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University of Brighton, Faculty of Education and Sport

Lesson Plan
Student teachers Name: Callum Cooper, Kisten Michie, Katy Martin, Roxanne Badman, Nirali Nagji Curriculum Area / Activity: ICT introduction to programming through scratch Date/Time: Thursday 7th March 2013 Lesson Duration: 3 hours Number of pupils: 12


Romers Scratch Email from dragons Scratch instruction cards Whiteboard Whiteboard pens Sandwich ingredients Pupil learning activities
Including reference to inclusion strategies

Time & Learning Objective s

Teaching points/ strategies / teacher role

including reference to how tasks have been differentiated

Organisation and risk assessment.

Whole group in a circle in a space.

Assessment for learning strategies

Formal and informal

20 minutes

Introduce themselves to the group through the game. Sit in a circle and introduce themselves by telling each other names and a favourite computer game.

Play ice breaker game with children to allow them to feel comfortable with new teachers. Sit with the children in a circle and go round introducing ourselves and telling each other our favourite computer game. Make a mind map about computer games. Ask the children what they like about them, or dont like about them. Question children on what they know about how computer games are made. Show the children the ingredients and

Listen to the children's knowledge of computer games.

20 minutes

Talk about their favourite computer games. Discuss why they like them and what they know about how they are made. Give instructions to the robot

Adult led questioning. Challenge children's ideas.

20 9/6/09

Working with a talk

Child led, make sure the

University of Brighton, Faculty of Education and Sport


to lead them through making a sandwich. Watch the robots actions and refine instructions based on what they do. Discuss what we need to do when programming based on the robots actions.

explain that a computerised robot needs to be programmed to make the sandwich. Ask them to discuss in talk partners, what they need to do. Make a list of instructions for the robot to follow. Watch the robot follow the instructions, if the children have missed a step, ask them what the consequences would be and how to fix it. Show the children romers and find out what they already know. if they are already confident with them, ask the children to work in pairs to move the romer to different places around the room. Talk to the children about any issues that arose eg. Missing instructions caused romer to bump into objects?

partner to decide on instructions.

children make their own instructions and have the time to question each other with their instructions and make improvements.

20 minutes

Look at romers and what type of instructions they require. Work in pairs to direct a romer to different things. Talk about issues that arose.

20 minutes

Discuss scratch and how to make the sprites move.

Show the children scratch and give them scratch instruction cards to try out. If they are confident with scratch ask them to link two cards together. Show the children the urgent email from Dragons Den. Explain to them that the dragons want a new computer game for the 7-8 year old children's audience and that they think that ICT whizzes such as themselves would be the best people for the job. Go back to original mind map and give children opportunity to think about what is the most important thing and

20 minutes

Read and discuss the email from the Dragons. Talk about what they will need to include in their games and how they can make them. Add to original mind map of ideas of things they liked about computer games.


University of Brighton, Faculty of Education and Sport

what else might they add if they were making one themselves.