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This presentation will explain the procedure of erection steel bridge using cantilever
Prepared by Adhi Triono
method from design concept to the work execution
© 2008
 The erection of multi span bridge is required certain method due to the difficulty of the
erection by using prop/support method by considering the time, cost, high of river bed,
 Generally the erection of multi span bridge is whether using launching method or
cantilever method.
 The beneficiary of cantilever method is that this method not required special equipment
compare to launching method which is required more sophisticate equipment such as
huge electric winch or hydraulic jack, wire rope, etc. Therefore, this cantilever method is
less expensive, less on risk, and faster.
Design Stage



Structure Remodeling
 Check original design criteria, if the original design criteria has not considered
the cantilever method, then the structure has to be remodeling.
 Due to the cantilever method than the member of the steel bridge has to be
checked carefully whether the member is strong enough to restrain the stresses
 The remodeling of the steel bridge is better using a software which is available
at the marker such as STAADPro, SAP, or other software for time saving and
also for the accurate result.
 The load has to be considered for remodeling is:
 Dead Load
 Rail Load (for transporting the steel member and also for crane)
 Crane for erection
 Wind Load
 Others load which might occur during erection
Post Remodeling
 Axial force (tension or compressed force) of each member and then calculate
the stresses and compare to allowable stresses, in case the actual stress is
exceeding the allowable stress then the member has to be strengthened by
increasing the net area. Notify the Engineer in case the member has to be
strengthened. The stress check has to be done for both span (the cantilever span
and the counterweight span)
 The deflection of the bridge for each node/joint. The result has to be
superimposed with the designed camber of the bridge so the final result will
not deviate with the camber requirement. The designed camber can be found
on the drawing or inquire the data from the Engineer (in case those information
cannot be found on the drawing).
 Design of Link Member, “Link member” mean the temporary steel member for
linking of 2 span of the bridge so the 2nd span of the bridge will become
Stage 1

 Erect the Dummy span on Bent Support (this span will be dismantle afterward) on
the approach formation. Fixing the joint by temporary bolts.
 Install the crane on the upper chord rail.
 Install steel link for the erection of the 1st span (next span)
Stage 2

 Erect the span 1, steel material is supplied from the stockyard to erection area
using trolley system.
 Fixing joints by permanent bolts.
 Kentledge must be kept ready prior to erection steel girder near end portion (as a
counterweight). The load of kentledge approximately 33% of total weight a single
span of steel girder.
 Provide steel link prior to start erection of the next span.
 The dummy span can be dismantle and the erection can be continue to the next
span to the end.