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Creativity and lnnovative Management

of a new new ideas where work environment to create a ability entrepreneur's venture depends on an products Sustained services, and quickly desirable become flow freely and the best ones innovation requires both "out of the box" creativity and top-notch execution.
ln Prof. Bob Sutton's HBS article "lnnovation Factory," he says that the best innovators use old iOeas as ttre raw materials for new ideas, a strategy called knowledge brokering. The system for sustaining innovation is the knowledge brokering cycle.

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Companies can use all or part of the cycle. And let's not forget about the tradeoff between efficiency and creativity. or the encouragement of "weird ideas" (see Bob's book on that subject).
With these ideas in mind and you intend to start up your own business and be an entrepreneur.

Answer the following questions:

1. What aspects of your start up seem to PROMOTE creativity and innovation? I].1<t


2. What aspects of your start up seem to HINDER creativity and innovation?

/d rrh

(10 marks)

i10 marks) 3. lf you were the CEO, is there anything you would change to make your start up even more creative and innovative? Keep in mind that start ups need more than R&D to be creative and innovative (e.g., these same concepts may come to play in the business model, marketing,
afn \

(30 marks)

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