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7th Grade Earth Science, Fall 2012 Monday-Friday 9:30-10:20, Rm 10 Instructor: Daniel Toberman Contact: Tobermdm@muohio.

edu Help: Additional assistance offered and encouraged upon request.

Course Objective:
This course provides an in depth scientific definition of the earth and its processes. Topics covered in this class are designed to give students an increased appreciation for the importance and application of science in todays society. Topics learned in this class will enable students to understand the major issues facing our society. This course will prepare students for learning more about these issues and problems that are sure to intensify throughout the twenty-first century.

Course Content:
Nature of Science: students will understand that science is a way of knowing about the world through scientific inquiry using multiple skills to design and conduct investigations through current technology. Students will also understand interactions between science, engineering and technology.

Matter: students will understand the structure of matter and its characteristics, including chemical and physical changes, elements, particle theory of matter, mixtures and pure substances.

Astronomy: students will understand Earth's position and its interaction in the solar system and its place in the universe, including the Sun, Moon, rotation and seasons.

Geology: students will understand the patterns of change and constancy in the Earth and its history, including plate tectonics, weathering and erosion of landforms, minerals, rocks and rock layers.

Meteorology: students will understand the patterns of change and constancy in the Earth's atmosphere and climate, including composition and structure, wind systems and ocean currents, energy transfer, moisture content, weather patterns and predictions.

1) Be prepared to learn. 2) Let the teacher teach. 3) Let others learn. 4) Respect others belongings

Grading Policy:
This course provides every student with the opportunity to be successful. Assignments are expected to be turned in on time the class period they are due. No late assignments will be accepted unless a reasonable excuse and letter of documentation for that excuse is listed. Component: Participation In Class Assignments Labs Homework Assignments Projects Tests and Quizzes Percent of Total 10% 10% 20% 20% 20% 20%

What to Bring to Class:

One Notebook and Folder for Science Class Only Pencil/Pens Textbook School Planner Completed Assignments

If you have discovered this message you have discovered the goal of the first lesson, we need to observe the natural world around us and make inferences based off of our observations to make new discoveries. What will you uncover about the natural world this year?

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