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1 Raw Mango 1 kg Cut mangoes in small pieces as desired.

2 Amla 250 gms Clean vegetables and cut into pieces
3 Gaazar 250 gms preferably into thin & long pieces.
4 Tinda 250 gms Take all masala items in a big utensil.
5 Kakdi 250 gms Heat til oil & Rai Oil and allow it them to cool.
6 Ginger 100 gms Mix pickle stuff properly & pour this oil in.
7 Amba Haldi 100 gms Mix the stuff thoroughly.
8 Lemon 100 gms Put 2 tea spoons of acetic acid
9 Green Chilly 100 gms Tie a clean cloth over the utensils top firmly.
10 Simla Mirch (Capsicum) 100 gms Keep mixing it periodically till mango pieces
11 Methi Powder 50 gms soften.
12 Rai Powder 250 gms Now fill it up in a glass jar. Avoid air pockets.
13 Haldi Powder 1 table spn This pickles tastes as good as any other one.
14 Red Chilly Powder 1 table spn
15 Hing 1 tea spn
16 Malt Vinegar 2 table spn
17 Til Oil 25 gms
18 Mustard Oil 25 gms
19 Salt (According to taste) or 50 gms
20 Acetic Acid 2 tea spns



1 Kaagazi Nimbu (Lemon variety) 2 Kg Wash lemons/ dry them & cut each one into 4 pieces.
2 Gur 2 Kg Put Salt & Turmeric and put the stuff in a jar.
3 Red Chilly Powder 3 table spn Shake the jar every day so that stuff mixes thoroughly.
4 Jeera powder 1 table spn It will take nearly 25 to 30 days for lemons to soften.
5 Salt 4 table spn Once lemons soften after 25/30 days, take the stuff in
6 Turmeric Powder (Haldi) 1 table spn a piece of cloth and tie it and hang it so that oozed
7 Daal Chini + Clove + Saunf in 1 table spn water drains off. It will take two hours or so for the
8 powder form. liquid to be drained off completely.
Now take the stuff in a big steel vessel and add gur
"NOTE" that is finely smashed. Also add all remaining masala.
Tie firmly, the top of the vessel with a clean cloth.
This pickle contains large quantity of liquid Keep it for two days.
juice hence the stuff does not go bad. Now pickle is ready. Pack it in a glass jar and ensure
Take winters Kagazi Nimbu, make pickle & no air pockets.
Use pickles in Summers.

Gur & Turmeric act as preservative.