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Aadhaar Retail Parent Company Category Sector Tagline/ Slogan Future Group-Godrej Agrovet Ltd.

JV Food retail Lifestyle and Retail Aadhaar-Khushiyonka, Khhushalika Ability to touch the lives of the Indian farmers, their families and their communities by offering great value propositions , all under one roof STP Segment Target Group Positioning Rural retail supermarket Rural and semi-urban households in India Focus on retail distribution of agricultural and consumer products in rural and semi-urban India SWOT Analysis 1. Offering more than 1500 SKUsacross broad product lines like processed food, personal care, general merchandise, appliances etc. 2. Also ventured into Wholesale market(cash and carry format) to provide cheaper access of agricultural inputs, food and groceries to rural Indian customer 3.Pioneer in establishing organised retail in rural region in India Strength 4. Strong brand backing and efficient operations 1.Present only in a few states compared to retail giants 2. Lack of organised retail sector in India especially in rural areas 3.Constant need to implement innovative rural marketing strategies to gain brand awareness 1. Size of rural consumer goods market in India estimated to multiply in the next few years 2. Government investments made in building rural




infrastructure such as roads, electricity etc. to serve as boon for its growth 3.Lack of competition in the rural distribution model 1. Weak rural infrastructure existing in the country 2.Lack of connectivity of rural regions severely raise operating costs Competition 1.Big Bazaar 2. Subhiksha 3. Local Provision stores 4.Kendriya Bhandars and fertiliser shops