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Volume 4, Issue 3 / Third Quarter, 1996


"Mini-Manuals" Added to TransTec Kits

Technical "mini-manuals" have been added to TransTec rebuild kits for the following Ford applications: E4OD 1989-96 AOD-E / 4R70W 4R44E / 4R55E 1995-96 Information contained in these manuals includes: location of air pressure checks; checkball location diagrams; exploded views of valve bodies; clutch clearances; solenoid application charts; electrical schematics; and clutch and band application charts.

Accumulator O-Rings Added to AOD Kits

Some 1992 and 1993 AOD transmissions were produced with an aluminum 2-3 accumulator piston instead of the plastic piston normally found in the AOD. This aluminum piston is the same part that is used in the AODE. It uses O-rings for seals, while the plastic piston uses Teflon sealing rings. The Teflon rings and the O-rings cannot be interchanged. To cover these final two years of the AOD, TransTec has added the accumulator O-rings to all AOD gasket and seal kits, and overhaul kits.

Ford E4OD Changes for 1996

In this issue...
Our Troubleshooter feature article provides insight into rebuilding the VW/Audi AG4. Accumulator O-rings added to AOD kits. See cover article. Ford changes the E4OD for '96, and parts don't interchange with earlier models. See cover article. Teflon sealing rings for Chrysler's A727 and Powerglide stator support now available. See page 2. TransTec new product introductions. See page 2. Ford changes the 4R70W (AODE) for '96. See page 7.

The E4OD transmission has had several changes for the 1996 model year. 1) The upper and lower valve body gaskets are new, and have light green stripes for identification. 2) The low/reverse clutch piston now
Description Upper Valve Body Gasket

has lip seals instead of lathe cut seals. 3) The pan gasket is now a molded rubber gasket instead of cork. None of these parts interchange with the old parts! The new parts are listed below:
TransTec # 12851 12852 12850 28325 28326 32414 OEM # F6TZ-7C155-A N/A F6TZ-7D100-A F6TZ-7D403-A F6TZ-7D404-A F6TZ-7A191-A

Upper Valve Body Gasket (optional .015" thick) Lower Valve Body Gasket Low/Reverse Outer Lip Seal Low/Reverse Inner Lip Seal Molded Pan Gasket

Due to these changes, the year coverage on the current E4OD kits will end

at 1995. The new kits for 1996-Up are as follows:

TransTec # 1313 2313 1314

Gasket & Seal Kit with molded rubber pan gasket Overhaul Kit with molded rubber pan gasket Gasket & Seal Kit with molded rubber pan gasket and .015" upper valve body gasket


For additional product announcement information, contact your local distributor

Coming Soon... F4A33/32 End Clutch Kit

TransTec will soon offer an end clutch repair kit for the 1991-Up F4A33/32. The kit will include all the necessary components to rebuild the end clutch, including the rear cover gasket, inner & outer clutch seals, early & late metal clad seal, speed sensor O-ring, sealing ring, retainer bolts & seals, etc.

Ford 4R44E and 4R55E Gasket Sets & Overhaul Kits Now Available
The 4R44E and 4R55E were introduced by Ford Motor Company in model year 1995, and are basically A4LD units with total electronic control (they're sometimes referred to as "A4LD-E" units). The 4R55E unit has more clutch plates than the 4R44E, and is found behind 4.0L engines because of its higher torque capacity. They're used in 1995-Up Rangers and Explorers, and 1996-Up Aerostars.
TransTec # 1309 DP1309 2309 DP2309 Description Gasket & Seal Kit Gasket & Seal Kit with Duraprene Gaskets Overhaul Kit Overhaul Kit with Duraprene Gaskets

It's the Little Things That Count

It's the little things we do to make TransTec rebuild kits better than other brands. Since our engineers are on top of the latest microfiche (or other media) as it comes out, we're constantly updating kit contents in response to changes from the OEMs. We don't add "novelty" parts to our kits, like springs that alter shift characteristics, just for the sake of adding parts. But if it makes sense to add parts for the right reason, such as an OEM change, we do it. In addition, as OEM parts become available to the aftermarket, we update our kits as soon as possible. Our kits contain the highest quality parts, and we don't cut corners. In the end, rebuilders appreciate the higher quality, and that's what gives us the edge over the competition. Here are some of the "little things" we're currently doing to improve our kits: Adding the governor filter (TT#81683) to the Toyota A440 kit.

Teflon Sealing Rings for Chrysler's A727 and Powerglide

Due to customer requests, TransTec is offering Teflon sealing rings for the stator support (high clutch drum) for the Chrysler A727 and the aluminum Powerglide. Both of these transmissions are frequently used in race cars. Due to the high RPMs encountered in these applications, Teflon rings are preferred over cast iron because they cause less wear on the drums and pumps. These rings are available in bulk for the Torqueflite 727 TransTec #21382 and Powerglide TransTec #21383

New TransTec Kits for the Ford 4R70W 1996-Up

Gasket & Seal Kit with molded rubber pan gasket - TransTec # 1311 Gasket & Seal Kit with Duraprene pan gasket - TransTec #DP1311 Overhaul Kit with molded rubber pan gasket - TransTec #2311

BTR 93LE and 97LE Transmissions 1994-Up

Overhaul Kit: BTR 93LE and 97LE Transmissions - TransTec #2304



Denny Scher, Editor

Rebuilder News is dedicated to providing current technical information to the automatic transmission rebuilder. Reader's comments/suggestions are welcomed. Write: Editor, Rebuilder News, P.O. Box 556, Milan, Ohio 44846-0556. 1996 Freudenberg-NOK General Partnership. All rights reserved. Reproduction without prior written permission is prohibited.

Adding the new differential rear cover gasket (TT#11315) to kits to cover the 1995-Up Hyundai A4AF-2. Changing the Toyota front pump seal to the OE seal (TT#29910).


The VW/Audi AG4: Easy to Fix, IF you can get the parts.
By John Wozniak, TransTec Transmission Product Manager

still working like beavers to keep up I dont know about you, but I think transmissions. Probably, like most Big with the changes VW/Audi keep this business gets harder every year. Business reasons, the real reason is making. Whats dragging out the Ive been putting trans kits together for because it's cheaper. process is the fact that cataloging from almost ten years, and before that I And heres where the TrickleVW is still not complete six years after worked in a rebuild shop just like Down principle snaps our solenoids. they introduced the transmissions, and youre doing now. Apart from what we can most of the inside parts are not When I started, our learn by taking apart available separately. Talk about a shop would see maybe "... but lately the the unit itself, the research nightmare! eight or so different OEMs are on some biggest source for transmissions on a information about a regular basis. And those sort of a changeGet to know Renault new transmissions frenzy that reminds were pretty simple components has been At the start, this series of transmisthings to work on, me of sharks feeding the OEMs catalog. sions was planned as a joint venture compared to what rolls But catalogs on new between Renault and VW/Audi. That habits." into your shop these transmissions are being makes sense when you realize that days. It seems that issued far slower than ever before. The most of Europe still shifts by hand. every vehicle that comes in sports a OEMs seem to be saying Why spend Even today, 56% of all European-made trans with something different on it or money on a catalog if were only going vehicles with automatic transmissions in it. Or both. to replace the unit anyway? are exported, mainly to the US. I just checked the puter, and TransAll of the above sort of sets the stage Since less than 5% of our vehicles Tec now packs almost 100 different for the subject of this article: Whats come from Europe, you can see why trans kits. To make each kit, we first with the VW/Audi series of computertheir car manufacturers try to share the have to figure out what the original controlled four-speed automatic expense of designing and building components are. There was a time transmissions? (You automatic transmiswhen this was not too difficult, but knew Id get to the point sions. lately the OEMs are on some sort of a ... cataloging from sooner or later.) change-frenzy that reminds me of The original plan VW is still not complete The VW/Audi series sharks feeding habits. called for Renault to of trans first showed up six years after they make automatic On top of all the changes - some in the 90 Passat. We transmissions for VW/ introduced the translittle, some big - simply getting the began developing kits Audi as well as for information from the OEMs has missions, and most of for these about three their own vehicles. become a real bear. years ago. We chose to the inside parts are are That plan didnt last These days, almost all OEMs run hold off developing not available separately. long. (Rumor has it some sort of reman program. One these until we finished that VW/Audi was not reason OEMs run these programs is to our line of kits for overjoyed with get back units under warranty so they Japanese transmissions, a decision Renaults quality. Imagine that!) VW can do failure analysis. Another big largely driven by the greater number of now makes their own units and Audi reason is the car dealers shortage of faulty Japanese units. But even though has almost totally switched over to people qualified to repair automatic weve been at it for three years, were

ZFs 5-speed trans. So much for plans. I think Audi is trying to break away from its image as a fancy VW and grab some of the territory claimed by BMW and Mercedes. (As a direct result of the different trans coming out of VW and Audi these days, I wont use the compound name VW/Audi anymore in this article. Besides, Im tired of typing all that. When you smoke along at a blazing 30 words per minute, such things become important.)

are the pan gasket and most external seals.) Mercifully, the AR4 was gone by 1990, so the chances of you seeing this thing in the US are slim.

Of course, Renault remains active in Europe. They developed two new versions of the AR4, which theyve called the AD4 and the AD8. One of Base Unit 095/096 those is a transverse unit while the other These are base units is a different version of for VW. These frontthe north-south trans. wheel drive trans are on To be brutally frank, Mercifully, the AR4 all VWs, except for the we dont yet know was gone by 1990, so But Forward Into History Eurovans. (Check the which is which. Our the chances of you Application Chart for work on this series of The Renault-built trans first showed trans has concentrated seeing this thing in the the exact coverage.) up in the US in 1988. They put it into The 095 - which came on the Renault vera 4-cylinder Eagle Premiere. Renault US are slim. out first - became the sions. We already have proudly called it the AR4. The AR4 is 096 in October 91 a pretty good handle on a north-south mounted unit that to you when they changed the the VW side of things. is similar to the 097 youve seen in the pinion setup and changed the pinion Audi. (The AR4 might look similar to If youre Germanically inclined, you seal. This differential uses different you, but to us its a major change need to call these versions the AG4. In lubricant, just like the A404 does. because most of the metal-clad seals reality, three different versions have are different from those in the 097, as NOTE: VW stiffly denies ever VW/AUDI AG4 TYPE APPLICATION CHART making the 095 and will only admit to the 096. Thats a little hard to swallow, Trans Engine Trans Model Years since I have a 90 Passat service Type Type/ Size Model manual that specifically refers to the 100 91 4 Speed FWD L5 2.3L 097 095 Transmission. I suspect we are Cabriolet 94 4 Speed FWD V6 2.8L 097 seeing a typographic error or an Cabriolet 95-96 4 Speed FWD V6 2.8L 01N example of the OEM mentality that Cabrio 95-96 4 Speed FWD L4 2.0L 01M holds Out of Service, Out of Mind.
Corrado Corrado Corrado Golf Golf Jetta Jetta Jetta GLX Jetta GLX Passat Passat Passat Eurovan Eurovan 90-l0/91 95 93-94 95-96 93-94 95-96 94 95-96 90-10/91 10/91-94 95-96 92-94 95-96 4 Speed FWD L4 1.8L V6 2.8L 095 10/91-94 4 Speed FWD 4 Speed FWD 4 Speed FWD 4 Speed FWD 4 Speed FWD 4 Speed FWD 4 Speed FWD 4 Speed FWD 4 Speed FWD 4 Speed FWD 4 Speed FWD 4 Speed FWD 4 Speed FWD L4 1.8L V6 2.8L L4 1.8L V6 2.8L L4 1.8/l.9/2.0L L4 1.8/1.9/2.0L L4 1.8/1.9/2.0L L4 1.8/1.9/2.0L V6 2.8L V6 2.8L L4 2.0L V6 2.8L L4 2.0L V6 2.8L L4 2.0L V6 2.8L L4 2.4/2.5L L4 2.4/2.5L 096 01M 096 01M 096 01M 096 01M 095 096 01M 098 01P

been produced; the 095/096, the 097, and the 098. To add to your storehouse of confusion, in 1995 VW and Audi made major changes in these trans, and gave them three new designations. Ill walk you through those things later in this article. For now, lets stick with the base units.

This is the Audi version of the AG4. The 097 has a north-south configuration and is put together just like the Audi 3-speed, or the Subaru. First comes the torque converter housing, then the differential with axle stubs hanging out the side, and finally, the trans itself. The differential is isolated from the trans and converter housing, with pinion seals front and rear. Those are necessary to handle the different lubricants. As youd correctly guess, all the



2-4 Brake (B2) Reverse Clutch (K2) Forward Clutch (K1) 4th Clutch (K3) Reverse Clutch (B1)

098/01P Friction Steel

6 5 5 5 6 7 5 5 4 6

096/01M 4Cyl Friction Steel

6 5 5 5 5 7 5 5 4 5

6Cyl & Diesel Friction Steel

6 5 5 6 5 7 5 5 5 5

097/01N Friction Steel

6 7

How Goes The Power Flow

metal-clads and the pan gasket are different from the 095/096. Base Unit 098 Youll find this trans in the rearengine Eurovan, the vehicle which in its original life as a Microbus found fame in Arlo Guthries song about Alices Restaurant. That wont

mean anything to those of you who are into Smokin Grooves, but hey...life is like that. Anyhow, this trans looks similar to the 095/096, except it has a long extension housing hanging off one side. But dont get expedient...a closer look will show you that the 098 has a different pan, a different transfer gear cover, and different metal clads.

Strip away the external differences, 5 5 and youll discover 5 5 that all these units are 6 5 about the same inside. 5 5 The easiest way to figure it all out is to think of the original Ford AOD. There was no true lock-up converter in the AOD; theres none here either. Instead, theres a damper in the converter thats splined to a separate input shaft. And the damper in these units is used partially in 3rd and fully in 4th; its like deja vu with the AOD all over again. Starting at the front of all these transmissions, the first clutch you see is the 2-4 (B1). Like the AOD, once more. Absent from this one is the intermediate one-way clutch. But unlike the AOD, the clutch in this trans is not on in 3rd. The next clutch you encounter is the reverse clutch (K2). As you might guess, this clutch is on in reverse, just as it is in the AOD. Unlike the AOD, this clutch is also on in 3rd, taking the place of the AODs direct clutch. Following that one is the forward clutch (K1). VW more accurately calls this one the 1st-3rd clutch because it is on in those gears. Moving right along, you come to the 4th (K3) clutch, which takes the place of the overdrive band in the AOD. And finally, you meet up with the 2nd reverse clutch (B2). Again, VW chooses accuracy over gloss, and calls this one the Reverse Brake. It replaces the reverse band thats in the AOD and performs the same function here as the band did there. Hiding in the back is the low oneway clutch that holds in 1st gear and

1 - 2nd and 4th gear brake "B2" 2 - Reverse gear clutch "K2" 3 - Forward "K1" 4 - 4th gear clutch "K3" 5 - Reverse gear brake "B1" 6 - Free wheel clutch "F"

Gear R lst 2nd 3rd 4th

B1 B2 K1 K2 K3 F

freewheels in 2nd gear. If all this gets to be too much to absorb, refer to the clutch application chart in this article. Electronics Theres no way to avoid discussing electronics when you talk about any new transmission. In order to give you the information below, I have scoured every service manual I could find. Unfortunately, information about the electronics on all these transmissions is - like everything else available about them - sketchy at best. Things are fairly standard on the input side. Inputs from the speed sensor, multi-function switch, throttle position sensor, transmission temperature sensor, RPM, and the engine control module go directly to the transmission control module. The computer sorts out all the stuff it wants and sends signals to the solenoids to control the transmissions operation. Pretty straightforward up to here, but things spice up a bit now. VW/AUDI 095-098 SOLENOID APPLICATION CHART
Gear Park R N 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Gear Park R N 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

Is Seven A Lucky Number? Attached to the valve body are seven solenoids. You read it right...seven solenoids to control four gears and no lock-up. Take a deep breath before you read on.

The transmission computer also controls an interlock solenoid thats located on the shift lever. This solenoid wont allow the shifter to be moved unless the brake is on. I suspect Audi may be a bit touchy on that subject.

Four of those seven Be Prudent, Pal solenoids control the Checking the solenoids Before you do four speeds. Solenoids electronically is a noanything rash, like N88, N89, N90 and brainer operation. Of blaming things on a bad N91 all perform that function. Why they course, most solenoids solenoid, better make absolutely sure youve started with 88 beats don't fail electronically, got the real culprit. You me; Ive looked they fail mechanically. cant just buy one of everywhere but cant these sweethearts. All find any reference to seven solenoids must be solenoids N1 through bought as a single assembly. That will N87. Take a squint at the solenoid set you back about $150 at your application chart in this article to see friendly dealership. which solenoid is on in which gear. Next is a quote straight out of VWs Service Manual. Solenoid valves N92 and N94 are supplementary valves that affect gear selection changes and are only controlled during gear changes. Boy! What a diagnosis section they provide! Checking the solenoids electrically is a no-brainer operation. Of course, most solenoids dont fail electrically, they fail mechanically. Apparently, VW figures that transmission repair guys have a sixth sense, because they dont tell you what any of those solenoids do, and they dont include an oil schematic in their service manual, either. They let you figure out if you have a solenoid problem some other way. Lotsaluck. The Guessing Game 95 Changes, a La AOD Back in 90 when Ford unleashed the AODE as the replacement for the AOD, one of the biggest non-electronic changes was the replacement of the mechanical lock-up system with a true hydraulic lock-up converter. That one change eliminated one of the biggest driveability problems associated with Fords. The funky-feeling 3rd and 4th gears were gone. It took the vaunted VW engineers only five more years to come up with the same solution to the same problem. Starting in 95, the 095-098 transmissions now have a true lock-up. Strange though it seems, the units still operate with seven solenoids. They figured out that they can make four gears work with three solenoids instead of with four. Most everybody else does the same thing with two solenoids, but who counts? More Changes Still There are changes worth noting. The molded rubber clutch pistons have

1995-96 Solenoid N88 N89 N90 X X X X X X 1995-96 Solenoid N88 N89 N90 X X X X X X X X X

N91 X


Heres an educated guess: I think that N94 controls shift timing during 34 and 4-3 shifts, and that N92 controls shift timing for 2-3 and 3-2 shifts That leaves us guessing about the N93. It appears to be a down-shift solenoid thats on when the throttle is wide open.

been altered and the 4th (K3) clutch and the forward (K1) clutch changed too. The retainer for the release springs now has a rubber lip seal molded into it. That seal fits into the regular piston and acts as a guide; it works like the A604s molded piston.

rebuilding practices plus quality parts usually results in a successful rebuild. But from what I also hear, getting the right parts can be a sizable pain in the drip pan.

1995-Up Model Designations 1990-95

095/096 097 098

01M 01N 01P

Im going into all this minutiae because - so far as I can tell - those parts are not yet available on the aftermarket. One of tried to fix an 097 or Identifying what the OEM vendors refuses an 098 with a kit for youre working on is to sell two of the parts to no big deal. Cast into the 095/096. Guess the aftermarket, which the top of every case makes things doubly what. It won't work. is the part number for nice. For the dealer, that the assembly. The is. The only way you can first three digits tell you which get those parts is to buy the whole transmission is staring up at you. drum from the dealer who will be all too glad to sell it to you. We're also in the process of confirming that the pistons were changed in '95 along with all those other changes. It's possible that some trans made before 95 also contain these new pistons. If you see a trans with those new pistons, treat them with great respect. Of course, when they added lock-up they changed the model designations on all the units. To keep things straight, check the designation chart in this article. Final Thoughts From what I hear, repairing one of these gems isnt all that difficult. Good

Ive taken several calls from rebuilders who tried to fix an 097 or an 098 I've taken several calls with a kit for the 095/ 096. Guess what. It from rebuilders who wont work.

When you see 097 on the case, youre working on an 097 trans. Etc., etc. Pretty simple, after all. But Watch Out If you are looking at a case that shows 097 (01N) or 098 (01P) dont let your parts guy sell you a kit for an 095/096 (01M). And watch out for those pistons. TT

Ford 4R70W (AODE) Changes for 1996

The 4R70W first came out in 1993 in the Lincoln Mark VIII as a heavy-duty version of the AODE. Each year since then, it has been used in more vehicles while the AODE usage has diminished. By 1995, the 4R70W had completely replaced the AODE. In 1996, the 4R70W went through some changes. The upper and lower valve body gaskets changed, the valve
Description Upper Valve Body Gasket Lower Valve Body Gasket Valve Body Cover Gasket Extension Housing Gasket

body cover gasket changed, and the extension housing gasket had a material change and Silicone bead added. Due to these changes, plus the fact that the 4R70W always had a larger rear seal than the AODE, we will be coming out with new kits to cover the 4R70W for 1996-Up. Our current AODE/4R70W kits will cover both transmissions through 1995 (except for the rear seal).
TransTec # 12863 12862 12861 12860 OEM # F7AZ-7C155-AA F7AZ-7D100-AA F6AZ-7H173-A F6AZ-7086-A

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