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WEI 1 Allen Wei Ms. Devaney Senior Capstone, Period 6 6 February 2013 Music Doctors & Appreciation I.


Throughout my eventful life, I have had the opportunity of personally discovering the answer to the question, in which individuals often ask themselves at least once in their lifetimes, the purpose of life. My answer to that controversial question will always be that the purpose of life is to find a life of purpose. Now, people often say seeing is believing, however what I discovered was not to be seen, but heard. Growing up from the age of five, the only instrument I knew was the piano. The sounds eventually became very limited to me and somewhat uninteresting over the years, but six years later I was introduced to a new instrument, the guitar. Upon receiving the instrument I started to understand the variety of sounds that could possibly be made. I began playing and learning that guitar even after my fingers would bleed out and form red calluses. However, coming from not such a happy childhood, music would be my shelter and instruments would be my practice. I have continued this study to the point of meeting new people whom shared my interests and even discovered the field of music doctors. These people would even go to the extent of measuring heart beats or observing a lifestyle in order to prescribe a dosage of music in their times of need. Rumor has it, that these doctors are not many in number, but what could be done is to spread the knowledge of music in order for people to become themselves a sort of music doctor, through music appreciation.

I believe I can be of assistance in this endeavor, by sharing what I have learned through my life in the fields of music theory and composition, which surpasses any level of knowledge in our current classes (since we are without an AP music theory course). I also intend to compose a school song for our Spartan Band through orchestration so our Sharpstown International community will have a song to identify with.

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However, easier said then done, because there will be some challenges that will also stop my intentions with this project, and they would be the fact that I have not written a full-scale band composition piece for all instruments (flutes, saxophone family, clarinet family, french horn, trumpets, trombones, percussion, etc.) only simple pieces for a select few instruments. I have also not conducted a band officially, in which I plan to do as well. This project will take leadership skills in order to control the variety of students whom will more than likely be eager to disrupt the harmony of the room with random outbursts. I would also need to set up a schedule for times in which do not interfere significantly with those who are chosen to play the piece as well as determine the limit on the number of students able to be a part of this project.

My initial argument is that students learned in music will have a more enhanced lifestyle and share their knowledge and music with others in the community.

This Capstone project will address and cover the four aspects of the Asia Society GPS Leadership Outcomes which include, Investigation of the World, Recognizing Perspectives, Communication Ideas, and Taking Action. Fortunately, our community happens to be an international one, and so by sharing personal favorites of music and the like, cultures will clash and ideas will be spread, and outlooks will be understood between students. The last aspect in which to Take Action will initiate this process as well as lead back to it as students will be brought together to interact and will meet new people while doing so. In the end, this Capstone is what will provide me with the skills to bring people together, to practice leadership and speech as well as prepare me for my career as a music artist.


Learning Objectives 1. The art of orchestration

2. Improvement of leadership skills Sponsor Approved X________ Date X_____________ Ms. Devaney X________

WEI 3 3. Developing an advanced idea of perspective 4. To be able to share openly and efficiently my ideas 5. Perfecting speech capabilities 6. To introduce and persuade the idea of becoming a music doctor 7. To motivate students to continue this practice


Activities and Time Line

Research and Writing Activity Find a proper Sponsor (and schedule meetings as well as have first meeting) Final Proposal to be turned in Research and Audition Requirements set Research Paper Draft (review with sponsor) Auditions take place Audition Results Posted (and Schedules) Research Paper Revisions Final Research Paper Turned In Final Presentation and Defense of Learning to Ms. Devaney, sponsor, and band group Learning Experience Activity Timeline Band Volunteers February 27, 2013 School Approval of song Upon Completion of Orchestration Sponsor Approved X________ Date X_____________ Ms. Devaney X________ Timeline February 18, 2013 (Monday) February 18, 2013 (Monday) February 22, 2013 (Friday) February 22, 2013 (Friday) March 5, 2013 (Tuesday) March 8, 2013 (Friday) March 15, 2013 (Monday) Deadline N/A (close to end of semester) Deadline N/A (close to end of semester)

WEI 4 Band Practice Present Final Presentation IV. Form Starting After March 8, 2013 Deadline N/A (close to end of semester)

Three forms of my Capstone will be provided. First off will be a college level research paper on my practice, interactions, and results of this project including outside information (with citations and work cited). Secondly, will be a visual presentation for all those involved towards this project and those whom would like to know about it. The final form will be a final presentation which includes a strong defense of learning.


Preparations Requirements to complete project: 1. Capstone organization (binder, and informational sheets) 2. Audition sign up (possibly a reward such as community hours) 3. Cooperation of a sponsor 4. Recording system (which will be provided by school) 5. Schedule and audition times 6. Informational sessions 7. Possible club request and approval for teaching music appreciation

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