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Associated Student Government University of Arkansas ASG Senate Resolution No. 40 Authors: Ryan Long, Senator Amy West, Senator Rowan OBrien-Williams Sponsors: Senator Amy West, Senator Rowan OBrien-Williams A Resolution for Warning Tickets for First-Time Parking Violations Whereas, Whereas, An inconsistent warning system for parking and transit violations is currently in place on campus; and The University of Arkansas Parking and Traffic Regulations is a complex 12-page, 4,642-word document and it can be difficult to comprehend every violation without a real-world context; and Students often pay hefty fees for first-time violations without knowledge of the regulation; and A university education is already a heavy financial burden; and Certain violations, such as safety violations or blocking of handicap parking spots, are more grave than others and do merit first-time tickets; however, others do not; and Certain violations occur more frequently than others, particularly with the increase of students, limited scooter or motorcycle parking spaces, and the economic incentive to drive a scooter or motorcycle; then The Associate Student Government recommends the Transit, Parking, and Traffic Committee along with the Parking and Transit Department consider a first-time violator warning system for the following violations: parking over the curb, meter violation, overtime parking in a limited time zone, improper parking, and parking where prohibited; and ASG supports first-time violator warnings for the following scooter and motorcycle violations: parking on the grass, parking where prohibited by a sign, and parking on a yellow curb or line.

Whereas, Whereas, Whereas,


Be it therefore resolved:

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