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Only the following is allowed to enter the tool room: a.) Danniel Quilatan Tool Keeper b.) Salvador Foster Asst. Tool Keeper c.) Officers of the Company MCO/EKCO/DCU/VCO 2. For convenient and easy to locate, all leave behind items shall be put on the outer rack of the tool room. DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES OF TOOL KEEPER: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. To monitor tool movement through proper recording. To monitor supplies inventory and request for stocking. To record materials and supplies used. To check and make minor repair on tools and report if need major repair. To check all tool box. To assist employee on the proper selection or usage of tools.

BORROWING TOOLS : 1. Must write on his tool room card the tools to borrow and sign to acknowledge received thereof. 2. When returning the borrowed tools, employee must sign on his card to signify the tools have been returned. 3. Tools borrowed by an employee is under his sole responsibility, thus he should be aware of who get or borrowed the tools from him and the condition of the tools. 4. Return the tools immediately after use. 5. Lost tool must be reported at once, if no report was made, the responsible employee will be charge the cost of the lost tool. If reported, the incident will be investigated and subject to the outcome of the inquiry. 6. Tools borrowed on the day must be returned that same day even though the work is not yet finish and the tools is still needed the next day. 7. Return tool/s in the presence of the tool keeper. Do not leave them on the tool room counter table or near the tool room door and without signing on his card. 8. In case employee did not follow Step #7 and the tool was not received by the tool keeper or was lost, said employee will be liable for the lost tool. 9. No taking out of plant tools. Tools of main plant should not be taken to extension plant and vise versa. Employee assigned to work on either plant must use the tools of said plant, unless the tools is not available then this rule shall be exempted.

REQUESTING FOR SUPPLIES: 1. All supplies requisition must have a Job Order, NO JOB ORDER NO SUPPLIES. 2. When requesting for supplies or consumables such as drill bit, grinding disc, etc. the old/or depleted item must be surrender before a new one will be given. Same rule will apply for broken items, if no broken item is surrender, the new item will be charged to employee. 3. No stocking of supplies on 3rd floor. Supplies will be given as needed. 4.