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Sense and sensibility- Questions for analysis 1. Who wrote sense and sensibility?

What do you know about its author? 2. When and where does the story take place? Mention some characteristics of the historical and geographical setting of the novel: 3. Sense and Sensibility is a story about old world, middle class England. It is about people who have a lot of money and property. These people make up the polite society. How do you think polite society lived? 4. What did they do in the daytime? How did they spend their money? What did they do in their spare time? 5. Who are the main characters? Describe them (physical characteristics and personality) 6. Why is the novel called Sense and Sensibility? 7. Compare and contrast male and female characters in the story: 8. What is/are the theme(s) in the story? 9. What is the role of money in the story? 10. What is the role of marriage in the story? 11. What values are depicted in the story? 12. Is John Willoughby an appealing character? At the end of the book, does Willoughby seem a changed man from the one we first meet? 13. "Wealth has much to do with...happiness," Elinor states at one point. What is the relationship between love and money in Sense and Sensibility? Is it different for different characters? Has the relationship between love and money changed in today's world? 14. What role does chance play in the fates of the main characters? 15. In chapter 13 Willoughby says: Tell me, Miss (Elinor) Dashwood, what do you think of me? Am I bad or stupid?. How do you feel about Willoughby? In your opinion is he bad or stupid? Why? 16. By the end of the story there are four marriages. Who gets married? Do you think these people have made the right choice? Why or why not? Do you think they should have married someone else? 17. Marianne falls in love with two men in the story John Willoughby and Colonel Brandon. Which man do you like best? Why? 18. What is the moral of the story? 19. Did you like the story? 20. Is there anything that you would like to change about the sotry? 21. Is the story realistic? Why or Why not?