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Associated Student Government University of Arkansas ASG Senate Resolution No. 49 Authors: Senator Wil Cheatham, Senator Ellen Rudolph Sponsor: Senator Ellen Rudolph, Senator Luke Brasuell A Resolution to Implement Razorbucks at Sporting Events Whereas, The Razorbucks program is made available to all students as an alternative to carrying cash. Razorbucks can be used at two hundred locations, ten of which are on campus; and Razorbucks cannot currently be used at Razorback sporting events and carrying cash may deter concession sales; and Students already carry their student IDs to enter the stadium; and The capability of using Razorbucks at athletic events can utilize a preexisting system and better the UA experience; and With the implementation of this resolution, students will be more inclined to attend Razorback sporting events, therefore strengthening the Razorback Community and making the Razorbucks program more popular among U of A students; then The Associated Student Government recommends that Athletics and the Campus Card Office allow Razorbucks use at all Razorback sporting events.


Whereas, Whereas,


Be it therefore resolved:

Official Use Only Amendments: Vote Count: Aye Legislation Status: Passed ___________________________ Mike Norton, ASG Chair of the Senate ___________________________ Tori Pohlner, ASG President Nay Failed Abstentions Other ________________ Date ________________ Date