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Heather Baron

ITIP Lesson Plan: 8th grade Social Studies Classroom Constitution

Week 6- Thursday, May 3rd 2012 KEC Mayfield Middle School Student Teaching Winter- Spring 2012

U3.3 -Creating New Government(s) and a New Constitution Explain the challenges faced by the new nation and analyze the development of the Constitution as a new plan for governing. [Foundations for Civics HSCE Standard 2.2.] 8 U3.3.3 Describe the major issues debated at the Constitutional Convention including the distribution of political power, conduct of foreign affairs, rights of individuals, rights of states, election of the executive, and slavery as a regional and federal issue. 8 U3.3.4 Explain how the new constitution resolved (or compromised) the major issues including sharing, separating, and checking of power among federal government institutions, dual sovereignty (state-federal power), rights of individuals, the Electoral College, the Three-Fifths Compromise, and the Great Compromise. 8 U3.3.5 Analyze the debates over the ratification of the Constitution from the perspectives of Federalists and Anti-Federalists and describe how the states ratified the Constitution. (C2) (National Geography Standard 3, p. 148)

Students will be expected to apply what they know about the format of the American Constitution to collaboratively work together and develop their own classroom constitution utilizing school wide PBIS terms.

Anticipatory Set
Before addressing the classroom constitution cooperative activity, the teacher will facilitate a review session to check for understanding regarding topics related to the preamble and formatting of the constitutional document. 1

School of Rock- Constitution Preamble Video Clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30OyU4O80i4

a. Task Analysis: Students should be familiar with the format of the American Constitution. They should have a general understanding for the purpose of the preamble and be aware that the Constitution is broken up into Articles, which have specific points pertaining to the topic of each article. Students should be comfortable verbalizing and adapting social skills while working with others and completing assignments. Social skills will also be utilized when developing the classroom constitution, which will involve classroom expectations as well as respect, responsibility and safety for all. School wide PBIS Expectations: Responsibility, Respect, and Safety b. Procedure Instructions As a class, student will draft the preamble by brainstorming and holding a classroom discussion. Based on student input, the teacher will draft a paragraph that will serve as the preamble to the constitution. Students will be instructed to generate ideas for drafting the preamble and classroom constitution individually before being placed into groups. Three groups of three students will be formed based on behaviors and academic understanding of the present materials (peer tutoring). Within each group every member will have a responsibility. Responsibilities can be assigned if problems arise when choosing jobs.

Before job roles are explained the teacher will have student make predictions about the responsibility and job description of each role. 1. Note Taker 2. Word Generator 3. Recorder 2

After jobs are delegated each group will be given a focus term. The focus term will serve as the main topics of the articles within the classroom constitution. Focus Words: Responsibility, Respect, and Safety

These terms are used school wide (PBIS) and evaluated hourly by staff on their individual point sheets. Groups will be given 15 minutes to develop a title and at least three expectations (sections) for each focus word. This will develop into three articles and three points or expectations below each topic. *Handouts attached. After students have been given the appropriate amount of time to complete the assigned task, the class will come back together and share what group came up with. A classroom discussion will occur regarding what sections were written and if the class can agree as a whole. After agreements are reached the preamble, articles and sections will be recorded onto the final paper bag. Students involved will be required to sign the constitution that they all agreed upon. The bag will then be wrinkled, ironed and burned for an authentic look!

Time Frame 1. Anticipatory Set: Review and Video Clip- 5 minutes 2. Class discussion and generating the preamble- 15 minutes 3. Group Collaboration- 15 minutes 4. Drafting and signing the constitution- 15 minutes c. Blooms Taxonomy: Thinking Levels Knowledge: Students will identify components of the Constitution order to organize and format their specific articles using their focus term. Comprehension: Students will interpret and convent articles/sections within the constitution. Application: Students will construct their own classroom constitution by formulating articles and sections based on their assigned focus term. d. Extensions/accommodations: 3

Staff (one per group) will be available to assist and work with small groups in order to ensure appropriate behaviors and on task behaviors. Students will be assisted when necessary regarding directions, wording and formatting. Groups will also be altered if necessary and student may lose their opportunity to participate. e. Differentiated Instruction Strategies: Class Discussion and Generating Generalizing Constitution Format to Student Reality Collaborative Learning Environment Relating Social Skills and School Wide Expectations to Social Studies benchmarks f. Methods and Materials: Materials Needed: on the 1. Name slips for ample opportunities to respond (located in bowl teaching podium)

2. Student text: History Alive! The United States Through Industrialism 3. White board for generating student ideas 4. Scarp paper (lined) and group handouts *attached 5. Writing utensils for students to record 6. Paper bag (cut flat) 7. Iron for smoothing out the paper after wrinkling 8. Calligraphy pen for students to sign their classroom constitution! Technological Manipulates: Elmo Document Camera Computer with Internet for video clip 4


-proper connection to document cam (may need assistance from Czarnopis)

Direction and expectations will be modeled for students before they are dismissed to join their groups. Appropriate social skills such as listening, working together and appropriate voice tone will also be addressed and modeled.

Checking for Understanding:

Throughout the lesson students will be questioned regarding directions nd individual expectations. Specifically, students will be challenged to assess what roles each job should have within the group before assigning jobs and dismissing group to work collaboratively.

Guided Practice:
Based on the collaborative format of this lesson there may not be much for students to practice under staff guidance. Staff members will be available to assist groups and individual students with directions, expectations and behavior monitoring.

Students will have an opportunity to debrief about what went well within their groups and explain their article and how they worked together. If time permits and the preamble as well as article can be recorded onto the paper bag, students will sign their classroom constitution before it is aged, 5

burned (the edges for an authentic look) and hung on the classroom!

Students will be assessed based on their positive peer interactions and contributions to the group directions as well as expectations. Staff will document behaviors using points sheets and students will receive a participation grade out of 30 points for their level of collaboration and effort.