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Springside Bitz nBytes

Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

Thanks to all who contribute to our paper by giving monetary donations and those who contribute with their articles and pictures. We have an exciting spring ahead and invite one and all to take part. Upcoming events include our annual Community Garage Sale on June 1st , which gives all residents a chance to do some housecleaning and make a little cash and the exciting revival of Springside Summer Sizzle on June 29th and 30th. We hope that you enjoy our spring issue and Have a great spring!

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Spring Issue 2013 Deadline for summer issue June 10, 2013

St. Paul Lutheran Church

-Vicar Paul Preus
Spring is in the air. Spring has always been my favorite time of the year. Spring reminds me of life. It brings me joy to observe the slow process of trees budding, flowers blooming, and the sudden return of wildlife. I suppose it is appropriate that Easter is celebrated during the spring, for it is the ultimate reminder of life. At St. Pauls Lutheran we are dedicated to teaching the crucified Jesus and His victorious resurrection from the dead. It is through the vicarious life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ in which forgiveness of sins and eternal life was earned for all people. I wish you all a happy Easter, and may the crucified and risen Jesus bring you joy this spring and throughout the year. My name is Paul Preus and I am serving as vicar at St. Pauls Lutheran Church here in Springside. My family and I are new in town. Well, weve been here for six months now, but it is never too late to introduce ourselves. I moved to Springside with my family this past August from Niagara Falls, NY. Im sure many of you have met my wife Bethany and some of our children too. Our son Samuel (6) is attending school here in Springside and our daughter Katherine (5), son Severin (3), and daughter Elizabeth (1) are enjoying a lot of time with their mother at home. It has been a joy for us to live here in Springside. It is, without a doubt, a very welcoming community. It will be sad when we have to leave at the end of July so that I can resume my studies at Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary in St. Catharines, ON. We hope to meet more of you as we continue our residence here in Springside.

O the Easter bells are gladly ringing, let the whole world join the happy day, let the hills and vales break forth in singing, Christ, the Lord of Life, is risn today. -Lizzie Akers

Easter Worship Services at St. Paul Lutheran Church

March 29 - Good Friday communion service at ten am. March 31 - Easter Sunday service eleven am.

Easter Worship Services at Springside Baptist Church

March 29 Good Friday 10:00 am. Easter Sunday 6 - March 31st 10:30 am.

We must live through the dreary winter If we would value the spring; And the woods must be cold and silent Before the robins sing. The flowers must be buried in darkness Before they can bud and bloom, And the sweetest, warmest sunshine Comes after the storm and gloom. --Anonymous

Easter Services at United Church of Canada Theodore/Springside Pastoral Charge

Services will be held in Theodore

March 29 - Good Friday 11:00 am. March 31 Easter Sunday sunrise service at 8:00 am.

Springside Baptist Church

Good Friday Service: Friday, March 29 @ 10:00 am Easter Sunday Service: Sunday, March 31 @ 10:50 am Pastor Richard Kauenhofen - 306-792-2190 Pastor Mike Anderson is on leave from March 1 to June 30 for rest and studies.

Spring 2013

Sunday Services: Sunday School @ 9:45 am, Morning Worship Service @ 10:50 am. Sunday Sermons are available online.
Childcare is provided during the Worship Service for toddlers to age 3, and there is Junior Church for children age 4 to Grade 2.

Pastor Richards words.With a winter that began early and provided us with a good deal of snow, its not surprising that many people look forward to spring. The season of spring brings the hope of new life. Easter is a powerful reminder of the new life that Jesus gives to each one who invites Him to be his and her Saviour and Lord. My prayer for you is that you will experience the splendor of new life in Jesus this season and throughout the year.
Upcoming Events
May 6 Ladies Annual Salad Supper, 6:00 pm at SBC

Christian Tenors (Tenore) in concert @ 7:30 pm following the salad supper. The concert is open to everyone, men & ladies. Tickets are FREE, but ticket vouchers are required for this event because seating is limited. Please phone or email the church office for more information. Visit www.singtenore.com to hear Tenore s music.
June 2 Graduation Program @ 7:00 pm in honour of Springsides Grade 12 Grads of 2013 June 30 Canada Day Weekend Community Church Service, 10:30 am at Springside arena.

SBC Summer Service Schedule begins on June 2 with Morning Worship Service at 10:00 am.
The AWANA program will wrap up for the year with the Awards Night on May 1 at 6:30 pm.

Please contact the church oce for more informaon on any of our programs or Sunday Services! Phone: 306-792-2102 email: oce@springsidebapst.com website: www.springsidebapst.com

2013 Camp Dates

Children & Teen Camps

Family & Adult Camps

May 17-20: Family Camp 1 June 21-23: College & Career

July 7-12: Junior 1 (Ages 8-10) July 14-19: Young Teen (Ages 13-15) July 21-26: Tween 1 (Ages 11-13) August 6-9: Scamper (Ages 5-7) August 11-16: Senior High (Ages 15-Grade 12) August 18-23: Junior 2 (Ages 8-10) August 25-30: Tween 2 (Ages 11-13) June 28-July 1: Family Camp 2 August 2-5: Family Camp 3 To register, visit our website @ www.gsbcamp.ca or call 792-4466 for more information.

Springside School Community Council

-Michelle Eckhart

Students travelled to Asessippi Ski Hill for a fun day of Skiing and Tubing on January 28th. This allowed students to have a great day of skiing, snowboarding or tubing down the snowy slopes at Asessippi with their classmates and teachers. In January the curling team practiced for their upcoming competitions. Practices were held at the Yorkton Curling Club after school. The curling group participated in a tournament on January 11th and 12th in Yorkton and represented the school very well. The curling season came to a close after the students competed at Districts on February 1st & 2nd in Sturgis. Last practice for curling was on February 7th. A talent show was held at Springside School with proceeds going to Telemiracle. Through admission and the sale of helping hands the school was able to raise $250.00. Teachers, students, parents, family, and guests were treated to a wide variety of performances ranging from piano, clarinet, flute, singing, public speaking, and even a budding carpenters presentation on how to build a bird house. Upcoming events at the school are Report Cards on March 22 with Parent Teacher Interviews happening on March 26th and 27th. Also on March 27th there is a Student Teacher benefit hockey game being held in Yorkton. This is an annual event to help a child or children that are students in the division that may have added expenses due to a medical condition. This year the benefit game is assisting Tiffany McLennon and Brendan Campeau, two students from the division who are living with spina bifida and muscular dystrophy. What is the School Community Council?
As per the Ministry of Education, School Community Councils provide a province-wide mechanism for parents, community members, school staffs and students to be actively involved in local initiatives that positively impact student learning and success, including school-level learning improvement plans and career development initiatives.

Things have been very busy at the school since the kids have come back from the Christmas Break. Springside School has been very fortunate this month to have received an Arts Smart grant to teach students about the importance of First Nation history, traditions and worldview. This grant has allowed our students to learn history of First Nations, drumming, beading, and art. This has been achieved through having a variety of First Nation elders come to the school and present on a number of topics. The elders have passed on the history of their culture, beading patterns and bead making, drumming and drum making, story telling and experiencing a Powwow at the school. All of these topics were very interesting for the students to learn about tradition and history and gain a better understanding of the First Nations culture. Thank you to all of the elders who have come to the school and all the items they brought with them to allow the students to see. The students are currently working on a contemporary art piece that will be displayed in the school when completed. As you may be aware there has been new legislation passed that the school year must begin after Labor Day weekend and that there must be 950 hours in the school year. As a result of this there is posted on the Good Spirit School Division website, (www.gssd.ca), three different calendars with different options. There is a survey on the website that parents can complete with their choice for the calendar to follow in the next school year.

Springside School Talent Show 2013

Hide not your talents, they for use were made. What's a sundial in the shade? --Benjamin Franklin Madeline Eckhart plays a piano piece at Springside School Talent Show.

Rayne Soanes performing on her Clarinet at Springside Talent Show

McKenna Omiecinski presented a speech entitled Being the Oldest at the Springside School Talent show.

Springsides answer to Mike Holmes, Jace Hansen showed his construction talents as he demonstrated building a birdhouse at the Springside School Talent Show.

Father and daughter duo, Sheldon and Abby Fichtner performing a duet at the Springside School Talent Show.

Springside Skating Club

Skating Club Wraps up the Season with Carnival

-Janine Graves
The 2012-2013 skating Carnival was held on March 3 at 2:00 pm. The theme was Walt Disney. This year the club had 45 skaters which included Pre Skaters, Can Skaters and Star Skaters! New this year was a Power Skating session held Saturdays from 9:30 am to 10:00 am. The skating club is currently selling tickets to raise funds that will be going towards keeping registration costs low so that all children interested in skating are able to take part in our program. Tickets are $5.00 each with one grand prize of $1000! If you would like to purchase tickets please contact a skating parent. The draw will be made on June 30, 2013 during Springside Summer Sizzle at the rink. The Springside Skaters will be involved with the Springside Summer Sizzle, by selling popcorn and cotton candy as well as cleaning up garbage to help keep the sports grounds clean! The skating club would like to thank our community for all their generous support throughout our 2012-2013 season! Registration will be in October of 2013 for our 2013-2014 skating season. We hope to see some new faces out there next fall! For more info regarding the skating club or for info about fall registration please contact Dee Valstar at 792-2224 (leave a message) or email dvalstar@canadaid.ca
Green Spring Cleaning Tip Toilet bowl cleaner: Sprinkle a toilet brush with baking soda and scrub away! Occasionally disinfect your toilet by scrubbing with borax instead. Wipe the outside of the toilet clean with straight vinegar.

Springside Skating Club 2012/2013

4th line: Mikayla Chartier, Saffron Pavlic, Abby Fichtner, Taylor Shindle, Thea Valstar, Kendra Audette, Sara Sutter, Hailey Steiner, Maddison Shindle, Alexis Popowich, Annelies Valstar, Katelyn Audette 3rd line: Peyton Popowich, Bess Maksimow, Elle Maksimow, Emily Breitkreuz, Meg Maksimow, Tyla Stott, Breanna Janzen, Kaydence Makowski, Courtney Danylko, Leland Ockochinski, Brooklyn Hannotte, Cole Breitkeuz, Kelsey Carter 2nd line: Markus Belitski, Aleese Belitski, Jake Hannotte, Alexia Graves, Ava Breitreuz, Taylor Werner, Holly Danlkyo, Thor Steiner, Lucas Belitski, Nate Wasylenchuk, Colter Ballhorn 1st line: Ethan Wasylenchuk, Shawn Jansen Not Pictured: Coach: Christine Strang, (Saturday) Assistant Coach: Rebecca Trost

Thank You from the Springside 4H Beef Club

The Springside 4H Beef Club would like to thank Brian Omiecinski of Omars Welding for his very generous donation of a 24 wind break with boards and the 15 silage bunk, which were the prizes awarded during their recent fundraiser. Proceeds from the sale of the raffle tickets will go towards the purchase of new shirts and hoodies for the club. The draw was made on Tuesday March fifth and the lucky winners were Perry Trost who won the wind break and Christine Just, winner of the silage bunk. Thank you to all who purchased tickets in support of the club.

News from the Springside Recreation Association (S.R.A.)

The following is a list of the winners in the 2012 December Daily Draw Lotto: 1. - Susan Muir - Springside 2. - Brad Draper - Springside 3. - Robin Pflanzer - Yorkton 4. - John Dyck - Springside 5. - Nicole Roy - Springside 6. - Jodi Werner - Lampman 7. - Harley Shindle - Springside 8. - Christa Schmelinsky Melville 9. - Jeanette Karapita - Springside 10. -Jason Reminek - Yorkton 11. - Darren and Darscilla Soanes - Springside 12. - Jean Baziniak - Springside 13. - George Spilchen - Springside 14. - Leith Pinder - Springside 15. - Laureen Plosz - Springside 16. - Emil and Sonia Biblow - Springside 17. - Linda Dueck -Gladstone, Mb. 18. - Clayton Hawreluik - Sheho 19. - Iris Skehar - Theodore 20. - Murray Werner - Springside 21. - Paul Valstar - Springside 22. - Kyle Raddysh 23. - Kent Shindle - Shellbrooke 24. - Stephen Martinuik - Springside 25. - Vern Effa - Springside 26. - The Hippsley's - Springside 27. - Matthew Shindle - Springside 28. - Cheryl Popowich - Yorkton 29. - The Omiecinski's -Springside 30. - Dean Turchinetz - Yorkton 31. - Jared Shwaga - Wroxton. The daily draw winners received a cheque in the amount of $200.00, with winners on the first, twenty-fourth, twenty-fifth and thirty-first receiving $500.00 The S.R.A. would like to thank all who purchased tickets and congratulate the winners.

The S.R.A. will be hosting a pancake breakfast at the hall the morning of the Community Garage Sale on Saturday June first, from seven until ten am. Anyone wishing to rent a table at the rink on garage sale day or wish to rent a table to take out for use in their yard can contact Trevor at 306-7924707. We would like to extend our thanks to Omars Welding for sponsorship of general skating through the winter, and to all who came out to spend their New Years Eve with us at the family skate. Beginning the first Monday in May and continuing through the summer months, the S.R.A. will be hosting BBQ bingos at the hall. The bingos will begin at 7:30 pm. with doors opening at 6:30. Bingo dabbers are not used so be sure to bring your chips. We would like to thank Dale Audette for his sponsorship of Slush-o-rama. This is a reminder that the deadline for applications of the T.I.P. grant is March 31st. Remember when dining at Boston Pizza to have your server stamp your receipt and deposit it into the box at Scoops at the rink. Boston Pizza contributes 10% of your total bill to the S.R.A. to support sports, recreation and culture in the community. Thanks to Boston Pizza for supporting Springside! The S.R.A. holds regular meetings at the rink the first Wednesday of every month. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Are you looking for a venue for an event? The Springside Recreation Complex is available for rent. Contact Trevor at 306-792-4707 or the town office at 306-792-2202 for information.

Mark Your Calendar

New Water Well for Town of Springside

-Regina Melnyk
In March 2007 the Council of the Town of Springside passed a resolution to begin the process of finding a new well site to replace the aging CPR well, which currently is one of the two wells supplying water to the town. At the same time application was made for funding and approval was received in 2008. The new well came on stream January 31, 2013. It is situated almost 1 mile south of the Town and will operate with the Nehring well. The new well will meet our needs for the foreseeable future. Total cost of the project was $220,000.00 with $203,000.00 covered by the Gas Tax transfer payments under a Provincial/Federal program: New Deal for Cities and communities providing funding for municipal infrastructure. Contractors involved in the New Well Project were Stantec Consulting, Beckie Hydrogeologists, Hayter Drilling, R. Millers Electric and Municipal Utilities Central.

March 21 29 31
st -

Wawoto Children Choir at Baptist Church Good Friday Easter Sunday


st -

April 1
st -

Lions Club Bingo at the hall

3 . S.R.A. meeting at the rink 13 20



Dog and Cat vaccination clinic at the fire hall Springside Spring Tradeshow at the hall


May 1
st -

Awana Awards Night at the Baptist Church

1 . S.R.A. meeting at the rink 5 6



UCW Strawberry Social and tea at Seniors Centre S.R.A. bingo at the hall


6 Ladies Salad Supper at Springside Baptist Church 12

th -


Mothers Day
th -

The new well is one of two which supplies water to our town.

17 20 20 25


Family Camp 1 Good Spirit Bible Camp

Victoria Day Vi Rodgerson Auction Sale

th -

June 1
st -

S.R.A. pancake breakfast at the hall

1 Springside Community Garage Sale 3



S.R.A. bbq bingo at the hall

5 . S.R.A. meeting at the rink 13 16



Springside Seniors 40 Anniversary Celebration Fathers Day

rd -



21 -23 L to R. Richard Miller-R. Millers Plumbing Heating and Electrical, Andre Gauthier-Municipal Utilities Central, Tex Schirrschmidt-Town of Springside and Mark GauthierMunicipal Utilities Central


College and Career at Good Spirit Bible Camp


June 28 1 - Family Camp 2 Good Spirit Bible Camp 29 -30 30

thth th-

Springside Summer Sizzle

Canada Day Community Church Service at the rink

Springside Town Council Activities

Council members attended the 108th annual Suma Convention in Saskatoon recently. Pictured are Council members, Elmer Tetz, Joan Kelbough and Dan Derow

Mayor Al Langley presented Don Laube with a plaque commemorating his 31 years of dedication as Council Member to the Town of Springside.

Mayor Al Langley presented a plaque to outgoing mayor, Jack Prychak.

The Parkland Prairie Girl Guides Extra Ops Unit Fundraiser Trade Show
Sunday April 28, 2013 1:00 5:00 Yorkdale School 270 Gladstone Ave S Yorkton There is something for everyone. Free Admission. Vendors include: Ancient Wisdom ~ Organo Gold ~ Avon ~ Mary Kay ~ Tupperware ~ Watkins ~ Scentsy ~ Everyday Style ~ Latasia Jewlery & Sleepware ~ Steeped Tea ~ April Sweets ~ Pampered Chef ~ Sunset Gourmet ~ Epicure ~ Gold Canyon ~ Arbonne ~ Partylite ~ Zu Clean Living ~ Stylin Addiction ~ Lights of the Prairies Jigsaw Lamps ~ plus more

Town Council decided to name a street after Donn Laube in honour of his 80th birthday and many years of dedication to the community. Pictured above are town administrator Joan Popoff and deputy Mayor Barry Merriman presenting Donn with the new sign in his honour.

Springside United Church Women

Mothers Day Tea and Strawberry Social

Sunday May 5th
2:00 4:00 pm. Springside Seniors Center Everyone Welcome

Springside Seniors
-Audrey Badke
The Seniors held a New Years Eve party with approximately twenty five people attending. Everyone enjoyed themselves playing games and socializing. A shuffleboard tournament was held on January 14th and 15th. First place went to Annette Gogal and Terry Tobin with second place going to Sonya Effa and Harvey Sturtz. The consolation prize went to Erna Tillman and Mabel Sharp. The cribbage tournament was held on January 21st. There was a three way tie for first place shared by Bernie Draper, Erna Tillman and Terry Tobin. On January 24th we had a chili supper open to the public. Thanks to Sonya Effa and Brad Draper for making the chili and the other seniors for setting everything up. We would like to thank everyone who supported us. On January 31st, we had our monthly potluck with a very good turnout despite an ugly night. Ron and Sandra Rudoski entertained us with some wonderful music. Our February shuffleboard tournament was held on the 18th. Annette Gogal and Peter Chuchak tied with Carol Kunnysh and Harold Gogal for first place. The consolation went to Norm Liebriech and Doug Merriman. Results of the cribbage tournament held on Feb. 25th were first place going to Erna Tillman, second place to Metro Skwarchuk and third to Sharon Barber. Our theme for potluck was Mexican food. Thanks for a wonderful array of dishes. We had Shelby and Taylor Gibson entertain us on the violin and guitar. Thanks girls! Our next cribbage tournament will be held on March 18th and 19th. These tournaments begin at one pm. Wellness is March 20th from nine am. until noon.

We will be holding our potluck supper on Tuesday March 26th. The entertainment for the eveniong will be Memory Lane. Vi Rodgerson who has been a longtime member is moving to Yorkton. We will miss you and wish you the best in the future. George Spilchen is now in the Care Home in Bangor. The Club would like to thank both of you for all that you have done. Congratulations on jobs well done! On June 13th, we will be celebrating our 40th anniversary with a barbeque of hamburgers and hotdogs, salads and desserts. There will also be games and entertainment provided. Tickets are ten dollars each and can be obtained by contacting Sonya Effa at 306-782-5636 or Audrey Badke at 306-792-2019. We would like to invite one and all to come celebrate with us. The memberships are now in. Please obtain yours before March 31st. Thanks. The Springside Seniors would like to wish everyone a happy Easter

Ole!!! Peter Chuchak dressed in his Mexican finery for the February potluck.

Shelby and Taylor Gibson entertain at the February potluck supper

Celebrating Success

Former Springside Resident Following Her Dream

-Rhonda Eastcott
Samantha Yachiw is still following her dream. Sam has been curling and coaching for a few years. She herself played in the Sask. Ladies Provincials a couple of years ago. She is a student at U of S and spends all her spare time coaching a junior ladies team. This year all the hard work and hours of practice paid off. The following write up is how the team did and Sam's thoughts. I am very proud to congratulate her and the team. Just think if more young people put this much work into their dreams what a life they would experience. Sams Thoughts on the Provincials The girls played well at provincials. In their pool, they ended up with a record of 4-1 to finish top in their pool. This placed them in the A1 vs. B1 game and ended up playing in the semi-final and winning a nail-biter. The week at provincials was an amazing experience for the girls and myself. The girls curled unbelievably smart and well. They enjoyed every minute and made sure to make the most out of the experience. Winning those green jackets was an amazing experience and the proudest moments of their lives. Sams Thoughts on the Nationals Competing at Nationals was an unbelievable experience. It was an amazing feeling to represent not only ourselves, the curling club and Saskatoon, but the whole province. It was a great experience to come up against the best in every province and finishing fifth in the country is a great achievement. I am very proud of how my girls played. We had great support from everyone back home and in Fort McMurray. As a coach, it was nice to experience it from the back end. Although I was not able to compete myself at Nationals, being there as a coach was a wonderful experience with many lifetime friendships and wonderful memories made. The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potentialthese are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence. -Eddie Robinson

Dwayne Yachiw Awarded Asham Coach Award

Congratulations to former Springside Resident Dwayne Yachiw who has been awarded the Asham Coach Award in curling. Dwayne was chosen by his peers at the annual Junior Men's and Junior Womens Provincial curling competition in Weyburn held in January . As quoted from the criteria.... "This award is presented to a coach, chosen by his/her peers, who demonstrates respect for officials, opponents and volunteers, a philosophy of fair play that reflects the coaching code of ethics, and the ability to improve athletic performance." There is no greater honor than to be chosen by your peers. Congratulations Dwayne!

Cheyenne Weston Competes at 2013 GX94 Junior Star Search

Congratulations and best of luck to 14 year old Cheyenne Weston from Springside, who has advanced to the second round of competition in this years GX94 Junior Star Search. We wish you all the best Cheyenne and are very proud of you!

Springside Volunteer Fire Department

Firefighters Hold awards Night Dine & Dance

-Rhonda Eastcott
On Feb. 9th, the Springside hall was the beautifully decorated setting for the 33rd annual Fire Fighter's Dine and Dance. The sell-out crowd had a wonderful meal which was catered by Danny's Catering from Sheho. It was a special night as four of the longest serving members of the fire department retired. The retirees honored were Captain Bill Robertson with twenty years of service, Captain Ken Sharp with twenty- six years of service, Rhonda Eastcott, president of the Firefighter's Association and first responder with twenty five years of service and fire chief and first responder Murray Eastcott with thirty five years of service. Scott Robertson was the master of ceremonies and did an admirable job. After the wonderful meal the program started with retired fire chief Murray Eastcott presenting deputy fire chief Ross Young with The Governor General Exemplary Services Medal for twenty years of Meritious Service. Mayor Al Langley then introduced the new fire chief Alvin Breitkreuz. Al and Alvin presented the retirees with plaques from the Town of Springside and The Firefighters Association presented Bill, Ken and Murray with fire/rescue clocks and Rhonda was presented with a silver chain and medallion. Mayor Langley presented retired fire chief Eastcott with the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal for his dedicated service. A letter from the Governor General, on behalf of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth was received.
"In granting you this honor, I thank you for your dedicated service to your peers, to your community and to Canada. The contributions you have made to our nation are most commendable and deserve our praise and admiration. I wish to convey to you the heartfelt congratulations of your fellow Canadians, to which I add my own. David Johnston Governor General of Canada.

After the official part of the evening was completed, the Association had a hat raffle. People bid on a hat and in each hat was a number corresponding to a prize on the auction table. No one knew what they were bidding on and spirited bidding ensued. Some great prizes were purchased. There were also raffle prizes and a silent auction with all proceeds going to the Association. The Association use the proceeds to purchase items for the first responders (some which have been an AED, the LED landing light system for a "Stars" helicopter and other smaller items) to help us continue to serve our community with better equipment. They also purchase items for the fire department. This is a small way that the guys and girls of the Association are able to serve our community. The evening concluded with a dance with music provided by Saddles and Steel. The Association would like to thank everyone for coming out and making the evening such a wonderful success. The retirees would like to thank Scott Robertson for acting as M.C., to Danny and the girls for a wonderful meal, Colin and Debbie Banks for looking after the bar, Peter Baran for being our photographer, Don Werner for being the auctioneer, to all the businesses and individuals for items donated for the auctions and raffles and to everyone who offered their congratulations and their thanks for the service that is provided to them. Thanks to all for a job well done!

There was another surprise for Grandpa, (retired fire chief Eastcott), as his grandchildren Braiden and Brett Eastcott, Maverick Schneider and Shae lyn Lastiwka read a poem "My Grandpa's a Fire Man". Grandpa was touched and had a huge hug for the kids.

New fire Chief Alvin Breitkreuz presenting Murray Eastcott with a fire/rescue clock on behalf of the Firefighters Association.

Springside Lions Club Makes Donation To Town of Springside

A Little note of Thanks

to the Springside Lions Club for putting together tog the Ukrainian New Year Malanka. th Malanka About 66 people attended a dance with music by Len Gadica followed by a lovely lunch. Gadica, lunch We really appreciated the chance to bring in the New Year, Year visit with frien friends and kick up our heels heels with the hee fine music. music

Blast from the Past

Springside Old timers Attend Hockey Tournament in Banff, Alberta (1987)

The Springside Lions Club has made a donation to the Town of Springside in the amount of $2000.00 from proceeds raised from the fall supper that the Club sponsored in November. The donation is being allocated towards expenses at the Town Hall. Pictured above is Lions president Wayne Laube making the presentation to town administrator Joan Popoff, along with Lions club members Melvin Hnidy and Brian Berrns.

Lions Clubs International, was founded in the United States on June 7, 1917 by Melvin Jones, a Chicago businessman. Jones asked, with regard to his colleagues, "What if these men who are successful because of their drive, intelligence and ambition, were to put their talents to work improving their communities?" Jones' personal code, "You can't get very far until you start doing something for somebody else," reminds many Lions of the importance of community service. The Lions motto is We Serve.

Back Row left to Right Ed Skehar, August Fenske, Morlie Nehring, Nelson Arndt, Bob Effa, Emil Biblow, Bill Koban, Ed Springinatic, Bob Kriger, Darcy Spelay. Front Row left to Right Ryan Effa, Ken Effa, Harold Kriger, Andy Gray, Bill Sanders, Dwayne Zwingli, Ken Krawetz, Mikey Biblow.

Community is a sign that love is possible in a materialistic world where people so often either ignore or fight each other. It is a sign that we don't need a lot of money to be happy--in fact, the opposite. Jean Vanier, Community and Growth

Community interest

How are the Children

- Marion Ockochinski
Kasserian Ingera or How are the children? This, I learned, is a Massai greeting and when you think about it, it puts our whole outlook on life, children and education in a new light. The Massai tribe believes that if the children are being cared for and taught well that the world will be alright. And isnt that the truth? We are responsible for raising the futures caregivers, lawmakers, rulers and teachers. The more time and care we put into raising our children the better the outcome for societys future. A presentation was given on January 14th at the Springside School by Kim Gelowitz, the Community Developer of Regional KidsFirst, and Donna Coleman Trombley, Regional Intersectoral Committee rep. The presentation was an overview of programs in our area for children from birth through to kindergarten and how children develop as has been noted using information gathered by kindergarten teachers, parents and guardians in our area over the past several years. The period from birth to age 6 is when brain cells are at the highest rate of growth in our entire lives. These years are the foundation for the rest of our learning lives. Everything the child experiences in the early years helps to nurture them mentally and physically and adds to their ability to learn and function further into their lives. Some areas included in the presentation were: Physical Health & Well Being, Social Competence, Emotional Maturity, Language & Cognitive Development, and Communication Skills and General Knowledge and how communities can help a child develop these by providing sports, dance, arts and recreation geared to the very young child and family. Listening to all the information that very cold night made me think how lucky we as a family have been to have lived in an area where the kids started Story hour at the library at age 3, were in figure skating, Beavers, 4H, had the community experiences of pancake breakfasts, community suppers and pubic skating, playing baseball, religious training programs, karate lessons at the community hall, ski trips and end of school year trips. All these experiences as well as what they learned playing with others at the Lions park and the school playground helped to shape them to the people they are today.

If you have thought that it isnt important to support community events for yourself because you never had kids, or that your own are grown and gone, remember that you are part of the community and you have a part in being there for others as well. If you help to make the community a little better you are helping to raise the people who one day will be repairing your car or filling your prescription. The little tyke learning how to line up blocks may be developing the skills to solve the problems of the aging infrastructure of our highways and bridges and the tiny one watching a ball roll through a tube may be the one helping us to keep all our marbles as we age! Give a minute to considerHow are the children?

Happy Anniversary Mrs. O.

Congratulations Marion On twenty years as librarian The kids will testify Though the years flew by That your stories and crafts Fun games, smiles and laughs Will remain in our hearts And we smile at this part For no matter where we go We shan't forget Mrs. O -Sheila Tillman

A Special Birthday Celebration

Spring Celebrations in the 70s

Remembering Spring Doo

Maren and Madeline Eckhart did something very special for their birthdays this past October. Madeline, the older of the two sisters decided to ask friends who were coming to her seventh birthday party to not bring presents but instead make donations to the Chase Kraynick Pay it Forward Splash Park fund in Canora, and Maren, who was turning three wanted to do the same as her big sister. Between the two birthday parties, the girls donated a total of $400.00 to the splash park, which is being erected in memory of Chase Kraynick who died tragically in a farming accident in 2011. Way to go girls. Your family, friends and everyone in the community are all very proud of you! Together we can change the world, one good deed at a time. -Blake Beattie

Spring in the early 1970s was a time for celebration in Springside. Spring Doo was a weekend long event, organized by the S.R.A. which featured events such as the annual figure skating carnival, snowmobile races, a pancake breakfast, snow sculptures and a curling bonspiel with the Pot of Gold closest to the button draw. Springside school students sold tickets and the boy and girl with the most sales became the carnival king and queen. Pictured above is Rocky Kriger preparing for the snowmobile race at the Sports grounds on a 1973 Arctic cat belonging to his uncle, Nelson Arndt.

Happy 20th Anniversary

To town Administrator Joan Popoff

Thank you for twenty years of dedicated service. Congratulations!

Vi Rodgerson & the Estate of Lorne Rodgerson Auction

Springsides Spring Tradeshow

Saturday, April 20th 11 am. - 4:00 pm. Lunch and Snacks available Free admission
Come and check out the wide variety of new spring items. Great gifts for upcoming birthdays, weddings, Mothers Day, etc. Tables include : Latasia, Wood Working, Kreations by Kelley, Baby Bowtique, Steeped Tea, Sunset Gourmet, Scrabooking/Cards, fresh. By Jess, Crafts, Baking, Miche Bag, Lia Sophia, Jockey, Visi, Tupperware, Scentsy, Visalus, Pampered Chef, Partylite, Watkins, and more! Lunch by Tracey Werner, 50/50 raffle and new this year; Swag Bags to the first fifty people! Auctioneer; Ukrainetz Auction

Household Auction
235 Patrick St
Springside, SK. Saturday May 25, 2013 11:00 am. House and property, 2003 Buick Century car, household contents, lawn mower, yard and shop tools For more information, contact 306-792-2115 or cell 306-621-5283

Springside Community Garage Sale

Saturday June 1, 2013 9:00 am. 6:00 pm.

Hope to see you all there!

Wawoto Childrens Choir

Springside Baptist Church Thursday March 21st, 2013 7:00 pm.

No admission charge. Everyone is welcome! Watoto Children's Choir is an African children choir based in Kampala, Uganda, at Watoto Church. It is composed of about eighteen children, mainly from Uganda. Watoto means "Children" in Swahili language.

Join in the fun and turn your trash into cash! If you would like your sale to be included in the community garage sale map, please send an email to springsidebitznbytes@gmail.com or contact any of the paper volunteers. There will be a $5.00 advertising fee for listing your address on the map. If you would like to rent space at the rink or rent tables from the rink to be used at your residence, please call Trevor at 306-792-4707.

Drive U Dri ing Driving g Ser ice Service

Looking for a ride?

To an appointment...short ppointment...short tment sh o or long distances? To get grocer groceries? Or for whatever what reason reason...... Will ll drive either your yo own or my vehicle {whichever chever you w would prefer} Call ll Evan Werner Wern at 647-2742 647 47 27 2742

Carpenter to install kitchen cabinets and do small renovations. Please call 306-792-2104

We love Referrals! RU SHARP is the easy answer that eliminates those days of using a dull tool of the trade to make your precision cuts. Why make that tools cutting jobs difficult, when RU SHARP can make it easy. If RU SHARP doesnt make it sharp the first time we will do it again for free. Our rates are cheap. Monthly service contracts available and quoted upon request. Give us a call

Donn Laube Celebrates 80th Birthday

-Donna (Laube) Walz

Family and friends of Donn Laube gathered to celebrate his 80th birthday on Saturday February 16 at the Springside Hall. At the tea, Mr. Laubes eldest son, Kevin Laube, was the M.C. for the program. Three of Mr. Laubes grandchildren, Kristin Walz, Janna Walz, and Mikayla Laube presented their grandpa with various letters from politicians including Prime Minister Steven Harper and Premier Brad Wall. At the tea there was an overwhelming surprise from the town of Springside. Deputy Mayor, Barry Merriman, presented Mr. Laube with a plaque and sign reading Laube Lane naming a street after him in Springside for his many years of being on town council. The entire Laube Family thanks everyone for the honour bestowed upon them.

Crystal & Jon McLaren, Regina SK, Lyndsey Graham, Cochrane AB, Karen & Bill Duncan, Waldheim SK and Tom & Edith Jones, Ridgedale SK. The family surprised Doris with a birthday cake featuring two photos, one of Doris as a teenage girl and a current photo, as well as a slide show presentation, created by grand-daughter Crystal McLaren, displaying special moments throughout Doriss life, and a gift of perpetual flowers for a year. During the evening of visiting and celebration, there was a short program where the attending family members recounted stories, and gave words of thanks and congratulations. Also shown at that time was an entertaining video presentation, composed by Lyndsey's husband Chris Graham, in which Doriss other grandchildren and their friends Allen Paley, Erika Berry & Jeff Zoerb, Chalsey Boire & Andreas Weiss, Chris Graham, Jordy Flahr, Kyle Sturko, Steven Gauthier & Kaylene Thompson and Andr Gauthier who were unable to attend, sent their congratulations and wishes to Doris. Doris thanked everyone for a great celebration. Happy 90th Birthday, Doris! May you celebrate many more!!

Doris Jenkins Celebrates 90th Birthday

-Wendy Jenkins Gauthier
Doris Jenkins, long-time resident of the Springside area, turned 90 on Jan. 21st, 2013. To commemorate this special occasion, her family planned a birthday party in her honour on Jan. 19th at the Legion Manor in Saskatoon. A come-and-go tea and lunch was held and attended by forty-four friends and relatives. This was followed by a family pot-luck supper. Members of the family who were present were: June Jenkins, Elk Point AB, April Paley, Edmonton AB, Aaron Paley, Edmonton AB, Darlene & Kelly Berry, Saskatoon SK, Terra Flahr, Canmore AB, Michael Berry & Nicole Ackerman, Saskatoon SK, Wendy & Marc Gauthier, Craven SK,

It's a GIRL!!!!
Born to Derek & Rochelle Berrns, a girl, Cora Brieanne, born February 20, 2013, weighing 8 pounds 4 ounces, 21" long. Little sister for Hayden and Landen. Proud grandparents are Judy & Brian Berrns of Springside, Cherise & Larry Husulak of Insinger, great-grandparents Gordon Berrns, Frances Korolek & Sophie Husulak all of Yorkton and great-auntie Sophie Kreptul of Insinger.

From this Day Forward....

Mr. & Mrs. Jamie Breitkreuz

Jamie Breitkreuz, son of Royal and Sharon Breitkreuz of Springside and Kellen McKay, daughter of Ian and Teresa McKay of Minitonas, Mb. were united in marriage Nov. 17, 2012.
Congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple.

Mr. & Mrs. Lance Henderson

Amy Rodgerson, daughter of Kim and Doug Rodgerson of Yorkton and granddaugther of Vi Rodgerson of Springside and Lance Henderson, son of Duane Henderson (Colleen) and Karen (Conrad ) Melnychuk were united in marriage on Feb. 19th, 2013 in Cuba.
Congratulations Amy and Lance Wishing you a long and happy life together

Blythe Marie Perrault

Baby girl born Feb. 1, 2013 6 lbs. 15 oz. 19 3:20 am. Proud parents are Shawn and Shevaun (Werner} Perrault. Proud grandparents are Kalvin and Maureen Werner of Springside and Rosaire and Terri Perrault of Wynyard.

Proud parents, Warren and Charlotte Ward, and big sister Lily of Springside are pleased to announce the arrival of James Gordon Ward, born October 17, 2012 in Yorkton. Grandparents are Leonard and Joyce Benfield of Springside and Garth and Faith Ward of Cardross, SK.

Jayden Reid Martins

Baby boy born Nov. 9, 2012 to Tyler and Lorelee (Effa) Martins of Whitehorse Yukon. 5 lbs 14 oz. 18 long Proud big brother Eli and grandparents, Ken and Elaine Effa and great grandparents, Alfred and Betty Breitkreuz

James Gordon Ward

Owen Charles Fitzsimmons

Dec. 10 2012 8 lbs 2 oz. 19.5 long Born to proud parents, Scott and Sharlene (Wilson)Fitzsimmons and to big brother and sister Jackson and Sadie. Proud grandparents are Bev and David Wilson of Springside and Jack and Ivy Fitzsimmons of Medicine Hat. Ab.

Khloe Joy Elizabeth Carol Snow

Jan. 11, 2013 6 lbs. 15 oz. 21 long Congratulations to proud parents Corry and Michael Snow and big brother Kaleb of Springside. Khloe has been named after all of her Grandmothers. Her very proud grandparents are Valerie (Joy) and Robert Billings of Melfort, (Elizabeth) and Charles Renwick of Pennsauken, N.J. and (Carol) Bllings and Paul Deschambault of Yorkton

Its a Boy! Wesley Nikolas Derow

Dec. 29, 2012 6 lbs. 7 oz. 19.5 long Robin & Shawn Derow & big sister Ruth are pleased to announce the safe arrival of their new baby boy. Proud Grandparents are Eldon and Kitty Arndt. Great-Grandmothers are Hannie Arndt and Annie Derow.

In Loving Memory
After the clouds, the sunshine, after the winter, the spring, after the shower, the rainbow, for life is a changeable thing. After the night, the morning, bidding all darkness cease, after life's cares and sorrows, the comfort and sweetness of peace. Helen Steiner Rice

Mary (Maria) (Fedun) Spelay June 25, 1922 Dec. 2, 2012

Peter Spilchen Aug. 18, 1938 Jan.12, 2013

Paul Michael Schmelinsky Dec. 15, 1953 Feb. 12, 2013

With deepest sympathy to ; The family of Mary (Popowich) Dolgan, formerly of the Whitesand District Wilfred and Phyllis Elaschuk on the passing of Wilfreds mother, Jennie Elaschuk Sharon Derepentigny and Andy Byblow on the passing of Sharons mother, Rose Rogg of Yorkton

Matthew 5:4 - Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

Bunny-Shaped Egg Recipe

A kid-friendly hard-boiled egg recipe that's fun to eat perfect for Easter dinner What you need: Hard boiled eggs Cabbage for tail Carrots for ears Cheese for eyes Snap peas for nose

What to Do: x Hard boil eggs and let cool. Remove shells x Cut thin carrot slices and shape into rabbit ears with a knife, making sure one end is very pointy. Insert pointy ends into egg for ears. x Cut off tip of snap pea for nose. Push the pointed end into the front end of the egg. x Make a small round tail from a white piece of cabbage, once again making a pointed end to push into the back of the egg. x For eyes, cut two small little circles, using a small straw as a cutter, from your slice of cheese. Make sure the egg is not wet when you set the cheese eyes in place or they may slide out of place. ****Other veggies may be substituted for the nose and tail****

Q. Why did the Easter Egg hide? A. He was a little chicken Q. What did the rabbit say to the carrot? A. It was nice gnawing you! Q. How can you tell where the Easter Bunny has A. Eggs(X) marks the spot been? Q. What's the best way to send a letter to the Easter Bunny? A. Hare Mail Q. Which side of a chicken has the most feathers? A. The outside of course Knock Knock Who's there? Ester Ester Who? Ester Bunny Knock Knock Who's there? Some bunny Some bunny who? Some bunny is eating my Easter candy!

Ides of March Word Search

The term Ides of March is best known as the date on which Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 B.C.E. Caesar was stabbed (23 times) to death in the Roman Senate by a group of conspirators led by Marcus Junius Brutus and Gaius Cassius Longinus.












Working with the numbers already given, complete each diagram with the missing numbers. Place a number into each box so that each row across, each column down, and each small 9-box square within the large diagram (there are 9) will contain every number from 1-9. No number shall appear more than once in any row, column, or small 9-box square.
SPRINGSIDE, SASK - 1912 Page 34 Springs Never Freeze

8 1 3 4 1

5 9 2

A very remarkable phenomenon concerning these springs is that they do not freeze even when the temperature is 40 degrees below zero. The abundance of this supply of pure water, which is obtainable at an approximate depth of six feet, is an exceedingly important asset for domestic and other requirements

9 2 9 8 8 6 2 7 3 4 5 3 7

2 1 3

2 7 3 5 4 6

Whitesand Wildlife Federation

Membership Deadline: May 31/2013

Conservation Camp

What: For more than 30 years the Saskatchewan

Wildlife Federation Outdoor Conservation Camp has introduced youth to outdoor skills and introduced them to wildlife management techniques from wildlife professionals. Some of the activities that youth participate in include: archery, canoeing, wilderness survival skills, map and compass, fisheries studies, wildlife management and biology, canoeing, wilderness camping skills, cooking on a one-burner stove or fire, wild plant use, plus much more.

Who: Conservation Camp is for SWF members 14

to 17 years old (at the time of the camp).

When: Girls Camp - July 7-14

Boys Camp - July 14-21

Whitesand Wildlife Federation Awards Night & Steak Supper

Where: Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. The Prince

Albert Wildlife Federation has hosted the school since its inception more than 30 years ago.

How: If you are, or know of a member, between

the ages of 14 and 17, and would like to apply to go to Conservation Camp, contact your branch or SWF Central Office. Branch Applications must be in to SWF Central Office by May 10th. Up to 21 youth will be selected for each camp. For any further Club information contact
Call: Ed (306)792-4752
Email: whitesandwildlife@gmail.com Or any Whitesand Wildlife Member

March 16, 2013 Good Spirit Golf Resort

Cocktails 5:30 Steak Supper 6:30



Raffles to Include*:
A Rifle Sponsored by: 2 nights stay at Good Spirit Golf Resort Sponsored by:
*Must be in attendance to win

Meetings are held at 7:30pm on the Second Wednesday of Every month At the Springside Legion Hall.

Farmers Almanac Weather Predictions

March 2013 16th-19th. Fair skies return. 20th-23rd. Fair, then unsettled Alberta east for Easter Sunday. 24th-27th. A spell of pleasant spring weather. 28th-31st. Rain for Alberta and Saskatchewan; rather stormy for Manitoba east for Easter. April 2013 1st-3rd. Mostly fair. 4th-7th. Pleasant at first, then showers over Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, followed by clearing. 8th-11th. Sunny initially, thunderstorms arrive from west for Prairies. 12th-15th. Clear. 16th-19th. Pleasant, turning unsettled, with showers for most sections. 20th-23rd. Mostly fair. 24th-27th. Stormy from Rockies east through Saskatchewan and Manitoba. 28th-30th. A spell of pleasant weather. May 2013 1st-3rd. Pleasant, then turning unsettled; wet for the Prairies east. 4th-7th. Another very pleasant spell. 8th-11th. Severe thunderstorms from Rockies: some storms may have damaging winds, vivid lightning, drenching downpours and large hail; wet for Saskatchewan and Manitoba. 12th-15th. Sunny, then unsettled, with showers over Alberta. 16th-19th. Clearing. 20th-23rd. Turning stormy in Prairies for Victoria Day. 24th-27th. Mostly fair. 28th-31st. Light showers from Rockies east. June 2013 1st-3rd. Fair and pleasant, then stormy for Alberta and Saskatchewan. 4th-7th. Stormy from the Rockies; heavy thunderstorms for the Prairies. 8th-11th. Warm, then showers for Alberta and Saskatchewan spread east into Manitoba. 12th-15th. Sunny into Manitoba. 16th-19th. Fair, then dangerous thunderstorms from the Rockies sweep through the Prairies.

Ides of March Word Search Solution

Q U A E S T O R C R O T E A R P L O O C I L B U P E R N M I B A S E M R G U P I C A L E N D A R L A E Y T M A R K A N T O N Y P I R R A A I N R U P L A C A L A A I O A E T E T S O T C N R R D P R N O U R I I T O I E O I R R T B A L A T L T N M C O U U T P I A E A U P I C M A R C H R O O T M N B E A E B C R E I I N L I S S E D I R A C D T -

St. Johns Ambulance Babysitters Safety Course

Will run on Saturday, April 20 at the Springside Legion Hall starting at 9 a.m. Cost for the one day course is $40. Contact Marion at the Springside Library at 792-4743 or at home at 792-2107. You must be at least 10 years of age to take the course. Lunches should be brought or plans made. Snacks will be provided for morning and afternoon breaks. Parents: if you have children and would like to put your name in to have one of our trainees do a small amount of babysitting for you please call.

Sudoko Solution
1 2 9 6 3 7 5 4 8 4 8 3 1 9 5 6 2 7 7 6 5 2 8 4 3 9 1 8 1 7 3 5 2 4 6 9 9 3 6 7 4 8 1 5 2 2 5 4 9 6 1 8 7 3 6 7 1 4 2 3 9 8 5 5 9 2 8 1 6 7 3 4 3 4 8 5 7 9 2 1 6

The Gardeners Corner

Planning your Summer Yard and Garden

-Shirley Hueser
It will soon be spring and some of you are itching to get started on putting some color into your yard. I am going to just give a few pointers that I have learned over the past years at the greenhouse and slide in some information on the most frequently asked questions. The most important thing I want to stress is that every yard and garden is different (than your neighbors for example), or whether or not it gets more sun or more shade. Are there trees or a fence that may shade it during part of the day? Is it located in a dry area or wet area? Are there a lot of trees in your yard? This will suck a lot of moisture out of your gardens and flowerbeds. The trees (depending on type) can also add to the acidity of your soil. Is the soil hard? Does it pack easily? If so maybe you need to add some sand or peat moss to fluff it a bit. A little preplanning is always a good start. Next, plan your color scheme and go from there. Cost is another priority for most. Have you considered using herbs and veggies for greenery? Onions and garlic work wonders in place of spikes or even celery and Swiss chard look great in flowerbeds or planters. This also enables you to combine small spaces available to double use as these are edible as well as colorful. Do up a salad bowl type planter with a pepper or tomato plant in the center then add your lettuce, cucumber and whatever else you like in your salad and add a few pansies or a petunia for color. It is simple, economical, and you can throw most of the seeds directly into the planter without having to buy all started plants. Onions and especially garlic are known as a good bug deterrent so use them throughout the flowerbeds and again you are doubling your use of the product. Another question we are asked constantly; Is Miracle Gro a good fertilizer? Any fertilizer brand is good as long as it is used properly. It can be a cheap brand as well. You just have to read the package when buying it and decide what you are buying it for, then check the 3 number combination on the package. Remember the

middle number is for roots so it should be lower or equal to the 2 sets of outside numbers. For example we use a 20-10-20 combination to fertilize our planters and packs. By the time we put the plants into pots they have established a good root system already and don't need more so we keep the middle number down. There are many combinations out there and this one isn't necessarily the one you need to use. Try a 10-10-10, 1414-14, 20-20-20, 5-5-5, 10-5-10, etc., the list goes on. Keep in mind the size of container your plants are going into because if you keep feeding the roots your plants will get root bound and the foliage and flowers will quit growing. The plants will get choked out and die as the roots will eventually run out of space to grow. Some people have asked about the Jojoba Sticks, and to be honest I can't say yes or no to them as I only used them once many years ago and found they dissolved very quickly during a rainy spell and my plants didn't fare so well with too much fertilizer at once. If you can control the amount of water they probably work great, again keeping the number combo in mind. I do stress using fertilizer in planters and baskets throughout the summer and if you don't find you have the time, or tend to forget to fertilize, you can use Osmocote Slow Release which you put right into the pots when you plant them. The plants will slowly get fertilizer all through the summer season. Another thing I like to stress is the deadheading and trimming of your flowers to keep them looking spectacular all season. Its a great way to relax in the evenings and a good stress reliever to go out and just pluck the dead blossoms off so new ones will grow. This will help encourage your plants to bush out more which means you can use fewer plants in your planters and still have a full looking pot. Watering is important as well. Morning watering is the best if possible, but evening works. Do not water during the heat of the day and always water into the pots not on the foliage as too many problems can occur from wet leaves such as sun scorched leaves, or mildew. Damp foliage attracts some types of bugs. If you have questions or need some quick answers and have access to the internet, Google your queries. I find it a wonderful source of information and if you don't have a computer, just go to your local library and with some help you can be on the internet finding buckets of wonderful information at your fingertips. Hope to see you this spring and have a wonderful summer everyone. -Shirley

The Pet Corner

Transporting Canines and Felines

Margaret-Ann Irving Fur Fettish Farm
For many years I have read what other dog experts have written on dog training. Pretty much anything to do with dogs in general will get my attention on the book shelf. For years I have sifted through, and tried what I felt was worth trying, only to come to the conclusion that I need to write a book that addresses some every day dog issues that, to me, are common sense, only to find that common sense seems to fly out the window when it comes to the safety of the pet. Hearts of well- meaning owners are the biggest issue and many times it puts the life of the pet they love so dearly in jeopardy. Safety tips for transporting canines and felines will be the topic of this column. Pets are not safe loose in your vehicle. Whether it is only a trip to get the mail or a lengthy journey, your dog (or cat) should be either in a crate that is seat belted in or in a proper harness designed for that size of pet that can be safely seat belted in. Animals loose in a vehicle are projectile! You need to always 'think safety' when you have your pet with you on a road trip. I have seen way too many drivers with a dog loose in the back of a moving vehicle, or worse yet, between them and the steering wheel. Someone once wrote a book, that I read many years ago, titled There are no stupid dogs , there is not a truer statement! There are no stupid dogs, there are however, well- meaning owners that have the attitude we see in youth...it will not happen to me! Safety is thinking ahead to prevent that accident, and confining your pet is thinking ahead, anticipating something that may never happen, but protecting an animal that can not protect itself, from what 'may' happen. Take a minute to look into those eyes that trust you with their life I hear so many times about how much people love their pet, and then I see what they actually are doing with that same pet that does not show this love. I have made this statement many times, and hope I live long enough to make it many more times...'God put me on this earth to speak for animals that cannot speak for themselves'. I am not a bleeding heart, there are times when the 'right thing to do' means putting the animal down...unfortunately hearts sometimes overrule

heads...and 100% of the time it is the human that has caused the animal to be injured or poorly mannered in the first place...and 100% of the time the animal pays the price with its life! If this article saves even one animal from injury or death, then it is well worth the time it has taken to compose it.

Spring Vaccination Clinic

Yorkton Animal Health Centre Will be holding their Annual Vaccination Clinics Springside Fire Hall Saturday April 13th 11:10am. 12:00 pm. All routine dog and cat vaccinations will be available. Questions? Call the clinic at 306-782-6620 Cash or cheque accepted for payment

Safely Remove Ticks from Your pets

Hold a cotton swab soaked in mineral oil against the tick for about 30 seconds. Use tweezers to squeeze the skin that surrounds the tick and grab its head. Slowly, pull it out. When you finish, clean the spot with rubbing alcohol. Make sure that you got everything out and don't forget to wash your hands after you are done. Tip... When removing ticks, don't twist. Your best chance of removing the whole tick is to pull it straight out with a steady action. Twisting usually leaves the head behind.

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