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This study is entitled Salaah a Tool for Personality Transformation: an Analysis on Selected Cases of Muslim in Zamboanga City. As the title implies, it focuses on the self-transformation of selected Muslims in Zamboanga City through a sort of comprehensive approach in the practice of Salaah.

Thus, this answers the following objectives: To define Salaah as a tool for personality transformation To give the factors that vitalize Salaah making it an effective instrument of personality transformation To highlight the effect of Salaah on the individual To demonstrate how Salaah as a tool for personality transformation reflects on the selected cases of Muslims in Zamboanga City

Personality transformation has always been one of the most interesting themes in the field of human knowledge. In fact, it has been explored by intellectual of different field of interest and expertise. In the field of Islamic knowledge, this particular subject has been a part of that religious fabric if we may call it that way as reflected in ethicospirituality clearly presented by the teachings of Islam. Since the beginning of Islamic evolution, individual Muslim consciousness has always been encouraged to strive in order to be one with the ideal Islamic consciousness, that is, Perfection in the following areas of concern man-Allah relationship and man-man relationship. In other words, the

personality of a Muslim must geared towards the perfection of ethico-spirituality as Islamic consciousness implies.

From this particular point of view, the concept of Worship1 is very significant. And this is where the importance of Salaah takes its ground as a significant tool for personality transformation.