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-The Ant And The Dove Story-

Lecturer: Mdm. Jayanthi Mala D/O Marimuthu Presenter: Siti Nabihah Bt. Mustaffa Siti Hajar Bt. Zaid @ Sahid Nur Azimah Bt. Md. Salleh

Year: 1
Theme: World of Stories Topic: The Ant and The Dove Integrated content focus: Grammar(verb) Focus skill: Reading

Integrated Skill: Language Arts

Educational Emphasis: 1) Multiple

Intelligence(Kinesthetic) 2)Creativity & Innovation

Low Level: Mirror Technique

1) Teacher carry out reading activity of the story the ant
and the dove. 2) Teacher highlight the action words from the story and list it out 3) Teacher divides the students in pairs

4) Teacher say out loud the action word & student carry out
the activity in pairs.

Average Level : Readers Theater Technique

Pupils perform a fable with expression.
1)Pupils are given the dialogue of a fable. 2)Pupils are divided into groups and assigned a role each. 3)Pupils perform the fable according the role assigned to them.

Advance Level : Pantomime Technique

Pupils perform a pantomime of the fable the ant and the dove.

1)Pupils are divided into groups

2)They need to perform pantomime based on the dialogue of the story. 3)The narrator will say all the dialogues, while the other students need to act out the pantomime.

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