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Basic Argumentative Essay Rubric

Student Name: ________________________________________

Meets Standards 4
You, as a student, clearly put in the time and effort to write the best Student Effort paper you are able to at this point and time. Claim statement names the position/stance of the essay Outlines the three main points/evidence to be discussed Located at the end of the introductory paragraph

Approaching Standards 3
Your effort was not a strong as it could have been. You completed the workbut its not your best work. The position/stance is not definitive Outlines two or less main points/ evidence to be discussed Located near the end of the introductory paragraph.

Below Standards 2

Unacceptable 1
You clearly wrote this paper in a few hours or less-this not even close to your best work.

Claim/Thesis Statement

The claim statement outlines some or all of the main points/ evidence to be discussed but does not name a position. Located in the introductory , but not at the end

There is no claim statement, AND/OR the claim statement is not evident because it is scattered throughout introduction.

Introductory Paragraph

Introductory paragraph contains an interesting hook There is a transition that links the hook information to the claim statement Contains claim statement

Hooks connection to the claim statement is not clear Transition to the claim is not clear. Contains claim statement somewhere in

Hook is weak AND/OR rambling AND/OR does not relate clearly to the claim statement There is no transition to the claim only contains the claim statement There are body s, but they do not contain evidence Body s do not relate to claim statement Commentary does not contain any attempt at providing: explanation of evidence analysis warrants

An introductory paragraph has not been included or is simply a sentence or two.

Body Paragraphs

There are three body s Each contains a topic sentence that relates to one of the three main reasons given in the claim statement Each contains evidence/quotes from the text(s) Commentary explains quotes analyzes topic provides warrants

There are two or less body s, s do not contain a topic sentence or if it does, the topic sentences do not relate to claim statement Evidence/quotes have not been provided Commentary does not clearly (ideas are fuzzy): explain evidence provide analysis of topic AND/OR does not make sense with topic sentence or evidence provide definitive warrants The counterpoint paragraph states the opposite stance but does not provide supporting reasons OR only provides one reason Refute is weak AND/OR quite unclear

There are no body paragraphs, or one has been provided but is below standards.

Counterpoint Paragraph

Counterpoint paragraph states the opposite stance and provides at least two reasons to support opposing stance Writer refutes stance with the papers argument

There is no counterpoint The counterpoint paragraph. paragraph does not clearly state opposite stance, or the stated opposite stance does not relate to claim Refutation does not make sense or is not present. There is no conclusion the paper just ends.

Closing paragraph

The conclusion is strong and The conclusion is recognizable. leaves the reader solidly understanding the writer's position. There is a recognizable transition from one to the next Transition is relevant to next presented

Transitions between s

There is not a transition for every AND/OR transitions are not relevant to next presented

Transitions are not apparent AND/OR are just a word or two.

Check in box indicates an emphasis placed on a particular element.