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Lindsay Burkett Mr. Neuburger English 102 24 March 2013 Video Review- A Film Unfinished In the documentary, A Film Unfinished the world is enlightened with a vivid, concrete record of the Jewish persecution of World War II. During the arrangement of the Ghettos, film makers were called to stage scenes confirming the contentment of the Jews within the Ghettos and the faux relations between Jewish leaders and the German Reich. It is odd and confusing to witness moments of fine dining and the shaking of hands amongst Jewish Rabbis and the SS Army men. These films were meant for propaganda marketing, the purposeful notion to cover up the truth with a defined image of what is ideal. The Warsaw Ghetto was the largest Jewish population in Poland and was a prime community for this manipulation. However, in between filming for propaganda reasons, film makers caught up with the realistic horror of the streets. This included the mixed attire of those who had means to survive versus those who had nothing. Yellow arm bands required to be worn by every Jew can be seen from every angle of the street crowds. They also captured immediate reactions, emotions, and perceptions by the Jews, most of who were numb, cold, and faceless to the cameras. It became equally creepy to digest visions of the dead casually lying on the sidewalk while people commute around them. Emaciated faces of the Jews peer into the cameras with looks of being lost and desperate, and they display a weakness that cannot be described in words. Children filmed are shown as they are beaten by the police force for the attempt at

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smuggling food. Desperate to eat, even the young ones faced risks of being exterminated for such a simple need as food. Other film captured invites the graphic nature of mass graves into the realism of the Holocaust. Video filmed at this time shows the controversial extermination aftermath of the Jewish population and displays the honest intent of the German Reich to rid the world of them as fast as possible. German propaganda, such as this film, was the ultimate lie to the world by the Germans. However, this lost footage defines the brutality endured by the Jewish population and gives proof to all that has been questioned about this time in history.