rahu. One will gain if one do busi-
ness with the finances of inlaws or uncles. When the conjunction is
posited in 12th house, onc should do business with hi s own money and
nol with borrowed one, othcrwise one will suffer losses and will be
132. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus. One will be poet and kind
hearted, becomes annoyed at slightest provocation. Fond of fine arts,
dance and music. A Comfortable life.
133. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn:- Well learned, immovable
properly, good conveyance, victory over enemies, harsh temperament
and good rank in life.
134. Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn:- E\i.1 deeds, obstinate. Waver-
ing, mind, ralations with opposite sex, very fond of woman, destructi on
of propert y and poor.
135. Mars. Venus. Mercury, Rahu/Ketu:- The marriage of native
will be opposed, loss offinances particularly when posited in 7th house.
136 Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Rahu:- There will not be any malefifc
effects on the trailS of the house where posited. 1f Sun is posited in
the adjoining house, some of his brothers will eit her be wealthy or
without children. Loss through theft or otherwise will be occassional.
If Mercury is malefic, the daughters of the native will be diseased and
troubled. If there is an ent rance on the South side in a house will be
cause of troubles. In such case upaye will be that one should bury a
silver wire under the sill of such enlerance equal to the length of the
enterance. The width of wi re can be small er than the colerance.
137. Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn:- Kind hearted. good natured.
happy go lucky, good dee&, happy from wife and j}1 ..:gney. Comforts
from servants, victory over enemies, wife will be of rash temperament,
wealthy and gain from relation and friends.
138. Men:ury, Venus,Jupiter, Saturn:- Good politician intelligent,
learned and wealthy_ Blessed with property. conveyance, comforts
from servants, good natured, donation, relations with learned men, vic-
tory over enemies, and benefit from agriculaturalland etc.
Accordidg to some old Hindu mythology the conjunction of five
planets is termed the best when does not include Mercury but it should
include Rahu or Ketu.
The conjunction of FIVE planets is called PANCHA VAT.
When male planet, female planet and a malefic planet except Mer-
cury form such conjunction, the native will be wealthy, blessed with
power and authority, children, grand children, comforts of domestic
life and long life, may the native be devoid of intel1igentia.
The conjunction of Jupiter, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, when
posit ed in houses. 1st to 6th will yield benefic results. In 7th to 12th
houses, the results will no doubt be benefic but one will be self made
wealthy man. He will lead a comfortable life and act cautiously.
The effects of conjunction will be generally good. In such a case if
a native has vice deeds and acts, then even he will be lucky than others.
In a queer reading, it is stated that if in such conjuction or
Panachayat a malefic planet like Rahu, Ketu or Saturn is not included
and native has no habit of vice deeds, the conjunction will be useless.
In other words either there should be a malefic planet in the conjunc-
tion or the native should be mischievous or do vice deeds then only
bcnfic results can be experienced. Otherwise one will suffer losses in
the life. In case the native is truthful and free from vice habits then
one should freely distribute the articles of malefic planets in the people
to realise the beneficial result.
As an example the articles of Rahu are barley, coconut and articles
made of wheat.
Ketu's articles are banana and articles of soure taste.Saturn's ar-
ticles are almond, wine, cigarete or other narcotic drugs.
Now we explain the conjunction or Panchayat as below:-
139. Sun, MOOD, Mars Mercury-Jupiter:- Such a native will be kind,
of good deeds, respected and careful for his respect. Blessed with
property and comforts from servants. One will be wealthy. lead a com-
fortable life but will not bave comforts from wife and will live seperate
from wife.
140. SUD, Moon, Mars, Mercury Venus:- Master of crafts, gentle
and will lead a comfortable life. In early part of life, one will be of
licenuous character, relations with opposite sex, in middle age, onc will
become thoughtful and in last part of his life, will do service to Sadhus
and Sanyasies and may renunciate the world.
141. Sun, Moon, Mars Mercury Saturn:- Short life, not much som-
forts from wealth, worried from wife and children, disease and much
spending of money on this account. One will have billious diseases.
Deviod of matrimonial happiness.
142. Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus:- Gentle nature, kind
hearted, charitable deeds, good advisor, relations with women and
helpful to other people.
143. Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn:- Well learned, good plan-
ner, wealthy and will lead a comfortable life.
144. Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Saturn:- Advisor, well respected,
servants in abundance, relations with other women, fond of travelling,
well versed in wordly affairs and deal them with determined mind. Low
morals and attached to other peoples wives.
145. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn:- Intelligent, well read,
respected, promotions, wealth, succesful attempts. At times sufTers
from diseases. Beautiful wife. Relations with damsals . .
146. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus: - Intelligent, gain from
Govt. and superiors, respected by the people and society, one will be
able to solve calmly the difficult and intricate problems.
147. Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn :- Learned, intelligent,
weft read, wealthy, intelligent brain and remains busy in solving well
intricate and complicated problems,
148. Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn: - Wclllcarned, intelligent,
Sweet tongued, good relations with all and wealthy. Liked by Ladies.
149. Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter Saturn:- Diseased, sufTers at the
hands of enemies, much troubled and poor.
ISO. Sun, Jupltcr, Venus, Saturn:- Jolly nature, fond of
mwk and dance. wealthy, well respected and well versed in wordly af-
fairs,. good orator and argumentative.
151. Sun, Men::ur, Venus, Saturn-Rahu:-lntelligent, bold and care-
Cui for his respect. He will accomplish all his works with plan-
ning. boldness and determination.
lS2. MOOD, Mars, Mertury, Jupller, Satum:-dever. self praise,
talkative, rougb in thoughts and actions. unsuccessful in all auempts.
153. Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus. Satllrn:.Yery weallhy,
blessed with property, conveyance and comfort:'i. aftire like a king. At
tached to many ladi es.
tS4. MOOD, Mar'S, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus:- Very wealthy and na-
tive of good status, blessed with property and oomforts of life. One
will be well learned in sut:: ..... ""Auaiogy.
ISS. Moon, Mars, Mereu!')', Jupiter, Venus:- Proud, rude tempra-
mcnt,leads a secl uded life and wealthy. One will be self conceited.
156. Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn:- Spendthrift in
early part of the lire. In middle age, one will become wise. respected,
good deeds and blessed with comforts of life. Attached to other
women and sutfers physical diseases.
157. Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn:- One will get
buried or willed wealth, respect ed, wealthy, generous, charitable, com-
forts of life and protector and elevator of name and fame of dynesty.
158. Moon, Mars, MercuryJupiter, Venus Saturn: - Very wealthy,
respected, will allain a good high position in life. Blessed with proper-
ty, conveyances, head of some dcpartmcnt, institutiori or Minister.
Will1ead the life like a king and respected like them.
1S9: All The Stven Planets:- Veryrcnowned man, respected, weal-
thy, king or minister or will lead a life like them. Blesse with all com-
forts of life, properLy, conveyances, children and lucky go round.
In the foregoing conjunctions of planets Rahu and Ketu have not
been dealt with detail.
Rahu and Ketu do not exist in the heavens and possess no mass.
They are only two imaginary Points in the heavens. Sun, and Moon
suffers when lbey come in contact with Rahu or Kctu. other planets
too develop abnormal traits and their quaJities usually suffer for the
worse. Sun conjuncling Rabu gives strong advantage and bestows
strength, vitality, action and warmth. But when Sun is in conjunction
with Kelll, gives a difficulty in establishing the new growth but gives a
strong will power to race odds.
Westeros astrologers have now recog.n.iscd Rabu and Ketu as the
Moon's Nodes as a few astrologers of the West have written a few
books indicating the important part of Nodes on human affairs.
Before analysing the conjunctions. onc should understand sig-
nificance of Nodes in different houses and signs. This aspect has al-
ready been detailed in author's book, "SCIENTIFIC ANALYSIS OF
HOROSCOPE- and be reerred. The sum tOlal is that unaffi icted
Rahu attracts blessing of the house it occupies where as Ketu robs of
the beneficial traits of the tenanled house.
1. Rahu wiU be favourable when occupies, 7th. 4th. 9th, 10lh and
11th houses. Ketu will prove auspicious when he is in 3rd house.
2. The following four groups. viz..
1. Waning Moon and Mercury when he is a malefic.
2. TbeSuD.
3. Rahu and Mars and
4. Kelu and Saturn are produdive of evils in the proportton of
1/4, 1!l, 3/4, and 1 respeclivelly.
3. If Rahu or Ketu occupy 5th or 9th and be conjoined with or
aspeded by tbe lord of the 2nd or the 7th house, they cause death
during thcfu dasa.
4. If they occupy 7t h or 2nd house in conjundion with or aspected
by the lord of 5th or 9th, they confer wealth and long life. If under the
same condition viz. Rahu and Ketu occupying the 2nd or the 7th con-
fers the above '
5. If Rahu and Ketu occupy dual rasis and if the lord of rasis or
Rahu and Ketu occupy dual rasis and if the lord of rasis of Rahu and
Ketu are conjoined with the lord of-KendFiHlr kana houses. the native
will during their dasa periods gelS wealth. power etc.
6. If they arc posited in dual signs and in conjunction with or
by the ru1ers of 6th. 8th or 12th houses. there will not be much
benefit to the native's mother or other relations of the mother's side,
or will cause loss of elder brother or father or the native.
7. Rabu Vat SaW And Kuj Vat Ketu is the dictum meaning that
Rabu is similar to Saturn and Ketu to Mars in giving effects.
8. Rahu causes palpitation of heart. leprosy, aberration of mind,
danger-from artificial poisoning, pain in the legs. troubles from Goblins
and serpents and ills to tbe wife and children. Ketu indicates troubles
with BrahmilL'i and Kashatriyas, or from enemies.
9. If 6th or 8th houses aTC occupied by Mars or Ketu, one will suf-
fer from un1cer, if Rahu aspected by Mars be in 6th or 8th house, onc
will suffer from carbuncles.
10. Rahu will bring about death by leprosy, by eati ng food mixed
with poison. by venomous bites., or by smallpox and the like. Ketu will
cause unnatural deaths. such as suicide, or association as a result of
the hatered of enemies or through worms etc.
1 t. Rahu whcn weak by being posited in 6th, 8th or 12th houses or
in conjunction with or aspected by malefice; each one of these is
declared as causing the destruction of thc Bhava in its respective dasa
12. When Gulika is associated with Rahu, person concerned will
suffer from a poisinous disease; if with Ketu, he will suffer from fire.
13. During transit, the Sun gives good results when he is in the 6th,
3rd and 10th houses (counted from Moon). the Moon in 3rd, 10th 7th
and lsi, Jupiter in 7th, 2nd and 5th, Mars and Saturn in 6th and 3rd;
Mercury in the &.h 2nd, 4th, 10th and 8th, all planets in lUh houses,
Venus in all houses Olher than 10th, 7th and 6th. Rahu and Ketu are
similar to Sun, viz. in 6th, 3rd, 10th houses and al so in lIth house.
14. Rahu in Karak, Varishabha, Mesha, Kumbha and Varischak,
viz (Cancer, Taurus, Aries, Capricorn and Scorpio) and Ketu in
Meena, Kanya, Varishbha, and the laller half of Dhanus, viz (Pisces,
Virgo, Taurus and laller half of Sagittarius), in Parivesha and In-
drachapa are strong if there be a conjunction of Moon and the Sun and
the time be night.
15. Rahu posited at birth in3rd,6th or 11th and aspected by benefic
planets dispels all evils. The same .... iII be the result when Rahu oc-
cupies the Lagoa identical with Mesha, Varishbha or kataka.
16. When lord of 8th house conjoins with Rahu,death will be caused
17. Rabu's exaltation sign is Gemini, Virgo is his own sign. The ex-
altation and own sign of Ketu is Sagittarius and Pisces respectively.
But accOrding to some Scorpio is the exaltation sign of Rahu and
Aquarius that of Ketu. $0 is provided in Sankeeta Nidhi San.,1 sloka
18. Rahu identical to its exaltation sign Gemini placed in an angle
or trine gives political power and fame. One will have all comforts and
become chief of his town, community or group etc.
19 .. Rahu posited in Taurus, Cancer or Aries gives wealth, educa-
tion, good servants, pleasing wife or husband and gain from the Govt,
20. Rahu and Ketu produce the effects l)f the Shave they occupy
and planets they conjoin with.
21. Saturn with malefics in 51h house indicates childlessness, Mars
in a similar position will cause abortions to the wife. Weak Sun
aspeeted by malefics will destroy children. If Rahu or Ketu be in 5th
in a like situation, the children will be despired or contemptible.
We provide some important combinations of Rahu and Ketu with
other planets. There can be many such combination but it is difficult
to provide all of them
1. If the Sun along with Rahu be in 7th house, the woman will have
many husbands.
2. If Sun is associated with Rahu or Venus is posited in 2nd house,
tbe native will be harsh in speech, and his wealth will be insignificant.
3. Rahu posited in the lst house along with Sun, Saturn and Moon
having 9th aspect of Jupiter is the best position.
4. Rahu with 7th lord in Sagittarius or Pisces makes one adulterous
and if Sun joins with them, one will have sexual relations with women
of bigh born families.
5. Conjunction of Rahu and Sun in 4th house indicates financial
troubles, fear of enemies, and failure of plans. There may be problems
of children also. Finally the native will leave ror another town or
6, ' Conjunction of Rahu and Sun in 10th house brings elevation in
one's life, but politica1 career will be a failure. Many ups and downs
in life. This conjunction in 9th will give higher learnings and foreign
7. Conjunction of Rahu and Sun is unfavourable in Aries, Gemini,
Libra, Scorpio and Aquarius. SUD conjuDctng Ketu destroys the house
where they are placed.
8. Conjunction of Rahu and SUD in 1st. 3rd, 51h and 12th, also in
Leo are favourable resulting fame, dignity, finances and socii eleva-
tion. But relations with father will nol be cordial.
9. lfRahu or Ketu conjuncts SUD and is afflicted, placed in malefic
houses or aspected by malefic planets, causes loss of profession and
prestige. Diseases of venereal nature and oChand, fect and mouth are
indicated. Comforts of children are denied and one will face fruslra
to. Rahu in squae aspect to Saturn, Sun, Moon and Jupiter, a
politician is born, Jupiter in trine aspect to Rahu causes one to be ad
11. Rahu in 2nd, 6th, 8th or 12th from Saturn, Sun, Moon and
Jupiter makes the native politician and administrator.
1. The lord of lagna or the waning Moon occupying 8th house and
being aspected by or conjoined with Rahu will cause native's death in
7th year.
2. When Rahu associated with malefic aspects the weak Moon or
when the lord of sign occupied by the Moon is eclipsed (or occupies
7th house), the native will die in 6th or 8th year.
3. The lagna lord occupying in conjunction with Rahu in 7th house
causes certain death in 21 days, months or years.
4. If Rahu conjoins Moon in 3rd house, onc will have no brother or
sister and will not have much wealth.
5. If Moon, Saturn and Rahu occupy 5th house, one will suffer from
wind disease, a severe splcen pain, worm disease respectively.
6. The besl position of Rahu is 10 be posited in the 1st house along
with Saturn, Sun and Moon having 9th aspect of Jupiter.
7. Rabu with Moon and Saturn in 6th, 8th or 12th house and
aspected by the lord of ascendant causes death in bad and mysterious
8. Rahu and Moon in 9th house and Jupiter in 10th indicates lucky
and beautiful children.
9. Jupiter and Moon in 12th house are unfortunate, but if Rahu or
Ketu joins, then onc is fortunate.
10. Moon, Mars and Rahu or Moon, Saturn, Rahu or Mercury,
Mars, Rahu or Mercury, Saturn, Rahu conjoins and specially in Aries.,
Sagittarius and Scorpio or in the constellations ruled by Mars or Saturn
is not auspicious unless there are beneficial aspects. During the dasa
periods of these planets, one will mect with frustration, disappoint-
ments, will be head strong, restless, have ill controlled tempers and in-
clines the person to go to extremes.
11. Rabu and Moon in 3ed house indicates death of mother in early
1. IfRahu occupies his own sign Virgo and if Mars, Venus and Mer-
cury be together in 10th house, fortune and ill luck are only momen-
tary and not of long standing. If malefics occupy 2nd, 3rd and 7th
houses, and Jupiter be in the 5th, the person will be of bad behaviour.
2. If Mars occupies 6th house, Rahu 7th and Saturn the 8th, the na-
tive will have misfortune of losing his partner and becomes dependent
on another.
3. If Sun occupies the 7th, Mars in 10th and Rahu in 12th, the yoga
causes destruction of parents; if Rahu and Jupiter should occupy, the
6th, 1st or the 4th (with the Sun in 7th and Mars in 10th). the demise
of the parents wiU have to be declared to happen within 24 years.
4. Mars in 4th house aspected by Saturn and Rahu, and if the aspect
of Moon should also fall on the bhave, the mother of the child will be
5. When 7th or 8tb house is occupied or aspccted by Mars, Saturn
and Rahu, tbe person concerned will be bitten by dogs, serpent and
the like. Or one will surely suffer from a very bad poisonous disease.
6. Mars and Saturn combined with Rahu in 8th house, the native
meets with premature death through weapons ets. Even a benefic in
the 8th house if aspected by inimical and malefic planets will cause
death in battle.
7. Man ia. 11th with Rahu and Sun in 5th makes the native chief of
the town.
8. RUo coajuncting Mars and Saturn in Ascendant causes diseases
of the FoeratiYe system.
9. Rahu, Mars and Saturn conjunction makes one accident prone.
The position of the house will indicate the part of the body to be at-
meted or shatters the prosperity of that house.
10. Rabu, Saturn and Mars in 8th house makes the person cruel.
perverse and immoral There will be sudden rise and fall.
11. Rabu, Mars and Jupiter in 6th, 8th or 12th house indicate dis-
pleasure of the ruler.
1. Rahu conjuncting Jupiter in 7th house and Mercury in 9th
house, one will leave his country and may reside in foreign lands.
2 Rabu aspected by Saturn, Venus and Mercury becomes very
powerful to do good. Although Rahu is stated to be friend of Mer-
cury, Venus and Saturn, but the conjunction with these planets causes
more affliction than otherwise. In fact, Rahu is no one's friend.
3. Rahu and Mercury in 12th house, J upiter a n ~ Saturn in 5th house
is bad for longevity of the native.
4. Rahu 8th from Mercury, the parents will be sickly and unfor-
5. Rahu Mercury in 4th house gives gain of money, high position
and good socia1 status. But in Pisces sign indicates sorrows due to rela-
tions, friends and children.
6. Rahu and Venus in 4th will give comforts and pleasures, but, if
Mercury joins them, one will indulge in sexual excesses damaging his
health and wealth.
7. Rahu conjunctingJupiter in 7th house and Mercury in 9th house,
the persons will leave his place of birth and lives in the foreign lands.
8. Rabu in an angle (1-4-7-10) with Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Mer-
cury, the native will be healthy with good children, honour ctc. and
long lived.
9. Mercurywitb Ketu or Rahu in 6th or 12th house and heavily af-
flicted gives rise to a disease which cannot be diagnosed and cured.
Even nervous break down or insanity is caused.
to. Combination of Rahu, Mercury. Saturn in the 10th house may
sometimes causes amputation of legs.
11. Rahu combined with Ascendant lord and Mercury causes white
1. Jupiter, Sun, Rahu and Saturn occupy the 1st, 6th or 5th house,
the yoga will only prove adverse to the parents. If all the malefics oc-
cupy 10th, 3rd, 7th and 12th houses, the native will always be suffering
through some Ir-oubJc or 'I:.", "ther in the body_
2. Rahu and Jupiter in Leo blesses the native with long age. Same
results are indicated if Rahu alone is posited in Aries or Virgo.
3. Saturn conjuncting Rahu or Ketu, but under benefic fays of
Jupiter, produces a great yogi.
4. Rahu in square or trine to Jupiter or in trine to Sun creates
5. Rahu and Jupiter in 8th house indicates stomach ailments and
also a birth mark ncar the naval.
6. Rahu and Venus in 10th bouse and Jupiter in Aries indicate
prosperous and fortunate person. He will enjoy some sort of authority
7. Rahu Jupiter in 4th house with benefic aspects makes one God
fearing and religious, one will he blessed with power, authority, wealth
and prosparity. One may he a distinguished lawyer.
8. Jupiter Rahu posited in any house destroys the fruits of that
9. Jupiter Ketu posited in 1st. 5th, 9th or Jupiter aspeeting Rahu
when placed in 1st, 9th or 10th house blesses the native with very high
position, finances and respect.
10. Rahu Jupitcr in 5th house indicates loss of issues or abortions.
11. Rahu 4th to Jupiter and Venus 4th to Rahu for a Capricorn as-
cendant makes the native rich, lucky, prosperous, n ~ m e and fame.
There will be fluctuations in lifc also.
1. If al birth of a child, Rahu Venus, Sun, Saturn and Mcrcury oc-
cupy the 2nd house, the father will have died before the birth of child,
and this yoga will prove good 10 the mother.
2. Venus conjuncling Ketu gives perverse sex outlook.
3. Venus conjuncting Rahu in 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th and 12th house is
bad, but good in other houses, Venus trines Rahu gives the native ex-
cellent moral character.
4. Rahu Venus In 4th house confers the nat ive with money and
lands. Domestic peace, hormony and comfort s. Relations and fri ends
will be of great help.
S. Saturn Ket u in 3rd house, Rahu if aspects Venus in 51h house,
causes fasci nation for the opposite sex.
6. Venus in 7th house aspcclcd by Rahu, the nalive may suffer from
cholera and diarrhoea.
7. Venus in Ascendant and Rahu in 8t h causes a mark on head or
left car.
8. Rahu in 12th house, Saturn in 3rd and Venus in 5th indicate dcfec-
li ve right eye.
9. Venus in good aspect 10 Rahu makes the native very succptiblc
to the admiration of the opposite sex.
10. Venus in conjunction to Rahu or parallel indicated thilt onc will
be fond of orrosite sex and rleasure particullJrly to young females a n ~
oft en forms illicit connections with them even afte r the marriage. This
also happens when Rahu is posited in the sign of Venus.
II . Venus when strong and in good aspect to Rahu, the native falls
an easy prey to the beauty of the female sex and there may be seve ral
love affairs even after marriage.
I. Should all the planets be posit ed in kendra house. .. , or if onl y the
malefi cs the Sun. Sat urn, Mars. Rahu, Ketu, Waning Moon and Mer-
cury when combi ned with these i.e. all except Jupit er and Venus oc-
cupy the 2nd, 51h and 91h houses, (here will be destructi on of enti re
family and make the native indigent
2 . Saturn and Rahu posit ed in 51h house and arc supplement ed by
bad aspects indicate loss of children.
3. If Rahu along with Saturn, Venus and Mars is posi ted in Vi rgo.
the native will be wealthy.
4. If Saturn or Rahu alongwitb a female planet occupy the 2nd. the
person will lose his wealth through his association with wicked peoples,
courtezans, singers, actors and the like.
5. Salurn conjoined with Rahu in the 3rd house will destroy both
the elder and the younger brothers.
6. Rahu or Ketu and Saturn in 6th house bless the native with wealth.
7. If Saturn and Rahu are posited in 7th bouse, wife of native will
die of diseases caused by water or worms, through quadruped or
through female imps and goblins.
8. Rahu 2nd from Sun and 9th from Saturn confers spirituality and
turns the native into a religious leader.
9. Saturn in the constellation ofRahu and Ketu i,o the constellation
of Saturn, involving in 8th house indicates paralysis afflicting the na-
10. Rahu or Ketu witb Sat urn and 4tb house ruler posited in 8th
bouse indicates stomach and digestion troubles.
11. Rabu in 10th house and 10th lord with Saturn in 3 rd house in-
di cates that one will be wealthy, religious and learned.
The highest of all learning is the knowledge of the
slars. To trace their cause is to untangle the threads of
mystery of Life from the beginning to the end. If we
follow t!zem perfectly nothing would be hidden fron:
In the previous cbapter we have studied the general effects of con-
junction of p1an.cts from two to seYeD planets in a house. A few con-
junctions are favourable whereas others are unfavourable, which now
we refet in detail.
In astrology the Parallcl of declin8,ligD is generally regarded as the
same in nature as the conjunction. When however two planets are in
parallel and in some definite aspect al the same lime it is always best
to analyse the combination in terms of the aspect whether good or bad.
If there is-tl() aspect, the paralic) may be trealed as a conjunction, but
it will no( be so strong, and will act rather as an inclining than a deter-
mining influence. Strictly speaking the conjunction and Parallel are
not aspects but positions.
The feelings and sensatiODS which registers in our minds as pleaseDt,
pleasure and good feelings are knoWn by the general terms of good or
favourable. On the other band, the vibrations of planetary angles
which give our sensary nerves an attitude of displeasure are ca1led ad-
verse or unfavourable. The conjunctions which give the above effects
are termed likewise. The same principles apply to aspects. which are
Damed according to their difference in strength of influence.
Also in conjuction of two or more planets which produce effects we
have to check the resultant effect like the resultant of the meeting of
two forces, the resultant varies according to the angle and strength of
each force. So the combined and resultant effects of conjuction has to
be ana1ysed giving pleasure or displeasure and hence are termed
favourable and unfavourable respectively.
We clarify the above point through an example. Take the, conjunc-
tion of Mars and Venus. This conjunction denotes. "The native will
be rash. under influence of opposite sex, a good mathematician,
obstinate, sexy and Passionate ..... If we take Mars as the senses. heat
and boldness and Venus as the soul and passions. when they are in
conjunction and Venus is stronger by sign as in the earby or Airy
triplicity, the soul wiU control and refine the senses and will gain in
feeling:> and emotioR.Oi, and termed as favoura.ble but if they are in fiery
or watery sign there will be more danger of the senses and passions
enslaving the soul and is termed as unfavourable.
The results indicated below will only operate when the conjunction
is independent and without any aspect from other planets. The results
be modifi ed according to the a. .. pccts.
1. Good-Conjunction or Parallel with Jupiter.
Jupiter (i) When Sun is significator, whether be ill or well dig-
nified, he is so dcbiliti .. 1Cd by the Sun beams that the na-
ti ve is but liulc afflicted by hIm except being ralher more
reli gious. This also denotes honest of generosit y, can-
dour, and sympathy. success through am-
bitions, marria.sc or SOCial advantage. This is a very
favourable positions.
( ii) Wh e n Jupit e r is significator, it denotes
pride,liherality, extravagence, love of display. conceit, os-
tentat ion, success through superiors and favours (rom the
persons in authority.
2. Adyerse-Conjunction or Parallel with Mars, Saturn or Venus.
(i) If the Sun be signifi catar and Mars, well dignifi ed and
nat near enough to be combust, the native Wlil be bold,
fearless, violent, head stronng and rash. Passionate.
speculative, over asserit ve, dogmatic, irreverent, scepti-
cal, exaggerative, good vitalit y and strong consti tutIOn.
High in command and generally victorious, d readful!
quarrels, or come off terribly wounded.
(i i) When Mars is significator, one will have a strong
character, heroism, courageous, treacherous; rash lI.nd
bloody to the extent of murderer. Ignominious
death, defiance, (ortitude, resentment, indignation and
(i) If Sun be the significat or and Saturn well dignified
makes the native libidious, much attached to opposite sex,
cauti ous, di plomate, economical, success through respon-
and position of trust One will have habit of
austerity, Proud, and careless. If Saturn is ill dignified,
one is infamous, miserabl e life, proud, mean covet uous,
rash and poor. Often has mark or blemish on his face.
May break his limbs and dies a violent death.
(ii) When Saturn is signi fi cator and Sun is well d igni fied
denotes much evils, loss from fi re, proud, loft y, unfor-
tunate, knavi sh, unhappy and bewildered. DefiCiency of
moral courage, lack of sympat hy, poor blood ci rcuiahon,
weak constitution Danger of disgrace or serious misfor-
tunes and failures.
(i) If sun be the significator and Venus is well dignified
makes the native soft and effiminate, fond of fair sex and
greatest ambition will be in the company of opposite sex.
If Venus is combust, the native will be cxtravagent, and
has an attachment for persons whose affairs are always
in a dcrrangcd or ruinous state and will waste his proper-
ty. If Venus is ill dignified. onc will not keep company
with anyone except wi th low and infamous women, who
will bring him to ruin.
(li) If Venus be significator, the native will be proud and
prodigal. If Sun be ill dignified, extremely mean and
poor, liable to consumption, hectic-fever. If however, the
native Jive unlilJ Venus seperates from Sun, he will be
morc healthy, but seldom fortunate.
3. Doubtrul: Conjunction or Parallel with Neptune or Pluto.
1. Good :. Conjunction or Parallel withe Sun, Mercury, Venus or
Sun (i) If the Sun be significator, and Moon well dignified is
said to give profit by travelling, one is aspiring, ambitious,
conselVative and impressive. If Moon is ill dignified, the
native will be very unst eady, fond of travelling, respect
able but sickly in youth.
(ii) When Moon is significator, it denotes defect in eyes,
one is mutable, seJr centered, harmless and indifferent.
Proud, aiming high, but will seldom attain them, will en
counter a great variety of new situation.
Note: The exact conjunction of Sun and Moon is good
except when aspected by malefic planets, although it
tends to weakenlhe health, especially in a female chart.
Mercury:.(i) Whe Mercury is significator and Moon is well dig
mfied, and both are free from afniction, makes the native
of sound understanding, quick witted and intuitive. If
Mercury be at good distance from Sun, then one is fond
of learning, goOd abilities, much admired by the lower
order. He will be changeable and unsteady, fond .of
travelling, Judicious, and aspiring in his connections and
aquaintances. One who is much favoured by women of a
higher order and generally prosperous in all undertak
(ii) When MOOD is significator and Mercury weD dig-
ilified, the effects are neraly the same as above, except
that the native bas more abilities and less instability.
Generally handsome, learned, ingenius, quick witted.
profound, oftcn produces new ideas and inventions.
Other conftguarattons with Moon and Mercury be also
taken into consideration.
(i) When Venus is significator and Moon is well dig-
nified, makes the native unstable but fortunate, good na-
tured and of an easy temper. Admired by tbe multitude.
But if Moon is ill di&J:1ified, onc win be unstable and
foolish, talkative, boastful, always changing places and li-
able to many disappointments.
{iil When Moon be the significator, Venus is well dig-
ilified, the native will be effiminate. easy loving, fond of
company and pleasure, comforts, of elegant manners, sel-
dom laytng anything to heart. He is less generally' admired
and respected. If Venus be ill dipified, one will be lust-
ful, thoughtless, profligate, foolISh and careless, Check
aspects on the Moon.
(i) If Jupiter be the significator and Moon is weD dig-
mfied. the native will be of harmless good nature will be
chageable, fond of travelling and might aJways ~ rich.
prosperous and happy. If the Moon is increasing (of
ShukaJ Pakash) his gOOd fortune will be unbounded, mar-
riage witb lady above his status. But if Moon is decreas-
ing (Krisban Paksha) some reverse fortune is indicated
not lOjuring the native materially. If at the new or full,
Moon one will suffer occassionally but gain through
ladies, and the native will travel beyond the sea.
If the Moon is ill dignified, one will have unsteady temj>C;r,
good nature, cbangeable, unsatisfied. When Moon IS in
cadent house, unfortunate, low company of infamous
women causing his ruin, if Mars aspects the conjunction.
(li) If Moon is significator, and Jupiter is well dignified,
the native will be highly honoured and respecteil. For-
tunate and position of authority. One is noble,mag-
nanimous, generous, kind, humane and hospitable.
If Jupiter is ill dignified, all a ~ v e resUlts. will be enjoyed
in mOderate degree, though his unaspectmg g ~ nature
may occassionally make him prey of the bypocnuca1 and
designing, espeCially in religious matters.
2. Adverse: Conjunction or Parallel with Mars, Saturn, or Uranus.
(i) If Mars is the significator and Moon is weB dignified.
tne nalive is very changeable, bold, enterprising. marries
atxwe his status. One will be much addicted to women.
yet seldom suffers by them, If Moon is ill dignified, the
native will be wlgar, base or mean, Cbangeable.
drunkard, wanderer and if women, she will be generally
a prostitute.
(ii) If Moon is significator and Mars is well dignified, the
native will be bold, rash, enterprising and well calculative.
Fond of travelling and explormg foreign countries where
he will die but fortunat e. B'JI iT Mars is ill dignified, the
native will be violent, furious, malignant, cruel and may
be murderer. Generally one has scar in the eye or face.
(i) If Saturn be the significator and Moon is well dig-
nified, makes the nati ve of sound judgement provided
Mercury is free from affiiction, of len unfortunate except
in dealing with women 'or common or lower order of
manltind. Un5Cllled, denotes great misCortunes, losses,
low company with vilest prostitutes.
(ii) U Moon be the significator and Saturn is well dig
nifiect. one will be timorous, suspicious reserved, or sound
judgement, rortune through hard work. If Saturn is ill
dignified, one will be cruel, malicious. brutish, suspicious.,
and mUCh unfortunate.
3, OoubUul: Conjunctions or Parallel with Sun, Neptune or pluto.
SUD :. The exact conjunction or Sun and Moon is good except
when it is aspected by malefic or unfavourable aspects,
although it tends to weaken the health, especially in a
female chart.
1. Good No Conjunction or Parallel with Mars is considered good.
2. Adverse: Conjunction or Parallel with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus,
Neptune, or Pluto.
Jupiter (i) !f JUp'iter is significator and M,ars.is well dignified, ~ h c
natIVe WIll be bold, proud, lofty; danng, a gOOd chemist,
surgeon or psysician and tolerably fortunate. If Mars is
ill dignified, one is ill humoured, If in cadent, onc is
coward, idle, unprincipled) liable to accidents., wounds
and even death due to his lolly.
(ii) If Mars is significato( and Jupiter is well dignified, the
native will be noble, /'usl,pious, eminent in law and for
lunate. If Jupiter is II digmfied, the results are moderate
Saturn (i) If Sal urn be significator and Mars is well dignified the
native will be rash, untruly, quarrelsome, crucl warlike
and disgraced. If Mars IS ill dignified, one wiU be
trecherous, murderer and a thief.
(ii) If Mars be siw:-ificator and Saturn is well dignified,
onc will be coward, rash, crucl, blessed with ancestral
property and gain of property by labour. If Saturn is ill
dignigi ed, then the nali ve will be malignant ; wicked,
suceptible (orlanger, will betray hi s friends, and will fmish
his career by a violent act or miserable death.
1. GOOD-Conjuncti on or Parallel with Venus., Sun, or Jupiter.
Venus (i) If Venus be the significator and Mercury is well dig-
nified and free from arniction, onc will be handsome,
winy, ingeni ous, eloquent and gains through lit erary pur-
suits. H Mercury is weak or combust, indicated mean,
artful and a broken spirit.
(in If Mercury be the signific3tor and Venus is well dig-
nified,this indicates elegance and beauty, sound wisdom,
~ o o d n e s s of heart, love truth and innocence. If Venus is
ill dignifi ed/ one will be beautiful, too much given to the
company a opposite sex. whi ch prove his rUin. He will
be good in musIC.
(il If Sun be the signifi eator and Mercury is well dig-
mfied, the native will be witt y and learned. Mercury docs
not suffers by combuti on.
(ii) If Mercury be the significator and Sun is well signified,
then the native will acquire riches, power, favours with
great men and promotions. Sick in youth, li able to dis-
eases not casilyeurcd. Ifin good aspect with Jupiter, one
will be morc heal thy and fortunat e.
0) If Jupit er is significat or and Mercury is wcll digniflcd,
the native will be virtuous, pious, elqoucnt, cxcellcnt
scholar and divinc. Handsomc, very fortunat e, has magic
power which defeats opponent s and obviates every dif-
ficulty. If MereuI)' is ill dignifi ed, the nalive is weak, con-
ceited and supernuous.
(ii) If Mercury is significator and Jupitor is wcll dignified,
the nalive will be mild, gentl e, amiable and friend to all
mankind. His knowledge will bring him respect, fame,
ri ches, good fortune and protection. If Jupitcr is ill dig-
nified, di sposition is equall y good, but nati ve is more
credulous and more easily imposed upon. Moderately
fortunat c, and if not admircd, gcnerally belovcd.
2. Adverse-Conjunction or Parallel with Mars, Saturn or Uranus.
Mars (i) If Mars be the significator and Mercury is well dig-
nified and DOl combust, the native will be learned, of
sound judgement, good presence of mind, quick penetra-
tion, a goOd lawyer, orator, politician, ambassador and
messenger. If conjunction is In an angle, a man of never
failing resources, wonderfully successful and invincible.
If Mercury is ill dignified, then the native will be of chat-
tering and ill natured/ little learning and less honesty,
thief, traitor, spy, and Informer.
(ii) If Mercury be the significator and Mars is well dig--
nilied, the native will be great, powerful commander. If
Sun or Jupiter arc angular and in good aspect, may rise
to highest honour in the afmy or navy, due to his great
r.resence of mind and invincible courage. If Mercury is
III dignified, one is trecherous, blood thirsty, if in angle,
one will do much Idle, dissi{,ated and drunkard.
Rebellious, imposter, gambler or swmdler.
(i) If Saturn be significator and Mercury is well dignified
and free from affliction, one will be subtle, crafty, of
sound judgement, deep and good eduction. Success in
literature connected with profession, ,most amiable, su-
perstitious and pedantic. If Mercury is ill dignified, then
one is of weak mind, conceited, talkative and i,gnorant. if
in bad aspect with Sun, one will have defective speech,
dishonest, swindler, unfortunate and infamous.
(iQ If Mercury is the significator and Mars is will dig-
nified, one will be fearful, suspicious, reserved, secretive,
calculative, selfish, unsocial and worthless, If Mars is ill
dignified, the native will be treacherous, malignant, en-
vious, of shallow judgement, suspicious, dishonest and
3. Doubtful-Conjunction or Parallel with Neptune or Pluto.
1. Good-Conjunction or Parallel with Sun, Jupiter or Neptune.
Sun (i) Already described under Sun.
Jupiter (i) This is the most happy conjunction or Parallel
promises every good to the native that can be possib e, be
the beller they are dignified the more amiable and happy
they will be, and if Venus be the significator, the native
will be superlatively beautiful. If anything can add totheir
felicity, it is when the conjunction happens is Pisces and
denotes virtue, honour, piety, tranquility, riches and love.
If Venus howevcr be dignified, the native will be of loose
desires but never infamous.
2 Adnrst..conunction or Parallel with Mars, Saturn or Uranus.
(i) If Mars is the signiflcator and Venus is well dignified,
the nalive will be of a hasty temper, good natured on the
whole, much addicted 10 opposite sex. but maintaining
good respect. Generall y forlunate, admired and
respected. If Venus is ill then onc will have
low and dishonourablc pursUits, seldom attains success,
his chief companions arc prostitutes.
<ii) UVenus be Ihesignificalor and Mars is well dignified,
the native will be proud, quarrelsome and very lustful,
brave and forlunale. He may be a good surgeon and
chemist and meets with success.
If Mars is ill dignified, one will be debauched, deeply
wicked, proud, comranion of prostilUles, quarrelsome,
rash, crud and thie. Owner or agent of brothal par-
ticularly when Mercury is with them or in evil aspect.
(i) If Saturn be tbe signifi cator and Venus is well dig-
mgied, the native will be libidious, much auach'Cd (0 op.-
posties ex, mild, quit e tolerably forlunate, If Venus is III
(lignified, one is mean, effimlnate, selfISh, either ruins
himself being infamous or marries a low or poor. Bad
character, relati ons with different temperamental women
which renders him miserable,
(ii) rr Venus is significator and Saturn is well dignified,
the native will be coward, cruel, unfort unate, moderate
in his desires, steady and of a few words. If Saturn is ill
dignified, one will be beastly, malignant
cruel, stubborn
and infamous. Bad fortune and the Ii e will be full of
series of misconduct.
3. Doubtful-Conjunction or Parall el with Pluto.
, \ - .
1. Good-Conjurn:tiomor Parallel with Neptune.
2. Adverse-Conjunction or ParalletWith Saturn or Uranus.
Satura If Saturn is significator and Jupiter is well dignified, gives
the possessions and inheritance and profits through
agriculture and fruits of the earth. The disposition will be
srave, honest, slow and labori ous. When Jupiter
IS ill digniued ODe will be dully, vain, superstitious,
obstinate and unfortunate.
3. Doubtrul-Conjunction or Parall el with Pluto.
I. Good-No Conunction or Parallel with Sal urn is considered good.
2. Adverse-Conjunction of Parallel with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto.
1. Rahu and Ketu occupying kcndras or Trikonas and combining
with other planets produce Yogas for success.
When Rahu and Ketu occupy kendras or trikona with other planets
they give sucess. If Rahu and Ketu occupy kendras and in union witb
lords of (rikona they become good. If Rahu and Ketu occupy lrines
and they arc in combinati on with the lords of quadrants they produce
good. As regards with other planets it is further clarified that if
joining planets are owners of unfavourable houses or signs, they will
not be producti ve of much good.
2. The conjunction of Kendra and Trikona lords produce good. but
when the lards or other Irikonas join (he lords ofkendras they will sure-
ly produce beller results.
3. When the lords or 9th and 10th houses are joined by the lords or
Slh and 11th houses, success is endangered.
4. The lords of 2nd and 12th houses give good or bad results ac-
cording as they are in conjuncti on With the lords of ot her houses and
the nat ure orlhe houses, they occupy.
The lords of 2nd and 12th houses have very pcculi arways of innuenc-
ing the native. They are nOI powerful by virtue of their own merits by
owning certain houses, but are considerably innuenced (0 give good or
evil results by Ihe association they have and the position they occupy.
5. Lord orSlh house produces evil. because, he owns the 12th house
from 9th house, a house of fortune and wealth. If he happens to be
the lord of ascendant or combines wi th a benefic he becomes good
(For Aries and Scorpio ascendants)
6. If the lords of kendras are in conjuncti on with the lords of the
trikona 'Nithout being associalCd with the lords of ot her houses, they
become ext remel y powertu\ in producing good results.
7. If the JX'IWCrfuJ ofkcndras and trikonccs are in conjunction,
even when they arc evil , produce good from (he fact of their
8. Evil planets vi z, lords of 3rd, 6th, 8th 11th and 12th houses, when
in conjunction with powerful Rajyoga planets, also produce favourabl e
results in their sub-peri ods according to thei r own sources of strength
at tbe lime. Conjunction has much influence and comdifiesgreatly the
natufe of the planet, thus united
9. Saturn inclined to do evils by his conjunction with lords of death
houses or those who have any power to ionict deat h, will cause deat h
in preference to any of those planets.
10. Good planets in conjunction with the lords of the death inflict-
ing houses, give success. Bcncfics not in conjuncti on with the above
give moderate success in their sub periods. Independent yoga karka
planets do not give success in their Bhuktics when they arc nOl in con-
junction with the Maraka planets.
11. When friendly and unfriendly plancts combi ne together they
produce mixed and ordinary results. If the planets occupyquadrant s,
trine or places of exaltation in conjuncti on with friendly planets, they
proudce better results.
12. Planets which occupy friendly houses, which are in conjunction
with friendly planets and which arc powerful when aspecled by jupiter,
makes a man attain to a position which may be equal 10 that of a king.
After studying the various conjunctions of Planets, it is quite impor-
lanllo understand aspects and their results without which the resuhs
of various Conjunctions cannot be modified.
ASpect can be defined as the angular distance between planets and
cusps or between planets themselves. The aspect can be good or bad
according to nature of planets and Vibrations as they harmonize or
confli ct with our ideas of good or bad. Actually there is no malefi c
asp:ds. AU things work together for good bUI our response to
planetary Vibrations is adverse due to our limited understanding.
Whenever two planets occupy certain position relative to each other,
they present an appearance known as ASPECT or CONFIGURA
According to Hindu Astrology, all aspects are impersonal and are
found from sign to sign instead of degrees as in Western Astrology. A
house is of 30 degrees and has equal house system.
All planets have full aspect on 7th house as count ed from the house,
where the planet is posited. In addition Saturn aspects 3rd and 10th
houses, Mars aspects 4th and 8th houses,where each Jupiter, Rahu and
Kct u aspect 5th and the 9th houses.
The opposition on 7th aspect becomes ext remly good when
produced by Jupiter and Moon in Hindu astrology, whereas in western
system opposition is termed evil always. A planet aspecting its own
house will increase the signifi cation of that house.
Mars aspects also 4th and 8th houses. 8t h house aspect sometimes
is b ;nefici al or evil depends on the qualit y of sign and strength of
planet. For instance for LEO Ascendant Mars is Yogkarka and SO gets
a special qualifications to produce good aspect by the 4th house aspect
a fri endly planet, the significations of the aspc.cted planet and the
houses are greatly enhanced. The same principle applies even in the
case or 8th aspect .
Saturn has special aspects of 3rd and 10t h houscs. As a natural
malefi cs, his aspects arc bad, evil or malefics. Bul the author disagrees
with us. Saturn will produce good aspects, when it acquires beneficial
strength by sit uation viz yogkarka. exalted etc.
Similarly Jupiter being a natural benefic bas aspects as benefic and
produce good resu1ts as per Hindu astrology. Again author disagreegs.,
the effects are based on the strength and ownership of the Jupiter. A
malefic Jupiter does morc harm than Good.
According to Hindu astrology there are six main aspects which
1. Conjunction
2. Parallel
3. Sextile
4. Trine
5. Square
6. Opposition
In addition applying and seperating aspects are to be checked.
The readers may object that seldile and Trine aspects are not in-
cluded in Hindu Astrology but author disagrees with you because all
these aspects have been borrowed by Westerns from Hindu Astrology.
Since these have been adopted very widely by Western than Hindus,
they are considered to be Western which is quite incorrect.
To sum up these major aspects we provide that in Hindu Astrology:-
1. Conjunction is a 1st bouse aspect.
2. Sextile is 3rd and 11th house a:;pccls.
3. Trine is 5th and 9th house aspect.
4. Square is 4th and 10th house aspect.
5. Opposition is 7th house aspect.
Likewise applying and seperating terms used in Western Astrology
are actually aspects of Hindu astrology as mentioned in our ancient
treatises like Phaldeepika, Sanketa Niddi, Jatak Tatva, Uthrakalam-
rita etc these aspects are termed IlTHASALA AND MASARIPHA
respectively vide Ram Dayalu's sanketa Niddi san VIII sloka 2 and 3.
So all the aspects are originally from Hindu astrology and as such
have been used in this book.
Prashara has stated 10th aspect as ~ K e n d r a Aspect" of a planet,
which is of vital importance. He states, "A planet situated 10th from
any house, sign or planet influences in good or bad ways to houses etc.
depending on the nature of the aspecting planet". For example Sun
posited in 2nd house and Jupiter in 5th hOllse. As perstandard dictum
Sun has no aspect on Jupiter but as Kendra innuence and aspect, the
aspect of Sun has great value and effects as it is situated 10th from
Any planet in 10th house aspects the Ascendant. In Western astrol-
ogy this aspect is called Square aspect and is held evil, but in Hindu
astrology the effects of a planet is considered as apd if the planet is
benefic or malefic.
We now the main 6 aspects as mentioned above in detail.
When two heavenly bodies are together at the same point of zodiac
are called in conjuction of planets are rather peculiar in their power
to do good or bad is gauged according to their ownership of houses
and their natural relations and qualities.
Conjunction of Lords of Kendras (1,4,7,10) houses and trine house
(5,9) when unassociated with lords of other houses arc not only power-
ful in producing good effects of the signification of houses located and
owned by them, but brings honour, wealth and general prosperity even
if located in evil houses of birth chart. But these very lords if vcry
powerful and strong by position and sign and are in their signs of ex-
altation. Regardless of other sources of evils, such as their union with
lords of other evil houses, becomes not only powcrful to do good but
help other planets associatcd with them towards the same object.
In the enclosed chart on page % yogkarka planet Saturn (lord of 4th
and 5th) conjoins 10th house lord Moon in 11th house viz lord of
kcndra and trine and is unassocisated has confered on the native,
honour, wealth and general prosperity. Saturn 4th house lord repre-
sent property the native has many houses. So results of conjunction are
Conjunctions of lords of trine houses arc always good. Whatever be
their location: but if the lords of these houses are associated with lords
of 8th or 11th houses success is endangered. Planets in conjunction
with maraka planets or death inflicting house ie 2nd and 7th house
lords become powerful enough to cause death in thcir periods and sub-
periods according to their relative strength in the nativity. The mutual
reception of planets in their own house is production of good
Rut if natural rc('cplion cxits between the lords ofkcndras and trines,
the period of such planets wi ll be most beneficial particul arl y if it is lIe-
tween the lords of 9th and 10th houses.
V N U ~ MER.
M D ~ N
Rahu and Ketu have no houses to own. Their conjunction with other
planets if occurs in kcndra and trine houses, the effects are always good,
in ot her houses good or bad resulls wi ll be experienced according to
the st rengt h of planet in the nativi ty with which they are associated.
When any planet is posited in the same degrees and minutes or lon-
gitude as the one occupied by sun, then it is said to be in "RAPT CON-
JUNCTION". It is considered to be eclipsed and utterl y powerl ess.
2. PARALLEL:- planets having same or equal declinat ion either in
North or Soulh are parallel. Orb should be taken into consideration
Orb for Ihis is 6 degrees. The effect of this position is similar to that
of close conjunction but even more powerful.
3.SEXTILE:-A benefic aspect of GO degrees of nature. The innuen-
ces of planets in this aspect are mutually blended. The effects are con-
sidered on the planets and the signs between whi ch it occurs.
It is 3rd and 1Uh bouse aspect: It indicates relationship with groups,
integrati on of the self with immediate surroundings. It.can be regarded
as opposition of trine series. Indicate slate of balance, degree of initia-
tive, one cannot remain passive toscxtile. Opportunit y and act ivity are
well associated with sextile. An easy aspect which reinforces your weak
point. This influence docs nOl impel you to action. Trine of review and
act as per changed time. There is more activi ty and change shown by
sextile than the time.
The lime may be linked to the reward of the past, while the sextilc
contains the potentially of the future.
4. TRINE:-Jt is 5th and 9th house aspect of 120 degrees. It blends
the influence of the planets in aspect harmoniously. It is a period of
easy enregy flow and relative lack of stress, when you can make crea-
tive changes. A period ofliule change, even when there is considerable
activity, little resistance to your efforts, with matters often working out
with little efforts on your part.
If the trine aspect is formed between Saturn and Mars it harmoniscs
the bodies or vehicles represented by the sign occupied by the planets.
Through watery signs, it influences the astral or emotional body.
Through fiery signs the mental body. In this respect it is fortunate
aspect, indicating peaccful, forgiving and charitable nature and en-
vironments. When occuring between Illminarics, it is more fortunate
than any favourable aspect.
5. SQUARE:-A strong malefic aspect of90 degrees or 4th and 10th
house aspect of the nature of Saturn. This aspect is most critical and
conflicting of aspects. It never fails 10 give disturbing prejudice or ad-
verse conditions and circumstances. A seperative aspect. It is known
as angle of pain aad sorrows, bringing remorse and a perturbed state
of mind and feeling with worry, anxiety and despondency.
Illness productd hI the square aspect arc slow to cure. Every con-
dition or event arising Cout of this aspect is critical and turns the tide of
fortune one way or thc other definitely wilh more or less permanent
It indicates challenges from circumstances or others that force you
to prove yourself or to make necessary changes, a time when course
of action proves incorrect :r if the challenge is withstood, a timc of
new intiative and active forv;:ltd motion or may inaugurate a period of
new effectiveness.
ASPECf. A aspect of perfect hatred or balance. The results depends
on the planets, their strengt1-- ownership etc.
Jupiter's opposition is benefic always and is an exception.
Esoterically the opposition J ~ n o t e s the ending or finishing of fate
or karma.
on the other hand a number of things can occur during this transit.
If the process has gone weli . thi,s is the time when your affairs reach a
culmination and you begi n to reap the rewards of your efforts. It
reforms a native into a nl'W level. You will get reward for what you
have done. The [ulurc beckons, and a new stage of development is
about to begin.
The term ORB usually means an area in which events commensing
a transit occurs. Technically the term means a distance in longitude
within which the innucnce of planet or aspect wi ll operate.
The limits of ORB for conjunction or opposition allow 12 degrees.
When Sun aspects Moon about 10 degrees. when either luminary
aspects a planet and for planets aspccling each other ORB is 8 degrees.
In Hindu old trealises and textbooks, the Orb allowed to the various
planets specifically as arc indicated below:- .
Sun 12 Degrees 17 Degrees
8 12
Other Planets 6 8
Now we provide some valuable points which should be memorised
while evaluating the nature and st rengt h of aspect.
L When a planet is lord of beneficial house l,2.4,5,7,9,lOth and ex-
alted in own rasi or in kendra is posited in good position, house,
Navamsa etc. Retrograde but aspected by benefi c planet or conjoined
with or aspect any house, yogkarka has Digbala strength is called
POWERFULQR BENERC PLANET and denotes good results.
2. when lord of benefic house is posited in 3,6,8,11 or 12th house,
bcbilitiated, in enemy's sign. in malefic sign from his own house con-
joined or aspected by malefics and also in Navamsa etc. becomed
MALEFIC PLANET and gives evil results.
3. when two planets arc within range of aspect and one or them is
in retrograde motion, each will move towards eaeh other. This is called
MUTUAL APPLICATION. This applicalion is stronger Ihan apply-
ing aspect.
4.When lord or kendra and trine combi ne in a house or mUlually
aspect each olher, both acquire greal l'it rcnglh to do good.
5. By the association or aspect of benefic planct with nculral, the
neutral planet gains strength (0 do good, whil e benefi c rclai ns il s
original power.
6. By the association and aspect of maldic with benefic, the mal efi c
loses some of it s evil nature anu becomes benefic.
7. They retain their original power whcn (wo nCUlrals arc j oined or
in aspect.
8. By the association of neutral with a malefi c, Ihc nculral ix:('omcs
malefic white malefic retains il s mal efi c power.
9. When two maldics j oi n or aspect each olher become cxtrcml y
bcncli c.
10. When Iwo fri endly planets comhine will produce good result s.
11 . when (wo planets arc inimical and combine or aspc(.' l each ot her,
will produce morc evil result s.
12. A planet aspecting il s own hcusc strengthens :IOU promotes thc
crfl.:cts of that house may this be a malefic planet.
13. I f a mal efic plani.:l aspects own house or rasi and malefi c planet
or Bhave aspcclcd is al so devoid of any benefic aspects elC, Even Ihen
the traits of bhavc will be strengthened for good.
so far we have studi ed t he aspect in detai l and have understand that
without considering the aspect we can not arrive at the right condu-
ti on. But in fact, the aspect must be analysed or diagnosied in view of
the above rules. In additi on the following poi nt s he kept as a guide.
>y1 00"
Jupit er
all other
Sal, Vcnus
Mercury Sun,Ven Moon All oth e r
Jupiter Sun,Moon, Saturn Mer, Yen
Venus Mer, Sal Mars,Jup Sun,Moon
Saturn Ven,Mer- Jupiter Su n, Moo n.
cury Mars
Rahu Sal, Yen Mccury,Jup S un ,Moo n,
Ma rs
Ketu Mcrcury,Jup Saturn,Vcnus
2. It should be cheked whether the aspect is good or adverse.
3. The aspect is exact or wide Orb,
4. Whether it is applying or separati ng.
5. The exact degrees of and aspcctcd planet.
6. Positi on of as[lCcting planet viz angular,succecdcnt or Cadent.
7. The nature of aspecti ng planet, movable, fi xed or common.
Whether fruitful or barren and whether malefic or benefic.
8. What type of house of horoscope docs the aspccling pbnct oc-
9. Docs the aspecti ng planet any olher aspect all he same li me?
1f so, compare them and ri nd t; e resultant good or bad.
10. What house docs the aspcctcd planet occupy? It is in elevati on,
than aspecting planet or below it in Ihc chart.
1 1. Are eit hcr of I hesc in their 01 cxa!tation or dcbilila
tion .
l2. If eit her of them is ret rograde.
Always g,O thc shortest way IhrC' ugh the Zodiac in the chart either
forward or go back to the figure and asccnd:mt.
The difference between Hindu and Western astrology on the point
of aspect is as below:-
1. In Western Astrology conjunction is an aspect whereas in Hindu
astrology conjunction generales effects due to being together but it is
not treated as an aspect.
2. In Western system, the computation of aspect is made from de-
gree to degree, whereas in Hindu system, count is made from sign to
3. In Western system the aspect will be mutually the same, bul in
Hindu Astrology the degree of aspect vary.
4. In Western astrology certain type of aspects such as sextile and
trine are benefic and square and opposition are evil, but in Hindu sys-
tem there is no such classification.
In Hi ndu system
(i) Aspect of benefic planets is always good and that of malefic is
(ii) Whether malefic or benefic planet, if he aspects its own house,
he strengthens it and does not harm.
(iii) Aspect of lords of good houses such as 5th,9th and Kendras are
good whereas that of lord of evil houses,6,8,12 are evil
]n para 3 supra regarding variations of degrees of aspect in Hindu
astrology we provide a table as is found in old Hindu texts.
ASPECTlmH aspect 4th and 8th 5th and 3rd and 10th
PLANET aspects 9th aspects aspects
Sun 100% 75% 50% 25%
Moon 100% 75% 50% 25%
Mars 100% 100% 50% 25%
Mercury IOC% 75% 50% 25%
Jupiter 100% 75% 100% 25%
Venus 100% 75% 50% 25%
75% 50% 100%
25% 100% 25%
25% 100% 25%
In chapter I oflhis book, we have given a passing reference to tran-
sit of planets, which now on elaborate.
After ascertaining the conjunction of planets, their aspects on each
other, the most important part is to check the conjunction or aspects
of in TRANSIT in the birth chart in order to arrive at the COf-
rcctjudgement and predictions.
We will deal TRANSIT of planets in a sumup form. for morc details
readers should refer author's world famous book, "TRANSIT OF
It is a well known theory that the movements of planets in the Zodiac
from moment to moment signify good or evil. This is the basis over
which transit !iystem rests.
During the transit all planets give good effects in 11th house. Sun
proves good in transit in 3,6 and 10th houses. Mars and Saturn in 3rd
and 6th houses. Moon in 1,3,6,7 Olnd 10th houses. Venus in all houses
other than 6,7 and 10th houses. Jupiter in 2,5,7,9 houses whereas Mer
cury in 2,4,6,8 and 10th houses.
The Sun and Mars in their transit through 3,6 and 1 Hh houses bring
an improvement in position,honour and give gain. In 2nd house they
cause loss of money: in 4th and 5th and fear, in 7th dis-
eases, Intense sorrows in 9th house. Mars causes disappointments in
10th whereas Sun in 10th causes success in profession.
Now we explain brief effects of various planets in different houses
of the birth chart to be modified accordind to conjunction vedha and
aspects etc.
1.THE SUN(Tmnsit Period one month)
lsi House: Loss of prestige and position. III health, irritated temper,
aimless travels,obstacles, delays, scpcration from family and anxiety
2nd House: Loss of money, financial worries, to be duped byotbers.
company of the wicked, quarrels with relations and friends. Danger of
loss in business etc.
3rd House: Gain of money, new position and status, bappiness. good
health, succe.s.s over enemies. domestic comforts,. recognition by supe
riors, good friendhsip etc.
4th House: Domestic unhappiness, Loss of respect, financial stress,
Quarrets, and disputes in family. Problem regarding property and land
and conveyance etc.
Sth H o u ~ Mental tenstion,loss (rom enemies and children. Expen
diture, displeasure from GoYl: worries, Loss of money, sorrows and
accidents etc.
6th House: Victory over enemies, good health, bappiness, peace of
mind, favour from superiors, success in efforts, enjoyments, gain in ser-
vice etc.
7th House: Affiicr.ed health, humilation, loss of moncy,quarrel with
wife, depression of mind, unsuccessful efforts and troubles etc.
8th House: Fear, anxiety. iU health to wife, displeasure from supe-
riors. quarrel with friends., expenditure, loss through enemies and high
blood pressure.
9th Houw. One may become rash, false accusation, loss of money,
disturbed mind, quarrels witb elders. failure in attempts and sepera
tion from loved ones etc.
10th House: Victory over enemies, weahh, happiness. gain and of
luxurious articles. Success or promotion in service, gain through friends
and others etc.
Iltb House: Eojoyme nl of new position, bonour, gain of
money,good health and luck. Gam through father, sucess in under-
standings and domestic bliss etc.
12th House: Be cautious from opponents, Loss of money, troubles,
disfavour from GO\1, and superiors. Eyes affiiction, friends will behave
like enemies etc.
2. mE MOON (Transit period 21/ 4 days)
1st House: Good health, gain of money, sexual enj oyment, meeting
with friends, you will be emotionally demanding from loved ones, be
within control. Good food etc.
2nd HOUH: Depression of mind, loss of bonour, obstacles, expen-
diture and dispute. Minor gain of money. A had time to spend money,
so avoid.
3rd House: Sucess, gain, friendship with opposite sex, fruitful cor
respondence and conversation. Vicinity oy and happiness etc.
4th House: You should relax at home. Avoid confrontation, emo-
tionally possessive. Keep safeguard your valuables and things.Mental
worry etc.
5tb House: Expenditure, Loss of memory, in love greater emotion-
al depth, do not be possessive, express your feelings to loved ones and
others etc.
6th House: Gain of wealthjoy,enemies will be destroyed, good
health and friends happiness. Gain by desire. Pay attention to home
and take care of health etc.
7tl. House: Sexual bliss, good friends, food and clothes. Gain of con-
veyance, money and happiness. Co-operation from opposite sex.
Favour from elders etc.
8th House: Untoward event, loss of money, quarrels, ill health, be
not emotional.
9th House: Beneficial travels, new foreign friends, unexpected ex-
penses etc.
10th House: Success, Pleasure all round in business and service.
Good public relations, and sale of property. Happiness and gifts etc.
11th House: Meeting with friends, sexual enjoyment, gain of money,
prosperity and good health. Friends will be helpful.
12th House: Jealousy, loss, expenditure, injury, misunderstanding,
Secretive mind, good for mystical or spiritual trials.
3. THE MARS(translt period 1 liZ month)
1st House: Avoid quarrels, obstacles, dejection, relations will be dif-
ficult to handle.Displeasure from superiors, blood pressure, sepeation
of relations.
2nd House: Displeasure from officers, friends and thievcs. Harsh
temper, Increased expenditure, disputes etc. of possessive nature etc.
3rd House: Good health,gain of money and happiness, alround suc-
cess, strength, good position, honour, authority and pleasure from
4th Houst: Family disputes, professional troubles, sorrows through
relations, parents and opponents. vice deeds domestic unhappiness.
Sih House: Causes improper desires, mental anguish. Quarrel with
children, troubles, theft in house, irritable temperaments, feeling
egoistic, strong love nature etc.
6th House: Happi ness, vi ctory over enemies, terminat ion of evils
and litigations. Gai n , honour, favour from superiors, gai n in income.
comforts but care for health.
7th House: Compromise between wi fe, partner etc, make adjust -
ments during this period being a positive side. On negative side, Quar-
rels with wife, loss of money, agony etc.
8th House: Mental worry, ill hcahh, feveT, fatigue, fcar, accidents,
and wounds, sinful acts, disagreement with wife, not a good time to
raise loan.
9th House: Mental anxiety, wearisome journeys, loss of wealth,
avoid travelling. But if confined or aspccted by Jupiter reverse the
result s. Be not dogmati c in views.
10th House: railure in att cmpt s, ill health rear and encmity. Second
half wi ll show good results. Be careful. Do Hard work to gai n, eonni ct
wit h Govt, etc.
11th House: Financial gai n, good heahh, happiness and enjoyment,
gain of landed property, birth of son, ';;' ::cess and acqui ring luxuries
and amusements etc.
12th House: Loss of wealth, unwant ed expenditure, quarrels with
wife. loss fromm enemi es, mental worries, troubles through women,
dii> honour and losses.
4. THE MERCURY (Transit Period one month)
lSlliouse: Active mind, good time 10 express, benelicial short jour-
neys, relax. If affli cted cllcmics, loss ,unsteady mind, troubles in jour-
ncys, company or low women.
2nd House: Gain of money, reliabk:. friends, succss in undert akings
but disgrace. scandals and unjust blames elc. Avoid property deals if
3rd House: Favarouble period ror intcll edtual work. Meeting new
people,short travels no: good to relax, postpone contracts, busincs",
,,,ulnership and dealings with olhers.
4th House: Gain of money, fulfllment of desires, scheme and coa.-
tract,cnjoyment, prosperity to relati ons and family, gainful correspon-
dence. Domestic happiness.
Sth House: Do nol stubborn to avoid upset peace"of mind, quarrels
with children. Games or reading can be bcneficial.1f armcred, loss of
position and money.
6th House: Good for mental work to gain sucess and popularity.
Sucessful attempts, mental and domestic happiness. Renown, victory
over enemies, avoid criticising.
7th House: Avoid mental worry, misunderstanding with wife. Dis-
cuss difficulties with atberes lest you feel dishonoured, domestic wor-
ries, arguements be avoided.
8tb House: Cheerful, steadiness, victory over cnemis, birth of son,
deep thinking and tben acting will pay you. Joint property dealings will
pay you.
9th House: Good for study,Law, Philosophy, good time to travel,
conversation or dealing with officials of law. If afflicted reverse, At-
flieted health, loss of money & Obstacles.
10th HOuse: Good health, gain of monay, sucess in profession, en-
joyment, all round sucess. Mental and domestic happiness. Success
over enemies and property.
11th House: New friendships, happy at home, prosperity, gain of
money, honour, satisfaction, good and favourable time during transit.
12 th House: Seerit talks and eID etc work. Fear of humiliation, dis-
putes, Misunderstandingswith wife. fri ends and relat ion. Loss and dis-
grace through enemies. .
S.THE VENUS (Transit period one month)
1st House: Enjoyments and ple<l.$ures, Happiness, good for personal
matters. Enjoyment of martial relations, sucess in education, new posi-
tion and status etc.
2nd House: Good for finance and mat eri al posessions. Gain of
money. Control your spending. Investment and borrowing of money
will be advantageous. Honour, Love ete.
3nd House: Prosperity, happiness, gain of money, sucess, favour
from friends and relati ons. Honour. good pleasure and lovable com-
pany. Increased influence etc.
4th House: Domestic happiness and comforts gain of money, im
provcment in residence. Increase in power and influence. Pleasure
trips, good relations with parents etc.
5tb House: Happiness from children and elders. Gain of money,
birth of child, good position for son. love relations will be favourable.
Helpful friends and fame etc.
6th House: Difficulties, irritation and dishonour. Problems and
relationship may arise. Illness to wife. But good period for service. un-
expected gain from Govt:
7th House: Best position for love affairs, romance, wife and c0-
workers. Partnership will be gainful and of mutulal benefits. But time
for reapproachmenLs.
8tb House: Gain of wealth through spouse, business partner, bank.
Union with Partner, wife or beloved. Good health. Increase in landed
property. Pleasure from opposite sex.
9th House: Gain, mental happiness, good experience through love
affairs, comforts, marriage, distant travel, fame, prosperity, gain from
stranger and foreigners.
10th House: Favourable for business and profession. Gain from su-
periors. Love relations with elders will be favourable. Avoid mercen
ary relations to avoid troubles, obstacles etc.
11th House: Gain of friends and luxury articles. Relations with op-
posite sex, domestic happiness, team work will pay, friendly to all, gain
of money and prosperity.
12th House: Selfishness in love, gain of items of luxury, increased
expenditure and pleasures of beds. Gains of money and from invest-
ment. Charitable,hclpfuJ to others. A good and happy transit.
6. THE JUPITER(Translt period one year)
lst House: Help Crom others, Loved ones will be helpful. Advance
to spiritual side. A fortunate year in personal terms. Self confidence.
Gain of experience. Do not be child like to avoid losses etc.
2nd House: Gain of money, domestic bliss, defeat of enemies, mar-
riage, birth of son, new position and status. Comforts and pleasures.
A good period for investment and purchase of property.
3rd House: Gain through writings and travels. Cordial relations with
all. Do not spend more. Good understanding, generous, plan effective-
ly to gain. Avoid over doing to avoid losses.
4th House: Good for peace and security. Gain in property. finance,
conveyance. Investment in property rewarding. Good domestic bliss.
Favourable for famil y life, home & pcrsonnallife.
5th lIouse: Courageous and expressive. Gain of money, Love rela
Lions will expaod. Birth of child. Royal favours, deCeat of enemies, in-
crease in property and succss.
6th House: Good health, speedy recovery from illness, enjoyment
and all over progress. Improvement in service or job. FavOllr from su-
periors and subordinates. Good transit.
7th House: Favourable for marriage, partnership and contracts.
Gain through people, civil suit wi ll be in your favour. Assistance from
doctor, lawyer, and others.
8tb House: Good period for joint ventures, rOTlu nate cbanges, ex-
perience of occult, spi ritual and religious. Gain from partnership and
from other people.
9th House: Prosperity. prestige, respect from olhers., increased in-
comc and land or house elc. Expansion. Pilgrimage and spiritual ad-
vancement. Religious.
10 th House: Avoid dominating, overbearing and arrogance which
indicate troubles, loss of respect, humality, domestic quarrals. Bcuer
chances in profession.
11th House: Blessed with child, acquire new position, money.
domestic happiness and good health. Pleasures, promotion, respect
and authority. Group work is good rather to work alone.
12th House: Good for learning, spiritutal and religious, occult ex-
periences. support from others and comforts. If malelic fear; litigation,
affii catcd health.
7. TIlE SA1lJRN(Transit period 2 112 years)
lst House: Morc responsibilitics, do not start an)1hing new for long
range project. A time of introversion and intropcction, your desires
will be morc.
2nd House: In case you are materialistic, loss of money, advance-
ment in spiritual and moral values. Work hard, organise your finances.
Be economical.
3rd House: Exlensive changes in environments. Trouble with
people, sucess, recognition of work, gain of wealth, prosperity, power,
position and enjoyment.
4th House: Problems in domestic life, parents hea1th afflicted. Dis
agreement with wife, relations and superiors. Mean actions, ill Came.
Be moderate to gain & rise.
Sih House: Be careful False allegations, dispute with children,
litigation, loss of moncy. Menial agony. Love affairs may become dif-
ficult. Do not gamble, speculate. You will have to work hard, be care-
ful and do disciplined actions.
6th House: Loss of enemies and gain & sucess in service. Good
health. All round prosperity. Gain in wealth, happy married life. Hard
work and keep care of your health.
7th House: Relation with wife and partners may become strained.
co-workers will not co-operate. Keep up your agreements with others.
some relationship may end. Trvel, ill health etc.
8lh HOuse: Problems with finance, conflict with others, criticised
actions, scperation from loved ones. Litigation, bad company, dis-
pleasure of orticcrs and disrepute.
9th House: Legal dirtieuhies, long journeys, Learning, decrease in
income, criminal proceedings and punishments. fruitless attempts, ill
health to father. Sorrows.
10 th House: Gain, manyresposibilities, politician will have success,
your prestige, job, status can be threatened. Scandels, loss of money,
loss of honour and employment.
11th House: Gain of money and desires. Property, fame, promotion,
honour and enjoyment with opposite sex. Reward from Govt: Best
transit of your life.
12th House: Danger, accident, loss of wealth & honour. Litigations,
family quarrels, efforts will be fruitless. May be imprisoned. Un-
pleasant journeys and loss from enemies.
8. THE RAHU(Transit period 1 1/2 years)
1st House: Develop self confidence, do not rely on others. self willed.
care of health.
2nd House: Good finances, practical, will have physical endurance,
Relations witb persons of good standing for help and gain.
3rd House: Gain through relations and education also from
youngers, travels, publishing and writings.
4th House: Acquisition of property, conveyance, good domestic life.
Gain from mother and law suits. New work be not started, complete
old one to get gain.
5th House: Love, gain and pleasure from children. Gain from
speculations aDd through creative activiry. many gainful love affairs.
6th House: Gain in service, employers and subordinat es. Care of
health. Be of firm views.
7th House: Gain through partnership, public life, domestic bliss, all
r0und happiness and cooperation. Victory over enemies. Unmarried
may get marriage happily.
8th House: Gain through legacies, occult experience, others money,
pleasures of beds, gain (rom inlaws or rel ations of wife. May cause
death of some loved me.
9tb House: Prephalic dreams, pilgimage, religious, may travel
abroad to gain education and for expansion. Spiritualistic practice.
Gain through publishing.
10 th House: Gain by profession by hard work to receive award or
recognition. One may become leader of masses. Advancement in
profession and social life.
11th House: New friendships and gain through them. Financial gain
and profits. May expand business for dermite profit. Friends & rela-
tions sincere and helpful.
12th House: Interested in occult sciences and gai n through them.
Secret missions & service to inferiors will pay. Victory over enemies.
Prophetic dreams.
9. THE KEnJ(Transit period I 1/2 ye,lrs)
lst House: Worried, humiliation, difficulties and sudden reversals,
Enhance self confidence, systematic working and be courageous.
2nd House: Change in profession, financial set back and difficulties,
delaYS,upset and create worries. Repayment of dues and expenditure.
Possessions be affected.
3rd House: Strained relations with brothers and sisters, breaks in
education. Worries through neighbours. short journeys will not be
4th House: Impaired domestic happiness. Disturbed peace. Change
of residence. There may be dcath of father or mother. Loss through
property, conveyance & reputation.
5th House: Worries, loss through children, abortion, disatisfaction
in romance and emotions. Loss through speculations. no new work be
started, have patience & work.
6th House: Illness, loss through service, displeasure of officers, su-
periors and government: active opponents causing loss and humilia-
tion. Change of working conditioru:
7th House: Discord with wife and partners. Domestic unhappiness.
Worries through lawsuits, expenditure. seperation or divorce nOI ruled
out. Death or immortality.
8th House: Loss and careful handling of legacies., others money and
insurance etc. Gain through possessions of dead and that of property.
Sexual matters on increase. Be careful about life.
9th House: Loss through long travel, education will suffer, no gain
from education, disrespect expenditure.
10 th House: Disappointments, changes in profession. Keep control
over self desires . ambitious and powers. Delay in all matters is indi o
cated. Be helpful to others.
II th House: rmancial troubles. strained relations with relatives,
brothers and with opposite sex.
12th House: One will tend to .seek seclusion and meditate, secret
missions, sacrificial and rebellious nalure, self distrust and self doubts
Manteshwara in Phaldeepika has laid down the results of transit of
planets through Nakshatra reckoned from NATAL STAR.
It is of importance to consider the .Iar of planet in transit, the planet
will work under thai star. It gives the results of matters signified by the
lord of constellation, through the source indicated by Ihe transitting
planet, by lordship, occupation and its nature.
We now tabulate the results of planets counted from NATAL STAR
of tho! native in a coincise way as detailed by Manteshwara.
1st or Natal Star
& 5th
Destruction of property and ill health.
Influx of wealth, increased earnings and
6th,7th,8th and 9th
1OIh,llth,12th and
14th to 19th
20th to 23rd
24th and 25th
26th and 27th
1st and 2nd
3ed to 6th
7th & 8th
9th and 10th
11th to 15th
16th to 18th
19th to 24tb
25th to 27th
1st and 2nd
3rd to 8th
9th to 11th
12th to 15th
16th and 17th
18th to 21st
22nd to 25th
Success in undertaking and completion of
Financial gains.
Loss of wealth, increased expenditure etc.
Illness. indisposition and loss of energy
Gain and increased income.
Serious illness and danger to life.
Fear and anxiety
Safely and well being
Succss over enemies
Financial gain and increased income
Mental happiness and peace
Quarrels and misunderstandings
Journey to dislen! or foreign places.
Financial gain and increased income
III health,danger to life by accident, fall
Quarrels and misunderstandings
Sucess in undertakings and completion of
work started.
Loss of wealth, money and property.
Gain of money
Excessive fear and anxiety
Happiness and well beings
26th and 27th
lst to 3rd
4th to 6th
7th to 12th
13th to 17th
18th & 19th
20tb to 27th
2nd to 5th
6th to 8th
9th to 11th
12th (0 15th
16th to 20th
21st to 25th
26th & 27th
Travels to distant places.
Sorrows,gricf through loss of wealth or
Gain and increased income
Untoward events and calamity
Gain of wealth and increased income
Loss of money
Honour,ncw position, status and fame.
Grief or bereavement
Happiness or prosperity
Journeys and removals
Loss of money and position
Gain of money
Enjoyment and happiness
Happiness and gain
Danger, illhealth etc.
With the up to dale of transit of planets,the author is of the views
that transit should be checked with respect to aspects and conjunctions
with the natal planets in birth chart, which are of quite importance.
When the planets transit Lagna or 10th House (Mid heaven) they
produce special effects. which we now explain.
The most sensitive points in a birth chart are Ascendent or Lagna
and Mid heaven or 10th house, the transit whether benefic or malefic
carry a big vaJue on these points and are provided in nutshell for the
guidance of readers.
Trwt or aspect to the Ascendent affect the general health and
produce also mental tension if malefic otherwise good results. The
aspects to 10th or transit on the.other hand denotes honour, employ-
ment, reputation and the parents according to the nature of innuen-
ces benefic or malefic. Allowances must be made for tbe condition of
planet concerned in the nativity. An affiicted benefic will p r o d u ~ o o m
paratively good by its favourable aspects to Ascendant or 10th house
and similarly a malefic dignified and weill aspected will produce little
evil,but Tatbere a strain which will call oul the natives latent powers
and in the end prove a blessings rather than a forlunc.
1. Conjunction, Trine or Senile Sun:- Public honour, gain through
Govt: good health. success in attachments and marriage.
:z. Conjunction, Trine arSenile Moon: - Likelihood orJongseajour
ney, some public favour, general gain, successful attachments and with
married women. Birth of daughter is indi cated.
3. Conjunction ,Trine or Senile Mercury: Studi ous period, ac-
quisiation of knowledge and general gai n.
4. Conjunction, Trine or Sextile Venus:- Much pleasure, strong at-
tachments, acquisi ti on of wealth and property. Marriage or st rong per-
manent attachments.
S. ConjuntioD, Trine or Sextile Mars:- Much sclr confidence, great
activity, attachments with females, birth of a son.
6. Conjunction, Trine or Sextile Jupiter:- Many new rri ends, much
social act ivity some distinctive poliition, general ri se and financial gain.
OPPOSITION of Jupiter will also produce good results . .
7. Conjunction, Trine or Senile Saturn:- Gain through inheritance,
acquisition of land and house property. Indust rious and painstaking.
Grave and seriously disposed and inclined to be preserving.
8. Conjunction, Trine or Sextile Rahu: - Increased self confidence,
initiative, independent working, good personality and individuality.
Success in efforts.
9. Conjunction, Trine or Sextile Ketu: - More arduous and burden
some duties. Clear thinking and planning will help you for success.
Reinforced self confidence needed by his recognition of efficiency
gained through past or present experience.
1. Ascendant squart: or Opposition Moon:- DiffICulties with
enemies, afflicted healtb through cancerous, or tumorous diseases if
tbere are such indications in birth chart. Dirficulties in travel or
voyages. UopopuJar period as a general in which health will suffer
through vitality or want of it, and also through deplation.
1. Asttadant Square or OpposlUoo Sun:- Lack of stamina for health
and enterprise tendency to stagnation in ideas, poverty of blood.
3. Ascendant Square or Oppositi on Mars:- Feverish and inflam-
matory complaints, ability to accidents, disputes, disfavour from
others, violent or unexpected hurt or injury adverse for health.
4. Ascedant Square or oppos ition Mercury. Nervous disorder,
bowl troubles. Suffering through fraud or enemies.
5. Ascendant Square or Opposition Venus:- Loss through ex-
travageate or intemperate habits., troubles through women and serious
difficuhies where affections and attachments are concerned. Difficul-
ties in generative system.
6. Ascendant Square or Oppos ition JupUer.-lf Jupiter is malefic,
then only blood disorders, liver complaints troubles through false
friends and extravagences, loss through intemperance. unwise en-
thusiasm. undue hopefulness etc.
7. Ascendant Square or Opposition Saturn:- Liability to accidents,
many cold or chills, disorder of a lingering character, troubles in con-
nection with elderly persons and affairs will go wrong particularly with
honour, reputation and famiJy affiars.
I. Asc:eodantSquare or Opposition Rahu:- Lack of self confidence,
one should not reley on anybody except on his own intiative. He will
be forced to project himself depending on the sign position.
9. Ascendant Square or Opposition Ketu: - Sudden set backs and
reversals not to bis liking. Scanering mental impulses. Problems with
self. Lack of self confidence. More arduous and burdensome duties.
1. M.C. Conjunction Trine or Sextile Sun:- Increase of honour,
desire for achievements, elevation as regards of innuence, added
breadth of view.
2. M.e. Conjunction Trine or Sextile Moon:- Long voyage, some
responsibility, domestic success, probahle marriage and birth of
3. M.e . Conjunction, Trine or Sextile Mars:- very enterprising
spirit, much activity and general success in all maUers of a mechanica1
nature, and great access of ambition or wordly enterprise.
4. M.e. Conjunction Trine or Sextile Mercury:- New enterprises,
journeys and a very active period regarding business, much dealing
with lawyers, merchants, and great access of learning and education.
S. M.e. Conjunction Trine or Sexlile Venus:- Strong attachments
ora favourable character. Marriage birth of child. good fortune. where
affections are concerned. Gain and prosperity.
6. M.e. Conjunction, Trine or Sextile Jupiter:- Much gain and in-
nuence through social affairs. rilsein life and general success. Allihings
are now tending to go well and looking prosperous .
. 7. M.e. Conjunctions, Trine Or Sulile Saturn:- Some respon-
sibility or position of trust, increase of position. organising power,
general improvement in mailers of service. employment or avocation.
Gain through elders, inherilence and general success.
8. M.C. ConJunclion ,Trine or Sextile Rahu:- Public recognition and
honours for services rendered. Public social work success through hard
work and personal sacrifi ces. Leader and protector of massess. Plan a
sound expansion programme. Advancement in business, service and
wider field of influence.
9. M.C. Conjunction,Trine or Sextile Kelu: Indicates tendency to
resist control by others. Power and success for help of others. Control
of selfish desires, ambition and power. Try to win good will and sym-
palhy of others. work with time.
1. M.e. Square or Opposition Sun:- Loss of position, deat h of
parent and an unpopular period, willY. a liability to orfcnd olhers
grievously. No success with Govt: or persons in authority or power.
2. M.e. Squan: or opposition Moon:- Difficulties in domestic af-
fairs. sometimes death of mother, troubles in populace and discredit
from olhers.
3. M.e. Square or Opp,,:>i Uull r\.lars:- Liability of heavy losses, dis-
put es and diffi culties with others and in business. troubles through
parents, it usually causes deal h of parent. liabili ty of gricvinus injury.
4. M.e. Square or Opposition I\'fercury:- Troubles in connection
with writings, correspondence, literature, solicitors, travel and relatives
S. M.e. Square or Opposition Venus:- Troubles through jealousy,
attachments, seperations, difficulties in domestic affairs, loss through
rash conduct, scandals and ext ravagances through lack of prudence.
6. M.e. Square or Opposition Jupiter:- If Jupiter is malefic, will in-
dicate danger of law suits,lcgaltroublcs, legal disputes, difficulties in
social life, and persons with power and authority, loss of money and
financial disputes.
7.M.C. Square or Oppostion Saturn:- Dishonour and disgrace,
legal troubles, difficulties with avocation, suffering at hands of those
of inferior, birth or position. Difficulties in responsibilities and any oc-
cupation requiring trust and integrity.
9. M.e. Square 01' Opposition Ketu:- Disappointments dissatisfac-
tion with vocation bringing many changes, Vain self glory, control your
selfish desires, ambition and power. Hold gains already one has. One
should be patient when he encounters delay and consider this to be an
opportunity for further preparation.
The general effect produced by one body in !rasit over another is in
principle the same as conjunction of the two by direction.
The slower a planet is in motion the more effects does its transit
produce. A Planet stationery within two degrees of some sensitive point
in the horoscope is always important and this rule holds good all
through. Slower planets are much more marked in the results they
bring about than are those that move quickly, and their influence ex-
tends over a much longer period. Because of this, the planets can be
divided for the purpose or transit into two groups: Saturn, Ketu, Rahu
and Jupiter whereas other planets arc quick. Mars however is capable
of producing distinct effects by transit at c r i t i c ~ l limes when directions
The slow moving planets often mark unfortunate periods than
definite dates. The influence of a slow Planet is of courfie strongest on
the day when its transit is exact or within Orb. Transit should always
be noted to the day: fm d list of such dates serves to mark the good
and bad days through thc ycar. The transit of Mars in particular often
act very promptly. The transit of the quick moving planets mark days
rather than periods, for their influence seldom cxtcrj,ds over more than
two days. Mercury and Venus indicate events of slight interest. The
Moon, although the quickest in motion of all, is of more all round im-
The Sun is significator of falher, courage, vitality, power authority
and fmances. Also ambitions and boldness, dignity commanding
power, reputation, general success and Govt: etc.
Now we shall explain in NUT SHELL transits of various planets for
ready reckoner and guidance or readers.
1. Sun Passing over the natel SUN indicate success with starting new
ventures. The year can be significance bad or good depend on tbe con-
figuration and planetary aspects. Be of assertive nature. Transit may
not fulfLiI all goood things but this does not mean bad period.
2. Sun in transit over Moon denotes your personal, domestic and
emotional life will be prominent. Advancement and elevation to a
much better state of affairs indicated. Relatives with persons and op-
posite sex will be more harmonious. A time for new beginning and
make changes for success not favourable for females.
3. Sun transit over Mercury indicates a good time for travel, chan-
ges,literary work, starting a new business, correspondence, diplomatic
dealings with others. A good time to plan for future, dealing with
lawyers, solicitors, agents, literary persons will prove to be a -success
and advantageous.
4. Sun Transit over Venus often denotes marriage. You will come
very close to persons you love. Enjoy the blissful feelings of gratified
emotions, for pleasures and happiness. A good time for making new
contacts and friendships. You will gain money and material posses-
sions. Contact with beautiful opposite sex and arts items. A good
health and Physique.
5. Sun Transits over Mars is critical and unfavourable position.
Much excitement in temperament and work, self assertive and aggres-
sive. You will feel active, energetic, daring but take care of the health.
Avoid quarrels which will bring serious troubles. Good period to start
new projects. Be calm, Control anger, excitement and avoid argue-
6. Sun transits over Jupiter indicate forlunate transit denoting suc-
cess, good fortune, much gain, many social advantages, and all round
success. Financial gain, benefits from travels. Helpful to others, new
relations will be formed. You may get promotion, favour from Govt:
and superiors.
7. Sun transits over Saturn is a critical unfavourable transit. A very
criticallime,suspicious and apprehension of danger. If one goes slow
will succeed. It strengthens individuality, steady, preservings and in-
dustrious. Health will suffer, you will feci isolated and alone. Disfavour
from Govt: superiors [or which you should be careful.
8. Sun transits over Rahu is good indicating harmony,sociai success,
gain through speculations, happy married life and respect in social en-
9. Sun transits over Ketu will bound you with responsibility of
children who wili be source of worry to you. Be careful against dis-
pleasure of Govt: and superiors. You may nol be placed in unhappy
Transits of Moon are of considerable use in deciding fortunate and
unfortunate days. When Moon is Passi ng through any house in the
horoscope, it gives some degree of prominence and importance to af-
fairs governed by the house, and the result will be fortunat e or reverse
according to the condition of that house in the radical horoscope. Thus
if second house was badly afflicted at Birth, the Moon's transit through
it once a month will always tend to be more or less unfortunate. If the
ephemeri shows that Moon receives bad aspects that day. Such as op-
position of Saturn, the tendcney to mi sfortune will be increased: and
if it received some good aspect such as trine of Jupiter not much benefit
can be expected from it because of the radical affliction. If on the other
hand, a house is fortunate at birlh, the Moon's transit through it will
mark a day that is fortunate for affairs governed by that house: and
this will be increased if the ephmcri shows that the Moon is well
aspeeted and not mueh lessoned by amictions. When the Moon tran-
sits the place of benefic, in the horoscope, Jupiter, Venus or a well
aspcetcd Sun, Moon or Mereury it will indicate a fortunate day. When
it passes over the conjunction or opposition of a malcfic or a serious-
ly afflicted Sun, Moon or Mercury, a day will be indicated as unfor-
tunate, when it will be wise to be careful. In each case, iftheephemeri
shows thal Moon is well aspectcd on that day, the good will be in-
creased and cvillesscnd: and vice versa if the ephemris show that it is
badly aspected: but the radical birth chart indications are the most im-
Generally speaking tbe transit of the Moon through a house or over
lIle place of a planet lends 10 call forth the natural meaning of that
bou.sc or planet and aspects al birth. Its transits over Jupiter's place
or Venus will bring enjoyable days, pleasure, social intercourse, or
gain: over Mercury, good days for writing, reading, studying and begin-
ning new undertakings governed by that planet. If the Moon was, say,
in trine to Jupiter at Birth its transit ovcr either of those two places
will indicate a fortunate days.
The transit of Moon through the Ascendant is fortunat e in most
cases.,especially for going a journey or making changes. except when a
malefic or seriously afnicted planet was rising or setting at birth. In
this way fortunate and unfortunat e days can be marked out according
to tbe Moon's transits through the birth chart and although the Moon
is not the only factor that has to be taken into account in this way, yet
its influence is very important. Journeys be undertaken if the Moon
transilS 1st, 3rd or 9th house or even its own place if well aspccted.
Business should be begun when Moon is most fortunate. are when it
transilS Jupit er or Venus.
The most potent and noticeable transits are the following:-
When the Moon by direction is forming a square or opposi ti on to
Saturn, a transit of Saturn over the place of the progressed Moon will
bring out all the evil of the lunar directions. In the same way a bencfic
aspect of the Moon 10 Jupiter will be doubly benefic when Jupiter by
transit is passing over the Moon's progressed place.
One of the most certain and direct transit is that of Saturn hunting
the Moon's as it is termed that is, when Sat urn is in transit over the
Moon's progressed place. Since thc progressed Moon takes twenty
eight and Saturn thrit y years to complete the circle, this will often last
for many years and in some cases for a lifetime. The most unfortunale
aspect in a nativity is the amiction of the Moon by Saturn, either by
square or opposition and when the aspect is very close and the progres-
sive Moon is moving slowly, or at the same rat e as Saturn the transits
of Saturn goes or. for the best part of the lifc. For the Moon progres-
sive motion moves lhrough one sign of the Zodice in two and a half
years and Saturn's motion by transit is at the same ral e, therefore un-
less the Moon is movingfasl and moving out of the sphere of influence
of Saturn. a double affliction is kept up far the best part of li fe. This of
course can only be the case where the Moon is in conjunction, square
or opposition with Saturn at birth.
1. Mercury in transit over the SUN is fortunate for study, writing,
litcrcature. employment, business and new ideas and undertakings: but
if afnicted at the same time either no benefic results or there is trouble.
2. Mercury in transit over the Moon's fortUnate for journeys,
publishing, writing, business, speech making and most malleTS
governed by the planet, unless seriously afflicted.
3. Mercury in transit over its OWN PLACE strengthens all matters
and things signified bYlbe planet according 10 its capacity as shown by
its position and aspect al birth: but if seriously amictcd, disappoint
ments, worries, false reports and anxiety arc the results.
4. Mercury in transit over Venus is forlunale for social and family
matters, for friends, pleasure, love affairs, holiday making and general
5. Mercury in transit over Mars may make the mind active and have
useful resulls for those following Mars occupations, but there is always
risk attending it. Danger of di sputes, fraud, false rumours, things writ-
ten or hastily sopken cau. .. ing trouhl e: neuralgia, headhache. sleepless-
ness, for those who are liable to them. Avoid mental excitement.
6. Mercury in transit over Jupiter is fortunate for business and all
literary occupations, it brings friends, social success, honour and
7. Mercury in transit over Saturn causes danger of mental trouble,
anxiety, depression, loss and ill success through writings or study. But
if very well aspccted and fr ee from afni elion, gain through occupation
and matters ruled by the planet.
1. Mars in transit over Sun infuses activity and energy into matters
signified by the Sun and the house in which it is placed, and is good
for Mars men those who follow occupations of planets, but it is accom-
panied by risk of disputes, accident s, ill health, rashness and ex-
travagence and requires to be met with caution.
2. Mars in transit over MOON causes quarrels. enmity. trouble
through females sometimes a death, danger of imprudent and rash
conduct, If well aspccted, travelling and activity in business,
3. Mars in transit over Mercury makes the mind busy and ingenius
but critical and enemies a ~ e likely to be made by toungue or pen,
danger of a law suits. If Mercury was arnictcd at birth many a n n o y a n ~
ces may result, nervous excitement headache or neuralgia.
4. Mars in transit over Venus if well aspcclcd brings pleasure, so-
cial enjoyment, holidays and activity in ma((crs ruled by Venus: but if
much afOicled, threatens loss, cxtravagcncc, sufferings through women
or friends, or dissipation.
5. Mars in transit ovcr ITS OWN PLACE strengt hens all the charac-
teristic of planet according to its position and aspects at birth.
6. Mars in transi t ovcr JUPITER brings activity in social affairs and
success through them or through busi ness. BUI if Jupit er was much af-
flicted at birth, extravagance or loss. and troubl e through law or
7. Mars in transit OYer SATURN threatens accidents, trouble in the
occupation or with superiors or the aged: quarrels, danger of ill healt h
the father may surrer.
1. Venus in transit over SUN brings pleasure, social and general suc-
cess, and friends among people in good position.
2. Venus in transit over MOON is fortunate for family. domestic
and social affairs, it brings friends, especially among women, and tends
to pleasure, holiday making. enjoyment and success.
3. Venus in transit over MERCURY if fort unate for writing st udy
and the pursuits of Mercury for trade for travelling and for society and
4. Venus in transit over ITS own PLACE is forlUnate for all things
signified by the planet according to its house and sign at birth: but if
much afnicted in the binh chart, not much good will follow.
5. VENUS in transit over MARS brings danger of extravagance,
loss, too much pleasure seeking, and idleness, but jf well aspected,
benefits may result from enterprise and activity in matters signified by
either planet.
6. Venus in transit over JUPITER brings good fortune and general
prosperity, friends, popularity, and pleasure, if seriously afnicted by
malefies. the benefic effects will be lessoned.
7. Venus in transit over SATURN cannot do much good unless very
weI! aspeeled at birth when good {ortune through business or money
malters may follow.
1. Jupiter in transit over the SUN brings good fortune. Success, the
favour of superi ors, of Govt: gain through busi ness or employment,
through falher, or husbad: pleasure, holiday enjoyment: health im-
2. l upiter in transit over the MOON is forlunate over the family,
domestic, a nd social mail ers: benefit through mother or wife:
popularity, public success, health improve!>, good for travelling or
change of residence.
3. Jupit er in transit over MERCURY brings benefits through
literary works, wriling. study and affairs governed by the planet
generally. II removes mcnlallroublcs and makes the mind peaceful
and well disposed.
4. Jupiter in transit ove r VENUS inclines to pleasure, holiday
making, social amusements, friendshi ps, love making ""';th the young
and may bring s u e e e s . ~ in art, music, drama, the occupation of Venus
and favour of women.
5. Jupiter in transit over MARS may improve the business and af-
fairs, especially with those who follow occupations of Mars and may
lead to activity and changes: but if afflict ed heavy expenses and Joss.
6. Jupiter in transit over ITS OWN PLACE brings good fortune and
pleasure according to the posi ti on and aspects of the planet at birth.
7. Jupite r in transit over SATURN docs not do much good unless
SATURN was well placed and aspected at birth, when there may be
gai n of money or property, benefits through superiors or elders, and
through occupation and persons ruled by Saturn.
Saturn as per standard di ctum produces troubl es in health or affairs
or bot h. Saturn is a planet of limitation and restri cti ons producing loss
and fortune. The vitali ty is lowered when transisting Asce ndant, Sun
or MOOD and there is likelihood of colds, rheumatis m, or accidents.1t
coincidi ng ""';th bad directions such transit may mark a vcry scrious
time when everyt hing goes wrong, but under good directi ons the
trouble is only temporary.
But the author is of firm views that Saturn is a great benefic as al-
ready explained and in author's world f<lm(lUS book "SATURN A
--.. '.
During transit aspects of other planets be noted carefully. An evil
Saturn during transil.1f aspecled by good Jupiter becomes powerless
to a great degree for making mischief. Where as aspect of VENUS
reduces the evil effects by about 20%.
1. Saturn in transit over Sun brings troubles with superiors, persons
with power and authority, loss of position and reputation is in danger,
business and affairs suffer, toubles through father or husband. Not
good for health.
2. Saturn in transit over Moon brings trouble or loss through busi-
ness, property, family or domestic matters and house or land: unfor-
tunale for mother or wife and female relatives. Unpopularity, arnictcd
health and the mind may become depressed.
3. SATURN in transit ovec MERCURY brings trouble through
writings, study, books, documents, and persons ruled by Mercury.
Depressed mind and worry, and nervous upset.
4. SATURN in transit over VENUS brings troubles through females
affections, through social and family matters, and through females,
friends and relatives. Occupations and pursuits by Venus suffer. Under
bad directions there will be scandals or financial loss. If Venus is very
well aspected, some gain may occur.
5. Saturn in transit over MARS brings danger of quarrels and acci-
dents, change of occupation may occur, rash enterprises are under-
taken, sudden troubles may crop up.
6. Saturn in transition over Jupiter will bring financial benefits, if
Jupiter is well placed, and aspccted at birth. Gain through investments
and byeeonomy. Benefit through religion or law. But if afnicted danger
of loss and troubles.
7. Saturn in transit over OWN PLACE VIZ SATURN brings
troubles according to its position and aspect at birth. If very well
aspected, gain may result in things signified by the planet, but there is
often loss.
In chapler 2 "Conjunction of planets we have repeatedly mentioned
at places that articles, relations and professions of a planet or a house
will be benefic or malefic.
This term may Dol have barned the students and readers. For the
clarity of this point we provide below the details of above points for
Planets and Houses. These details arc not easily available in the com-
mon books available in the market.
The above point can be divided into three main headings for each
Planet and House.
1. Articles.
2. Relations.
3. Professions.
1. Sun
(i) The articles denoted by Sun arc Wheal, GUT, Red Cloth, silk,
Red flowers. Red Sandal Wood, Brown Sugar, Musk, Saffron and
Brown Buffalo. The animals indicated arc Monkey, She-monkey,
Kapila Cow found in Hilly areas. Tree of Tejphal is denoted by Sun.
The metals are Copper and Gold. Gem is Ruby. Colours denoted by
Sun are Orange, Yellow, Brown and Gold etc.
(ii) The relations signified by Sun arc father, nephew, friends and
religious people or guides and sons of fathers's sisters.
(ii) The professions denoted by Sun arc power, authority of the
Govt,professions eonnccted with wheat etc. and with nephews, trades
of silver, milk, conveyancc, animals, property dealers, copper dealers
and wheat grinding mill. Also professions connectcd with monkeys
and with children will be bencficial. One will gain if the profession is
carried out with nephews and sons of the father's sister.
2. Moon
(i) The articles denoted by Moon arc rice, milk, curd, condensed
sugar (Misri), white cloth, white sandal, ..... hite camphor, grecn plant of
post with milk, mare and horse. Wells, pond, spring water, under-
ground water, self made or ancestral agriculture land, sca opium, rain
water and hail storm, ctc. The metal is silver and Gem Pearl. Colours
are white, pale, yellow, while, opal and silver shade.
(ii) Relations denoted are mother, aunt, mother of elder linde,
grand mother, mother of husband or wife, a woman who is blessed
with the longest life in the dyncsty clc.
(iii) The professions indicated are connected with garden, rice,
horse, medicines, cloth merchant, ponds, wells, springs, education of
females, articles connected with journey, ice vender, connected with
agriculature and underground articles, of sea, ancestral property, dry
medicines which are to be used for hearl, but narcotis, drugs and watery
medicines will bring in los.<; particularly when Moon is posited in 10th
house. Profes.<;ions of white pearls, but the trade connected with pet
animals and watery items will sustain loss when Moon is in 12th house.
3. Mars
(i) The articles of Mars are ghce, red cloth, red flower, red sandal
wood, ivory, red copper, dal massor and chillies (red), sugar, sweet
diet, honey, red sandoor, neem trce and skin of deer. The metals are
copper or gold. Gems are red Coral and red slone. Colours indicated
are red scarlet and carmine. Animals are lion, lioness, Camel, She-
camel and deer. Deak or neern trees arc denoted.
(ii) The rclations denoted arc brothers which include elder brother
of father, elder brother of mother, friends of children brother in law
VIZ husband of sister, brother of wife, brother of grandfather and
adopted brother of father etc.
(iii) Professions for Mars are of Ivory, snuff, skin of deer, doctor,
medicines particularly used for belley, dal masoor, fruit, and property
not connected with machinery, dry fruits, red coloured articles, honey
and trade of sweet meals, red metal and sandoor, and trade of
medicines which are not sweet. Professions connected with teeth,
sowrd etc. will Dot be beneficial.
4. Mercury
(i) The articles denoted by Mercury arc Sugar, green cloth, flowers,
green Moong, turpentine, camphm and music instrument, lead, ghosts,
wine, roasted meat, alum, toys. sea shells and metals are silver and
gold. Gem is emerald. The animlas arc elephant, parrot, goat whereas
trees and plants denoted are banana tree, ban tree having wide leaves,
cactus thorny type, green grass etc. The colours of Mercury are azure,
blue, dove and spotted mixture.
(ii) The relations indicated for Mercury are uncles, elder daughter,
unmarried sister in law, elder sisler, daughter or aunt, daughter of
grand father etc.
(iii) The professions denoted 3rc Ihoscconncclcd with human skull,
music instruments, Countain pens, lead, bamboo, flower, stationery,
restaurants etc. literature, books, wine shops, ivory, sea she Us,
diamond, alum. connected with courts, toys shop but professions of
stock exchange and shares, gambling etc. will sustain loss. One will
gain in profession if one helps his grand daughter, ncice elc.
In case Mercury is malefic in the horoscope and if one stammers,
the evil effects of Mercury will be warded orr.
S. Jupiter
(i) The articles of Jupiter arc gram dal, salt, tarmcric, gur brown
sugar, yellow clothe, yellow flowers, ladoos (sweet), saffr on, kasluri,
books, ancestral house, temple, gurdwara, dried peepal tree, sulphor
etc. The animals are lion, cock, frog. horse, etc. The metals are gold,
tin, platinum. Gems arc Topaz and ycllowsappirc. Colours arc green
or purple, violet and mixture of red and indigo colours. Peepal tree is
denoted by Jupiter.
(ii) The relations indicated are children, sadhus, grand falher,
falher, father-in-law, head offamilyOl' dynesty, king.guest,old learned
man and school master etc.
(iii) The professions denot ed are those connected with articles of
yellow colours, earth work, educational, irrigation, scents, snuffs, trade
of costly and valuable birds, book sell er, milk and curd business, in hilly
areas, Pooja art icles, gas and religious placcs articles, trade of iron,
platinum tin or artificial jwellery or rolled gold etc.
6_ Venus
(i) The articles ascribed to Venus are rice, sugar, milk, curd, ghee.
scents and perfumes, white cloth, white flower, white cow and cam-
phor. Copper utensils, carrot, cotton, and earth etc. The metals indi-
cated arc gold, silver and platinum. Gems denoted arc diamond and
while pearl. The animals arc cow, bull, the plant is cotton plant. The
colours are turquoise, pink,lemon. yellow and blue_
(ii) The relations of Venus are partner, wife, husband, married sister
in law, brother's wife and women/man with whom one contracts illicit
relations etc.
(iii) The professions denoted are the trades connected with women,
perfumes, ready made garments, etc, business of potato, sunmica,
mica, ghee, camphor, brick kiln, gur, gas, fruit, agriculture land
produces, copper wares, cow, under ground vegetables and fruits, col-
t o n ~ pearl, white coloured articles etc. which will be beneficial
7. Saturn
(i) The articles for Saturn arc black til, sarsoon oil, black mash dal,
musk, black cloth and black flowers. Black salt, peeper, grams black
or white, chandan wood, palm trec, sagwan trce and wood thereof.
Black insects, marble, cheel, kail wood, black surma, coal, black cow,
masalas of sorts, scorpio, reptiles, old wood, shisham tree, aak,
crocodile, oil, soap, iron, foolad (kind of iron), tin, copper, artificial,
fish almond and colton seeds etc, The mctals are lead and iron. Five
metals copper, lead, silver, iron, goldjoinLly used arc also denoted and
are called Panch. Dhatu. The animals and birds arc buffalo, blackdog,
and black horse. The plants are Kiker. The colours indicated are
balck, dark brown and Indigo. Gems arc blue sapp-hire, Lapiz Lazuli
(ii) The relations denoted by Saturn arc brother of father in law,
husband of aunt, uncle and other like relations.
(iii) The professions indicated by Saturn are of Kikar, mash dal,
Palm and dates, eye !>urgcon, all kinds of oils,marble, coal, Surma
(black grounded metal used for eyes) Engineering, underground works
and contractorship, cotton seeds, also business of opium, charas, ganja,
old wood like shisham etc. river or watery animals like fish, crocodi le
etc. railway, houses and iron and steel business, and business of al-
8. Rahu
(i) The artieles relatcd to Rahu arc Sarsoon, Sword, horse, ivory,
blanket, til, mixed seven grains, suffaron, coconut and soft coal etc.
The metals are lead, gold, aluminium. Gems arc Rubby, Ncc1am and
Gomed. The animals indicated arc black dog, elcphant etc. and the
plants are coconut tree, thorny grass ctc. The colours arc black, bluc
and indigo.
(ii) The relations denoted by Rahu arc father-in-law or mother- in-
law, sincere friends and inlaws of daughters etc.
(iii) The profitable professions of Rahu are business of Gold, $ar-
soon, lectures and Sermens to be adopted as business, big work!> and
contracts of electrical items, pet dogs, silver articles, business etc. But
the business of coal. ivory, roofs of houses, raw coal, neelam,
aluminium etc. will not be favourable and be avoided.
9. Ketu
(i) The articles of Ketu are sword, musk, blanket, till, sugar, suC
faroR, mixed seven grains, imli, Iii, urinal, Pooja place, earthen maund,
rot, onion, and banana. The animals, and birds are sparrow, rabbit,
donkey, pig, two coloured dog or bi tch but they should not be of red
colour, mouse and chhapkali. The gems are white and black two
coloured stonc, cat's eye and metals are steel and gold. The colours
indicated arc mingled shades and checks, the trees are banana, imli
and till plants.
(ii) The relations are step son, onl y son, brother in law, nephew, son
of aunl, maternal uncle, grand son, son of daughter or sister, son of
uncle and second son of native.
(iii) The professions indicated are business of til oil, toilet articles,
Pooja articl es, cot, onions, busi ness of pigcry, donkey
and sale of dogs, articles for foundations of hou.scs, twin clomed
slone, articles of luxury, children toys and banana trade. Sale and pur-
chase of rabbits, one may be bcnefi ucd if one cures the deafness and
diseases below umblicus and should learn their practice.
We have seen above tbe professions indicated by planet and houses.
Now we specially deal with tbe posi tion of planets in houses etc and
professions indicated by them.
The strongest planet in the horoscopes, 10t h house, its lord and a
st rong Lagna lord indicate profession of tbe nalive who will ea rn by
bis personal efforts and hardwork.
A strong 2nd house lord indicates gain in dealing with food articles
and speech. The 3rd lord simil arly indicates profession of travelling,
writings and if has any favourable connection with 10th house, one will
be prolitled in partnership wi th brothers and relati ons. He may run a
big busi ness or may serve in the army.
4th House strong lord if favourably connected with 10th house the
native will gain from real estate, property, motor vehicles Qusiness.
5th house is a house of speculation, learning and games of chances.
The harmonious disposition of 10th and 5th lord indicate gain through
them. 6th and 10th lords when favourably connectcd makes one Doc-
tor by profession as 6th house being of sickness. One can be on good
position in service and can be bcncfiucd through subordinate and ser
7th house denotes wife, partnership and travels. Harmonious dis-
position between 7th and 10th lord indicates gain through partnership.
81h house denotes legacy, imports, exports, etc. Such persons in
whose chart 8th and 10th house lord!\ arc beneficially connected indi-
cate gain through busi ness of import and export and foreign business
and from property gOl through legacy.
9th house denotes foreigners, foreign countries, long travels, law
and religion. Connection between 9th and 10th lords will bring earn-
ings through foreigners., in foreign land, through practice of law,
religious head, preaching, teaching or by long travels.
10th house is a house of profession, the nature of which is indicated
by 10th lord and by nature of planets or planet occupying or aspccting
10th house.
1uh house indicates gain and income also accumulation of wealth,
cider brotheres and relations ctc. Plancts posited there in and aspect-
inglhe 11th house indicate earningof money. Connection, a favourable
one between 10th and lIth house lords indicats the good earning, ac-
cumulation and gain from elders.
12th house denot es secret works, places of confinement and di stant
lands elc. Favourable connections between 10th and 12th lords indi-
catesgain through these. One maybe a Jailor or in C. I.D. department,
espionage work, can be a ambassodor in distant land etc.
an old method indicated by our an-
cients lays down that the thingsbe checked from Lagna, Sun Moon.
LikewiselOth house from Lagna, Sun and Moon be checked, its rulers
be analysed and check the strongest of all, which will indicate the
profession of the native and according to the Navamsa, he is placed in.
Also consider the planet in 10th house. Sum rcsult will indicate source
of earnings at one time as well as different periods in one's life.
Analyse the aspects, conjunction and strcngth of planet in 10th
house, the various planets when posited in 10th house indicate the fol-
lowing, subject to above conditions which may be benefic or malefic.
For example benefic Sun in 10th house brings respect, good posi-
tion and wealth but when cojoined or aspccted by Rahu or Saturn, one
never gets reward for his hardwork. remain worried and faces ups and
downs in his profession etc.
This position is generally treated as beneficial. It indicates that pcr
son is ambitious, fond of power, authority, recognition and will attain
it. Blessed with Sons, Vehicles, Wealth and fame. Intelligent and will
enjoy kingly status and will be known widely. Brave, honour and suc-
cess. Gain from parents and Govt or ruler or officers etc. The success
in life is steady which may be business, profession or service. One will
enjoy the position of trust and favourable environments. Good vitality
but high moral standards.
In case Sun is afflicted causes hinderance, delays and opposition Ups
and downs in profession. Blemishes from opponents.
An important position. Such penons will become rich by all pos-
sible ways. Wife will be shrewed. Indicates many changes in profession
and outward life. Many connection with public and opposite sex. the
private life will be of greater concern yet more success. Wealthy, happy
and intelligent. Inclined to public life. Attraction for women and
mother. Changes in business, profcssion or cmployment etc. Indicates
instability of position and popularity in lifc, followed by rise, downfall
or rewards.
In case Moon has benefic a ~ p e e t by Sun, Venus or Jupiter, one will
have favour, success, prosperity and popularity, gain in property and
public business ctc.
Afnicted Moon by Mars deontes public disfavour, Scandal,
notorietry or discrcet, obstacles and troubles in business. Amicted by
Saturn indicates worried mind, and slow progress.
Gain and promotion through busincss, profession and industrial
pursuits. Great opportunites for pf(1gress, courageous and energctic.
The best suited professions will be of Mars and the planet best aspects,
of liberal views, rash in action, praised and loved by people and ruler.
Energetic and bossing nature.
Mercury in good aspect to Mars indicates engineer, Surgeon, Medi-
cal man, Surgical instruments, manufacturer, usc of tools such as iron
or steel instruments and machinery. Hardware dealer, athlels etc.
IJ found afflicted one will be of rcvolulionery nature, resulting in
sorrows, troubles., anxi ety and disappointments but the end will be
good. Affliction by Mercury will result low grade work. Such as mason,
labourer I iron or machinery workers also in factories. Affliction by
Saturn or Ketu indicates laborious employment and likelihood of
failure in business.
One will be successful in all Ventures, Wcahhy, Liberal, Learned,
happy and famous. Good posi tion for service or holding responsible
positions. One has good memory, sweet speech and ment al stamina.
Taste for literature, mcrchanti le work. If Gemini or Sagillarious is
the sign, onc will be in the career of Journalism.
If Mercury is found afflicted indicates many unfortunate changes in
profession. Affliction by Mars or Saturn denotes a rcsiles.c; nature, Sub-
tle, and business etc.
Except its depression sign Capricorn, Jupitcr in 10th house is in ex-
cellant position. It blessess the native with good fame, power and
authority. High posi tion, alround success. Favour and gai n from supe-
riors and persons in authority. Social and financial success. If Mercury
is favour able, one will be administrator, Judge, Ambassador, a good
political leader, position o( trust, fame, public recogniion and support.
When amic(ed, a weak social life, reckl ess actions., disturbed rel a-
tions with others due to misunderstanding. Loss and troubles through
subordinat es. AfOi ction by Saturn indicates downfall, obstacl es and
losses. By Moon or Sun, reverssal in public, social and offi cial life.
Changes in profession. By Mercury, ordinary position, loss or dis-
credit through dishonesty.
Great desire to cont act others, connections with learned and artis-
tic persons and career will be influenced great ly by them. Widely
renowned, honour, wealth, social and humorous. The profession will
be things connected with amusements, ladies., Cinema, music line and
(he like. Loved by women.
Jrbeneficially aspccted by Sun, Moon or Jupit er, the native will be
conferred with high distinction, honour and financial success favour
from persons in aut horit y. If by Mercury, a good writer, Speaker, 3rt-
ist of fine arts, actor, Professions require travelling and contacts with
people. When afflicted, disappointments and unhappiness. Hindrance
and delay in progress and finances. Lack of opportunities, often oc-
cupies a low position.
Saturn in 10th house has peculiar nature. It elevates the native,
politicians, Cinema actors etc to the highest position but throws them
to the depth much greater than heights theyc1imbed. InvariablySaturn
in 10th house is not good and causes downfall. It cannot beston good
results merely in 10th house, unless it is Yogkarka or Ascendant Lord,
or trine or angular house lord. As 8th lord in 10th house, without
ncutralising influences especially that of Jupiter, the native will go from
ordinary financial position to extreme poverty.
One gains from agriculture, farm land, good farmer and all articles
under the ground such as minerals, Coal, Kerosene oil, Petrol etc. One
may reside in foreign land. One will gain at other place than place of
his birth. Visit to holy places, becomes head of religious institutions
and may become Sanyasi or have such tendency. Unhappiness to
NOTE:- Sign of house where Saturn is posited needs consideration.
Native achieves honour, Credit and high position by merit and in-
dustry and ability. Proud and fearless, Fond of struggle and strife. Docs
not have reliable friends. Economical, Loss through powerful enemies.
He may have a few sons, In mal e chart one, will have Jiasions with
widows and opposite sex. In female, charts vi ce versa.
One has interest in arts, poetry and literature. One is more inclined
to travclling and business. Adventurous.
The native is Courageous, pushing, popular and brilliant. He has
Philosophied bent of mind. No Happiness from father and will be of
questionable charactcr. Many journeys and travels. Accidents from
conveyance and animals. One will overcome the obstacles. On the
whole Kctu is not in happy position as it causes loss of position due to
deception, treachery and adverse public conditions such as sudden
dcpressions, changes or failure.
Ir Ketu is posited in 10th house in Ari es, Taurus, Virgo or Scorpio,
the enemies are crushed, native is economical and accumulates money_
Each planet and sign signifies cert ain professions which aTC to be
considered for choosing the profession for individu<lls.
First we deal with planets indicating professions they rul e over.
t. SUN,
It rul es over kings, minist ers, G0\1.: position, royal appointments,
which include magistrates, ministers, medical persons, gold smiths,
merchandising, dealing in food stuffs, wool, medicines, fruit Irees, me-
tals, administrat ive posts, auditing, accountancy, drugs and chemicals.,
fertilisers, brokerage, wood or limber etc.
Moon rules over ladies, travellors, sailors, nurses, hawkers,
businessmen, dealing in public commodities. Midwives, art, craft, tex-
til e, horse racing, dairy products. Contracts, Navy, orchards, liquids,
hotels, Petrol, oil compani es, salt, costly articl es of clothes. Fish,
women's welfare, ladies garments, watcr works, irrigation, psychiatry
and sea products etc.
Mars governs and indicates Civil Engineering. army, liquor, hunt-
ing, ani mal training in Circus, iron, Cuttery,lawycrs, debators, ambas-
sodors. Coll ector, Electrical Engineeri ng, butchers, atomic energy,
Kerosene oil, Surgeons, postal services, match factory, ammunition
depots, jobs connected with punishment, lands, eMate, bold act ions,
spying and vicc acts.
Mercury denotes salesmanship, orator, school or coll ege teacher,
Accountants, Poets, arts, Poetry, Public edit ors, Printer and
Publishers, Mathematici ans, paint ers and auditing. Also journali sm,
design and archi tectural works, cleri cal work, dipl omati c missions,
ast rology, Vedas, insurance agents and health office rs, computors etc.
Venus signifies musical and pleasurable pursuits, artistic Works,
gold ornaments, jewellers, dance, drama, music, opera and Cinema
houses. Actors acting and poets. Hotels, Cabra houses, restaurants,
Silk, milk, perfumes, horse racing, pictures, nowers, dealing with fair
sex and medicines inclu. ling T.V. etc.
J upilcr points out to commerce, trade, favour from Govt: service
and people, Law, money, landing, religious institution, travels and
astrology. Lawyers, Judges, scholars, Professors, Physicians, executive
post, spirituality. Revenue Department, education, political career,
production, expansion, research, treasury, Income tax Department,
temples etc.
Sat urn denotes farming, medical service, insurance agency. Land,
properly, mine, petrol, Kerosene oil, Co operative business,
Panchayat, dealers in iron, lead, black articles, hair, wool, leather,
Pharmaceutical works, Cattle breeding, Peon, Watchman, Labour and
mine workers. Occult subj ects, astronomy, Sanyas, Shoe making,
analytical or research work and works requires hard Labour.
Rahu indicates radio, Circus, space travel, aviation and spiritual
9. KE11J
Ketu reers to foreign trade, secret missions and secret Sciences,
Clai rvoyance, Mesmerism and Palmistry etc.
Like Planets, each sign indicates or rules many Professions, a digest
of these is given below for details refer author's world famous
Indicates army, Defence, Police and Professions connected with
them. Surgeons, chemist, law, iron and Steel. Machines, Factories, in
dust rics or sports goods etc.
Denotes trade in luxury goods, cosmetics, scents, jewels and genus
etc. Any business connected with finances, agriculture, irrigati on,
music., T.V., radio, pleasure resorts, Cinema, actors, film producers
etc. Transport business, Income tax Dcpu . Ladies clubs, schools,
fashion and beauty parlours, dealers in ladies garments and beauty
items including aritificial jewellery etc.
The Professions indicated arc brokers, businessmen, Secretaries,
advocates,journalism, travelling agents, and jobs connected with them.
Articles derived from water like Pearls, Conch and sailor in Navy,
Submarine, shipping Deptt., import or export and travels. Good
caterers, restaurants, managers, orator, prcac:hcs, contractor and any
job connected with Irrigation Depn. Developnlent of Vedas and
Sacred texts.
High position in Govt: managers of big concerns, COfiXJration,
director, Captain, Sales managers etc.
Shows brokers,accountants ,Iawyersjournalist, engineers, sur-
gcons,and works connected with liquids etc.
Indicates Govt. servants and orfi ccrs,Law, chemist, sale of liquid
items, Electrical engineers, Transporter,Navy and painter elC. Also
writer, musician, playback si nger, actor, architects, and salesman.
lodi cates ,Ch em istry, M cd ici ncs ,i ns u fa nee, ma I er nity Dept I, S ur-
geos,rescrach work,C.I.D,dclcctives, iron and Steel work,military and
Navy Dept!.ctc.
Teachers, professors, priest s, public speakcr,politics,bank
cmployee,professions rel ated to religi on and educational Instituti ons.
Editing and publishing,Company L3w,Civil Engineering,Contrac-
tor,foreign assignments ctc.
Business of kerosene oil, land,mine. animal,lrrigation Deputeon-
tracl or,agricultufc,cngineer,Cement manufacturing and dealing with
it, Lawyers,Scicntifi c insl Tumcnt,Scicnlisl or physician,cl ub,Societi es
work,l ong t e rm contract s, mines and l and pr oducts, Also
lcathcr,Chemi cals and hides etc.
Scientists, good executives, position in large Omec and concerns.
Lcclurer,Asl rologcr, legal, financial or education advisor, Mine Con-
tractor, or dealer in shipping and export.
Denatcs bankcrs,accunl ant s,music and opera houses, Occult Scien-
ces, actors and good busi nessman,liasioD Officer, Managing Director
or Chairman,NaV}',Shipping Corporations elc. Dealers in drinks. Oils
beverages, Cosmal ics,Chcmical s, medical and education Dcptt etc.
10th House Lord in Different Houses
We have di scussed professions related to houses, plant es and signs,
10th house lagna and Sudarshan Chakra. Now we analyse the position
of 10th house lord in different houses of birth Chart.
Un 1ST House
One is learned,wealthy and famous. The native rises in life by hard
work, selfmade man, housing, a profession of independence and not
under control of anybody. When lagna & 10th lords conjoin in Lagna,
one leads a kingly life, famous and gain by Social work.
In 2ND House
One ri ses well in life and becomes wealthy. One may develop fami-
lytradc for gain and success. Respected by GoV! . famous, wealthy. Self
acquired wealth.
In 3RD House
One is Courageaous, gains from Service and earning well by hard
work. Short journeys will be benefical. Slow and steady rise in life
after overcoming the obstacl es.
In 4TH House
Lucky and learned, happiness from parent s, Conveyance, Landsand
buildings. One becoms weahhy and famous for hi s learnings and
generosity. Respected and gets royal favour. One may gain from
agricultural pursuits or dealing in property and conveyance.
In 5TH House
One becoms very famous,wealthy, learned and enjoys good life.
Fond of music, respectabl e and highl y placed. He ri ses in career by
changes and intelligence. The native will gain well in speculati on busi-
ness and as a broker. He may become head of orphanages and remand
home if 10th lords occupies 6th,8th, or 12th Navamsa.
6. In 6TH House
One gets wealth fr om maternal relations, GO\1, and other relations.
Many ups and downs in career and troubl es through oppornents, ser -
vants and subordinates. One may be superseded in service. May face
enquires, criminial acti ons and may face imprisonment.
7.1n 7TH House
Respected in Career and business A beautiful, fortunate and earn-
ing wife. One is learned, good thinker and hard-worker. Travels
abroad on diplomatic misions. Profit s through partnership and
Cooperative Societies. The native is debased in his sexual habits and
in various vices.
In STH House
Such persons ar('. liar, back biter,black mailer and loses in profes-
sion, Bad morals and disgraced. l...()ng life. They may have breaks and
changes in career. If lord is fortified, he will occupy a high office for
short time in his field.
In 9TH House
One holds a good position, respected, wealthy and religious or mys-
tic. He has good childern and is learned and happy. Under influcence
of his preceptor. Of Charitable deeds, head of rel igious institutions. A
guide to ot hers in spirituality.
10.10 10TH House
One is very well placed in life, wealthy, honest, famous and sucees-
ful in his servi ce or profession. One gets favour and honour from su-
periors and GO\1, one holds high position in Govt, or political sphere.
Il.1n 11TH House
This position favour s one with IC'I'l.g life, gain from Govt, good posi
tion in Govt, Happiness from childern. One is truthful and happy. One
is wealthy and gets money through hrd work. Many good friends. One
has mcrtiorious deeds. He employs many and bas high source of
In 12TH House
This is not a bappy position. One faces troubles, ups and downs in
his professions, has many secret enemies. If 10th house is fartified,
one becomes spritilualleader, and ifbadly affiicted. He can be a smug-
gl er, cheat'or criminial one is disrespected and espionage tendencies.
Analysing tbe horoscope and blending the above points, one can
pin point Ones profession easily.
L J upter Ketu
2. Jupiter, Moon
3. Sun, Moon
4. Sun, Venus
5. Sun, Mercury
(i. Moon Mercury
7. Moon Saturn
8. Venus-Mars
10. Venus-Saturn
11. Mars-Mercury
:- Lemon
:- Badh Tree
:- Milk of Badh trec, horse carl and leechi
:- Red burnt earth, copper ware and red
coloured ea rth.
:- Green hillocks and mount ai ns, red
alum, and white glass.
:- River sand, ParOOI and well with stairs,
:- Black ink, deep and dark well , tortoise,
motor lorry or conveyance made of steel,
milk affected with curd, deep well where
generally death occurs, and poisonous
:- Earthen tandoor, sweet pomegranate
and Red earth.
:- Balance, sandy soil, floor grinding mill
and artificial Stone.
:- Black peeper, ghee, dry earthen moun-
tain and black stone.
:-When Mars is mal efic:, Sunglass which
when put before rays of SUD burns the
12 Mars-Mercury
13. Mars-Saturn
14. Mercury-Saturn
15. Mcrcwy-Rahu
16. Mercury-Ketu
17. Satum-Rahu
1. First House
paper or black glass, red bright and shin-
ing clothes of a girl and nowcrs of
;. When Mars is favourable Red clothes,
worn by a girl at the time of marriage, red
blood colour but not shining and Parrot
:- Coconut, dried palm or dates,
:- Mango tree.
:- Badh tree and Tectar bird.
:- An animal from which elephant fears.
:- Snake and diamond.
(i) Conveyance, wealth of private enemies, earned wealth, open
enemies or his fellows or partner, religious and journeys, boundary
wau. underground comers, Govt. service, drawing room etc. The
animals denoted are horned animals, plants assigned are shuburbs
used as medicine, advantages and gains also courage and valour.
(ii) The relations indicated are private enemies, brothers of friends,
children of religious folk, native's wife, dcath of servants, journeys,
strangers and foreignors. Profits lfnd gain to younger broters and
friends. Death of partner, wife or husband. .
(iii) The professions indicated are which gives chance under Go'o'1.
like service, editing, publishing etc. honorary post elc. Early part of
life upto 25th year is denoted by Ihis house Also professions connected
with above articles.
1. Second House
(i) The articles relate arc houses, cow stable, money and accumula-
tion of wealth, finances of wife, gas, earth, bank position, sanyas, jewel-
lery, law suits, property, converyance to elder brothers. worldly
attainments and possessions. Animals arc cow, bull; Plants which can
grow through a branch of plant. Power of intuition. Widow, beloved
elc. Also one's financial condition and (orlune through own efforts.
Also governs 2nd marriage.
(ii) The relation are grand father/ mother, wife's brothers, sisters,
house of inlaws, close relatives, brelhern of private enemies., father'S
and grand sons of fri ends, king's sons children, time of marriage,
description of partner and state of maricd life, death of wife, partners,
open or public enemies. long journeys of servants, power of speech,
honour of children, well wishers of father and private enemies of
brothers. Mother's and her cider brother's gain, long journeys to
maternal uncle and common diseases of the native.
(iii) The profession denoted arc property dealers. religious guides
etc. ProCessions connected with above articles.
3. Third House
(i) The articles related arc articles of comforts, theft, changeable
luck, correspondence, other's property, inte lligence, heroism, air
travels, short travels, education, change of residence, the animals are
lion, and wild animals. The plants arc fruit bearing trees etc. change
of residence.
( ii) The relations arc sister, brother (not real), brother-in- law, un
cles, younger brothers and sisters, sons of friends, father of enemies,
friends of children, enemies of mother, health of younger brothers and
their position. Female servants, gain or loss of children and mother.
(iii) The professions are dcnoted as journalist, mathematician,
commission agent, estate broker, publications, book stalls, shops, sign
ing agreements, accountants, news correspondant and clerk elc.
Literary, one will be E. N. T Specialist. Publications of higher read-
4. Fourth House
(i) The articles are underground place, milk, clot hes, inheritance,
expenditure, place of finaces, property, (immovable) land, vehicles,
water, learning, medicines, treasures, crevices, estate, domestic en-
vironments, general condition of life or life in old age, hidde n things,
leases and renl, fi elds, orchards, mines, gardens, cow, buffalo etc.
Agriculture and ils produce. The animals are cow and buffalo.
(iii) The proressions which related to above materials arc profitable.
Second part of life 25th to 50th year is indicated by this house.
" ~ l n h House
(i) The articles connected are air, light, intelligence, education gain,
children, connections with Govt; and king, gain from education and
from children, fut ure period, place of education a Iso chi Id ren, pleasure,
society, lady love; social inclination artistic talent, house of amuse-
ments. speculation, gambling, cinema, games, music; drama. horse
racing. cards. lottery, belting. stock exchange, vedic knowledge, love
affairs and degree of achievements, courtship, adultery, prior and after
marriage romance, social inle'rCOlJrse, kidnap, rape etc. Educations,
deep and wise learning and wisdom, riches, spiritual practice, mantras,
hymna, legacies, pilgrimage, and sorts of illegal unions and relations.
The plants are grafted plants. Animals denoted are those connected
with fire.
(ii) The relations are children, sickness of private enemies, bank
position of mother, enemies of friends, death of kings or monarch, long
journeys of religious persons, private enemies of servants, gain to
Cather and opponents, long journeys by falher, marriage of elder
brothers or sisters.
(iii) The professions etc. related to above articles also mechanical
art, speculation, stock exchange, card and gambling.
6. Sixth House.
(i) The articles are underground places, wealth of relations service,
sheep and goats etc, steward, diseases of short and long illness, food
employees. subordinates, servants to employer, banker, faithfulness of
subordinates, debits, bank drafts, pet animals, dress sanitation, magic,
food, clothing, deities, superstition, obstacles, theft. The animals arc
birds, sheep and dog. Plants arc vegetables and fl owers. Also pet
animals and small cattles.
(ii) The relations are uncle, aunts. tenants, substance of children,
journeys to mother. purchase and sale of conveyance, bank position of
fltst issue. death of friends, loss to partner, secret enemies, investment
imd purchase by partner, changes and life in foreign places. Dishar-
mony with or seperation from the partner, long journeys and religion
of kinds, name, (arne and occupalion or business of father elc.
(iii) The professions are as related to above articles. Purchase and
sale of conveyance, and buildings by younger brother or sisler will be
7. Snenth House
(i) The articles related arc third part of life, 50th to 75th year, mar-
riage and articles of agriculture. ot her's property and wealth, unhap-
piness in married life, love questions, partners in life and business,
speculation in business, change of residence, r ivals, agreement,
divorce, honour and reputation in foreign countries, pick pockets, elc.
, The animals denoted aTC grazing animals or birds who lay eggs, animals
having horns facing downward. The plants are those which bear fruits.
(ii) The relatives are wife, partner in life and business, grand
daughter, sister etc. Also house of all contention, opposition, and
things opposed. house of buying and selling nuptials etc, also friends
of brothers, sons of friends servants, employees, brethern's sister,
mother's immovable property children of brother, death of private
enemies, religion, longjoumeys and higher eduction of friends or elder
brothers, honours and credit of the Govt; the Cortune of father's as-
sociates etc. Also second child of the native. Adopted son, partner-
ship with father's friend.
(iii) The professions arc as related to the above articles.
8. Eighth house: (A House of Mystry and Longt\'ity)
(i) The articles related are roof. fire places, southern wall in the
house, surgery, enemies, diseases natural or unanatural death,
slaughter house, cemetry, jungle, mental pain, dowery of wife, in-
surance, gratuity, bonus, property of partner, strength of public
enemies, mode of death (suddent, violent etc.)
Labour, money of public enemies, Animals are poisonous and rep-
tiles, scorpio, camel, insects which destroys trees. The plants denoted
are such which neither bear flowers nor fruits. Unearned wealth or
share of profit.
(ii) The relations are enemies, sickness of brotl.ers and sister, jour-
nys of private enemies, dignity and honour of friends. worries and
privation, disappointment, defeat, imprisonment of the self, strange
and sudden death etc. Diseases and death in confinement of the native
if Uranus is connected with this house, also death by gas, drowning,
poison etc. of the self Heridatory property is also denoted.
DEATH. Check longevity from Horoscope first. U lagna lord is in
8th, or joins with 8th lord or in the constellation of lagna lord, it will
be cause of self death, U 3rd lord occupies 8th, cr in jconstellation of
lord of 12th native's younger brother or sister may be cause oehis death.
U 3rd house alone is connected, death will be during travel in nearby
locality. If 12th house is connected, death in a nursing home, ayslium,
sanitorium or unknwn place. U 9th house is connected, death will be
in a far off place or while going on long journey. U connected with
11th house, death at friend's or elder brother's residence. Uranus con-
nected with 8th house gives strange and sudden death. by explosion,
incurable disease etc. Neptune gives mysterious death, gas, drowning,
poison, coma, over dose of drugs or allergy etc. Saturn gives death due
to cold, rheumatic pain, bone troubl es and chroni c diseases., slow and
lingering death. Jupiter gives peaceful and natural death hUI if cvils af-
fli el then by cancer, blood poisoning, liver troubl es etc. Mars causes
sudden shock, accident, fire, violence, weapon or lire. Walery sign in-
dicate death by drowning etc.
(iii) The professions arc surgeons, medi cal ofJicers and articles re-
lated to this house.
9. Ninth House
(i) The articies related afC of religious and philosophi cal nalure,
medical and of long journeys, saving from elders, religious places
temples etc. Ancestral house, Science, learni ng higher education.
Writings., editing, publishing, voyages, di stant, travels, dreams, visions,
religious guru or preceptor, spiritual life, power of intuition and
foresight, temples, churches, pilgrimage ele. Also law, ancestral house,
arbitrat ion, churches, sea voyages, air tra\'CIs, reverance and devotion
to God and elders and Providentaial hcip. The animals denoted are
horses, elephants and buffalos, frogs, neel cow, animals who walk on
water and land. The plants are roots of plant s and trees, all plants
which fl ourish under the ground.
(ii) The rel ations denoted are precept on, Guru, wife's or enemIes
brothers, short travels of wife and partners, filther of servants, pleasure
and benefits of children, sickness of mot her, wife of younger brother
or younder sister'S husba nd or her competitors or ri vals, friends, or
cider brothers and private enemi es of king or GoVl;
(iii) The professions related to above articl es. Publishing special-
ly in Astrology, Law, religion, Science, philosphy, travel, internatioal
law, etc. Text books of universit ies, import and export of books, na-
tionallrade, commerce, communications, cables and wireless.
10. Ttnth Houst
(i) The articles related are iron, steel, wood, bricks, stone, fourth
part of life, general health, food, machinery, ancestral property, com-
fort s from father, eminence, renown, authority and power from Govt;
life position and comforts, trade, bus iness, wealth, commerce,
livelihood, rank, honour, etc. The animals indicated are crocodile,
snakes, animals with tails. Plants which have thorns. House of honour,
public dignity and higher esteeem, worldy atlainments, reputation and
ambitions, Employer, superior, master in trade and profession.
(ii) The relations indicated arc falheT, conveyance of wife and
propcrlythcrc of, sickness of sons and thei r debts, mot her's opponents,
death of younger brothers and sisters, hi s or her legacies, hospitalisa-
tion of cider brother and friends elc.
(iii) The profession arc horse riding. position of responsibility. ath-
letics, talisman, mantras, hymns. sanyas, judgcs and of articles related
to this house. Also medicines., seal of authority, service. doctor,
adopted son etc.
11. Eleventh House
(i) The articles indicated arc income, luck, sel f acquired property,
fullilmcnt and realisation of hopes., ambi ti ons and aspirations, ad-
visors, house of gain and profits, accumulation of wca!Lh, emot ional
and cmotions. Jewellery, ornaments, devotion to God and deities.
love affair. Gain from persons in authority, irrigation, gas, contracts
with friends, gain from occupation, seadfasl in friendship, social suc-
cess. The plants denot ed arc such which are without thorns and docs
not provide shade. Also indicate whether one should be in business
or service and have success. Profit also is shown by this house.
(ii) The relations denot cd are elder brothers, sisters, paternal un-
cles, brother-in-law, gain from father. Correspondence, editing,
publishing. and gain from younger brothers and sisters. Children of
enemies, wi fe, partner etc. birth of chi ldren, pleasureable pursuits,
speculations, sickness of serva nt s, enemies. daughte r-in- law,
childrens, competitions in examination, death of mother, longjourneys
!o younger brothers and sister in connection with education, fr eedom
from misery and pain of the self. Children, cider brother and sisters,
patcrnal uncle, brother in law, mother' s longevity and Arts etc.
(iii) Professions denoted arc for the articles as detailed above.
Horse r acing, electric companies, contractors, irrigation estate,
agriculture, engineer, gas, museum etc.
12 Twelnh House
(i) The articles of mystcrious m.ture and evil house, if arnicled are
jungle, sadhus, pleasures of beds, misery, imprisoment, sufferings, oc-
cult sciences, sedition, secret missions, canles, great beasts, expenses,
loss, purchase, investments, charity associati on with philanthrapic in-
stitutions, repayment of loans, obstacles and impediments, solitude,
social barriers., higher mind's working, moksha, conspiracy, cunning-
ness, treachery, residence in foreign, deception suicide and murder elc.
Psychic tendencies and realisation of God, parental wealth, loss by
marri age and of wife, loss of wealth, s udden and unexpected loss,
demands, expenses etc. The animals dcnOled arc big animals, beasts.
Salt, fish. etc. and the plants are of self growth plants etc and trees
with bark.
(ji) The relations indicated are neighbours, money of friends, elders
brothers, younger brother's or sister'S professions' -popularity.
prosperity etc. Father's permanent possessions vehicles etc. sickness
of wife or husbands, servants, enemies particularly secret ones, long
journeys to mother and her foreign travel etc.
(iii) The professions denoted are as indicated by above arti cleas.
c.1. D. Department, espionage or secret missions etc.
IMPORTANT. The author would like 10 expand Ihis house more
as little bas been said and people or readers are not well aware.
12th house in horoscope carries special significati ons. It is NOT
EVIL house unless affiicted, please note. 1l indicates worldly pleasures
and pains, also rules man's final emancipalion from the chain ofbirths
and deaths and his merger with the COSMIC SOUL, worship and fu-
ture stat e of existance are determined fr om this house. Also 12th
house shows loss, impediments, restraints, limitation, waste and ex
travagence, expenses outweighing income, drudgery and deception.
Evil planets in 12th house are far less evil than when angular.
Repayment of loan is to be judged from 121h and 8th houses. Expen
ses are incurred in various ways, whether such expenses will be pleasant
and expected or unpleasant and unexpected, will depend upon the na
ture and lordship of the planets found in 12th house. Such results will
come to pass only when period or sub periods of the significator con-
nected with 12th house operates and nol at all times. Also check the
most important factor, the constellation in which planet was posited in
12th bouse and what bouses are owned by constellalion lord in the
boroscop. VIZ. If Moon is lord of 12th house, and posited in ('.anslel
lation of Mars who is owner of 4th and 9th houses, this means expen-
diture will be on conveyance, publishing and long journeys. pilgrimage
This house is also known as house of solitude, secret and silent suf-
ferings and undergoings, profound service rendered to mankind and
extremities, bouse of self sacrifice, unseen or unexpected troubl es and
secret and inimical activity. This house rul es the secret working of
mind, secret plots and schemes, conspiracy and cunningness, envy and
malice. fraud and treachery, intrigue and deception, suicide, murder
of assasination. exile and cxt radict ions
SUN in 12th bouse weak by sign and afnicted shows enmity of in-
fluential people, life in remote places and sepcration from loved ones.
If Sun in 12th house is dignified and well aspccled secures the na-
tive success in occull and psychic matters and give uncommon tastes.
Work in hospitals in such case is favoured .. One gains in obscure oc-
cupations such as chemical lab, prisian or other institutions and of
confinements. Well aspected, is sure sign of sympat hies and van-
quishes of enemies.
MOON if well aspectcd grants success in works performed in hospi-
tals and prison, the native may involve himseJr in clandestine love af.
fairs, but, if Moon is in fixed sign and well aspcctcd, one will keep the
secret to himsel. If Moon in 12th house is in watery sign, one may
bave occupations connected with shipping ctc. rr Moon is found af-
nictedsignifies limitations, hinderances, fancirul fears, enforced retire-
ment, or sickness due to acts of indiscreti on, also petty enmities with
women causing worry and troubles.
MARS in dignity and well aspected in 12th house makes one ad-
ministrators. Generally Mars hcre cau!;es grave troubles through im-
pulse, loss of reputation, or treachery from enemies or misplaced
affection.If affiicted, indicates danger of violence from enemies in a
fight and danger of injuries through big animals. Mars amicted by
Saturn in 12th bouse, may lead to imprisonmcnt or illness caused by a
lingering disease and confinement in a hospitnl for a long time. Labour
troubles in factory etc.
MERCURY in 12th house, is suited for mysteries, and success in
scientific or occult research. When well aspccted by Mars and Saturn,
one will be in detective work where one remains out of sight, such per-
sons are food of details. Harmonious aspects from Herschal enables
ooe to pursue unusual lines of thOUght. Mercury alone in 12th causes
petty worries. annoyances and small encmities caused by writing or
standalour reports, the mind becomes self absorbed and narrow. J(
afflicted by Saturn or Mars which arc malefic, it poi nts to nefarious
schemes, forgeries, plots and conspiracies.
JUPITER posited and well aspcclcd in 12th house gives one gain
and success through those occupations carried on in seclusions, such
as in asylumms, hospitals, public or philanthropic instilutions, remote
from the place of birth and with large animals. One eventually suc-
ceeds over enemies and gain from them. One will receive a big aid
from charitable ins(i(uion. If lhcy arc already rich, they will give away
lavishly 10 those who arc in need.
VENUS in 12th house and well aspcctcd contributes success in oc-
cupations connected with Jails, charitable inst itutions or by work in
chemical laboratory. Gain through obscure occupations. One will be
inclined to investigate the secte! arts of slUdy and practice Ihe occult.
One gets pleasures of beds. love and enjoy voluntry seclusion and in-
dicates comforts in beds. Generally, this position of Yen us makes one
to hanker after Ihe opposite sex but if Venus is amicted, it leads 10
cnemily of women. Neptune or Uranus afnicling Venus in 12th house
indicates peculiar love affairs and sudden change of afrcclions !cau-
ing to sorrows, suspicion, disappointments, and divorce. Afniction of
Saturn causes divorcc and scpcration whereas of Mars denotcs that
one becomes morally wreck indulging in passions. .
SATURN in 12th house anll well aspcclcd indicates success in
seclusion or quit e or laborious occupations. If Saturn is strong by sign
and position, it shows thaI seclusion is self invited. Taken alone, the
position shows that the enemies will steadily work for the downfall of
the native, danger or confusions and bruises through animals cannot
be ovcrruled. One prefers to work in seclusion and in peaceful way.
If Saturn i. .. affli cted, some lingering illness to partner is indicated. Af-
fliction by Mars denotes there is a liability of d.mger of violence, rob-
bery, or even suicide. By Mercury denotes mental disorder, loss by
theft etc. Uranus in adverse aspect to Saturn is vcry bad indicating as
a l l t h ~ malefic mnnel. of 12th hotll'!: will he renli.cd hy tho noli ... o.
URANUS posited in 12th house and wcll aspccted tends to success
through occult affairs and by the invent ion of d emi cal process which
remains secret. If afflicted indicat es danger from accidnts causing
detention in out of way places, disgrace and troubl es from psychic and
occult sources, suden illness defying diagnosis, restraint in public in-
stitutions, and even exile from the country. One may face strange and
sudden enmities. One will feel irritated and annoyed by the under-
hand actions of eccentric people.
NEPTUNE deals with secrecy, mediumship. psychic reasearch and
occuh investigation'S and Ncptune's position in t21h house whcn well
aspccted brings sucesss in mallerscarricd on in secret. The native will
be best fill cd for detective works and will gain through secluded and
quite methods. If affli cted, hospitalisation due to chronic disease, or
a public institution. Also it shows in 12th house Ihe presence of many
secret enemics, nefarious schcmes, deception, fraud, scandal, of some
unknown danger.
NOTE:- The Western Pianets used in the details of 12th house bave
been done intentionally as they are found quite necessary.
A 1II0si un/ailing experience of the excitemellt of subltlllary nolures, by
tile COlljWlctiollS Gild aspects of the planets, has ins/meted and com-
pelled my Ilnwilling belief.
In tbe previous chapter under the various conjunctions of planets
we have suggested some ways of propitiations, the term means to ap-
pease or conciliate and in Hindi is used as UP AYE for the planets
which arc weak, malefic and by virtue of their position create troubles
for the native. These upayes have been suggested to ward off or min-
imise the evil effects of such afflicted planets.
The readers after going through the previous chapter must be
curious to know the details, methods and other conditions of upayes,
which the author bas explained in much detail in his world famours
book titled,"C01-WLETE ASTRO PALMISTRY" which may be
referred. However, for tbe guidance of readers, we provide below
some synopsis of the same.
The planets which arc found weak, malefic or unfavourable by vir-
tue of their position, create troubles for the native and it becomes quite
imperative to perform the requisite upaye to mitigate the evil effects
of such positions of the planets which can be summed up as:
1. Sun or Ketu in 5th, 7th, 8.th houses causes too many troubles.
2. Mars and Rahu in 2nd, 8th or 9th houses cause many troubles
and strifes.
3. Moon posited in 6th or 8th house becomes dangerously evil when
week and afflicted.
4. Mercury in 6th, 8th or 12th house becomes weak.
5. Jupiter and Saturn when positcd in thir debilitated signs make
the native full of miseries.
6. Venus posited in 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th house becomes too weak
and make the native too feeble.
7. Benefies in 3rd and 6th hOllses give tremendous troubles.
There can be many other positions of planets where they can create
troubles and mischieves and need clear judgment.
In order to get reli ef from such adverse positions and to avoid
miseri es, turmoi ls and troubl es, the propitiations have to be made to
obtain prot ection from the evil resul s. Such planets can be
51 rengthened to w3I:d off the evil results.
There are many ways to mitigate such evil effects and are known as
By using appropriate measures. This can be sub divided into four
(i) Through articles of the planets.
(ii) Through TANTRIC met hods.
(iii) By usi ng Ge ms and Colours.
(iv) Through Prayer and meditations.
(v) Yoga
The above met hods have been detai led in Author's famous book,
which be referred '
In addition we should think calmly the methods to ward off the e \ ~ 1
etfects of malefi c planets. The upaye of malefi c planets will be chi ef-
ly through the articles, commoditids and other it ems assigned to each
planet. This is a fundament al of upaye. As far example, to ward off
(he evil effects of Rahu, upayes of Ketu will be useful and for Ketu
upayes ofRahu will be good,
Again we cit e another example. for mal efi c Vcnus, one should serve
the cowordonal C cow, and feed the c{)wwith seven type of mixed grain
or give parI of your food to cow. A ball of kneaded fl our be given 10
COw etc. For Saturn when malefi c and 10 get financial relief, food must
be spared for crows and to get children, food 10 black dog is recom
1. In Hindu Shaslras, upayeshould be carried out for minimum 40
days and maximum 43 days continously. If for some speci fi c reasons
bcyond the cont rol of native, the upaye has 10 be discontinued then
onc should wash rice in Ihe milk and keep them with him, after that
upayc can be restarted to kee p the continuity.
2. The upayes be perofrmed between Sun rise and Sun set. There
is no restriction of day for starting the upaye except stated. This can
be started from Monday to Sunday.
3. Upaye can also be performed by the nearest blood relation. But
/ the author is not in this favour. This should be done by the native him-
4. If a planet is malefic and the native is unmarried, the upaye be
performed at the time of marriage of the native, which will be very
In the previous chapter we have detailed articles, relations and
professions of each planet and house which should be memorised for
day to day usc.
Some immediate relife can be obtained from the following methods.
1. SUD. Gur should be thrown in running water.
2. MOOD. A container of milk or water be kept toward your head
in tbe night, the water or milk be served to kikar tree in the morning.
3. Mars. (i) Sweets and sweet food be donated or Patasha (made
of sugar) be thrown in river in ease of positive Mars.
(ii) In case of Negative Mars, rewari (made of sugar and Til) be
thrown in the running water.
4. Mercury. A piece of copper be provided with hole and thrown
in running water.
S. Jupiter. Saffaron either be eaten or be applied on tongue or
central part of belly called Naval or Umblicus.
6. Venus. Donation of cow, Jawar or Milk.
7. Saturn. Donation of sarsoon oil.
8. Rahu. Coal be tbrown in the river. Donation of mooli is also
9. Ketu. Part of your food be gieven to tbe coloured dog,
Mars. 1 When Mars is malefic in a horoscope, the use of skin of
deer is beneficial. This skin is mainly being used by Sadbus and
Sanyasis due to the fact that poisonous snake will not sit on the skin or
bite the person using such a skin.
2. Sweet chappalties be prepared in Tandoor and donated.
3. Barley be wasbed in milk and thrown in running water.
4. When a native is suffering fr om long period of fever or T.B. then
barley be washed in urine of cow and be kept enclosing in red cloth.
Clean your teeth with urine of cow.
5. Rewari (made of sugar and til, be thrown in running water).
6. Saffaron be applied on Naval part of body.
7. Gur be thrown in the running water.
When Jupit er is malafic in a horoscope of a male or female, steps
and care should be laken immediately as it is quil e essenlial that in
one's horoscope Jupiter should be benficial.
1. In case or remales, this upaye beperformcd for a good and happy
married life, which will bless her with good husband, weahh and
At the time of marriage of a girl, two pieces of gold of equal weight
be donated to the gi rl. One of the gold piece be thrown in the running
water and second be kept by the girl hereself with the dear :urection
that this piece should at no cost be sold. So long this piece Will remain
with her, she will be blessed due to beneficial actions and effects of
Jupit er. In case of loss of this gold piece due to any reason, new gdld
piece be procured but there is 00 need to throw second piece of gold
again in tbe r i ~ e r .
In case of persons who can oot afford gold, use of two small pack
cts of saffaron or two pieces of tarmeric(Haldi) can be used in the
above manner.
2. I n case when Sun is malefic, use of copper be made in the process
as explained in para 1 supra.
3. When Moon is malefic, white pearl be used in Ihe above way.
When while pearl is not available, then silver, ri ce and river water
equivalent 10 the weight of the native be used in the marri age.
4. When Venus is malefic, use of white pearl is recommended.
5. When Mars is unfavourable use of red gem without shine is to
be used.
6. Wheo Mercury is malefic, use diamood or use of seep or sea shell
will be beneficial.
7. Saturn not posited in beneficial way, will give relief througb the
use of iron or salt or black surma (used for eyes).
8. Rabu should he propitiated the method as given in Moon above.
Gift of ring with Neelakm be avoided.
9. For Ketn use of two coloured stone is recommended.
When Saturn is malefic or the native is under Sadcsati (2
to 7
(2 years period), part of your food be given to craws.
Also Sani Satotra be recited continuously for 27days, four times a
day in the morning facing Sun.
2. When onc is denied from children or abortions occur etc. part of
your food be given to black dog.
1. Donation of gold to girl at the time of marriage by the parents
which should be used but be not sold by her.
2. Give part of your food to cow.
3. In acute malefic results, the couple should marry between them-
selves twice after a gap of some period, Venus will be favourable.
Marriage between same couple is denoted and not with out her man
or woman.
When Ketu is conjoined as Mars-Ketu, Moon Ketu, Sun, Kctu, Mer-
cuary Ketu and may be posited in any house, and are malefic to a lady
then her parents should donate two coloured blanket to a temple or
donate silver.
They should also give food to 100 dogs in one day (from Sun rise to
Sun set).
In case of Mercury. a ring of iron without joint be thrown in the river
at the time of marriage of the native or otherwise and second ring be
used always in fourth finger of right hand.
When a native is being troubled much through a malefic planet, one
should propitiate with mantras and donations be made according to
I. Sun.
(i) Articles of donations are gold, ruby, copper, wheat, guT sugar,
ghcc. cow, red cloth, red flower, red chandan, suffroan and kamal
(ii) Time of donation: Sun rise.
(iii) Mantra for recitation. O-om barang, bareeng, baroong se
Suryae namha.
(iv) Number of mantras. Seven thousands.
(v) Day of propitiation. Sunday.
2. Moon.
(i) Articles of donation are pearl, silver, rice, condensed sugar
(MisTi) Conch, pitcher full of curd and ghee, white chandan, white
flower and camphor.
(ii) Time of donation. Evening.
(iii) Mantras for recitation. O-om sharang shreeng shrong se
Chandrayc namha.
(iv) Number of mantras. Eleven thousands.
(v) Day. Monday.
3. Mars.
(i) Articles for donations are Red Coral gold, copper, wheat, ghee,
gUT, red cloth, red chandan, red flower and dal masoor.
(ii) Time of donation, Sun rise.
(iii) Mantras for recitation O-om karang kareeng karong se
Bhoomaye namha.
(iv) No. of mantras. Ten thousands.
(v) Day. Tuesday.
4. Mercury.
(i) Articles of donation are Emerald, gold, elephant teeth, copper,
mong, sugar, ghee, cloth, flowers of all types, camphor, and turpentine
(ii) Time of donation. Before Sun set.
(iii) Mantras for recitation. O-om Brang Bareeng Baroong se
Budoayc namha.
(iv) Number of Mantras. Nine thousands.
(v) Day. Wednesday.
s. Jupiter.
(i) Articles for donation are Topaz, gold, ruby, horse, gram dal, salt,
tarmeric, gur. brown sugar, Jadoos, yellow cloth, and yellow flowers.
(ll) Time of donation. Evening.
(iii) Mantras for recitation. O-om grang greeng, groong se Guruaye
(iv) Number of mantras. Ninteen thousands.
(v) Day. Thursday.
6. Venus.
(i) Articles of donations are Diamond, silver, rice, sugar condensed
sugar (Misri), gbee, milk, curd, perfumes, white cloth, white cow and
white flowers.
(ll) Time of donation. Sun rise.
(iii) Mantra for recitation O-om drang dareeng daroong see sbuk-
raye namha.
(iv) Number of mantras. Sixteen thousands.
(v) Day. Friday.
7. Saturn.
(i) Articles for donations are Neelam, (Blue Sapphire), iron, gold,
black till., oil, Olack mash dal, musk, black cow or buffalo, black cloth,
black flowers, crow, black dog and black horse.
(ii) Time of donation :-Noon.
(iii) Mantra for recitation:- O-om Parang, Pareengh, Paroong se
Shaneaye namha.
(iv) No of Mantras. Twenty three thousands.
(v) Day. Saturday.
8_ Rahu.
(i) Articles for donation are Neelam, Gamed, Ruby, Gold, Sword,
Horse, Blanket, Sarsoon, Til, Oil, Coconut, Seven mixed grains, Lead,
Suffaron and Blue Cloth.
(ii) Time for donation :- Midnight.
(iii) Mantra for recitation. a-om Haraag Hareeng Haroong se
Rahuaye namha.
(iv) No. of Mantras. Eighteen thousands.
(v) Day. Wednesday.
9. Ketu.
(i) Articles for donation are Cat's eye, gold, till. sword, musk,
blanket, sugar, mixed seven grains, sufTaron and multi coloured dog.
(ii) Time of donation. Morning.
(iii) Mantras of recitation. D-om Satang Sareeng Saroong se
Kctuayc namha.
(iv) Number of Mantras. Eighteen thousands.
(v) Day. Sunday.
So for we have provided a few bul effective methods of propitiations
of malcf'ic planets through articles., donation and mantras. In case of
further details the author may be consulted.
Current definitions of Tantra ss "Sacred Writings of Hindus Scrip-
~ u r c s orSakta"; Collection of Magical Treatises and tbe like, are either
inaccurate stalement characterised by the usual vagueness and in-
decision says. that; "The Tantras are a letter development of the
Puranic creed and written very much on the same lines as the Puranas."
But actually the work TANTRA has various meanings and amongst
01 hers Sastras generally, and therefore does not necessarilly denote a
religious Sastra. In the sense, however, in whieh the term is most wide-
ly known, it denotes that body of the religious scripture. Sastra whieh
is stated to have been revealed by Lord srv A as the specific scripture
of the fourth or present Kali age. This is the deflnition of Tantra ac-
cording to Sastra itself.
Lord SHIVA,lhe supreme promulgates, His teachings in the world
below in the works known as Yamala, Damara, Siva Stutra and in tbe
Tanlras which exists in the form of dialogues between the Devala and
his SAKTI, the Devi in Her form as Parvati. According to the Gayalri
Tanlra, the Deva Ganesa first preached the Tantra to tbe Devayoni on
Mount Kailasa, after he had himself received tbem from the mouth of
Out of the above discussion one should understand tbat as per com-
mOn beliefTantra is not a magic but a Sadhana and in this Sadhna the
methods have been provided to ward off the word!y evils and troubles.
A few such tested methods. the readers aTe requested to perform wi th
full respect and reverence to gai n the results. Nefarious (anlri c
methods be always discarded. For more details, refer author's world
famous books. "Practicals of yantras' "Practicals of Mantra and Tanlra"
Gyatri manlara bas been held in high esteem in Hindu religion. This
mantara can be used in a tanlric way to slove one's problems, dirricul-
ti cs etc. by performing HAVANA of Gyatri mant ara with the follow-
ing directions. The manl ara reads. thus:
II) t'f.,,: R: I >t'if
!i\ "T: ."' ... iiI II
In this mant ara after the words following words for the specifi c pur-
pose shown against R:I and then recite the whole man-
tara. These specific words are called The samput has a
great value in tantTic and be used carefully.
This samput is useful for wealth and com-
This samput is used for obtai ning
proficiency in
Through the use of this sam put. one is
blessed wilh progncy and one enjoys
sexuaJ bliss.
By the use of this sampul. enemies are
destroyed, troubles and worries vanishes
and the nalive is blessed with joy and hap-
Through the candid use of this samput
one recovers from disease.
One's hopes are fulfilled anu the native is
protected from evils.
The Havana be performed by using the following articles and recit-
ing Gayatri manlara with samput.
1. Use the flowers of red Kamal or Juhi in the Havana for wealth
and gold.
2. Prepare small balls of Gugal and perform Havana with ghee, onc
will become very lucky.
3. The pieces of Gila be dipped in milk and Havana be performed
with them, this blesses the native with cure from diseases.
4. To obtain a cure from fever one should perform Havana with
leaves of mango tree dipped in milk.
5. Barley, til and ghee be used in Havana, the native is blessed with
There aTC various methods ofTanlara to ward off evils, but the su-
pcrcme is of Gayatri Manlara. The other method will be placed before
the readers at some appropriate time.
Another method to propitiate the planets is through Germs and
Colours. Since mankind is powerless against vibrations sent by planets,
it has been trying to explore t h ~ possibilities of averting these calamities
by shantis or propitiatory rit es. Hundreds or such propitiatory
prescription can be found in the Sastras. Wearing of jewels sacred to
the different Planets is one of these propitiatory rites.
Human body is led with "Cosmic Radiation" these radiations be-
comes unbalanced in the body. In order to bring a balance in cosmic
Radiations, Astral Gems are used. The entire process may be
regarded as the effects of the Cosmic Radiations depicted by the
planetary position, The position of a house in the horoscope indicates
the strength or weakness of a planet through efficiency or dcfficieng
or cosmic rays indicates potency or the deficiency in the individual.
For such a close study of such planetary positions, we select stones
or called Gems for increase of the deficiency or for removal of the
deficiency. These remedial stones, the Astral Gems as will call them
act in two ways. One is by its spectrum effects and other is by radioac-
tive effects. '
Dr. OsCar Brunler of America has measured the rediations of Gems
and planets and be says that these Gem are Nature's store bouse of
energy and they give rise to constructive vibrations against the disease
vibrations which are destructive in character. Malefic powers released
by the planets are always Negati .... e, whereas the powers of jewels are
always positive when positive meets negative they are both neutralised.
He further says that as medicines 'have power to remove disease by
their commulative vibrations even so the jewels can counteract the ef-
fects of malefic Planets. When a ring is worn jewel goes on continuous-
ly viberating its power which is absorbed in the individual aura. The
protective aura thus becomes powerful to resist any untoward vibra-
tions comings from external sources. But care should be taken in selec-
tion of jewel otherwise reverse results can be expected. (From
Astrological Magazine May 1976 issue).
Planet Wave Jewel assigned to Wave
lengths planet lengths
negative positive
l. Sun 65000 Ruby 70000
2. Moon 65000 Pearl 70000
3. Mars 85000 Coca! 65000
4. Mercury 85000 Emrald 70000
5. Jupiter 130000 Topaz 50000
6. Venus 130000 Diamond 80000
7. Saturn 65000 Sapphire 70000
8. Rahu 35000 Gamed 70000
9. Ketu 35000 Cat's Eye 70000
In author's famous book, "SATURN, A FRIEND OR FOE? "Chap-
ter 17, it is stressed that two stones are required simultaneously. One
ruling planet stone a permanent one, and the other for the malefic
planet to ward off the evils.
The second point stressed is that when a planet is malefic in a horo-
scope and use the same stone of that planet is prescribed then in
author's views the hands of that planet have been strengthened by
giving him and added power to do more evils. What is required to use
ANTI DOSE TREASEMENT to the planet in order to subsiside or
minimise the evil results. This has given me success at all the times.
We provide below the names of the malefic planets and the jewels
10 be worn for the purposes of propitiations.
Planet Gem Hindi Name Nature
Sun Ruby Manak Hot
Moon Pearl Mati Cold
Mars Coral Moonga Hot
Mercury Emerald Panna Cold
Jupiter Topaz Pukhraj Cold
Venus Diamond Hira Hot
Saturn Blue Sap- Neelam Cold
Rahu Gamed Gamed Cold
Ketu Cat's eye Lahasanya Hot
Gems in addition to warding off the evil effects of planets can be
used for other useful purposes.
The Gems can be used to increase the Psychic powers of a nalive.
For example: Emerald, increases brain powers, fickle mindcdness,
stammering, loss of memory elc. In such case when Emerald is worn
wi ll ronlinue to vibrate incessantly the benefic powers of Mercury.
Other Gcms can be used likewise.
The planets control the seven system of human body. There are
seven Dhatus in the body namely and respectively Chyle, Blood, Flesh,
Fat, Bone, Marrow, and Semen and the seven planets have lordship
over seven Dhatus respectively are Saturn, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter,
Sun, Mars and Venus. Accordingly Gems have curative effects on dis-
eases when the planets cause the diseases.
The traits of Gems are only summ.arised for the guidance of readers.
Selection and Use of Gems are only summarised for the guidance of
readers. Selection and Use of Gems be made very carefully to
propitiate the planets, and be worn on the corred day and in correct
finger of right hand and in correct metal.
The Jewels or Gems should under no circumstances be removed
from the body. II takes months before the action of the jewel becomes
manifest in the organism, but the momcnt the jewel is removed, the
benefic effcts is instantly lost.
1. RUBY: The stone is hot and can be used for the development
of soul force, be used in summer months, it cures peptic ulcer, feve r,
rheumatism, Gout etc. h's constant use may cause boils, itch and in-
somnia. The use of this stone be avoided by ladies as it will destroy
the body lustre. The Hindi Dame of Ruby is MANAK It should be
used in third finger of right hand on Sunday in gold. The weight should
be 3 or 5 grams.
2. PEARL:-Pearl is used to remove the evil effects of Moon and
strengthens the mind force and increases the good sleep and cures in-
somnia. It also gives good memory, cures ut erine disorders, heart
trouble and eyediseascs, T.R Constipation, Hysteria and plourisyctc.
are also cured through Gems. Pearl is very useful for ladies as it in-
creases their beauty and fascial lustre and will keep them ever young.
It and makes the conjugal life hapy. Removcs
melancholy aod ioci'cases fortune. Will protect from all harms from
ot hers, inspires Jove and faithfulness and overall ensures a happy mar-
ried life. Hindi name is MOTI. It should be worn in 4th finger of right
hand on Monday in silver, weight should be 2,4,6.9 grames. It is a cold
stone and be worn during bright nights.
3. CORAL: Ensures material happiness, recovery from diseases
given by Mars. such as fever, cough, billious complaints . small pox,
chicken pox, headach, loss of vitality, Piles, boils, measeles etc. Hindi
name is MOON GA. It should be worn in silver or copper and of
9,11,12 grams on Tuesday in 1st or 4th finger of right hand, It is a hot
4. EMERALD;-Jt incrcases intelligence and brain power, removes
and cures fickle minded ness, loss of memory, slammerings. fcar from
spirits, harsh speech, but reduces passions and sexual desire. Con
stantly gazzing at Emerald improves the eye sight. Newly married
couples should not usc this gem as the conjugal happiness will be
hampered due to reduclion in the sexual desires.
Emerald is also useful for curing diarrhocs, dysentry, gastric, pcp
lie ulcer. asthama, insomnia, heart troubl es etc. The Hindi name is
PANNA, il should be used in4th finger or right hand in gold and the
weight should be 3,5,7 or 10 grams worn on Wednesday, It is a hot
S. TOPAZ:1t increases the power of penetrating vision, increase
the wealth, unlimited prosperity, life security, protects from poverty,
removes adversity, misfortune and melancholy. Topaz cures diaT-
rhoes, gastric, ulcer, jaundice, insomnia, heart trouble, impotency,
gout, rheumatism, arthritis, pain in the knee joints, etc. Topaz should
be worn in gold and in 1st finger of right hand on Thursday, the weight
should be 7 or 13 grams. The Hindi name is PUKHRAJ. It is a cold
6. DIAMOND;-Diamond creates goodness in the native, removes
evil and fearful thoughts, improves financial conditions and blesses the
native with comforts and peace of mind. Also cures diabetes, diseases
of urine and of private parts, syphilis, skin and uterine diseases. It
should be worn in third or first finger or right band on Friday in gold
or platinum, the weight should be 1I4th 1/2 grams. Hindi name is
HrRA. It is a hot gem.
7. SAPPHIRE:-Sapphires are yellow or blue in colour and is a [00
cold gem. Removes evil effects of Saturn. It should be tested before
use. It brings wealth, name and fame, good stamina, longevity and
security in life. Can improve fertility in a barren women, best suited
for lovers of joy, love and happiness. 11 cures fainting fits, virility, men-
tal disorder, deafness and boldness. It should be used in second finger
of right hand on Saturday in Gold or Panch Dhatu and the weight
should be 5 or 7 grams. Hindi name is NEELAM.
8. GOMED:-Gomed is cold in nature. In English, it is called Has-
sonite. It curse diseasesofRahu and Saturn. It also increases appetite,
vitality, confers good heallh, wealth and happiness. Termed for all
round prosperity. It should be used in silver on Saturday in 2nd finger
of right hand, the weight should be 6,11 or 13 grams.
9. CAT'S EYE:- Its Hindi name is LAHASANY A and is too hot in
nature. Useful for eradicating evil influences or Ketu and diseases
given by Mars. Prevents unexpected mishaps of life, cures mania,
paralysis etc. Saves from accident and secret enemies. For business
men it is a miraculous result giver stone. Bestows wealth by secret
means like horse racing,gambling, stock exchange market and specula-
tions. It should be worn in gold in 2nd or 3rd finger of right hand on
Thursday. The weight should be 3,5 OJ" 7 grams.
The author is in full agreement with Dr. Bhattacharya that above
kinds of applications of jewels for increasing psychic powers should not
be resorted to by sinful person who indulge in bad actions, bad thoughts
and bad habits and are swayed by greed, hatered and injury. The
planets, obviously are not in a mood_ to help sinful persons in bad work.
Such persons when they invoke the powers of jewels to better their
condition, invariably meet with disaster. For them it is dangerous to
wear jewels of any kind, and the chances are that they will not onry-
receive any benefic results, but also precipitate their fall. Careful selec-
tion of gems is again suggested. When the Planet is in fall, debilitated
position etc. or is unfavourable, then the selection is most difficult. In
sllch cases tbe readers are advised to refer the Chart of of
Gems" in author's world famous book, "SATURN, A FRIEND OR
FOE? in which all such details have been provided.
Colours are another ways of propitiations and have remarkble ef-
fects on the environments, mood and health of the native. Selection
of favourable colours of clothes, bed rooms, bed sheets, curtains etc.
are to be choosen according to ODe's luckiest Planet which is a must.
Gems should also be of the proper colours.
The author has analysised the effects of colours and put them in
practice since years and have found remarkable results. As an experi-
ment let a Martian or Leos use constantly black colour or a Saturnian
use constantly black coulur or a Saturnian use constantly red colour,
they will reel EVIL results.
We provide below the requi site colours of each planet, which may
be used taking into considertion the Ascendant or lagna of the native
and the planet giving the evil results.
1. SUD :-Orange, Yellow, Brown, Gold, Deeper shades of Yellow.
2.MoOD :-Green, Yellowish, White, Silver, Pale Green, Opal, Sea
Green, Pearl, Olive Green, Emerald Green and Apple Green.
3. Mars :- Red, Scarlet and Crimson, Maroon, Pink, or Brown.
4. Mercury:- Yellow, Azure Blue, Dove, Spotted Mixture and Gol-
den glow.
S. Jupiter :-Violet Green or Purple, Lavender etc.
6. Venus :-Blue, Turquoise, Pink, Lemon, Purple, Yellow and Pale
Blue, Nary Blue,and Sky Blue.
7. Saturn :-Black, Dark Brov.-n and Indigo.
8. Uranus ;.Cbecks, Plains. Mingled Shades and Changeable
9. Neptune :-Intensified Turquoise, Ocean Colour, Mauve and
to. Pluto :- Smokey.
The main colours are SEVEN which can be seen through a prism
while looking at the Sun. Each colour has been assigned to each planet.
These colours are Vi olet (Jupiter), Indigo (Saturn), Blue (Venus),
Green (Moon), Yellow (Mercury), Orange (Sun), and Red (Mars),
Everything we see is related to tbese or combination of these colours.
While is lhe mother of all colours.
The use of definite colour for a particular treatment of mind and
physical defects or diseases are common in India and abroad. par-
ticularly in Indian rituals is ao evidence of its long use and authenticity.
The use of colours ~ combination of yoga, regulation of diet etc. in-
dicate marvellous results. It is known as COLOUR THERAPY.
Colours have a great magnetic influence on persons of all ages. The
nature too has provided a proof of colours in through the formation of
rainbow, and has been characterised as the gateway of heaven. Rain-
bow has exercised yet subtle force and fascination in the shapi ng of
human imaginati on and our literature from times immemorials.
As every colour has modifying shades you can undergo personality
shades of changes within the same colour.
Now we explain the vibratory values of different colours. Each main
colour has different shades known as mingled shades both have also
been provided below.
1. RED:- Red is the colour of rashness, energy, of soldier, restless-
ness and revolution, It is the chosen colour of tbe Revolutionsts and
anarchist. This colour has greatest vibratory force and most powerful
of all colours.
People who like red colours are usually stout and strong with strong
and robust outlook, It shows vitality and virility. Such people are not
as head strong as may be feared. They are perfectly controlable. They
are zealous, bold. rash, determined and have endurance. Adventurous
and love the life of joy. Courage, sacrifice and martyrdom,love of sport
and passionate are the other traits or such persons. The people who
use rcd colour afC generally optimistic, enthusiasti c with high spirits,
they do actions for the welfare of society. But such persons need
guidance for their proper development. Red colour is assigned to
MARS. Red colour is protector of ladies.
The pbysical vitality of body depends upon the correct and sufficient
intake of red rays. This ray helps heal and body temperat ure, circuJa-
lion of blood. psycbologically this ray is effective for nervous system
giving more confidence, will power and courage. For the persons suf-
feringfrom anaemia. paralysis, irregular circulat ion of blood and men-
tal depression, the use of red ray is recomcndcd.
PINK;-The persons who have liking for Pink colour ate help-
ful to others specially the low class, they have deep real love rather
than mere admiration, are of mild nature without jealousy or malcfic.
They are sensitive, easily hurt, have depressions which are of short
duration. The darker the red hue, the more depressive mood needs
to be controlled well in time. The li ghter the shade of pink, the more
loving, gentle and humane nature the wearer possesses. Such a per
son has an oasis of tranquility amid the storm of a desert . Bright limks
show buoyancy. Dull hues indicate glumness and gloominess.
CRIMSON:-The persons using Crimson colour are optimistic, of
looking up spirit, competitive nature, eager for success and are am-
bitious, They have action blended with aggressiveness. lIs dynamic
drive carri es an individual to towering beights. Inspite of the fact that
such personS have short comings yet they arc with bright future. Such
people are of afrectionate nature and have capacity to sway opinions.
MAROON :-Maroon colour bas red vibrations. Such persons arc of
true fighting spi rit, strong have purpose and rest raint, can face many
ups and downs of life with courage. They have fri edhsip ni1lure, affec-
tionate and cooperative. The richer the Maroon colour the better is
the vibratory influences. Too much Brown shade in the Maroon colour
makes one gloomy and selfish.
SCARLET:Such people arc of rash temprament, lack purpose and
have restless moods, have superficial love nuture. Selfish. volatile and
BROWN:-Brown colour too has redness. Such persons are good
foll owers and dependable, have plain practical nalure as leaders. They
know how to do and dic without reasoning why. They do not enter
into arguments. either they obey or rcble. Such people should be hand-
led reasonably and carefully with a sense of duty and discipline.
2. VIOLET:-Vio!et colour is most soothing and harmonious for
glory, grandeur and greatness and is effective for nCIVOIlS system of all
other rays,
I! has tbe highest vibrations. It promotes higher and nobler ideals
than blue colour. Such people are fond of self respect, can easily in-
fluence others, have literary, artistic or dramatic abilities, deep im-
agination and of creative mind. They have profound longing for the
mystical knowledge. Of practical nature and change their theoratical
ideas to practical ones. This colour helps in meditation and in increas-
ing the power of concentration.
People using or liking violet colours are unaware of their weakness
and strength, faults and foibles. They shy of any adverse remarks and
fight for the beliefs according to theirown understanding and yardstick.
They must avoid egoism and egotism. Vanity can prove to be the cause
of their failure.
All forms of neurosis or neurotic manifestations can be healed up
through the rays of violet colour. Also can be used for treatment of
mental and nervous diseases, for rhuumatism, kindney troubles etc.
The colour is assigned to JUPITER.
LA VENDER:- Lavender is a shade of violet colour. People with this
vibration have sweet nature. They are precise in thir behaviour and
dcmeanour also they have exact observance of forms. Such perosns
are disciplined and exacting in social dealings. To achieve their main
object and goal, they ignore minor trines, they are also of affectionate
3. INDlGO!-This ray is a mixture of more of blue and less of red.
The basic characteristics of such persons using or liking such colour
have more affcction and less devotion. Its usc broadens the mind and
makes one immumne from fear and inhibition. Social help is their
Keynote. They are moody, calm and more tranquil.
Mixture of other colour and tinges reduces the steadfast character
of the blues. A strong tinge of grey creates uncertainty and even
provides fear. A mixture of green with blue such as in some shades of
turquoise indicates impetuousness.
The rays are effective on serious mental complaints such as obes-
sion. Indigo rays are also used to treat any eye diseases, ears, nose,
also diseases of the lungs, dyspepsia etc.
The colour is assigned to SATUR\'J.
BLACK.:-Normallyin Astrology Ihis colour too is assigned (oSaturn.
It is not a glum and gloomy colour. it is a sy,bol of formalilY and con-
vention. It indicates dignity without false pridcof dynamic action and
profound thougbt. II is more genuine tban showy, such people are
trustworthy, they are genuinely true but not showy. It exercises a great
restraint on the subjects as well as those who come in contact with
4. BLUE:-lt is a cooling light and has variable shades from lightest
blue to darkest blue. It blends sensiti vity with enthusiasm. Powerful
for expression. Such persons are generally lazy, fond of all comforts
and sexy in life. The moods vary with changing shades. It rises 10
greatest heights of inspiration and descends to the bottoms of lowest
Blue colour is of duty, devotion and dedication, such people make
fri ends easily. they enjoy independence and self suf(jciencey. Such
peoples look to sea and sky for guidance and inspirat ion. It seeks
higher things and deeper causes in life. It is a favourite colour of ar-
tists who believe in modern decor. It sho\lr'Sdedication 10 nobl er causes
and unsefisb personalities.
Blue colour rays are most effective for throat afflicitions and many
other treatments of diseases,also throat troubles of all kinds. insomnia
etc. It is used as anticeptic. Blue colour gives peace of mind from over
excitement even in hysteria.
NAVY BLUE,-It is a strong dark colour. It shows trustworthines
and faithfulness., also it indicates tenaci ty of purpose. They have self
sufficiency in a spiri t of give and take, cooperativeness, strength and
reliablily are the key notes of their charactter. '
SKY BLUE:-Sky Blue or Azure is a truely heavenly colour. Such
people renunciat e the world and dedicate their lives 10 the humanit y,
they have unselfish motives dedicated to higher spiritual aspiration.
PURPLE:-Purple is a royal blue colour. Such people command
respect in higher society, have superior nature than olhers, prestige
and power is Iheir only aim of life. They hope 10 realise social impor-
tance by imitating it and living upto it.
5. YELWW:-YeUow colour has been assigned to Mercury, the
planet of intelligence. Such persons have r obust character, they are
generous, intelligent, gentle and genia1. Also the colour denot es scien-
tifi c mind and ~ a s method even in madness. The colour is of sai nt s,
myslics, artists and craftsmanship. Such persons are wise, creative and
of inventive mind. They are moody, optimistic and opportunist.
When yellow colour has golden glow hut a shade of dull paleness,
intelligence is restrained by caution. One has many wishfulthinkings
but is unpractical
Dull yellow indicates that person is selfISh and opportunists. Yel-
low Brown indicates moody mind and muddling, they achive small
things while hide the big ones.
This colour is verry important Cor human system and articularly ef-
feclive on the whole ncverous system. It also controls the digestive sys-
tem. Acts as a purifier on the liver and intestines, Particularly this
colour has healing properties for the skin, stimulates growth of the in-
tellectual faculti es, logical mai nd and reasoning power. It also aids self
conlrol and ~ a r m o n y in the attitude ofhle. Yellow colour is a remedy
for consti pation, li ver troubles and diabetes etc.
GOLDEN GLOW:- H is an aura of deep inner understanding of life
and the world. Such people are highly intuitive and see things through
and through. They see your character as in a mirror. They concentrate
their energies on the lasting objects of the life.
6. GREEN:-Grecn colour has been assidncd to Moon. H is a mix-
ture of Blue and Yellow and is the midway between hot and cold. It
is commonly said that people whose favourit e colour is green arc even
tempered and of a well balanced outlook. Such person can adopt
themselve according to the circumstances and conditions. They are
sentimental, sympathetic, fond of society and companion, over zealous
and take the lire too seriously. They are slow in anger, and restrained
by hesi tation and thought fulness. They are firm and of dogmatic
opinion, strong will power, enthusiasti c, their power grows slowly but
surely. Optimism is the key of their character. They have courage of
conviction and of firm opinion. They should not be lazy and lethargic.
The rays of this colour are soothing for eye troubles, rstores heart
troubles, good remedy for blood pressure, cures headache. All green
vegetables and fruits help the action of green rays.
SEA GREEN:-Sea green is darker than all green colours. H carries
envy with il s st rength. It is truely green eyed. Towards yell ow, green
becomes a symbol of instability. Towards blue, it is an indication of ex-
cessive smartness.
OLIVE GREEN: -Thc colour indicates dull and weak nature. Such
persons are on the look out of finding excuses rather to act. It has
negative vibrations. It is evasive and impractical. It is not a very help-
ful colour to those who prefer it.
EMERALD GREEN:-It is a strong rich green colour. Its expression
of aura is most volatile. One adapts itself to most adverse ci.rcumstao-
ces and characters. One makes the best of the worst circumstances.
APPLE GREEN:-It is a dour of hopefulness and great genuine ex-
pectations. It bas optimistic vibratins. It indicates sympathy with the
most unsympathetic causes. Such persons are senl'imental and warm-
WHITE:- White colour is generally assigned to Moon in Astrology.
It is a mother colour. It is a symbol of purity. It indicates that persons
who like while colour are generally has unmuddicd mind by worldly
affairs of greed and selfishness. The people who choose while colour
in old age rather in childhood or youth are false people who make show
of fastidiousness and physical cleanliness, they ate critical of OIhers
who do not abide by social standards.
7. ORANGE:- Orange colour has dynamic drive of red colour and
has been assidned to Sun. It indicated high amnitions people are
proud,self contained, conceiled and seU centered. They can influence
others. They are highly minded and fully self controlled. They are not
obssessed with sexual affairs and arc cool, if not cold and lack warmth
in dealing with others. One has independent drive and is not dynami-
cally social.
They genrally meet with failures due to the habit of ifs and buts, they
do not go out of their way to seek popularity, over come the opponents
and oppositions. They have great inventive skill and display sheer ex-
uberance in their activities. They feel contented when they get what
they want, act with self confidence and courage. Their struggle in life
is not restricted by Jaws of logic but rather with laws of love.
The rays of orange colour assist in assimilation and distribution in
the circuJalory system of the body, effective as a tonic on physical and
menial system. These are called wi sdom rays and and are useful for
physical vitality and mental strength, also help to broaden the mind,
help in raising the retarded intelligence. Also rays are best trealment
in case of disorder and infection of spleen, kidney diseases, chest dis-
ordcr and mental abbressions. Orange fruits and vegetables are the
best diet to supplement orange rays.
GREY:-Greyco!our indicatesindccision and uncertainty. also false
bravadoes but such people have self confidcce to face social challan-
gcs, of prudery they are firm in their path in life and ignore public
opinion. Grey with silver tinge shows constancy and sincerity.
On the above basis, one can judge a fair measure of ond's nature,
hi s career and character from colour combinations for which a person
shows prercrcnce.
From the above details we bave secn that how the colours can be
used as propitiation mcasurs. For sure recovery,correct diagnosis of
evil planet and diseases is important prior to adoption of the use of
correct colour.
Each sign or Rasi is governed by its lord ot herwise known as a planet
and accordingly each fasi or sign has been allotted different colours.
In order to enjoy good luck, one should ascertain his ascending sign
and use the colours indicated in the following Tahle:-
Asce nding Sign FavourableColours
1. Ari es Red, Copper, Yel-
low Golden.
2. Taurus Blue, Pink, Green,
3. Gemini Green, Yellow,
Purple, Blue, Pink,
4. Cancer Green, White,
Cream, Red, Yellow
5. Virgo Orange, Red,Green
6, Virgo Green,white, Yel-
7. Libra Blue, Orange,
While, Red
8. Scorpio Yellow, Red,
Cream, Orange
Colours to be
Red, Black.
Re d, Blue,
Greeo, Yel -
Blu e , pure,
while and
9. Sagittarius Violet,While,
Light-blue and
10. Capricorn Indigo,
Whit e,Blue,Black.
11. Aquarius Indigo, Yellow,
While, Cream.
12. Pisces Grccn,Vioiet,Red,Yei
Red, Pearl,
Blue, Red.
This heading is out of context of Astrology and falls within the juris-
diction of Numerology. But tbe author feels strongly that this infor-
mation 100 be provided for propitiations in a very coincise way for the
benefit of readers:-
Find out your birth number and select the use of colours in various
forms for good luck and reduce or ward off the eercets of evil planets.
The forms include dress, bed rooms, curtains, bed sheets etc.
Birth No. Favourable Colours
1 Persons havi ng birth number I, should use or wear as much
possible in all shades of brown light or dark, and shades of
yello\'{ and gold colours. They will find this colour rule will
have an excell ent effects in soothing their nervous system, and
they will rest and sleep better in rooms having their own
2. They should use or wear all shades of green from the darkest
to the lightest shade also cream and white. They should avoid
all heavy dark colours, especially black, purple and dark red.
3. Persons having 3 as birth number should use or wear shades
of mauve, violet, pale or lilae shade of purple. But as men
cannot dress easily in these colours they should at least employ
them in the neckties, hankies or shirts etc.
4. Such persons should use or wear electric colours namely
Blues, Greys, Electric Blues and half shades. Tbey should
avoid strong or positive colours of all kinds.
5. They should wear or use light shades of all colours, especial-
ly light greys. whil e and glistening material. They should never
use or wear dark colours and possibly avoid doing so.
6. Such people should use or wear all shades of blue, from the
lightest to the dark navy but not electric blue, They can also
use shades of rose or pink bUI not red, scarelet or cri mson.
7. They Should usc or wear all shades of pale green, white, yel-
low and gold colours. The palest possible shades are best for
them, such as paslel shades.
8. The people born as 8 their birth number should use or wear
all shades of dark greys. dark blue, purple and black. Light
and gaudy colours be avoided.
9. Such persons should use or wear all shades of Red, Rose.
Crimson, Pink or Red Purple. The darker or rich shades of
these colours are best for them.
Fast is anot her way of propitiatio[\s of planets and must be observed.
In author's views they are very effedive, provided fast is kept regular-
ly without break through out the life. It is Quit e incorrect to keep the
fast for a rlXed numbers of days and then discontinue which should be
We provide below a table the day of fast according to your ascen-
dant or Lagna and birth number.
Lagna Day of Fast Birth Number Day of Fast
1. Aries Tuesday 1 Sunday
2. Taurus Friday 2 Monday
3. Gemini Full Moonday 3
(Poornima) (Poornima)
4. Cancer Monday 4 Monday.
5.Leo Full Moonday (poor- 5 FullMoonday
nima) or Sunday (Poornima)
6. Virgo Wednesday 6 Friday.
7. Libra Friday 7 Tuesday.
S. Scorpio Tuesday 8 Saturday.
9.Sagiltarius Thursday 9 Tuesday.
10 Capricorn Saturday.
11. Aquarius Saturday.
12. Pisces Thursday.
There are two ways of removing or overpowering the evil innucncc
of the malefic planelS, namely:-
1. External
2. Internal.
The external method is to use the mantaras, Gems, Tantric etc. as
explained earlier. The internal method is to regulate inner energy.
For the regulat ion orinner energy, mantras for each planet are avail-
able in Vedas, one has to meditate with soul and mind, spi rit uall y and
in psychic ways, saints, sages and men of highest spiritual and moral
qualities have attained the stage by concentrated meditation, the goal
to achive the object of warding off the evils. But using inner energy
and external mantaras, one can control evil effects. IT IS NOT AN
ORDINARY TASK. One should lry within the boundary of hi s
religion and one will find remarkable results. Have self realisation and
achive the goal. PC-dyer changes the things.
Surya Namaskar or Worship of Sun God has been in vogue in this
country from times immemorial. The Sun God drives out ignorance
and blesses the native with light, intelligence and wealth also drive away
many ills and diseases particularly pertaining to heart. Sun God cures
leprosy and other ghastly di seases. Great Warriors had worshipped
Sun God before going to war. Sun is represented by his two consorts
namely Cbaya and Smigya and said lacorne in a chariot drawn by seven
There are many temples dedicated to SUD God in India. The most
famous is at KONARK built in 13th Century by the Ganga King NaT-
simha I, also there arc other temples at Belur, Halebid where the
Chola!', Pallavas and the Pandyas have depicted Sun God in
lures and inscripti on .... Temples at Mathura. Mullan (Pakistan) were
once the centre of worship, near Bubncshwar, in 8agh caves, Kand3giri
afC found the images or Sun God. The Pallavas fir st depicted the Sun
God in stone in Ratha' of Dharamaraja at Mahabalipuram. In Tamil
NJdu at Kumbhakonan there is a temple. Sun temple at Suryanar koil
ncar Aduthurai in Tanj avur District is famous one. Paran\haka Chola
constructed thc temple in 10th Century and it was known as Sri Gan-
daradhitpa Gr.1ham.Ncar Delhi in Haryana state, we find' Suraj
Kund' too.
Sun God is not being worsn:pped in Indi a but aiso in othcr lands.
The pai nt er of Europe have depicted and represented the Sun God.
The Buddhists worshipped the Sun, The Ar 3bs <ll so paid homage to
him. One muslim Sham mas was a worshipper of the Sun. In the Janin
Cave temples figures of Sun God are seen in the eaves of Kandagiri in
Ori ssa. The Sag:!!s were responsible for the Sun worship in India even
from the3rd Cent ury. In purnara relati ng ' o Gupta period were figures
orthe Sun God. Manda Sagar in Malva Stat e built between 11th Cen-
turies. In Kashmir, King Lalithlayan buill a stone temple for Sun God.
In Rajast han too at Sironi images of Sun God have been found. t n
South temples are found in Tirvchi Caves, Thirumuthukundram, pak-
kam in North Areot Distri ct. Thirumulhukundram. Kanchcepuram,
Childambaram and other places. Some kings made endownments for
:he worship of the Sun. Some others imprintcd the figure of Sun God
on their coins. The Panchalt a kings in particular did that . In the second
Century coins, there are figures of Sun God, One of the Grecian King
had inscribed the figure of Sun God on his coins.
In Tamil Nadu, the first day of New Year is dedicated to Sun God
when Sun moves from onc Zodiac sign to the other. The Tamil month
of Thai or Sankranthi is important for the Sun. Hc is in the Makara
Ril si now. The monlh of Thai is considered to be thc carly morning
for the Devas.
Mantras for Surya Namaskar, Bead or Rosary and Rudrak-
shas alongwith auspicious mantras have been detailed in
author's world famous book. 'COMPLETE ASTRO
PALMISTRY'which should be referred by eaders'
Once again we remind the readers the rule laid down under the
heading "CONJUNCfIONS"Chapter II. which reads lhus:-
Pritbuyasas son of Varahamihira in Horasara has laid down that
conjunction of two or more planets does harm to the Bhave occupied.
It also produces tbe effect of the conjunction just as the mixture of
honey and ghee if combined in equal quantities turo out as poison".
Also it is laid down in Chapter II that care is to be taken of the
aspects of the planets on the conjunction of the house where the con-
junction takes place. The sign where conjunction lakes place. The sign
where conjunction is posited, and planets avaslhas VIZ;own house,
debilitated, exaltation etc. are also most important for delineations.
The author append below a few selected horoscopes from his 36
year old record casted on Niryana System indicating conjunction of
planets. Full delineations cannot be provided, only hints arc given for
the guidance of rcaders which should be checked with the rul es
provided in thc book.
1. A lady born on 26t h February 1954 at 2,30 p.m. at 28 N 20', Lat
and 7SJ E25' Lorigitude.
Gemini ascendant, Sun 14, Mercury (R) 200 and
Venus 21 in Aquarius. Moon ISO Mars 15 in Scorpio Saturn (R)
6 Neptune (R) 2 in Libra, Jupiter 23 Taurus, Rahu 047' in
Capricorn, Ketu in Cancer, Uranus 2'? in Lagna and Pluto (R) 0
53'in leo (R means Retrograde).
HINTS: Mercury is Rctrograde, Mercury and Venus are combust.
The daughter of a peOn, mother expired at 11 n years age, adopted by
an LA.S officer on 26.1.1956, convent educatcd, marri ed to a good of-
ficer and living presently in Tanzania. Blessed with daughter. Mar-
ri age and foreign travel in Ketu mahadasa. Why so '1 Please analyse
II. A native born on 24th August, 1955 at 2.52 p.m at 28 N 38'Lat.
and T]O E 12'Longitude.
Sagittarius ascendant. Sun JO,Mars 4, Mcrcury2ZO' Vcnus 5, Plulo
~ in leo, Jupitcr '!P, in Libra. Rahu '}!J in Lagna, Ketu in Gemini.
HINTS:-Mars is combust, Sun in own house, Jupit er, and Saturn
are exalated, Venus in inimical rasi and combust running Saturn dasa
upt5.12.1982 but not yet fully and finally settled in life and unmarried
yet, inspite Sat urn is exalt ed? Check the conjunctions and find out
reasons why Saturn dasa has not proved effective, Saturn being ex-
Ill. A girl born on 22nd February, 1951 Ishat 7 ghat;s 22 pa\as at
28 N 38'Lal. and no E 12' Longitude. Aries Ascendant. Latitude of
the planets have not been worked oui.
Ketu, Moon in Leo, Saturn in Virgo, Mercury in Capri corn, Sun,
Rahu, Jupit er and Mars in Aquarius and Venus in Pisces.
HINTS:The girl was educted uplo high school level, betrothal was
performed bUI di ed on 22nd!23rd May 19n at 3 a.m. when she just
completed 21 years age?
IV A native born on 10th January, 19-'5 at 7.20 p.m. (local time) at
3()0 North 28' Latitude. 4'? E 51'. Cancer Lagna. Sun 26 Mercury SO,
Venus 21, Ketu 'fJ in SagiUarius, Muon 24, in Pisces, Jupit er 2 in
Libra, Mars 1 in Lagna with Pluto 18' Saturn 28 Rahu 6 in Gemini,
Herschal21 in Taurus, Neptune 13 in Virgo.
HINT$:-Graduatcd in Electrical Engeenier, resident of foreign
land, married on 11.5.1976, fair comlcxioncd. Owns property in
America. Mars is dcbilitiated, Mercury is in fat\. Venus is combust but
was marri ed during Venus period Mercury sub period when both arc
arnicted.Why ?
V A native born on 1st septemeber 1914 a19.59 A.M. at 31 N S',
Latitude and 7 ~ E 26' Longitudc. Libra is asce ndant. Sun 15, Mer-
cury I SO Kctu lZO in Leo, Saturn go Gemini, Venus 1 in Libra, Mars
1<]0 in Vigo, Moon 23 and Jupiter 22 in Capricorn and Rahu l ZO in
HINTS:-Upto the age of33 years, the native had agri culature land,
house, profession of wine merchant, but after that suffered heavy los-
ses in speculati ons during 1952 to 1%3 and si nce then doing no solid
business but leading an average rcspectcd life?
VI A girl born on 13th)14th Novcmber 1954 at 12.20 A.M. at 2JO
N28' Latitude and 7'1' E42' Longitude. Leo ascendant. Sun 28, Mer-
cury CP, Venus (R) zgo, Saturn WOand Neptune 3 in Libra, Jupit er 6
Herschal, (R) 4 in Cancer, Moon 12 Ketu 1 ~ in Gemini Mars 23
Capri corn, Rahu 14" in Sagittarius and Pluto 3 in ascendant.
HINTS:-Sat urn, Mars, Jupiter, arc exaited, Venus in own house,
Sun debi litated, Venus and Saturn combust, lupiter dasa expiring on
21.7. 1981. A beautiful and gracious girl, well versed in dance, good
educated, enjoining average fame, travell ed abroad, unmarried, f<lther
died in 1974. Will she succeed in film career as she is anxious to join
and has been invited by a producer. But in author's views she should
remain aloof from film carcar and can be a good renowned dancer.
Please check the views of author?
VII A lady born on 18th June, 1953 at 9.00 P.M. at 29 N 25' Lal,
and 7-,0 E 00, Longitude. Ascendent is Sagittarius. SUD 4 Mars 9
Mercury uP in Gemini, Herschal 21', Moon 24 in Leo, Sal urn 2']0
Neptune 28 in Virgo, Jupit er 16 in Taurus, Venus I SO in Aries. Ketu
13, Pluto 2'" in Cancer and Rahu 13 in Capricorn.
HINTS: A well qualified and intelligent lady, marri ed on 11.5. 1976,
travelled abroad on 10th September, 1976 and residing in foreign land.
Owns house and blessed witb son and daughters. Lord SHIVA may
bless her more.
vm A girl born on 3rd February, 1962 at 7.16 A.M. at 28 N 39'
Latitude, 7]0 E 13' Longitude. Ascendant Capricorn. Note the horo
scope carefully.
Sun WO, Mars ]0, Mercury (R) U
Jupit er 2$l, Venus 2'J!l, Saturn
100 and Ketu 25 in Lagnaor ascendent, Moon 23 in Sagittarius, Rahu
25 in Cancer. Herschal (R) Sl and Pluto (R) 16 in Leo and Neptune
2rP in Libra.
HINTS: Look seven planets are posited in Lagna. Mars is exalted,
Sun in enemy's house, Jupiter debilitated, Venus and Mercury are in
friend's house, MercurY, Jupit er, Venus and Ketu all are combust. 3rd,
7t h and lOtb houses are aspccled by Saturn, 4th, 7th and 8th by Mars,
~ t h . 7th and 9th by Jupiter. Sun, Kctu, Mercury and Venus aspect 7th
house. Rahu is posited in 7th house, lord of 7th bouse is in 12th and
is unaspected. .
Shc is quite intelligent, active and studying. She is daughter or a
Senior Class I Officer, who is an engineer and Head of the State. She
is running Moon peri od expiring on 27.6.1982. Kindly check intelligent
Iy and calmly the prospects of her life? Is late and abnormal marriage
not indicated? She has been married on 8.2.1987 to a d ivorce who is in
Navy. (Fore cast OrYOUT author proved correct.)
IX A lady born on 6th April, 1951 at 8.30 A.M. at 30 ON 20' Lat.
and T? E 01' Longitude. Ascendent Taurus. Sun 22, Moon ISO
Jupiter 3 in Pisces. Saturn (R) 4, Neptune ( R) ZSO in Virgo, Venus
25, Mercury 11 and Mars 3 in Aries, Rahu 2Jjo in Cancer. Balance
al birth Mercury dasa 14 years 8 months 6 days.
HINTS: Moon is combust. Mars and Jupiter in own houses. Intel-
ligent and a good administrator, married, owns factory clc. Blessed
wi th power of Intuition (vide author' s world famous book,
X Twin girls born on 23rd/24th Dccember,1978 at 4.35 At M. and
4.30 A.M. At ~ N 39' Latitude and iJO E 13' Longitude. Lagna is
Scorpio. (Degrees of planets have not been calculated).
Sun, Mars in Sagittarius, Mercury, Neptune in Lagna, Venus,
Herschal in Libra, Moon, Pluto in Virgo, Saturn, Rahu in Leo, Keru
in aquarious and Jupit er in Cancer.
HINTS:-Thegirls were very weak in constitution al the timcofbirth.
Youger di ed on 10th/11th February, 1979 at 2.0 A.M. wbercas elder
di ed on 2.2.1979 at 5 P.M at the place of birth, why?
XI A boy born on 6th/7th June 1973 at 3.20 A.M. at 28 N 38 L.11.
and Tf' E 12' , Longitude. Ascendant Aries. Sun 2t:', in Saturn 29 in
Taurus, Vcnus SO, Mercury 11, Ketu 14 in Gemini Moon 100 ,27' in
Leo, Herschal 2P Pluto (R) go in Virgo, Neptune (R) ?O in Scorpi o,
Rabu 14 in Saggitarius, Jupiter (R) 18 in Capricorn and Mars 2'P in
Aquarious, Saturn fr ce from combusti on. Balance of Ketu 1 year 6th
months 5 days, dasa at birth.
HINTS:- The boy is son of a wealthy man. Mercury in own house.
Jupiter in 10th house, 10th lord aspcctcd by Jupiter also Sun Saturn
conjunction aspected by Jupit er. Sun dasa 11.12. 1974 to .I1.12. 2000.
A very bright future is awaiting for him.?
XI I And now the horoseope of your author.
Born on 13th/14th October, 1928 at 4 A.M. at 30 N 12', Latitude
and 71 E 28" Longitude. Ascendant Lco.Sun 27-28', in Virgo, Moon
00-32', Mercury (R) 16_ 27', and Venus ZSO- S' in Libra, Saturn 2'1?-
13' and Ketu ~ - 3 S ' in Scorpio, Jupiter (R) 14_28' in Aries, Rahu 9"-
35' in Taurus, Mars 11_9' and Pluto 25_6' in Gemini, Herschal (R)
12'l-26' in Pisces, Neptune 1"-28' and Fortuna 24-3' io Lagoa or As-
cendant, and Gulika 2_26' in Virgo. Balance of Mars dasa at birth 3
years 2 months 20 days.
HINTS:-Moon, Mercury. Venus arc aspecled by Jupiter fr om 9th
house, Mars in 11th house and Rahu is exalted in 10th house.
By the grace of Lord SHIVA, your author is a Senior Class I En-
gineer (Civil), blessed with properly, conveyance, good family, good
health and comforts of life .. Self study of Palmistry and Astrology si nce
1952 (Jupit er period starled on 3.1.1950 and the study started during
Jupiter period and Jupiter sub period). Mark Jupiter in 9th house
aspccling conjunctions in 3rd bouse which indicate writing, publishing
and spi rituali ty. Distant travels (nol so far) . Kindly check?
XIII A Lady born on 26th April, 1951 at 6.20 A.M. Lat. 28.39 'N
and Long. 77'-13 'E.
Ascendant Aries, Mars, Sun and Mercury in Lagna, Venus In
Taurus, Ketu in Leo, Saturn in Virgo, Rahu in Aquarius. Moon in Sag-
gittarius, and Jupiter in Pisces, Balance of Ketu dasa at birth is 2 years
3 months and 16 yays. An interesting horoscope for analysis.
HINTS: Exalted Sun and Mars in own house in lagna with Mercury
(3rd and 6th house lords.). This conjunction is of vital importance.
Mars and Mercury arc combust. 7th house lord. The lady has a charm
ing and graceful look, intellige nt, of well proport ioned body. sanguine
nature, tall and well versed in household afairs. 5th lord Sun is exalted
has blessed here with higher and good academic career.
She is M Sc. Chemistry. Sun being eclipsed by Ketu and in Ashwini
star did not help her to get any benefit from her educationeven during
her Sun's dasa from 12.8.73 to 12.8.79. which passed without any
promising effects. She has a robust health as there is no Sun Moon
Note the results of illusionary grand Conjunction. The lady is un
married with all such good qualities till the age of 29
2 years. She is
not Mangleek vide author's world famous book, "Saturn a Friend or
Foe". page 186. Moon Rahu dasa will bless her with marriage, a good
financial position and of course foreign Travel.
Readers should check the conjuntion in a more lucid way
XIV The native born on 19th December 1923 at 6.43 p.m. at 32
34' N Longitude and 7130' E Latitude. Born in Gemini ascendent,
Rahu in Leo, Mars and Saturn in Libra, Jupiter in Scorpio, Sun, Mer
cury, Venus in saggit arius, Ketu in Aquarius,and Moon in Ari es. Birth
dasa of Venus, with balance of 6 years 3 months and 27 days.
HINTS:- From low position had risen to class 1 gazetted Engineer.
Married to a Wealthy inlaws. Childl ess, became diabeti c at the age of
39 years. Died on 14th June 1977 at 7.15 a.m. al Del hi due 10 swelling
of injuction and failure of heart.
XV A Lady born on 29th!3Oth September, 1938 at 12.44 A.M. at
31 38' N Longitude and 7453' E Latitude. Born in Cancer as as-
cendent, Mars in Leo, Sun, Mercury in Virgo, Rahu Venus in Libra,
Moon in saggitarius, Jupiter in Aquarius, Saturn in Pisces and Kctu in
Aries. Balance of Ketu dasa at birth 3 years 4 months 7 days.
HINTS:-Bcauliful, well prporlioned body, tall, weU versed in
household duties, Sinccre in Love, Domestic life average. No male
child. Her husband got heart attack when she was running 39th years
age. Passionate and fond of good society. Check birth of male child?
XVI A Lady born on lsl/2nd August, 1926 at 4 p.m. at 18 58' N
Longillldeand 7:ZO-SO' E Latgitude. Born in Scorpio ascendent. Ket u
in Sagiuarius, Jupiter in Aquarius, Mars in Aries. Moon in Taurus,
Venus and Rahu in Gemini, Sun and Mercury in Cancer and Venus
in Libra. Balance of birth Dasa Sun I year 6 months.
HINTS:-Commonly known as Devi ji, belongs to a family of Lords
and rich persons. Took sanyas in prime youth at the age of21 years 2
months and 13 days. She is of middle stature, beautiful and of soft
speecb. Intelligent, wise and learned . .
Apart from above, there are many more interesting horoscopes in
the possession of author whi ch are quite useful from astrological point
of view and are being placed before the readers in my various books.
The author is now sure that conjunction of planets can be delineatcd
easily in any horoscope through the dctailed study of this work.