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There is no reason why you are not enough (Action Required: Mindfulness: Replacing negative thoughts with There

is no reason I am not enough. When Im not doing anything, repeat that phrase over and over again in my head as much as I can throughout the day) -This understanding leads to relaxation (Not state, not aggression, not pumped up) 1st Interpretation: Youre never stressed about someone hating or loving you. You arent stressed about the way you speak to a girl or the way she reacts to you. 2nd Interpretation: The vibe that it gives you -Scanner/Filter: Does this guy have self -respect or does this guy think of himself as a chode?You give off the proper vibe when you are relaxed. -You achieve relaxation by monopolizing your own emotions -When you have that vibe, their arousal and attraction for you will build up over time -If youre relaxed you influence people around you Action Required Related to Above Section: 1. 2. 3. Meditation- 30 minutes every day Working Out Eating Healthy

4. Not Drinking as much (Dont get hammered- drink for the enjoyment of the taste, not to influence state) 5. Constant Recitation in my head, throughout my day-day life, of the phrase, There is no reason I am not enough In order for any of this to work, you have to have to truly believe that there is no reason that you are not enough Negative Thoughts: I need to say the right thing, I need to have the right body language/Angle when I approach You are monopolized in your thoughts about yourself -You never react to anything anyone says to you or about you. -If someone gives you a compliment, no big deal -Nobody can get you pumped up and enthusiastic or nervous/uptight

Action Required: 1. Mindfulness Be aware of what emotions I am feeling and what their cause is. Start up an Emotions Journal where I will write for 30 minutes, every night, about my emotions throughout the day and specifically any times when I let my emotions be manipulated by external factors

You dont win a frame battle by being defensive. You win a frame battle by just being yourself with consistency Action Required: 1. Be aware of when I am responding to tests defensively or aggressively and then later, recap the night in field reports and come up with a new way to have responded to the test that neither agrees with nor entirely rejects the statement 2. Analyze field reports to find examples of when I let myself get sucked into her frame (I.Estarted trying) 3. Take these examples and write down how I could have handled the situation differently -If you are just being yourself and people cant fuck with that then people will naturally react to you. -Dont get too pumped up if they complement you -You dont give a shit if girls like or hate you Interest doesnt mean they will suck your dick right away -Requires time for them to open up to going home with you -Average guy is naturally attractive -No reason your special but no reason youre less than anyone else

Interest converts to excitement converts to arousal -This takes time -The girl has to emotionally open up

Biggest disrupter of game is walking away from your own sets -She didnt seem into me -I thought I said the wrong thing -How can you be needy if you are enough Use Positive and Negative Expressions -Express the full range of what youre feeling without fear Our goal is to arouse the girl by making her comfortable and helping her to address her own stress Example of Positive and Negative Expressions: High Nice to Meet You positive Youre not very talkative, are you - are you a bit slow?- Negative You look absolutely gorgeous tonight- although I could probably give you tips on how to dress better positive and negative -Asking chode questions and making chode statements gets boring Poking fun at them in order to better bring out their personality If things are going well and she wants to walk away- LET HER DO THAT. Shes just sitting there like, Im just seeking arousal okay whats next! Whats next! and then she will come back to you Rule of 4 Be willing to reopen any given set, up to 4 times -Also be willing to leave and come back EX: In the video where he pulls the stunner, in the middle of the conversation, Alex asks where the bathroom is and says, Im going to go to the bathroom - chat later? -This gives her the opportunity to feel scarcity and to realize how much more awesome you are than any other guy at the bar -Befriend the guys in the set: They are not a threat. -Enjoy everyone in the interaction: Looking for fun experiences and to have empathy with the girl and if you are blowing out her guy friends, you aren t empathizing with what she wants from the club experience (to have fun with all of her friends AS WELL AS find a hot dude to fuck at the end of the night after she was able to have fun with everyone) -Sometimes Alex will automatically buy whoever is sitting next to him a beer

Not Target Hunting- We are Exploring New Interactions -Nobody can get freaked out by someone who is simply exploring new interactions because there is no attachment to outcome

Focus on the moment and the outcome will take care of itself -Be present to the moment (Action Required: Meditation) -Also analyze your own motivations and figure out 1. What the root cause is of my attachment to outcome and 2. How can I aggressively go after what I want, without sacrificing my god-given right to have desires, while remaining detached from the outcome -When responding to shit-tests, dont become defensive Be the fun Fun, Innocent, Cool Guy -Mix sexual verbals with innocent language, What would you say to having a romantic sexual encounter in the mcdonalds bathroom 1. 2. 3. No reason you are not enough Be arousing not attractive Self -Trust: The true indication of interest is when the girl is quiet and attentive

Three Skills: 1. 2. 3. Talk Create Initiatives Test The game is played in tests Touch it doesnt matter what moves you make, it just matters that youre making moves -Dont worry about her reaction to your actions -Whether she gives compliance or not, she is aroused- so it doesnt even matter if she gives compliance --Deliberately Waste time

--Push through non-compliance -Multiple makeout attempts -We dont want to talk to you youre creepy Actually Im not Just persist and survive for at least 3 tries -With hotter girls- you HAVE to push through non-compliance- its going to happen, at least at first, you just have to push through that non-compliance by realizing that you are enough -When you are enough, non-compliance and tests are really just the girl being weird- so nothing to take personally, instead you can laugh at it because the script is flipped- now SHES being the weird one not you

-If youre sorry to be wasting their time they will treat you like that -Girls get defensive if arousal happens too quickly -By beating tests you create arousal -Beating Tests -Its fine, I like it here -Im just freely expressing myself into the air like a paint canvas -You seemed to be the most relaxed and so probably more worth my while to talk to -Empathize with the girl in many ways ` -Statement of empathy with humor -By that you mean something else -By that you mean [insert funny misinterpretation] -I love you -They cant voluntarily avoid their own seduction, except to evade it or throw tests at it -Tests are there to check for your own emotional fortitude and solidity as a man -Never game the girl- game the group and the hottest, most single girl in the group will present herself to you and the other less attractive girl will back the fuck up -Instead of trying to take away the arousal of the club, friends etc just hang out with everyone instead of trying to steal her away- empathy

-If youre bored- fuck around with physical escalation -But your goal is physical rapport- you want to be comfortable in the girls space but not drive her crazy and make her TOO aroused -Physical expressions are good though- picking her up, kissing her on the neck and then sit her down again- it shows that you are confident enough to do any of this stuff -Holding hands is always good -Brush and lead- brush down her arm and then grab her hand -Ideally its not good to kiss girls in social situations- its more of a personal thing as opposed to a sexual thing- in the bar, you want to go for a neck kiss because its more of a sexual tease and she wont feel validated until youve kissed her on the mouth -Doesnt matter if they comply with the escalation- it will amuse you and it will arouse you -Deliberately dont take the set anywhere- if you have too much urgency, that creates defensiveness -Dont give her all the attention- give her some reaction but dont give her the full attention-play with that arousal -Not worried about sex because we know that we can t control it so she doesnt get defensive