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HEA: State Grants for Incarcerated Youth Offenders (OSDFS)

FY 2006 Program Performance Report (System Print Out)

Strategic Goal 2
HEA, 1998 Amendments, Title VIII, Part D
Document Year 2006 Appropriation: $22,770
CFDA 84.331A: Grants to States for Workplace and Community Transition Training for Incarcerated Youth Offenders

Program Goal: Contribute to the reduction of recidivism by providing

incarcerated youth offenders with educational services
Objective 1 of 1: Improve the vocational and academic achievement of students served
through State Grants for Incarcerated Youth Offenders.
Measure 1.1 of 1: The percentage of students in the facility participating in the program
completing a postsecondary education certificate, associate of arts or bachelor's degree during
the program year. (Desired direction: increase)
Year Target Status
(or date expected)
2002 50 54.69 Target Exceeded
2003 50 44.12 Did Not Meet Target
2004 50 50 Target Met
2005 50 23.5 Did Not Meet Target
2006 23.5 23.51 Target Exceeded
2007 25.5 (September 2007) Pending
2008 26.5 Pending
2009 27.5 Pending
2010 28.5 Pending
2011 29.5 Pending

Source. U.S. Department of Education, Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools, State Grants for
Incarcerated Youth Offenders Program, periodic reports from grantees.
Frequency of Data Collection. Annual
Data Quality. Data is based on continuous enrollment. Therefore, the current enrollment is being
compared to the outcome of graduates, including individuals served in the prior year and those still
enrolled at year end. This distorts the numbers when the program is either growing or contracting.
Programs differ in objectives and degrees/certificates offered, so very different outcomes are being
combined. Reporting is inconsistent from state to state. Some data being combined may not be reliable.
Explanation. In FY 2005, for the 43 states submitting aggregate data, 20,080 inmates participated in the
program. Of these, 4,633 complete a degree or certificate. The FY 2005 data is more accurate than prior
data so targets for FY 2006 and FY 2008 were revised.

U.S. Department of Education

1 11/14/2006