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Blind Bond Even big scholars are attracted to the family bonds blindly in the name of tradition and

finally are falling in well. Kunthi was a great devotee of Lord Krishna. But she was attached to Dhrutharashtra and Gandhari in the name of traditional practice. Dhrutharashtra was blind. Gandhari covered her eyes with a piece of cloth. Both were blind because they were supporting their devil son Duryodhana. Kunthi neither stayed with her son Dharma Raja (Deity of justice) nor with Krishna , the Lord. When Dhrutharashtra and Gandhari were caught in the fire in forest, Kunthi was also burnt in that fire. So, one must cut the blind bonds in the family. The bond shall be with Lord or attached with atleast Justice. Association should be decided by wisdom and not by blind tradition. Written by His Holiness Shri Datta Swami website address: http://www.universal-spirituality.org e-mail address: swami@universal-spirituality.org Jai Guru Datta