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The Prologue from the Canterbury Tales Quiz

1. In The Prologue, Chaucers main objective is to A. analyze religious customs B. reveal the narrators thoughts C. introduce his cast of characters D. describe a London inn 2. The pilgrims are traveling to Canterbury because A. The shrine of St. Thomas a Becket is there B. They want to avoid the plague in London C. They plan to travel throughout England D. The innkeeper has dared them to make the journey 3. The pilgrims agree to tell tales during the journey to A. preserve their stories for posterity B. win a free meal and entertain one another C. reduce fighting and bickering D. teach the innkeeper a lesson about pride 4. How does Chaucer imply that the Cooks dishes are not appetizing? A. The Cook refuses to consult recipe books. B. The Cook has a large, festering sore on his knee. C. The Cook adds too much salt to his creations. D. The Cook burns everything he makes.

5. The Wife of Bath is a A. pious churchgoer and religious teacher B. well-traveled vendor of fine silk clothing C. veteran of several pilgrimages and marriages D. widow of a prosperous doctor in Bath 6. The member of the clergy given the most admiring, flattering description is the A. Parson B. Merchant C. Pardoner D. Summoner 7. According the narrator, the Friar gave absolution to sinners only if they A. Prayed for many days B. Showed that they were repentant C. Gave him money D. Helped someone in need 8. The Summoners physical appearance could best be described as A. average in every way B. revolting C. handsome in an unusual way D. noble 9. The pilgrim who tells the best tale during the journey will be rewarded with A. a free dinner at the end of the pilgrimage B. a free pardon from sins provided by the Pardoner C. an opportunity to sit with the Knight at the head of the table D. a free stay at the inn during the next pilgrimage 10. Who will be the judge who decides on the best story? A. the Knight B. the narrator C. the Parson D. the Host (innkeeper)