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How to Convert PDF Files to Microsoft Word

Files (RTFs)

This help sheet is for Local Authorities only and has been produced to assist those Authorities who wish to
edit our existing user documentation using a Word Processor.

NOTE: Before converting any PDFs, you must ensure that you have signed and returned a copy of our
Reproduction Agreement. To request a copy, please email publications@capita.co.uk. In addition, you
should ensure that you follow our Reproduction Guidelines, a copy of which can be obtained from the same
email address.

You must have purchased a copy of Adobe Acrobat Professional (or similar product capable of saving PDFs
as RTF files). The examples used in this help sheet show Abode Acrobat Professional version 7 being used
to convert the Managing Students in SIMS .net handbook (STUDENTS.PDF) to an RTF file.

Converting PDF files to RTFs

1. Open Adobe Acrobat Professional.
2. Select File | Open to open the Open dialog.

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3. Locate and then highlight the required file. Click the Open button to open it.
4. Once open, select File | Save As to open the Save As dialog.

5. Select Rich Text Format (*.rtf) from the Save As Type drop down list.
6. Enter the required file name, then click the Save button. The conversion progress is shown on the
Status bar.

7. Open your normal word processor. Select File | Open to display the Open dialog.
8. Navigate to the required file, then click the Open button. The following screen shots show the
‘before’ conversion and ‘after’ conversion.
Before Conversion

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After Conversion

9. Edit the document as required and then save. Some of the formatting will need to be amended, but
this is minimal and can be easily achieved either using styles, or search and replace.

Providing feedback on this help sheet

If you have any suggestions or comments about this or any of our other help sheets, please email

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