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ISPCAN-Sponsored Training Event Announcement Form

This suggested form is for announcing each training event that helps identify learning objectives and the course outline in a consistent way. Please replace the suggested examples below with your own correct information, such as target participants, learning objectives and course outline of your training. Also replace these introductory guidelines with your own.

Session Title Dates Duration (Total Hours of Training) Facilitators (Trainers) Capacity (Total Number of Participants to be Admitted): Target Participants: (For example, doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, NGO personnel) (For example, basic awareness of CAN issues, 2 years experience in CAN Prevention, Bachelors level education) Admission Requirements Place (Venue)

Learning Objectives - Upon completion of training, participants will be able to: For example, Describe how perpetrators and victims of child abuse can be identified and assessed; Identify supporting roles of police, courts, medical professionals in child abuse; Describe the process to link the perpetrators and victims of child abuse to resources in the community.

Course Outline For example, Child abuse in the context of culture, family and gender; Roles of police, courts, hospitals in prevention and intervention; Resources available in the community for prevention and intervention.

For Additional Information, Please Contact (Name, Phone Number, Email Address):