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Reduce: To thicken and intensify the flavour of a liquid by evaporating it through boiling. Salad: A dish of raw or cooked cold foods usually served as an hors doeuvre, side dish etc., Salami: A charcuterie product originating from Italy. It takes the form of a fat sausage made of finely minced pork interspersed with pieces of fat. Smorgasbord: An abundant assortment of hot and cold dishes served in Sweden as hors-doeuvres or a full buffet meal. Tenderise: Lay meat out on level surface and continuously pound with flat, spiked equipment called a steak hammer. Could also imply the process of making meat softer by the use of tenderisers like raw papaya, dry melon powder etc., Tapas: In Spain an assortment of hors-doeuvres served to accompany sherry. Tapenade: A condiment from Provence region of France made with capers, desalted anchovies, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice. Tabbouleh: A Lebanese salad speciality made of burgul (broken wheat) mixed with lot of chopped parsley, onions and lemon juice along with olive oil. Terrine: A fairly deep dish with straight sides grips or handles along with a tight fitting lid that rests on an inner lip. Forcemeat is put in and then the terrine is cooked. Usually terrines are served in the moulds they are cooked. Vichyssoise: A leek and potato soup thickened with fresh cream and served cold garnished with chopped chives. Vol-au-vent: A round case of puff pastry having a pastry lid and is filled with various fillings after baking. And served as a hors-doeuvre. Waldrof: A mixed salad consisting of diced apple and celery bound with acidulated cream and mayonnaise based dressing and garnished with shelled walnuts.

Source: Foundation stage OCLD