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Instructor Feedback ED 321 DDP Performance Congratulations.

Through this DDP Performance Assessment, you have demonstrated an understanding of discipline as a key factor in the teaching/learning process. Your performance successfully meets all criteria. In the preamble, you Clearly lay out the unique and particular discipline challenges inherent in your classroom. Thoughtfully articulate principles guiding your decision-making regarding a discipline plan for your classroom. Make well-reasoned connections between these principles, the particular challenges in your classroom and appropriate strategies to address those challenges. In editing your video, you Create an effective visual lens that provides evidence related to the other aspects of the performance preamble, lesson plan, and self assessment. In your self assessment, you either Make a clear case for how your performance in the lesson demonstrates an effective response to a discipline issue OR Evaluate a less than effective performance, explaining how you could have adjusted your actions to be more effective in dealing with a discipline issue. In all written parts of the performance, you Demonstrate strong and clear writing at Level 4 You did a nice job of setting context for the class you were teaching. You notice small discipline issues and have thought through ways to address them without calling undue attention to the problem. You honor your students need to feel safe as you address off task behaviors. The video provides a great lens into your teaching and interaction with middle school students. You noticed several things that you would change in future lessons, which is important. We can always do better when weve had time to reflect and the video allowed you to see things you missed while you were attending to other things. You articulated a solid plan for how to address these issues in the future and I think you are well on your wayyour lessons are very engaging and relevant for middle school studentsI love that you connected summarizing to tweeting. Great job!