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American Constructors Inc.: World Outreach Expansion Project.

Short Cycle Process: Summary

Who? The current case is about Tom Groot a senior project manager at American Constructors Inc. (ACI). Groot holds a bachelor’s degree in construction, has 20 years of experience in the construction industry, and is currently in charge of the World Outreach Church’s (WOC) construction project formerly known as the World Outreach Expansion Project.

Where does the case fall within the case difficulty cube?

Analytical: 2 Problems in the case are easily identifiable and reasonable solutions may be formulated.

What are the issues in this case? The project is behind schedule and Groot needs to persuade all his sub-contractors and direct employees (verbally and/or with financial incentives) to work overtime and more efficiently in order to complete the project on the set date.

Conceptual: 2 Engineering and project management concepts introduced in the case are easily understandable.

Why have the issues arisen? After compromising with WOC to push the construction completion deadline up by 3 months, from March 2010 to the 14 th of December 2009, ACI is now behind schedule and does not see the possibility of renegotiating the deadline as the company’s reputation is on the line.

Presentation: 3 Not all the information about human resources assigned to each task is provided.

When did the issues arise? September 24, 2009.