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A Simple Court Procedure that Works

Establish Standing and getting your Freedom in Court

Take note that this procedure accurately reflects methods of the researchers. It is very clear that this method is used in the realm of LORD God aka Baal, Lucifer as all courts are based upon Baal worship and magick. It is my contention and belief that we were created free and God gave us all dominion over all the earth, where dominion means we all rule, not the few as it is with the courts. Establishing the fact that we are all one with God in this creation and no one has any provable authority that they have authority over anyone else given to them by God our creator is the basis of all our freedom. The King James Bible Genesis 1:26-28 is the foundation of all justice and law in that we are all created equal and share equally in rule. We are merely tricked out of our dominion. So the method bellow is not the way I would go, but it is a way that one may consider as it makes sense to a point. It is also important to understand why the Judges leave when they do and what they are trying to do, which is to trick you into giving up your dominion as a man created as male or female by God. There are no laws, it is simply about knowing who you are. rob

Your Honor I am a Living Being. The Flesh lives and the blood flows. I ask humbly for Remedy. Judge Leaves because he does not want to give remedy, but stay in honor. Judge comes back establishes the court again and goes on like nothing has happened. The court transforms in to a maritime court, a higher court of jurisdiction. You must re-establish your standing once again: Your honor I am a living being. The flesh lives and the blood flows. Your honor I humbly ask for cure and maintenance. Because you are in an Admiralty Maritime Jurisdiction court now you ask for cure and maintenance.

The Judge may be totally freaked out at this point and leave again if you are in a Federal Court. If comes back again, he comes back as a priest, so you are in a Temple now. When the judge comes back on the third time he is a priest under Cannon Law. Thus you say the following: Your honor I wish to establish that I am a living being. The Flesh lives and the blood flows and we are sovereign and nothing stands between myself and the divine. If you do not do this then you have no standing in court and are treated as cargo going to a warehouse, thus Chattel Property with no rights. Listen to this phone conversation, it explains the basis of why you do this procedure and gives an in depth background on the Court and what is really happening and why. Listen to this Audio File about this Proceedure To Learn more go to: www.one-heaven.org
May 18, 2010 rob www.freedomfiles.org