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- What do I need to show to earn class credit? - How do I do this?

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Four different areas support your success in this class and with art.
Each leg can be thought of as a criterion If one leg is gone, the table can fall down.

I should be able to show knowledge & understanding of.. Art in relation to society, culture, history, & personal contexts. by making and explaining connections Specialized vocabulary, concepts, and processes. by using terms and steps correctly Art in the context of my own artwork by creating and writing about my art in relation to other art

How do I do this? I can do this through oral presentations, class discussions, written tests, research papers, art creation,and artist statements.

I should be able to show my ability to apply skills by

Developing ideas/themes, & Communicating intentions/goals. Applying skills and processes to Create and Present art. How do I do this? I can do this by creating art with a clear goal and good technique, using studio time well, and asking questions. Evidence will
include work in my Developmental Workbook showing work from the beginning, middle, and end of the process.

I should be able to show reflection and evaluation by reflecting critically on my own artistic development and process at different stages of my work Evaluating my own work Using feedback to inform my artistic development & process

How do I do this? I can do this by thinking about my work, taking breaks to look at the work,seeking feedback from classmates and teachers, keeping a written record of feedback, responses to it, and self-appraisal in my Developmental Workbook, and Artist Statements.

I should be able to show personal engagement & artistic attitude by respecting myself, my peers, my classroom, and my teacher; including
showing commitment by owning my own artistic processes *this means taking each assignment and finding my own challenges within it. Make it interesting/personal. supporting and encouraging peers demonstrating curiosity, self motivation, and a willingness to take informed risks. (and returning all materials in the room) Engaging in learning about art from various cultures including own

How do I do this? I show this each day in how I interact with others, show patience for my own learning, demonstrate initiative and creativity, use written reflections, and teacher evaluations.

What were the legs?

Criterion A = _______________ Criterion B = _______________ Criterion C = _______________ Criterion D = _______________

A) Knowledge and Understanding B) Application of Skills C) Reflection and Evaluation D) Personal Engagement

QuickTime an d a decompressor are need ed to see this picture .