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By H.

Ramadas Rao
Copy Editor: Manohar Mulchandani

Born in
1952 in a traditional Madhva sampradaya Brahmin family from Surathkal near to Mangalore, belonging to Kashyapa Gotra, has deep interest towards occult sciences from the age of 12, studied Hindu Palmistry through a Guru when in 23 years of age. A B.Sc.graduate in Chemistry, presently working in Kuwait National Petroleum Company. Took a serious interest in Jyotish during the age of 32 due to some tragic experiences in the family. Studied Jyotish individually through Shri B.V.Ramans books and to get spiritual experiences found a Guru in 1990.Under his guidance, spiritual experiences increased through Ishta Devatha Jap Sadhana. Took more interest in delineating Nadi Jyotish which became fruitful in 2003 when he met his Nadi Guru Shri R.G.Rao from Bangalore. He has written articles in express Star Teller and Jyotish Digest magazines.

adi Jyotish is always a secret for every Astrologer. Many Astrologers are doing their research on Nadi Jyotish. In this article, I will try to find out ones spouse name from the horoscope. This is only a research article and others may find it useful. Now what is Nadi? Nadi is a Sanskrit word for Pulse. As an Ayurvedic Pandit checks ones Nadi/Pulse to find out the minutest problem one has, Nadi Jyotish gives the minutest information regarding ones life, his/her family, parents, coborns, education, job, marriage, children, disease, gains and losses, spirituality, death etc. There are many Nadi Granthas available but are kept secret. In some Nadi Granthas, Lagna has no importance at all. Normally Nadi predictions are made through right hand thumb impressions. But here I am making an attempt to analyse a chart in Nadi methodology by the Blessings of my Nadi Guru Shri R.

G. Rao. Male charts start with Guru as Guru is Purusha Karaka and Female charts start with Shukra as Shukra is the Karaka for female. Why Guru is Karaka for male? The reason is Guru is the male energy, who, through Suryas rays, gets this power of male progeny. Similarly Shukra is the karaka for female: as per Hindu tradition, after the marriage, a woman will wear silver toe rings on both the legs and silver is the metal for Shukra, so Shukra indicates a female. In Lagna Nadi, Lagna is taken as important and other houses and planets are delineated accordingly. In Chandra Kala Nadi or Deva Keralam, each Rashi of 30 degrees is divided into arcs of 12 minutes, so a total of 150 Nadiamshas are given. In Bhrigu Nandi Nadi, Shri R. G. Rao has explained how to find out ones name through the 1st example chart. This has given me a lighting spark to find out the spouses name through 7th house, its lord and its Nakshatra Lord, its Namakshara, the planet/s behind or in front of such Nakshatra lord. In Nadi Jyotish, any planet behind i.e., 12th house and 2nd house is also important like our neighbors near our house influence us in our day to day life etc. We also have to look for the 4 tattwas: a planet has one of Agni, Prithvi,Vayu or Jalatattwa. Planets in trines i.e., 5th and 9th to a planet are considered to be in the same direction. Here directions are also very important. Planets in opposite directions are also important as they aspect each other. For example, Mesha is East direction, and Mithuna is West direction, so the planets in Mesha and Mithuna aspect each other. Mesha, Simha and Dhanu indicate Eastern directions, Mithuna, Tula and Kumbha indicate Western directions, Vrishabha, Kanya and Makara indicate Southern Direction and finally Karka Rashi, Vrischika and Meena Rashi indicate Northern Direction. Thus Eastern direction Rashis are Agni or Fiery Tattwa Rashis, Western direction Rashis are Vayu or Airy Tattwa Rashis, Southern Direction Rashis are Prithvi tattwa Rashis and finally Northern direction Rashis are Jala tattwa Rashis. The following table gives Namaksharas for 27 Nakshatras which are very useful in finding the names:

No Nakshatras 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Ashwini Bharani Krittika Rohini Mrigashira Ardra Punarvasu Pushyami Ashlesha Magha Poorva Phalguni Uttara Phalguni Hastaa Chitra Swati Vishakha Anuradha Jyeshtha

Namaksharas chu, che, cho, laa ( , , , ) li, lU, le, lo A, E, U, a o, vaa, vi, vu ve, vo, kaa, ki ( , , , ) ( , , , ) ( , , , ) ( , , , )

kU, gha, gna, cha ( , , , ) ke, ko, haa, hi hu, he, ho, Daa Di, Du, De, Do maa, mi, mu, me mo, Taa, Ti, Tu Te, To, paa, pi pu, Sha, Na, Tha pe, po, raa, ri rU, re, ro, taa ti, tU, te, to naa, ni, nU, ne no, yaa, yi, yU ( , , , ) ( , , , ) ( , , , ) ( , , , ) ( , , , ) ( , , , ) ( , , , ) ( , , , ) ( , , , ) ( , , , ) ( , , , ) ( , , , )

19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27

Moola Poorvashada Uttarashada Shravana Dhanishta Shatabhisha Poorvabhadra Uttarabhadra Revati

ye, yo, baa, bi bu, dha, bha, Dha be, bo, da, ji shi, shU, she, sho gaa, gi, gU, ge go, saa, si, sU se, so, da, di du, ja, chna, tha de, do, chaa, chi

( , , , ) ( , , , ) ( , , , ) ( , , , ) ( , , , ) ( , , , ) ( , , , ) ( , , , ) ( , , , )

Some examples to delineate the spouse name: Example -1:

The above example is of a male. Lagna is Kumbha, so 7th house falls in Simha Rashi whose Lord Surya is in Kanya and is Vargottama. He is in the Nakshatra of Chitra ruled by Kuja who is in Karka Rashi along with its lord Chandra. Now as per Nadi texts,

Karka Rashi indicates river, Sea etc. Apart from this, Karka Rashi is also considered as Lord Brahmalaya where Guru is exalted. Guru in this Karka Rashi is called as Lord Brahma. This is because Meena Rashi is the sign where Lord Vishnu is in Yoga Nidra with His consort Mother Lakshmi at His feet and Karka Rashi is HIS Nabhi where Lord Brahma rises. This means the name of his spouse should be the name of a river which flows through Brahmalaya ( Vide Srimad Bhagavatha Canto 4 and 5 ) which is nothing but river Alakananda. As Surya is in Kujas Nakshatra and Mesha Rashi is lorded by Kuja and Suryas 1st Nakshatra Krittika falls in Mesha Rashi, the namakshara for Krittika is A. So his spouse name should start with A. Now Karka Rashi has planets Kuja which indicates Shakti or energy and Chandra indicates flowing water, and due to the reasons given above his spouse name should be Alakananda which is correct. Example -2:

In the above chart, Lagna is Dhanu, so 7th house is Mithuna Rashi which is lorded by Budha and is placed in Vrischika Rashi in the Nakshatra of Jyeshta. The Nakshatra Deity is Indra and in this chart Nakshatra Lord Budha is placed in Vrischka Rashi lorded by Kuja who is his enemy. Kuja is in the Nakshatra of Uttarashada ruled by Surya and he is very near to Budha, so Budha is combust. As Kuja is in Dhanu Rashi, so the spouses name is one of Lord Ramas name. (Dhanu = Lord who possess Bow/Dhanu). This means the name of the spouse should be one who has won over Indra. The Namakshara for Uttarashada is Ji, so the spouse name must be Jitha + Indra = Jithendra. Here as Surya is conjuct Budha and is with Guru and Shukra which also means Lord Rama who is with his Consort Sita Devi. Jithendra is also a name for Lord Rama.

Example -3:

Below is another male chart. Lagna is Mesha and 7th house Lord is Shukra who is in Kanya Rashi in the Nakshatra of Chitra ruled by Kuja. Kuja is in Dhanu Rashi ruled by Guru. Now we know that Kuja is the Shakti or energy and 12th from him is Surya in Vrischik Rashi from where He sends His rays, so his spouse name should be connected with Suryas energy. Now the Namakshara for Chitra is Ra. Suryas energy in the female form is nothing but Rashmi, which is his spouse name.

Example -4:

The above chart is of female whose spouses chart is chart No.3. In this chart, Lagna is Kanya and 7th house falls in Meena Rashi whose Lord Guru is in 7th house of Meena Rashi itself in the Nakshatra of Revathi ruled by Budha. Now Budha is in his own house of Mithuna Rashi along with Kuja. Both the planets are in Dwiswabhava Rashi. This means that her spouse name has 2 names joined together. Budha in Mithuna Rashi indicates a Vishnu name. Now Shani (V) is also in Jyeshta Nakshatra ruled by Budha. Shani in Budhas Nakshatra indicates Lord Krishna. Shani is black in colour. Now Budha is also with Kuja and Budha is in Mrigashira nakshatra ruled by Kuja. So Kuja also has something to do in the spouse name. There is no other planet in Kujas Nakshatra but Kuja is in Aridra Nakshatra ruled by Rahu and is placed in Meena Rashi which is a Watery sign. Rahu is with Guru. Here Rahu clearly indicates a Divine Serpent name like Shesha or Vasuki or Anantha etc. So her spouse name has to be either Shesha Krishna or Vasuki Krishna or Anantha Krishna. Here Rahu is with Guru in Meena Rashi which indicates Space or infinity or Anantha, so her spouse name has to be Anantha Krishna which is proved to be correct. Example -5:

The above chart belongs to this scribe. Here the Lagna is Makara and so 7th house falls in Karka Rashi whose Lord Chandra is in Lagna and is in the Nakshatra of Dhanishtha ruled by Kuja and Kuja in turn is in the Nakshatra of Vishakha ruled by Guru. Guru is in Meena Rashi who is with Budha and Surya. In my previous example, I have written that Meena Rashi is the Ksheera Sagara and Guru with Surya and Budha there indicates Lord Vishnu. So my spouses name is one of the names of Lord Vishnu. Also Lagna Lord Shani is in the Nakshatra of Hastaa ruled by Chandra who is in Lagna. Now Shani in Kanya Rashi aspected by Budha, Guru and Surya also indicates Lord Vishnu. Now Chandra is exalted in Vrishabha Rashi. Rohini Nakshatra also falls in Vrishabha Rashi

and this is because Lagna Lord Shani is in Kanya Rashi 19o 10 and in Vrishabha Rashi, this longitude falls in 3rd Pada or Charana of Rohini Nakshatra. Here the Namakshara is V. So my spouse name has to start with V but it has to be Lord Vishnus name. In Shri Vishnu Sahasra Nama Stotra, we find vinayo jayaH sathyasandho daashaarhaH saatvataam patih ( ).H H Here in this Stotra Mantra it is clearly stated Lord Vishnu as Vinaya one who punishes bad people. So her name has to be Vinaya which is proved to be correct. Example -6: H

The above chart is of the scribes wife. Here the Lagna is Karka Rashi, so 7th house falls in Makara whose Lord Shani is in Dhanu Rashi along with its lord Guru. Dhanu Rashi is a Dwiswabhava Rashi i.e., a double bodied sign. Here As 7th lord Shani is with Guru which is the Lord of Dhanu itself, so here also the name of the spouse has to be connected with Lord Rama. Here Guru indicates Lord Rama and Shani is the servant or Dasa, so her spouse name has to be Ramadasa which is proved to be correct. Here I have not used any planets Nakshatra dispositor as 7th lord himself with the Lord of the Rashi where he is disposited. Similarly we can find out the names of the spouses from other religions based on their exact meaning in Sanskrit. I hope the above examples can inspire other learning Nadi Astrologers who can do further researches.