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This is a historic and momentous week for our nation.

Today and tomorrow the Supreme Court will hear two cases regarding the right of our LGBT brothers and sisters to be treated equally under the law. The outcome of these court cases will go down in history. We have seen a massive sea change in public opinion on this issue. A majority of Americans now support marriage equality. As a country, and as a state, we have learned more about the importance of equality. We have witnessed friends and family members who are in loving, committed relationships, and yet are not treated as equal in their love. And while so many of us have come to embrace marriage equality, our children are likely to always wonder what the big deal was. 81% of adults under 30 now support marriage equality. It is wonderful that polling now supports marriage equality. But even more important than polling is the Constitution. And the Constitution of the United States dictates that marriage is a fundamental right, and that same-sex couples must be allowed equal protection under the law. The Texas Democratic Party was the first Southern political Party to endorse marriage equality in our platform. We are proud of that leadership. We understand that Texas is a stronger state when we are all supported and treated as equal under the law. But despite increased acceptance and support for LGBT rights, there is still so much more work to be done. In Texas, our LGBT friends and family can be fired from a job, or denied housing, simply because of who they are. This just isnt right. An d we must continue to push for progress and equality. As a part of doing this necessary work, the Texas Democratic Party and Texas Stonewall Democrats are hosting an Equality Forward Summit April 5 -7 . We invite you to attend this summit to learn how we can continue the push for full equality in Texas. Click here for more information about the Summit, including schedule and registration details. And if you will be in Austin, but unable to attend the whole Summit, please join us on Saturday the 6 for a special reception with former Congressman Barney Frank, the first out member in Congressional history. This is a momentous week in our nations history. A week to celebrate how far we have come, and to remember how much more work we still need to do.
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Lets bend that arc of a moral universe further towards justice! Sincerely, Gilberto Hinojosa

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