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Copy these instructions and paste it to a text file that you save on your deskto p.

After you have finished the rest of the exam. Open your text file and follow the instructions to Create your Midterm Webpage. Name the page you create "midte rm.html" and click the Midterm: Create Webpage assignment link directly under yo ur midterm quiz link. Upload your .html file. 1.Create an HTML5 compliant webpage (I suggest checking it with the W3C HTML va lidator). 2.Use a header element and a hgroup tag inside the header element at the top of your page. 3.Use an h1 tag with the Title "My CMWEB 120 Midterm Page" 4.Use an h2 tag with your name in it. 1.hint: The h1 and h2 tag should go inside of your hgroup/header tags. 5.Use an embedded style sheet to style the h1 tag with a bold, Arial font and c hoose a hexidecimal red shade and center the text. 6.Use an embedded style for h2 with a font of "Times New Roman", Times, serif a nd choose a hexidecimal green shade and center the text. 7.Use an embedded style to style the body tag in your page. Apply a backgroundcolor of FFFFEE 8.Create an unordered lists on the page and include at least three links to you r favorite websites about web design. These could be links to a specific tutoria l or to a general website that has information about web design. 9.Include an embedded style that make each of the links a hexidecimal share of dark green and on hover make the links change to a hexidecimal color of your cho ice (something that contrasts from the green and can easily be seen.) If you have any questions about what I am looking for, please contact me. NOTE: IN THE BOX BELOW, JUST TYPE "WORKING ON". THAT WAY THE TEST DOESN'T THINK YOU LEFT IT BLANK. I WILL GRADE YOUR "CREATE A PAGE" QUESTION MANUALLY LATER. TH ANKS!