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October 3, 2006

To: All Interested Bidders

Re: Solicitation # 07-X-38738

Computer Equipment Repair: Statewide
Microcomputers and Printers

Date: October 5, 2006 (2:00 PM Eastern Time)


The following constitutes Addendum #6 to the above-referenced solicitation. Below are the
additions, deletions, clarifications and modifications to the RFP.

1. There was no text released with Addendum #4.

2. Addendum # 5 was cancelled and never released.

3. This RFP 07-X-38738 is being cancelled due to administrative changes that need to
be made to the requirements. The Division of Purchase and Property has decided
to cancel this RFP prior to the bid opening and bidders should not submit
proposals in response to the previously announced Bid Opening date of October 5,
2006. Any bids received by the Purchase Bureau in response to this RFP will be
returned unopened to the bidder.

A new RFP for this procurement will be released in the near future.