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ANPR is a technology that uses pattern recognition to 'read' vehicle number plates.

Plate Recognition System is an integrated hardware + software device . ANPR cameras takes 'photograph' the number plates to find out details about the vehicle. It reads text from digital pictures of vehicle license plates and translate the images into a form that the computer can manipulate (for eg. into ASCII codes)."

.Captures an image of a motor vehicle's number plate.

A Digital Camera Software

Extracts the registration data (numbers, letters, perhaps other data such as colour and jurisdiction identifiers)

List(s) of Numbers Being Sought

Enables evaluation of the significance of the extracted Data.

Transmission Facilities
Sends the extracted data and perhaps other data Elsewhere.

Plate localization Plate orientation and sizing

Character segmentation Optical character recognition Syntactical /geometrical analysis

GENERIC SYSTEMS HAS Capture unit (CU)+Process Unit (PU)


(CU) Capture unit Camera housing Camera Infrared focus (PU) Process unit Embedded Computer Framegrabber Recognition engine

Non robust architecture The capture unit ,controlled from one and only process unit will fall if process unit does not work. Complex installation & startup It is necessary to install video & controlled wire for each of the cameras. Depends on the distance between the lanes. High cost

Detection of vehicle Hardware trigger Software trigger free flow Capture of the images Types of camera Interlace camera Progressive camera

Types of light Infrared light Day light

Number plate recognition process

Car parking Number plate registration Finding a lost ticket Ticket interchange is avoided Traffic control Detecting vehicles in a black list Average speed control Traffic law enforcement Detection and interception of Unregistered Vehicles Access control

It is more simple.
Modular architecture. Installation & start up is easier. Reduce cost.

Weather condition. Lighting condition.

License plate placement in the picture.

Vehicle movement.

Mechanical plate damages